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nervous about sex
Nervous About Sex: Are You Feeling the Jitters with a New Partner?

Feeling jittery about bumping uglies with someone new? Feeling nervous about sex is totally normal, but why not look at it as a new adventure?

FaceTime sex
15 FaceTime Sex Moves for a Hot Night with a Long-Distance Love

If you’re in a long-distance relationship or not feeling like leaving your room, then it’s time to learn some FaceTime sex moves for a steamy night.

how to not be nervous about sex

Jittery about Getting Jiggy? How to Not Be Nervous about Sex

It’s normal to feel nervous before sex with a newbie, but if you’re experiencing jitters constantly, it’s time to learn how to not be nervous about sex.

sex tricks to impress your girlfriend

13 Hot & Heavy Sex Tricks to Impress Your Girlfriend and Excite Her

Want to surprise your girlfriend the next time you feel hot and heavy? I know what you need. Learn some new sex tricks to impress your girlfriend.

how to make sex last longer

How to Make Sex Last Longer: 15 Technical Hacks to Push Your Limits

Ready for the best kind of sex in your relationship? It is essential to know how to make sex last longer to make a couple’s sex life more enjoyable.

good subsititutes for lube

11 Perfectly Good Substitutes for Lube That Lubricate Just as Well

Discovering you’ve run out of lube in the middle of sex is the ultimate hassle. But there are many good substitutes for lube hanging around your house.

how to make sex more enjoyable

How to Make Sex More Enjoyable *Hint* It’s Not a Textbook Answer

I don’t know what you learned in sex ed, but probably nothing about how to make sex more enjoyable. Because having sex and enjoying sex is different.

how to have good sex with a small penis

How to Have Good Sex with a Small Penis: When Smaller Can Be Better

Everyone could always have better sex. Do you worry if you’re a bit small? Don’t worry, here’s how to have good sex with a small penis.

things to know about sex

12 Things to Know about Sex: It’s Time for a Real Life Sex Ed Class

Most of us don’t take the time to think about the little things. You know, the things to know about sex, like the awkward moments that are pretty normal.

orgasmic tips for girls

13 Must-Know Orgasmic Tips for Girls Who Want a Mind-Blowing Orgasm

Sex is one thing, but do you actually know what to do to orgasm? You’ll need extra techniques to hit the big O, so read on for orgasmic tips for girls.

how to squirt during sex

How to Squirt during Sex: A Complete Guide for Curious First-Timers

Learning how to squirt during sex can sometimes feel like the proverbial unicorn. But it can happen, and I have a few tips for you to help your girl squirt.

what is tribbing

What Is Tribbing? A Complete Guide to Master the Art of Scissoring

When on the topic of lesbian sex, there is one thing that immediately comes into the average person’s mind. What is tribbing or scissoring?