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how to have a sexy voice
How to Have a Sexy Voice: 16 Ways to Make Your Listener Fall in Love

Knowing how to have a sexy voice is just as important as what you present to the world. You can be fit, and fashionable, but the wrong voice can ruin it.

snapchat flirting
Snapchat Flirting: What It Really Is & How to Master the Flirt Game

With texting being the new talking, Snapchat flirting is the new emoji flirting. But how do you do it? Read on to learn how.

best flirty lines

The Best Flirty Lines to Spark Anyone’s Interest in One Sentence

Are you on the hunt for the best flirty lines to capture your crush’s interest? Perfect, I have the flirty tutorial just for you.

Handkerchief Code

Handkerchief Code: How to Communicate Sexual Desires with a Hanky

Sex isn’t supposed to be complicated. The handkerchief code is an easy way to tell other men what you’re sexually into. Not a bad idea, right?

how to impress your crush

How To Impress Your Crush: 20 Tips to Steal Their Heart Effortlessly

Wondering how to impress your crush? Your heart may be pounding, but with the right kind of effort, you’d be able to win anyone over in no time.

how to tell someone you like them over text

How to Tell Someone You Like Them Over Text: 19 Risk-Free Ways

Saying “I like you” = scary. In person = scarier. A virtual confession maybe the way to go. This is how to tell someone you like them over text.

how to start a conversation over text

How to Start a Conversation Over Text & Get Them Texting in No Time

With our phones being the number one form of communication nowadays, knowing how to start a conversation over text is vital.

really bad pickup lines

20 Really Bad Pickup Lines You’d Be Crazy to Use in Real Life

There are so many options within the English language to create great pickup lines, yet somehow people are still using these really bad pickup lines.

funny get to know you questions

20 Funny Get to Know You Questions to Bond with Anyone Instantly

When getting to know someone new you don’t want to come across as intrusive or aloof. Instead remain calm with these funny get to know you questions.

how to get your best friend to like you

How to Get Your Best Friend to Like You and Actually Fall for You

You may have started out as pals, but now your feelings have changed. Trying to figure how to get your best friend to like you? Here’s what you need to do.

how to start a conversation on snapchat

How to Start a Conversation on Snapchat & Subtly Flirt Your Way In

Snapchat is ideal for sending funny videos, but mastering how to start a conversation on Snapchat can be a little more involved.

subtle flirting moves

15 Subtle Flirting Moves to Bring Them Close Without Much Effort

If you want to be the most effective, you want subtle flirting moves. Here’s how you can make someone like you more without much effort on your part.