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12 Foolproof Kissing Tips for a Perfectly Sexy Smooch

A kiss can make or break a budding relationship, and if you want to seal that deal with a kiss, learn to make it perfect with these lip-smacking tips.

kissing tips

Try to imagine yourself at the end of your date on the front porch under the star-lit sky. You say good night, lean in, kiss your date and go home. It sounds pretty uneventful, right? That could have been a different scenario altogether if you had known how to give your date a mind-blowing kiss.

If you knew about these tips, this is how that night would go: You’re on the front porch under the star-lit sky. You say good night, lean in and kiss your date. What happens next is that your date kisses you back passionately. You feel both your bodies getting warmer and the breaths coming in faster. Your new date starts getting dizzy in a good way as they wrap their arms around you tightly. You start to pull back, but they don’t want to let go. Once you do, they end up saying, “Wow.”

Now, doesn’t that sound infinitely better?!

After a kiss like that, it’s safe to say that you will be getting a second date. If your date really enjoyed the kiss, they might even invite you inside for coffee – and more. If you want to experience a thrilling kiss like that, you need two things: timing and finesse.

Kissing, no matter how corny it sounds, is an art. No matter how chaste or intense it is, it must be done right. It doesn’t have to be like in the movies, although some women do want to try it. The point of kissing is having two lips interlock in perfect symmetry and move in sync with each other.

The five different types of kisses

The conventional understanding of the types of kisses falls into two categories: the smack and the make-out. This is what most people believe. The truth is that there are so many types of kisses out there that it’s becoming hard to keep up with the new ones sprouting up left and right.

To give you an idea of what types of kisses people are into these days, here are a few common examples:

#1 The good night kiss. I’ve mentioned this before and it’s not just about ending an evening. It’s about making a lasting impression that will leave a mark in your date’s mind. It has to be done at the right moment to avoid any embarrassing misunderstandings. [Read: 15 secrets to have the perfect first kiss]

#2 The private kiss. This is the kiss that starts out in an intimate and private setting. You could say that this is the preceding kiss that leads to an intense make-out session. There are sometimes a lot of awkward starts involved, but the end culminates with a sweet kiss that builds up to a passionate one.

#3 The can’t-get-enough-of-you kiss. This is the immediate make-out kiss. There are no preliminary chaste kisses involved. It usually starts off with two people colliding with each other to form an incomprehensible ball of desire. [Read: 10 ways to have the perfectly passionate kiss]

#4 The surprise kiss. Much like the can’t-get-enough-of-you kiss, this one is also fueled by passion. The only difference is that only one person knows that it is about to happen. It can happen in an elevator, while you’re quietly watching television or even while you’re cooking.

#5 “The Kiss.” This is like the Mr. Right of kisses. It’s the kiss that all the ladies have been looking for all their lives. It can also be called the Sexy Kiss because of the nature of its performance. It is a sensual and slow kiss that can leave a person shivering from head to toe. Some may even equate it to sex, but a beginner can leave that impression once they have mastered this method.

12 things you need to give your date that perfectly sexy kiss

This is what you’ve been waiting for since the beginning of this article. These tips can help you give the sexiest kiss ever and leave your date wanting more. Do not use this kiss lightly because it may also make the one you kiss develop deeper feelings for you. It’s not a joke. A kiss like this can release enough endorphins and hormones to make you fall for a person a lot harder. So, here’s how you do it.

#1 You. The biggest factor in giving a Sexy Kiss is you. You need to be prepared for this moment, not just emotionally but physically. Make sure that you are neat and clean. Check if you or your breath smells bad. Make sure there isn’t anything on your teeth. Put on some lip balm or have a sip of water so your lips won’t feel dry. You can’t be perfect, but you can damn well make yourself as close to it as possible.

#2 The setting. You don’t need to prepare a bed of roses or take your partner to a moon-lit lake. All you need is privacy, a quiet environment and a comfortable set-up. You can do this in your living room, bed room, in the park or before you say good night to each other on the porch. It’s not that important where you kiss a person. The important thing is that the setting feels right, if not perfect.

