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When to Kiss a Girl: 20 Subtle Signs to Predict the Magic Moment

If you think you can just kiss a girl whenever you feel like it for the first time, you’re mistaken. Here’s when to kiss a girl to make it count.

when to kiss a girl

Girls are confusing creatures. I know. I am a girl and I still barely understand us. That being said, knowing when to kiss a girl is made even more difficult when it’s the first kiss. You may think you’re reading all the signs right only to end up rejected – or worse – slapped.

When you’re dating a new girl, you need to know when the right time is to kiss her so you don’t screw up the first kiss. Since you’re not mind readers, this is extremely difficult to do. But luckily, we have some tips that may help.

Why the first kiss is important

The first kiss basically sets the stage for you. When you spend an entire date getting to know someone and building up that chemistry, it all comes down to that very first kiss. If it’s not good, it can ruin your chances of securing a relationship with a girl.

That’s why the very first kiss is super important. You want to make sure you do it right and at just the right time. Knowing when to kiss a girl for the first time can mean the difference between her becoming your girlfriend or her disappearing from your life for good. [Read: 15 ways to make your first kiss more memorable]

How do you give her the best first kiss?

Most often, first kisses aren’t planned – they just happen unexpectedly *which is admittedly the best part!* It never turns out the way you expect, which is what makes a first kiss so incomparable and beautiful.

However, if you plan to kiss her on a specific date, you have to kiss her with feelings.  Don’t rush it, but take in every moment you can get with that kiss. In a romantic first kiss, this is primarily why it’s slow and passionate. Also, the best first kiss isn’t about getting things perfectly, but really about the timing and moment of it all.

You can have a first kiss and end up laughing amidst it all – and still call it a perfect one. [Read: How to kiss a girl for the first time and not screw up]

When to kiss a girl for a successful first kiss

That first kiss is something she’ll remember forever and it’s a story she’ll be telling her friends about for the entirety of your relationship. That’s why you have to make it count by knowing just when to kiss her.

If you’re really not sure when the best time to kiss a girl is, we’re here to help you out. The next time you’re on a first date or getting closer to a girl you really like, here’s what to do.

1. After the entire date is done

Some people make the mistake of kissing a girl too early in the date and it can make it awkward and uncomfortable. Even if you know this girl really well already, let the entire date go by before making your move.

Try not to kiss her in the middle of the date, as you’re enjoying one another’s company. There’s a reason why first kisses are often done at the end of a date! [Read: 50 incredible first date ideas to wow your new fling]

2. When you feel like you know her well

Sometimes one date just isn’t enough time to get to know someone well enough to kiss them. Some people even think you should wait until 3 dates before kissing a girl.

Trust your gut, and when you feel like you know her just enough to give her that first kiss, then go do it. It’s a personal preference really on when to provide that first kiss!

3. When you feel like you know her well

Watch closely for girls’ body language when deciding when to give her that first kiss. Girls put out very obvious signs that they want to be kissed.

When she’s leaning in really close, if she’s giggling a lot, and even when she’s biting her lip. These are all telling you  it’s time to kiss her.So go ahead, take it as a hint and kiss her *and give her a kiss she’ll remember!* [Read: All the signs she’s ready for you to kiss her]

4. When you’re both alone

Kissing a girl in public for the first time is just not a good idea in general. She doesn’t want her first kiss from you to be displayed to a bunch of strangers.

This is one tip we can give on when to kiss a girl that applies to most girls out there. PDA really isn’t advisable for a first kiss, so you need to ensure you’re both alone when you give it a go.

5. If she’s leaning in

Remember what we said about body language? The fact that she’s leaning in is a pretty strong indicator of when to kiss a girl, which means kiss her now!

When a girl is leaning in and even has her eyes mostly closed, she wants you to make your move. She’s basically handing you a free opportunity to plant one on her – so take it! [Read: When she leans in close and 14 other signs she’s into you]

6. When she’s glancing from your eyes to your lips

Another way to know when to kiss a girl is if she’s eyeing up your lips. People tend to look at someone else’s lips an awful lot when they want to kiss them. So if her eyes are shifting from your own eyes to your lips, it’s time to move in. Take that as a hint that she wants you to kiss her, so lean in and kiss her!

7. After an emotionally intimate moment

If you’ve ever noticed this about romantic movies, two people often share the first kiss after a vulnerable moment. Maybe one opened up about their past or shared something personal they don’t usually say out loud. If you’re being open on a date and it’s just two of you alone, it’s pretty great timing to kiss her at that moment.

When you both have shared something intimate and vulnerable, you should definitely kiss her. I mean, you’re already being vulnerable emotionally, why not make it physically as well? [Read: How to arouse a girl and make her horny while sitting next to her]

8. When you know you want to make her your girlfriend

Don’t just go around kissing a bunch of girls you don’t even want to date. You should know how you feel about her first.

