Flirting Flings

Flirting While in a Committed Relationship
Flirting While in a Committed Relationship: What You Need to Know

Part of being human is the need for attention, but is flirting while in a committed relationship a breach of trust, or simply a bit of fun?

signs you're more than friends with benefits
15 Signs You’re More Than Friends with Benefits & Getting Attached

Don’t expect anything more than sex from an FWB relationship. But if you exhibit signs you’re more than friends with benefits, take it to the next level.

signs of mutual attraction

12 Strongest Signs of Mutual Attraction between a Man and a Woman

When boy meets girl and spend time with each other, there will always be one question running at the back of their heads: is there mutual attraction?

Emoji Sexting

Emoji Sexting: 16 Fun Emojis to Make Any Conversation Sound Naughty

Thinking about getting a little bit frisky via mobile? Why not use some emojis to really spice things up? Emoji sexting is new and fun—try it!

signs the sex was good for him

Did You Blow His Mind? 13 Must-Know Signs the Sex Was Good for Him

The sex was mind-blowing for you, but are you lying next to him wondering about the signs the sex was good for him? Well, here’s how you know it was.

best friends with benefits

How Does Being Best Friends with Benefits Really Work Out?

Debating whether or not to be best friends with benefits is a big decision. You have to figure out if it works & if you want to risk friendship first.

dating older women

13 Misconceptions about Dating Older Women We Need to Dispel

With more attractive older women in the public eye choosing to date younger men, there is also an increase in the misconceptions about dating older women.

Tinder Hookup

Tinder Hookup Essentials: 11 Must-Know Steps for the Perfect Hookup

We all want to get laid… there’s no point denying it. And we all know about Tinder, but there’s a right way to get a Tinder hookup.

Belligerent Sexual Tension

Handling Belligerent Sexual Tension with Someone You Really Like

When it comes to belligerent sexual tension between you and someone you’re crazy about, you’ve got to keep it in check. Here’s how to handle it.

Sexual Truth or Dare Questions

32 Sexual Truth or Dare Questions for a Wild, Naughty & Sexy Night

Truth and dare isn’t just a kid’s game. Spice it up by making it naughtier, riskier, and wilder with these sexual truth or dare questions.

rebound girl

How to Choose the Right Rebound Girl Who Won’t Get Overly Attached

If you’re looking for a rebound girl, you have to pick carefully. The last thing you want is a girl proclaiming her love for you after a single romp.

how to kiss someone

How to Kiss Someone Deeply and Make Them Crave Your Lips Always

There’s not much better than an incredible kiss. Knowing how to kiss someone in a way that makes them ache for you is very powerful.