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Signs of a Bad Kisser: 26 Red Flags and Foolproof Remedies

Being a bad kisser may be subjective, but there are certainly signs of a bad kisser most people would agree on. Now, how do you fix it?

bad kisser

The odds are, you know the signs of a bad kisser when you see them or feel them or taste them. I know, yuck!

But, whether you think you’re a bad kisser or want to help a bad kisser improve, you’ll want to read on.

Kissing should be an enjoyable activity that two people share. It’s an intimate act that’s done out of love, passion, attraction, or affection. It’s a simple gesture that people do to show other people how they feel.

But, a bad kisser can take all that good stuff and turn the experience into something unpleasant and even gross.

People kiss each other for myriad reasons. It can show affection, prelude sex, or can even denote a hint of longing. Whatever two people’s reasoning may be, there’s no excuse to execute it sloppily. So, learn how to identify the signs of a bad kisser before it gets too bad. [Read: 15 best kissing techniques]

Are you a bad kisser?

A lot of people worry that they are a bad kisser. Would someone tell you that you are? Wouldn’t that be awkward? You ould just be living your life as a bad kisser and not even realize.

The problem with that is the person you’re kissing. Everyone likes something different. While some people adore a wet and messy kiss other like something simple and understated. Your ex could have thought you were the most amazing kisser, but your next partner could be less than impressed,

Instead of worrying about being a bad kisser, try to focus on the person you’re with. See what they like and go with the flow.

Add more tongue or be a little rougher if someone seems to like that, but if not, pull bad and be gentle. You need to be able to read body language if you want to be a good kisser.

What makes a person a bad kisser?

A bad kisser is someone who has no idea how to please another person’s mouth with their own. They might even think they’re an all-star. Little do they know they are slobbering all over you, ruining the mood, and probably turning you off.

Not just that, but a bad kisser is someone who does not consider other extenuating circumstances like location, mood, and their partner’s disposition.

And, what’s worse? This could be you, and you may not even realize it. So, watch out for these signs of a bad kisser from your own mouth as well. [Read: Memories of an embarrassing first kiss]

1. Dry lips

Kissing with dry lips can be a problem because it can hurt. It also causes bad breath. Aside from that, a dry pair of lips does not look enticing at all. Plus, if those dry lips are chapped or cracked, this could lead to bleeding. Not cute.

2. Slobber

This is the biggest complaint about bad kissers. Certain medical conditions can sometimes cause overproduction of saliva, but some kissers think it’s better to lube up their mouths while kissing. Saliva is an occupational hazard when kissing, but too much saliva can very well drown you and your partner in shame.

Sure, lubrication is essential during some aspects of intimacy, but two mouths together are doing the job just fine. There is no need for excess spit. If you need to wipe your mouth after kissing someone, it is a sign of a bad kisser. [Read: How to make a kiss more passionate]

3. Biting

Yes, it’s sexy at the right moment. Too much biting, however, can ruin a good makeout session. It can hurt, and it can also make your partner uncomfortable. Only do it with consent or in private. You shouldn’t be biting someone’s lip to tongue after a few pecks or in public.

4. Breathing and gasping

You may have a cold or a nasal problem, but breathing heavily on a person while kissing is a turn-off. Gasping for air as if you’re drowning is also a big no-no. If someone is trying to catch their breath, it isn’t just a sign of a bad kisser but could also warrant a doctor’s appointment.

5. Making weird noises

Sometimes moaning can make a kiss better, but exaggerating your moans of approval can kill the mood, especially when you’re in public. A bad kisser moans and groans, and it can be awkward. [Read: Does kissing in public turn you on?]

6. Bad breath

It’s possible that you had too many onion rings, or you have an undiagnosed stomach problem. Either way, a kiss won’t get a chance to start if your partner can smell your breath from across the room. Your mouth is close to your nose and smelling something foul is unpleasant when you’re trying to get intimate.

7. Rhythm

Slow and sensual is good if it doesn’t bore your partner. A rapid-paced and passionate kiss can also be good if it doesn’t feel like your partner is in a race. Don’t rush it or be too dull if you want to avoid being a bad kisser.

8. Width of your mouth

There are different ways to access another person’s mouth with yours. Some people open their mouths so wide that they look like they’re eating their partner, while some keep their mouths as tight as possible that it seems like they’re saving their tongues for marriage. [Read: The truth about all types of kisses]

9. Tongue movement

No one has ever really given a proper tutorial about how to move your tongue while it’s in another person’s mouth. That makes it exceedingly awkward for some people to refrain from doing things with it like darting it in and out, using it to clean their partner’s teeth, or even using it as a sword to keep the other person’s tongue at bay. Doing any of these things makes you a bad kisser.

10. Teeth bumping

It happens once in a while, but if it happens a lot, it means that you are trying to shove your jaw into your partner’s mouth. This can hurt and damage your teeth and ruin the ambiance with the clacking noises it makes.

