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household items that can be used sexually
15 Common Household Items That Can Be Used Sexually for a Lot of Fun

Humans are resourceful creatures especially to satisfy sexual cravings. Creatively learn the common household items that can be used sexually.

Oils as Lube
Oils as Lube? How to Know What’s Safe to Use & What’s to Be Avoided

People normally avoid using oils as lube because of the threat on condoms. But when used appropriately, oils can serve as a good substitute for lubricant.

fun ways to masturbate

12 Fun Ways to Masturbate & Experience Pleasure in a Whole New Way

Masturbation is something we should all be doing as a part of self-care. But, it’s fun to switch things up and test out new and fun ways to masturbate.

how to take good nudes

How to Take Good Nudes: 15 Tips for the Sexiest Naked Selfies Ever

Naked selfies weren’t a thing before the smartphone, and it’s never been this easy to learn how to take good nudes. Because you can always do better.

what does an orgasm feel like

What Does an Orgasm Feel Like? The Answers-Cum-Guide to the Big O

Every person on the planet is different. Have you ever wondered about what does an orgasm feel like for everyone else? Well, orgasms are individual too!

how to send nudes

Safe Nudes: How to Send Nudes that Sizzle without Getting Burned

In the world of revenge porn, you don’t want a nude of you ending up online *no matter how perfect the lighting is*. Learn how to send nudes safely.

types of female orgasms

12 Amazing Types of Female Orgasms All Girls Can Experience in Bed

Whether you’re a man or woman, the types of female orgasms are somewhat of a mystery. I bet you’re curious about what they are now.

nervous about sex

Nervous About Sex: Are You Feeling the Jitters with a New Partner?

Feeling jittery about bumping uglies with someone new? Feeling nervous about sex is totally normal, but why not look at it as a new adventure?

FaceTime sex

15 FaceTime Sex Moves for a Hot Night with a Long-Distance Love

If you’re in a long-distance relationship or not feeling like leaving your room, then it’s time to learn some FaceTime sex moves for a steamy night.

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Jittery about Getting Jiggy? How to Not Be Nervous about Sex

It’s normal to feel nervous before sex with a newbie, but if you’re experiencing jitters constantly, it’s time to learn how to not be nervous about sex.

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13 Hot & Heavy Sex Tricks to Impress Your Girlfriend and Excite Her

Want to surprise your girlfriend the next time you feel hot and heavy? I know what you need. Learn some new sex tricks to impress your girlfriend.

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How to Make Sex Last Longer: 15 Technical Hacks to Push Your Limits

Ready for the best kind of sex in your relationship? It is essential to know how to make sex last longer to make a couple’s sex life more enjoyable.