Sensual Tease

how to talk dirty during sex
How to Talk Dirty During Sex: Ease Into It Without Feeling Awkward

Never dirty talked? There’s nothing to be scared of. These tips will help you know exactly how to talk dirty during sex and turn the heat up in bed.

what causes sexual tension
What Causes Sexual Tension: What Exactly Does It Feel Like?

You might not know why, but you know it when you feel it! But, exactly what causes sexual tension, and is it really obvious to everyone around you?

how to stimulate the clitoris

How to Stimulate the Clitoris and Leave Her Squirming for More

You want to blow your partner’s mind in bed. But to do this, you must know how to stimulate the clitoris. Are you up for the challenge?

Dirty Things to Say During Sex

26 Sexy, Naughty, Dirty Things to Say During Sex & Make Them Horny

We all want to know what’ll turn someone on in bed. Sometimes, all you need are the right kind of dirty things to say during sex and make anyone horny!

Benefits of Being Sexually Active

13 Benefits of Being Sexually Active that Makes Sex So Worth It!

If an orgasm and cozy after-sex cuddles weren’t enough reasons to have sex, then it’s time you looked at the other benefits of being sexually active.

Mind-Blowing Shaking Orgasm

The Ultimate How-To for Achieving a Mind-Blowing Shaking Orgasm

When it comes to sex, we all want the ability to blow our partner’s mind with a shaking orgasm. But how do you reach that out-of-this-world level?

Squirting During Sex

Squirting During Sex: How It Happens & Why It’s Totally Normal

There are many things about sex that are strange or icky, but is squirting during sex one of them? Actually, no! Here’s how and why it happens.

kinds of foreplay

12 Underrated Kinds of Foreplay to Bring Some Serious Sizzle to Bed

Different kinds of foreplay are extremely underrated, but it’s one of the most important elements of building intimacy in your relationship.

Happy Sex Life

Happy Sex Life: What a Good Sex Life Should Look Like In Real Life

Sex is an important part of a healthy relationship, but how much is too much or not enough? What does a happy sex life really look like?

How Often Do Couples Have Sex

How Often Do Couples Have Sex: Is Your Sex Life Dying a Slow Death?

How often do couples have sex? Everyone wants to know what’s considered “normal.” But does less sex mean your relationship is doomed?

How Not to Be Nervous before Having Sex

How Not to Be Nervous Before Having Sex with Someone & Just Enjoy It

Being nervous before having sex with someone new is totally normal, but it can throw you off your game. So, how can you ensure you stay calm?

How to Please a Man with Your Mouth

How to Please a Man with Your Mouth: 13 Lip Smacking Blowjob Tips

You want to blow your man’s mind, but you’re not sure what to do. Well, step up your oral sex game by learning how to please a man with your mouth.