11. Talking

You’re kissing. The conversation about where the relationship is going should be discussed after you make out. Some people think it’s sexy to say sweet nothings while kissing, but it usually turns into a distraction that kills the mood. [Read: Impress people with your kissing]

How can you fix a bad kisser?

The key to becoming a good kisser is aware of what your partner likes. You should also note where the kiss is happening and in what circumstances it is being given.

Are you in a relationship? Is this a first date? Are you about to have sex? Giving the perfect kiss is about being prepared and making sure that the timing is right. It is easy to be a bad kisser, but changing your technique to match your partner is vital and incorporating these tips. [Read: What does a forehead kiss mean?]

1. Brush your teeth

You don’t have to do it before you kiss. Just make sure that you do it before you meet up with your partner. And then don’t have coffee or garlic before a makeout session. No one wants that.

2. Drink some water

No one likes to kiss a person with a dry mouth. Not only can water moisturize your lips, but it can also help lessen the taste and smell of what you just ate. Stay hydrated in general, but especially before a kiss.

3. Wear some lip balm

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, run some lip balm over your lips before a kiss. It can make your lips supple and smooth, and using one with flavor can give your kiss a little slippage. This will make you a lot less of a bad kisser if you’ve got that reputation.

Also, don’t overdo it. Too much lip balm can make things messy and too slippery. One coat should be just fine.

4. Pop a mint

It sounds clichéd and can make you look like you prepared for the kiss, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Your date will thank you for it. Just be sure to go with a mint, not gum. That can get messy and even cause choking. Chew a mint before you toss tonsils, and you will not need to worry about your bad breath. [Read: 12 subtle ways to be a better kisser]

5. Make sure that you have privacy

You can give your partner a light kiss when there are people around, but try not to make out in front of an audience. If you must do so, make sure that the people around you won’t mind in the least. A bad kisser isn’t just someone without the skill, but also without common sense.

And if you are a bad kisser, others will be able to see that, even without kissing you. Don’t give your kissing partner a bad physical experience, and don’t embarrass them. Keep your makeout sessions private.

6. Make sure that they want to kiss you

Don’t force yourself on someone who’s not in the mood to kiss you. Get a feel of how your date may respond before you dive in for a kiss. Whether you’re a good kisser or not, no one wants a surprise kiss. You can ask first or slowly lean in and see if they meet you halfway.

Read the room. Read their body language. It isn’t too hard to tell if someone wants to be kissed. And if they pull away, do NOT by any means try again.

[Read: 10 tips for kissing a guy for the first time]

7. Start gently

Give your date a light peck on the mouth before moving forward. If they reciprocate, you can start moving your lips to a rhythm that doesn’t seem awkward for both of you. Being a better kisser is about reading the situation.

8. Swallow your spit

Don’t pass it on to your date. If you’re nervous, take a few gulps so that you won’t have a whole gallon of drool in there. Also, take breaks for swallowing and breathing if need be. You would rather pull away for a moment than drown your kissing partner with your saliva. This is definitely something a bad kisser does.

9. Match your rhythm

You’re not the only one in control here. Try to get in sync with your partner instead of grappling each other with your mouths. Different situations call for different kissing speeds. Know what feels good for both of you, and always be aware if anything feels awkward.

If you’re saying good night at the end of the date, kiss slowly and sweetly. You are saying goodnight, not come inside. If you are making your way into the bedroom, you can pick up the pace and the pressure to show more intensity and passion. [Read: How to be a good kisser without experience]

10. Breathe through your nose

Don’t worry. You won’t asphyxiate because of a kiss. If you can’t control your breathing, stop and relax for a bit before continuing the kiss.

11. If you must make any noise, do so when you’re in a private setting

Also, do it when you’re in the heat of the moment instead of when you’re giving a good night kiss. A sweet hum is nice, but you should save the moaning, groaning, and heavy breathing for behind closed and locked doors.

12. Bite gently

If you want to nip on your partner’s lips, do it for a second only. Don’t do it the whole time. Biting is just an accessory to kissing. It’s not an integral part of it. You don’t want to make them bruise, bleed, or pull away, saying ouch.

13. Don’t open your mouth wider than necessary

If you want to use a little tongue, go for it. Just don’t include your teeth and gums in the mix. You don’t have to open your mouth excessively to French kiss a person. Just open it wide enough for your tongue to moderately moving into your partner’s mouth. [Read: 5 tips for making out like a goddess]

14. Keep your tongue in check

Don’t use patterns that you read about in magazines and click-bait articles. Use your tongue correctly by making it move in harmony with your partner’s. See what works best for both of you instead of trying to ram your tongue down their throat. [Read: 10 steps for an oh-so-sexy make out session]

15. Be quiet

If you must talk, do it after. If dirty talk is involved, take a moment to say what you want instead of mumbling it in your partner’s mouth. Words are sexier when they can be heard clearly.

[Read: The subtle art of a passionately romantic kiss]

Some people are naturals at kissing. They’re the ones people swoon about after their dates because they give such amazing kisses. You can become one of those people by following these steps and avoiding the signs of a bad kisser.

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