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Things You Can Do When You’re 18: The Good, Bad, and Scary

There are a lot of things you can do when you’re 18. Some of them are exciting and freeing while others are intense and even scary.

17 Signs of Midlife Crisis in Women That May Surprise You

The signs of a midlife crisis in women are not as obvious as those for men. Driving convertibles and having affairs are not the usual outcomes.

am i toxic

Am I Toxic? How to Tell If You’re the Toxic One & Not Everyone Else

Ever asked yourself, “Am I toxic?” Sometimes relationships go wrong, you’re deep in drama, and there comes a time when you wonder if you’re the problem.

why am i single

Why Am I Single? The Honest Answer, 36 Reasons & the Excuses We Use

Do you ever sit and wonder, why am I still single? Maybe it’s been months or years or even a decade, but you still can’t quite work it out.

sociopath vs narcissist

Sociopath vs Narcissist: 15 Subtle Differences to Tell Them Apart

You hear the words sociopath and narcissist being used to describe someone. But are you sure you know the differences between a sociopath vs narcissist.

Ophiuchus traits

30 Ophiuchus Traits That Make It One of the Most Awesome Signs!

Who knew? There is a 13th sign of the zodiac called the Ophiuchus. If it is making you re-evaluate, take heart. Ophiuchus traits are pretty awesome!

High School Stereotypes

High School Stereotypes: The 19 Cliques You’ll Bump Into In School

You may have seen stereotypes in the movies. But in real life? Here are all the high school stereotypes you’ll definitely bump into, wherever you go!

Jealousy Vs Envy

Jealousy Vs Envy: How to Tell Them Apart When They Feel the Same

What does jealousy vs envy really feel like? What are the differences? And, how can you overcome a bout of the green-eyed monster?

Social media addiction

Social Media Addiction: The 16 Alarming Symptoms & How to Break Out

Social media is fun and the signs and symptoms you’re hooked may seem harmless. But when social media addiction takes hold, the dangers become very real.

How to Get Over Feeling Unwanted & Start Feeling Desirable Again

If you’re feeling unwanted in a relationship, or in life, it will not last forever. Here’s how to get over feeling unwanted and draw the world towards you.

How to Know if Marriage Is for Me

How to Know if Marriage Is for Me: The Steps to Know What You Want

Getting married isn’t for everyone. If you find yourself wondering how to know if marriage is for me, you came to the right place.

Things You Can Learn From a Failed Relationship

Things You Can Learn From a Failed Relationship: 17 Valued Lessons

Don’t despair! There are things you can learn from a failed relationship that propels you forward with more knowledge and wisdom.