My Life

What Do You Do for a Living? How to Answer It Like a Bestseller

What do you do for a living? Before you cringe over the question, let me show you how to make this question your best friend.

20 Intellectual Conversation Topics that Ignite Meaningful Communication

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dry sense of humor

Dry Sense of Humor: What It Is & 20 Signs You’re Too Dry and Funny

Mastering a dry sense of humor takes a whole level of smarts. Do you think you’re funny that way? Find out what it is and the signs to know you do have it!

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40 Gross & Disturbing Would You Rather Questions to Make You Squirm

Looking for nasty and gross would you rather questions? It can’t more disturbing than these questions that’ll make anyone want to gag either way!

How Not to Be a Dry Texter

How Not to Be a Dry Texter: Signs You’re One & the Best Quick-Fixes

You spend hours constructing the perfect text, only to receive a “lol” or “okay”. Dry texting is annoying; learn how not to be a dry texter today!

how to set someone up

How to Set Someone Up With Their Right Match the Right Way

Want to be a matchmaker? If you want to learn how to set someone up with their right match you really need to take your time and let things be.

Conversation Games

Conversation Games: 15 Best Talking Games for Fun & Lots of Laughs

Conversation games can be one of the best ways to have a really fun time with your friends or partner. Try these talking games to keep your chats lively!

Things to Do on a Long Car Ride

20 Fun, Unique Things to Do on a Long Car Ride to Make It Memorable

About to head off on a road trip and don’t want to be bored? Check out these things to do on a long car ride to pass the time with some fun thrown in.

Fun Things to Do on a Road Trip

Top 50 Really Fun Things to Do on a Road Trip to Have a Great Time

Driving a long distance can be mind-numbing if you let it, but with a solid list of things to do on a road trip, you’ll never be bored in the car again.

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Perfect Zoom Etiquette: 17 Must-Know, Easy Rules and Zero Mishaps

COVID-19 has forced us to work from home and communicate online far more. Learn the perfect Zoom etiquette and avoid embarrassing mishaps!

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Male Bonding vs Female Bonding: What Are the Main Differences?

Have you ever stopped to think about how male bonding is different to the female version? Developing a bromance takes true time and effort!

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The Best Things to Do When You’re Stuck at Home & Feel Productive

Are you staying home more than you’d like? Check out these top things to do when you’re stuck at home. Beat the boredom while keeping safe.