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34 Sexual Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text & Make Her Horny & Wet

You don’t have to be in the same room to get a girl wet. Try these sexual questions to ask a girl over text, and she’ll be wishing you were inside her!

The Hover Hand: Why Awkward Guys Do This & How to Fix It for Good

A hover hand makes everyone cringe! But why do guys do this? And if you’re that guy, how can you fix this for good? Here’s everything you need to know!

Feminine Man - Signs of a Feminine Guy

Feminine Guys: 40 Signs of a Man in Touch With His Softer Side

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, you may want to know the signs of a feminine guy. If you want to avoid being one or dating a feminine man, read this!

How to Get a Girl to Have Sex With You

How to Get a Girl to Have Sex With You By Arousing Her Very Subtly

If you want to know how to get a girl to have sex with you, you need to master two things – how to arouse her and how to seduce her. We have that and more!

how to be a good wingman

How to Be a Wingman: A Full Guide to Become the Best Wingman Ever

Knowing how to be a wingman isn’t just a skill, it is about being a good friend. Do you have what it takes to bring it for your friend?

67 Really Funny Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend & Leave Her ROFL

You can never make her laugh too much or get to know her too well! So here’s a big list of funny questions to ask your girlfriend, and leave her in splits!

How to Break Up With Your Girlfriend

How to Break Up With Your Girlfriend Like a Man & Stop Pussyfooting

You want to know how to break up with your girlfriend without hurting her, and yet, do it firmly and with finality? Here are the steps you need.

meaning of chivalry

What Is Chivalry? The Real Meaning, The Knights Code & Modern Men

What is chivalry? What is its real meaning? How can a man learn how to be chivalrous, and learn from the real knights code of yore? Find out here!

how to talk to girls and how to talk to a girl

How to Talk to a Girl: The Secrets to Smooth Talk and Impress Girls

Wanna know how to talk to a girl and get her to enjoy talking to you? Here’s a full guide on how to talk to girls and impress them with your words!

What Makes a Man a Man

What Makes a Man a Man: 13 Tradition Defying Manly Characteristics

If you find yourself wondering what makes a man a man, it probably isn’t what you think. They might even defy traditional ideals.

How to Act Cool In Front of a Girl

How to Act Cool In Front of a Girl and Banish the Awkwardness

You see her, you like her, but you have no idea what to do or how to impress her. Learn how to act cool in front of a girl for dating success!

When To Ask Her To Be Your Girlfriend

When To Ask Her To Be Your Girlfriend: Is The Timing Right?

Taking your relationship to the next step is nerve-racking but it will feel perfectly natural once you know when to ask her to be your girlfriend.