The minute you want her to be your girlfriend and not just someone you’re casually dating, that’s when you know the timing is right. Kiss her as a brave declaration of love, and that’s one way she’ll remember your first kiss for a significant period.

9. After she initiates a lot of physical contact

Another great way to know when to kiss a girl is if she’s really touchy-feely with you. This shows her level of comfort and also makes her move in really close to you. It’s essential to kiss a girl when she’s become comfortable and familiar around you – that’s when to kiss a girl.

Maybe she’s subtly breaking the touch barrier or finding excuses to touch you so if this is the case, then go ahead and kiss her already! [Read: 20 types of physical touches and what they mean]

10. When she says you can

If you’re really shy, just wait for her to tell you to kiss her. Sometimes girls are very bold and will just come out and say it. If she does, then you better go for it!

This way, the assurance comes directly from her, and there’s no need to decipher body signals and signs. When she says to go for it, then don’t hesitate further! [Read: The perfect first kiss: 22 tips to make it oh-so-amazing!]

11. When she’s in a good mood

If you’re serious about not getting slapped in any way, then don’t kiss her when she’s upset or having a bad day. If you want to know when to kiss a girl, choose a time when she’s feeling good and happy about herself. Also, you’ll make sure she feels the best first kiss possible when she’s in a positive mood about everything.

12. She gives you glances

If she’s giving you eye contact or dreamy glances simultaneously, this could be a signal she wants you to give that first kiss! Especially when you notice her looking at you more often than usual, she’s trying to tell you something that her words aren’t. After all, the eyes never lie, do they?

13. She flirts with you

Girls flirt with you in several ways, and you should keep this in mind if you want to know when to kiss a girl. If she’s flirting with you more than usual such as subtle touches, pick-up lines, or even something direct as seductive lines, then she definitely wants you to kiss her!

Take her flirting as a hint and lean closer, giving her that memorable first kiss she wants. [Read: 15 flirting signs to instantly know if someone is flirting with you]

14. A goodbye hug

You often see this in movies – the girl gives the guy a goodbye hug and takes forever before saying goodnight at the end of the date. [Read: How to kiss a girl on the first date]

When you hug someone, your faces are just inches apart, and all it takes is a little bit of courage to kiss them. If she gives you a goodbye hug and you see that she lingers after that hug, then she clearly wants you to kiss her. So what else are you waiting for?

15. A romantic aura

Life isn’t obviously a romantic movie where roses and candles will always surround you. But if your date is particularly in a romantic setting *maybe you took her to a dinner with a city light view, or there were fireworks involved* then kiss her!

If there’s ever a time to make a first kiss most memorable for her, it’s when there’s the element of romance in the air. [Read: The 30 sweetest romantic gestures for everyday life]

How to make it count

Like I’ve said many times already, your first kiss is everything. Here are a few tips to make sure you make the most of your special moment with her. [Read: 19 types of gross kisses you should never give]

1. Check your breath

Gross breath can really ruin a great kiss. Even if you’re a great kisser, if she can smell your breath before you even plant your lips on hers, it’s really not good.

Have some gum and mints with you at all times. You never know when you’re going to need it! Breath spray could also do you some good.

2. Keep your lips nice and moisturized

Girls aren’t the only ones who need to keep their lips nice and moisturized, you know? Another thing that can make a great kiss horrible is dry, cracked lips.

Girls don’t really want to feel your rough lips scraping against hers when she’s trying to enjoy a kiss. Always hydrate yourself before a date and moisturize your lips while you’re at it!

3. Do it slowly

Remember what we said about not rushing things? Diving in for a fast kiss usually isn’t the best idea when it’s the first one. When you kiss a girl, do it in a slow manner so if she’s not ready, she has plenty of time to back out.

A slow kiss is a kiss she’ll remember for a long period, especially since this is often the type of kiss that provides feelings and emotions in them. You wouldn’t want her to think you’re giving her an empty first kiss now, would you? [Read: 12 slow kissing tips for a perfect smooch]

4. Leave her wanting more

If you don’t want your first kiss to be your last one, then this is an important tip for when to kiss a girl and how to make it count. Give her one, smooth kiss and then pull away.

She’ll come to you if she wants more. This takes the pressure off you and puts the ball in her court. Make sure it ends with her wanting more from the kiss. [Read: 15 kissing techniques for that heartbeat-skipping kiss]

5. Don’t overthink it too much

We know how easy it can be to overthink the first kiss *especially since it’s that important,* but don’t overanalyze everything. Keep these points in mind, but go with the flow and go with your gut instinct. Kiss her when you feel like it’s the right time for both of you to get to that stage.

[Read: 22 tips to make the first kiss oh-so-amazing]

So, when to kiss her?

With all these points above, hopefully, you’ll know better when to kiss a girl. When and how to kiss her is all about making the best out of the moment and observing her body language, including any hints she might give you.

The first kiss with someone new really sets the stage for your relationship. Knowing when to kiss a girl can be crucial, but remember just to follow your gut, and you should be fine! 

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