Flirting Flings

signs you are unofficially dating
How to Read the Signs You are Unofficially Dating & Know for Sure

Are you in that weird grey area? You’re not official yet, but it feels more than casual. Here are some signs you are unofficially dating.

Three Way Relationship
Three Way Relationship: How It Works & Why It Isn’t an Open Invite

Although it may raise eyebrow, a three way relationship can be a healthy and balanced way to commit to those you love. What are you looking for?

how to approach your crush

How to Approach Your Crush: Get Noticed & Impress Them All at Once

You’ve been drooling over your crush, but you haven’t spoken one word to them. It’s time to pluck up your courage and learn how to approach your crush.

how many sexual partners is too many

Curious Minds Want Answers: How Many Sexual Partners Is Too Many?

What is your number? Many people worry about how many sexual partners is too many. But the truth is, there is no magic number.

how to make out with someone for the first time

How to Make Out with Someone for the First Time and Do It Well

Planning on having your first ever make out sesh? I’ll bet you’re nervous, but you don’t have to be. Learn how to make out with someone for the first time.

Stages of Emotional Affairs

The 7 Stages of Emotional Affairs & the Games It Plays On Your Mind

Not always sexual, emotional affairs are hard to forgive. Learn the stages of emotional affairs to help you overcome problems before they begin.

Sexually Attracted to a Friend

Danger, Danger! You’re Suddenly Sexually Attracted to a Friend?!

Disaster has occurred. You’re finding yourself sexually attracted to a friend! What should you do? Nothing? Make a move? What’s the best way forward?

How to Stop Being Attracted to a Friend

How to Stop Being Attracted to a Friend and Just Feel Normal Again

I know it seems impossible now, but you can learn how to stop being attracted to a friend. Once you do, your friendship will feel normal again.

How to Make Someone Fall Out of Love With You

How to Make Someone Fall Out of Love With You: 2 Powerful Steps

We tend to focus on how to make people fall in love, but do you know how to make someone fall OUT of love with you? Sometimes, it’s the harder of the two!

How to Seduce a Friend Subtly

How to Seduce a Friend Subtly & Find Out if They’re Into You Too

Your feelings towards your friend have changed. You’re confused and not sure what to do. Learn how to seduce a friend with some risk taken out.

Cheating Fantasy

Are You *Should You Be* Worried about Your Cheating Fantasy?

Is it normal to have a cheating fantasy? There are many reasons why it might be happening, but also, it’s pretty normal, so you can calm down a bit!

Emotional Cheating vs Friendship

Emotional Cheating vs Friendship: Where Is the Line Crossed?

Ah, emotions… they’re pesky things. How can you tell whether it’s emotional cheating vs friendship you have going on? The lines can easily be blurred.