Reads for Women

Girl Code Rules: 50 Essentials, the Psychology & Why Women Need Them

We don’t talk about them, but girls have rules they follow to respect each other. Let’s break the silence with these girl code rules you must live by!

Boyfriend Active on Tinder? 39 Ways to Find Out, Whys & What to Do ASAP

You’re in a relationship, but you have a feeling he’s on the dating apps. How do you find out if your boyfriend is active on Tinder, and what do you do next?

emojis and contact names for your boyfriend on your phone

154 VERY Cute & Funny Emojis and Phone Contact Names for Your Boyfriend

Looking for that perfect way to save your boyfriend’s number? Spice it up with these creative contact names for your boyfriend!

woman sigma female

Sigma Female: What Makes Her, 33 Traits & BIG Strengths that Roar Silently

A sigma female is strong and special, but do you know their unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses? Find out everything about them right here.

how to tell if a guy has a small package

22 Tiny Signs to Tell If a Guy Has a Small Package Even Before You See It!

Curious about hints on how to tell if a guy has a small package? Dive deep into behaviors and subtle signs to get your answer!

why is it hard to find a good man

Is It Hard to Find a Good Man? 39 Reasons & Secrets to Find a Great Guy!

Why is it hard to find a good man? Emotional baggage, fear of solitude, and sticking in ‘meh’ relationships all contribute to the challenge.


The Best Wingwoman: 34 Good Rules, Signs & Secrets to Help Your Friend Out

Your friend has her eye on a cute guy but is too shy to approach him. Well, that’s where you come in! It’s time to step up and learn how to be a wingwoman.

Guy with a Girlfriend Likes You

A Guy with a Girlfriend Likes You: 15 Truths to Read His Mind & Intentions

Does a guy with a girlfriend flirt with you or look at you all the time? Here are the things to keep in mind when this guy tries to get your attention.

moving in with your boyfriend and living together

Living With Your Boyfriend: 24 Must-Knows Before, During & After Moving In

Moving in with your boyfriend? Congratulations! But before you start packing boxes, here are a few things you need to keep in mind to keep the love alive.

how to delay your period

19 Science-Backed Secrets to Delay Your Period & Unproven Old Wives’ Tales

From ruining new clothes to causing cramps – periods are inconvenient. But did you know you can prevent them? Here’s everything to know to delay your period.

types of vaginas

The 4 MAIN Types of Vaginas & BIG Must-Knows that Make Up the Vagiverse!

Normal and abnormal don’t exist in the world of vaginas – there are many types of vaginas out there! Here’s what makes your ladybits special from the rest.

men in uniform

20 Signs & Reasons Women Find Men in Uniform So Irresistible & Attractive

Glistening badges, crisp starched shirts, dangling handcuffs, scarlet trucks, and those rigid salutes; there really is something so sexy about men in uniform.



Am I a Lesbian or Bisexual? 31 Signs to the Truth Without Asking Around

Questioning your sexuality is a personal and complicated deal. If you’re asking yourself “am I a lesbian,” you need to search your soul for the answer you seek. 


Your First Brazilian Wax: What It Is & 29 MUST-KNOWs Before, During, & After!

Here’s everything you must know about hair removal down there, your first Brazilian wax experience, the pros, cons, aftercare, and all the must-knows!


22 Truths & Mistakes of Being the Other Woman in Love with a Married Man

It’s easy to assume that being the other woman is a dishonorable thing to do, but love is love. How can you handle being the third wheel in a relationship?


Just the Tip Sex: Why Guys Use This Excuse & Why Girls Fall for It

So your guy wants to take your relationship to the next level? By that, we mean just the tip sex. If you’ve heard this excuse, it’s time you read this.