#3 The feeling. Love is a significant factor, but it’s not necessary to give a kiss like this. You and your partner need to feel secure with each other. You have to like each other enough for this kiss to work. If not, you could just end up seducing your partner without feeling anything at all. [Read: Find out how to kiss a friend and get away with it!]

#4 The moment. You can’t just give a sexy kiss out of the blue. Some moments may end up making the situation weird. You can’t just kiss a person sexily while shopping for groceries or while you’re mowing the lawn. You have to stop and block out everything else.

#5 The look. In order to give the perfectly sexy kiss, you need to start by prepping your partner. Stand still and look into each other’s eyes. It’s okay to blink. Just appreciate the moment and show everything you’re feeling through a smoldering gaze. [Read: 10 tips to master the art of flirting with your eyes]

#6 The line. This needs to be prepared beforehand, especially if you’re not good at improvisation. Make sure that both you and your partner are on the same page or else anything you say may be misconstrued. If you can’t think of anything, you can just say, “You look amazing.” Or “You are incredible.” Make sure that you really believe those things or else your partner may take it the wrong way.

#7 The touch. A person can develop feelings for you with touch rather than with the other factors of attraction like looks, intelligence, career and personality. Once a person likes you enough, you can amplify this attraction by touching specific parts of their body. Common sense denotes that touching private parts can immediately destroy your chances for a second date. So, here are the common places you can touch to improve your Sexy Kiss.

Hands. Hold them while you’re giving The Look. By touching your partner’s hands, you’re establishing a feeling of comfort before you give them a kiss.

Arms. Touch them while you’re saying The Line. The arms are a more personal space compared to the hands. It makes the both of you feel more secure if you’re holding on to them.

Face. Gently touch or hold their face before giving The Kiss. A lot of articles and studies have said that touching a person’s face can produce unparalleled feelings of attraction compared to other exposed parts of the body. Expect your partner’s heart to skip a beat once you do this. [Read: 16 ways to strengthen your bond through an innocent touch]

#8 The wait. The kiss needs to be done slowly. Your partner needs to know that it’s coming, but they shouldn’t be apprehensive about it. That’s why you needed the first few steps before arriving at this point. By making them anticipate it, it makes the feeling more exciting.

#9 The kiss. Slowly move your head towards your partner’s and gently place your lips on your partner’s. Start without any pressure and then build it up slightly to a gentle press. Don’t smother them or slobber all over their face. It needs to be sweet, yet sensual.

#10 The rhythm. Stay there for two or three seconds before moving your lips over theirs. Do not open your mouth wide. Simply kiss your partner’s lips the way you would eat ice cream with your mouth – NO LICKING. That comes after. Make sure that you’re not going too fast. It’s okay to go slow, but not too slow. Try to think that the ice cream I mentioned isn’t melting.

#11 The tongue. Oh no. You have the wrong idea. The Sexy Kiss is different from the French Kiss. When performing the sexy kiss, you will rarely see the tongue in action. What you need to do is lightly run your tongue over your partner’s lower lip twice. Once after you start kissing, and again before you stop.

#12 The end. To end the kiss, you have to put a bit more pressure – pain-free pressure – to the kiss before slightly sucking on your partner’s lower lip and then gradually moving away. A Sexy Kiss’s purpose is not to be a make-out alternative, but it has the potential to progress to intense making out. The purpose of the Sexy Kiss is to show your partner how much you want them and that you want to be desired by them, in the same way.

[Read: 10 sexy ways to turn a guy on with just the first kiss]

Each kiss has its own unique purpose. The perfectly sexy kiss exists to subtly seduce your partner without smothering them with a surprise make-out kiss attack. Once you’ve mastered your perfectly sexy kiss, feel free to put your own spin to it and make it your signature kiss! 

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