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Feeling Unwanted
How to Get Over Feeling Unwanted & Start Feeling Desirable Again

If you’re feeling unwanted in a relationship, or in life, it will not last forever. Here’s how to get over feeling unwanted and draw the world towards you.

How to Know if Marriage Is for Me
How to Know if Marriage Is for Me: The Steps to Know What You Want

Getting married isn’t for everyone. If you find yourself wondering how to know if marriage is for me, you came to the right place.

Things You Can Learn From a Failed Relationship

Things You Can Learn From a Failed Relationship: 17 Valued Lessons

Don’t despair! There are things you can learn from a failed relationship that propels you forward with more knowledge and wisdom.

how to end an affair and get over it

How to End an Affair and Get Over It Even If You Still Love Them

Ending an affair is just as hard as any breakup, if not worse! Here’s how to end it and get over an affair, even when you still love them or miss them.

Martyr Complex Martyr Syndrome

Martyr Complex: How to Recognize Signs of Martyr Syndrome in You

Do you see yourself as a martyr who lives to keep others happy? The martyr complex sounds like a grand idea, but it’s not as altruistic as it sounds.

Hope During the Pandemic

How to Find Hope During the Pandemic Instead of Losing It

This year has been a struggle for us all, but we can have hope during the pandemic. It isn’t just an ideal but something that can be reality.

types of gender

The Different Types of Gender & Why You Really Need to Know Them

We live in a world without rules, meaning you can be anyone you want to be. With that in mind, it’s important to know the different types of gender.

Being the Third Wheel

Being the Third Wheel: The Annoying Feelings We Have to Experience

At one point or another, we have all dealt with being the third wheel. Honestly, it sort of sucks, so take comfort there are other third wheels out there.

Being the Only Single Friend

How to Deal With Being the Only Single Friend in Your Group

Are you struggling to deal with being the only single friend in your group? Been there. It can be a lonely place to be, but I can help.

millennial burnout

Millennial Burnout: Are You Suffering From Wanting to Do Too Much?

Life is packed with opportunities for millennials, but does it have a downside? Those with millennial burnout would say “yes, there is.”

Short People Problems

Very Real Short People Problems: How Many Have You Experienced?

Let’s not call it short, let’s call it ‘vertically challenged’! Sick of feeling like you’re the only one, check out these 12 short people problems.

Tall People Problems

15 Real World Tall People Problems that Aren’t All Tall Tales!

If you’re a short person, you have your own problems and wish to experience some tall people problems. But, the grass is always greener on the other side.