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The Perfect First Kiss: 22 Tips to Make It Oh-So-Amazing!

Your first kiss with someone special is always terrifying. But, you can enjoy it if you just relax! Check out these first kiss tips and embrace the fear!


Almost everything you do for the first time is scary. You probably experience a range of overwhelming emotions, including fear, apprehension, worry, insecurity, excitement, joy, relief, and so many more. The same thing can be said when it comes to your first kiss. The good news? These first kiss tips will sort you out!

We all have to do it at some point in our lives, whether with some random person, your partner, or your friend. It is part of your learning process, and it paves the way for romantic relationships to blossom. [Read: 10 major first kiss red flags that lead to a toxic relationship]

However, the tricky thing about kissing is that it always seems like the first time, every time we kiss a new person. The same exhilarating, thrilling, and nerve-wracking feeling is still there. Your palms still get sweaty, your heart races, and you’re back to your fumbling self even if you’ve kissed a few “frogs” *pardon the pun* before this one.

So to help you get your act together for all those first kisses you’re about to have, whether it is your actual first kiss or you’re kissing someone new for the first time, we give you the ultimate guide to smooching your way into your lover’s heart—or at least make your first kiss exceptionally memorable. [Read: 15 secrets to make your first kiss more memorable]

Why do we make such a big deal out of first kisses?

You could argue that we put too much pressure on ourselves when it comes to kissing someone new for the first time. Unless it’s your first actual kiss ever, why are you so worried? Even if it is your first-ever kiss, why not focus on the positives – it’s a fun thing to do and a memorable milestone.

Kissing is just showing affection. So, you could argue that any kiss is good because any form of showing affection is good. But, we all know that a bad kiss can basically put the brakes on any future relationship. If you’ve ever had a terrible kiss with someone, you’ll know that it tends to linger in the mind. [Read: 15 kissing techniques for that heartbeat-skipping kiss]

Perhaps that’s the reason why we place so much pressure on ourselves that first time with someone new. We’re worried they’re going to be a terrible kisser and all that flirtation and fun will be wasted. Or, even worse, you worry that you’ll mess up somehow and make them think the same of you.

Maybe we should just take the pressure off and see kisses for what they are – fun and romantic things!

First kiss tips – Your guide to smooching like a pro!

There are different types of kisses you might experience, depending upon the situation. Let’s delve into them and give you some first kiss tips to master every single one. [Read: Kissing chemistry 101 – How to kiss someone for the first time]

The introductory kiss

The intro kiss is the first kiss you’ll really ever have, whether your lips are truly, absolutely virginal or you are just about to kiss someone new for the first time. Don’t let the name fool you. This type of kiss can happen as a greeting, a goodbye, or just a way to gauge your chemistry mid-date. It is a way for you to get a good sense of how the other person kisses and vice versa.

Here’s how to do it:

1. When your partner is moving close to you, lean in and meet them halfway [Read: 6 giveaway signs your date is ready for that first kiss]

2. Just when you’re both about to close the distance, close your eyes.

3. Tilt your head slowly to one side, right or left. Just make sure your partner is tilting on the opposite side. This prevents your noses from colliding against each other before your lips meet. If you don’t know which way your partner is going to tilt, the best way is to tilt right.

4. Gently touch your lips to your partner’s lips. Making sure your lips are slightly apart, not *and we mean NEVER* wide open.

5. Apply a little pressure. At this point, when your partner is applying a little pressure, reciprocate with a little pressure too. [Read: 11 signs of a bad kisser and 15 foolproof remedies]

7. Hooray! You’re now kissing!

The French Kiss

This is just kissing, only with the mouth a little more open and with tongue. The rule is, if you’re using your tongue—voila!—you’re frenching.

Once you get the hang of intro kissing, your partner may move into French kissing, which means they are liking what they’re doing and how you’re reciprocating. Good job! Yay! [Read: The right way to French kiss – The dos and don’ts]

1. You will probably feel the kiss intensifying, and your partner might tease you with their tongue, or they may be opening their mouth a little bit more.

