Flirting Flings

26 Signs a Friend Likes You Romantically Even if They’re Hiding It

A lot of wonderful relationships start as friendships. But how do you know if it is more? Learn the signs a friend likes you romantically.

The 7 Stages of Emotional Affairs & the Games It Plays On Your Mind

An emotional connection is often deeper than a sexual one. Learn the stages of emotional affairs and spot a growing connection before it’s too late.

Emotional Cheating vs Friendship

Emotional Cheating vs Friendship: The Point When a Line is Crossed

It’s easy for a red line to be crossed without realizing. Understand the differences between emotional cheating vs friendship before it’s too late.

how to know if a kiss meant something

How to Know if a Kiss Meant Something Real: 16 Ways it isn’t a Fling

It’s crucial to learn how to know if a kiss meant something real. Or else, it’s easy to mistake that kiss for something else. Is it real or is it nothing?

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How to Find Out If Someone Is On Tinder & Dating You on the Side

Can’t face the “are we exclusive” conversation just yet? Learn how to find out if someone is on Tinder still and get your answer.

How to Tell Someone You Like Them

How to Tell Someone You Like Them: 18 Risk-Free Ways to Date Them

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Breakup Sex

Breakup Sex: What It Is & How to Know When You Should Have It

You’ve broken up and it’s time to say goodbye for good. Should you have breakup sex one last time, for old times’ sake? Here’s how to decide if it’s okay.

non monogamy

Non-Monogamy: How to Know if You & Your Partner Are Ready For It

What is your view on monogamy? Is it something you have to have, or do you think you could vibe with non-monogamy? Understanding is key

Sexy & Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy

110+ Sexy & Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy & Seduce Him In No Time

Looking for the best sexy, dirty questions to text a guy and make him desire you sexually? Use this, and 100%, you’ll excite and seduce him instantly!

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Dreams About Cheating: What They Mean & Why You Don’t Have to Panic

What does it mean if you have dreams about cheating? Is your relationship on the rocks, or is it something totally innocent?

How to Tell Someone How You Feel

How to Tell Someone How You Feel About Them & Share Your Feelings

Having feelings for someone is confusing and exciting. Maybe they feel the same! The answer? Find out how to tell someone how you feel and go for it!

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Sexual Transmutation: How to Use It to Harness Your Sexual Energy

If you’ve ever heard of sexual transmutation, you might be wondering what it is. The good news is that it could work for you, too.