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27 Signs of Emotional Manipulation to Know if You’re Being Used By Someone

The signs of emotional manipulation are sometimes a little hard to spot. They’re subtle but do major damage over time. Spot them before it’s too late!

46 Shallow Traits of a Superficial Person Who’ll Only Use & Discard You

A superficial person doesn’t care about feelings or thoughts, they’re all about how they look. Do you know a shallow person?

I Miss My Ex-Boyfriend but I don't think he cares

I Miss My Ex-Boyfriend But I Don’t Think He Even Cares About Me Anymore

You may have spent sleepless nights thinking about the guy you like. I liked a guy. I miss him too. But I learnt a few lessons that may help you.

symptoms of narcissism

17 Symptoms of Narcissism that Make Someone Mean, Aloof & Detached

Can’t figure out why someone can be nice one minute, and nasty the next? It could be the subtle symptoms of narcissism.

Not Wishing Happy Birthday

Not Wishing Happy Birthday Just to Hurt You: Why Play This Sick Game?

Some people think that not wishing someone happy birthday is unacceptable. Is this some kind of sick game? Or did they forget? Here’s what to consider.

relieved after breaking up

Relieved After Breaking Up? 20 Happy Reasons Why It’s a Very Good Sign

Are you feeling relieved after breaking up with someone? You might feel guilty about the relief and wonder why are. Here are all the answers you need.

feeling unappreciated quotes

Feeling Unappreciated? 31 Satisfying Quotes to Empower You to Move on

It’s the worst to feel under-appreciated for all your efforts. After reading these feeling unappreciated quotes, you’ll feel much better.

Why Are People Mean and rude to nice people

The Truth: Why People Are Mean & Extra Rude to Happy & Nice People

This world is savage and raises many questions. One of those is why are people unnecessarily mean and rude, especially to cheerful, nice people?

why am i so indecisive

Why Am I So Indecisive? 25 Whys & Ways to be an Instant Decision Maker

Ever catch yourself wondering “why am I so indecisive?” If so, it’s time to unearth your reasons and work on them. Decisions don’t have to be so hard!

nothing makes me happy

Nothing Makes Me Happy: Secrets to Make Happiness Your Default State

If you often find yourself musing “nothing makes me happy”, it’s time to start exploring the reasons why. Happiness is just around the corner!

I just want to be loved

I Just Want to Be Loved: 18 Reasons & How to Find that Missing Piece

In the end, we can all say, “I just want to be loved.” Not everyone is lucky enough to find The One, but it’s possible to find love in other ways too.

late night thoughts

Late Night Thoughts: What It Means, Why It Comes & How to Push It Away

Late night thoughts can be strange. From running through your day to wondering how airplanes stay in the sky. Have you ever wondered what it all means?