2. This is the time when you open your mouth a little too, as your partner does.

3. If you’re the one leading, you can initiate the Frenching by gently touching your partner’s tongue with your tongue, and then gently pull it back into your mouth.

4. Don’t stick your tongue into your partner’s mouth without warning, and don’t EVER stick out your tongue in and out of your partner’s mouth. [Confession: My first kiss story and how it went horribly wrong!]

5. Remember to come up for breath every once in a while.

6. Give it a few minutes *or a few intensifying intro kisses* before you go in with the French.

Making out

So things are really heating up and you find your hands all over your partner’s body—what’s next? The make out kiss.

This kiss requires smooth multi-tasking skills. Just in case you are clueless, you are making out when you have your arms around each other and your tongues are really going at it and you are both kissing for longer than 30 seconds at a time. Your hands will be all over each other, and you both want to be as close as possible to each other without taking your clothes off.

We don’t really need to give you instructions on this one, just let your hand wander, listen to your partner, read their reactions, and enjoy it! [Read: Simple peck or steamy makeout? What you can learn from a first kiss]

First kiss tips to remember

Before you even start kissing, you have to remember these tips.

1. An important first kiss tip – Be prepared

First of all, it helps you’re reading this now so that you have an idea of what could happen once your lips touch that of your date’s. Are you ready to make out or take it to the next level? These are the things you should also be prepared for. [Read: Taking it to the next level – Mixing first kisses and neck kisses]

2. Pop a mint

You may think you have your first kiss down pat, but if your breath smells like the garlic steak fries you just ate, then say bye to more kisses. Make sure you have clean, fresh, and kissable breath.

3. Look after your lips

Ensure you have soft, supple, kissable lips. Exfoliate your lips by lightly scrubbing them with a soft cloth or some coarse sugar the night before your date. Make sure to pack some ChapStick as well, but make sure you’re not wearing anything too slick, thick, sticky, or slimy when the moment comes. [Read: Lip biting – The scientific explanations as to why it’s oh-so-sexy]

4. Keep it private – The most important of first kiss tips!

Make sure you’re both somewhere private and comfortable, where there are no prying eyes. For a memorable first kiss, it needs to be in a special place, away from spectators. Then, you can focus on each other and enjoy the moment. [Read: How to arouse your date and make them want to kiss you already]

5. Make sure you’re on the same page

Read the room! Don’t be the one leaning in with your pouty lips while your partner or date is talking on the phone or eating. It’s imperative you both want to kiss each other at that very moment—and trust us, you’ll know the moment when it comes.

6. Take it slow

Savor the moment. It’s your first time anyway, so make the most out of it. By not rushing it, you’re making it more special. It gives you plenty of time and opportunity to be really in the moment. That’s one of the best first kiss tips we can give. [Read: How to kiss a guy for the first time and really turn him on]

7. Touch

Don’t be afraid to give in to the urge to touch your partner. Graze your fingers gently through their hair, touch their neck, hold their arms, or put your hands on their cheeks. Do what feels natural, just don’t be sitting there like a statue with only your lips moving.

However, if they pull back or seem to go rigid when you touch them, take that as a sign that they don’t like it, and you need to stop. [Read: A guy’s guide to kissing a girl for the first time without screwing up]

8. Express yourself

When you’re caught up in the moment, it’s still easy to send and receive mixed signals. At this point, touching your partner a certain way and moving your lips a specific way is a great way to communicate what you want—if you want to stop or take things further.

So there you have it, the ultimate guide to that amazingly memorable first kiss.

[Read: The complete guide to passionate and romantic kisses]

The first kiss is special, whether it’s good, bad, or just horrible. Therefore, it’s better to know all there is to it to make that first kiss great and pleasurable, not just for you but for your partner as well. These first kiss tips should do it.

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