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How to Make a Jealous Boyfriend Feel Less Jealous & More Loved

It can be frustrating to deal with insecurities and flaws of a jealous boyfriend. While it can be cute, most times, it just comes off as plain annoying.

16 Most Important Maid of Honor Duties to Remember For The Big Day

So you’ve been chosen as the maid of honor – that’s wonderful! But you don’t just get to sit still and look pretty. But what are the maid of honor duties?

should i marry him

Should I Marry Him? 24 Signs that Scream “Yes!” & the Reasons Why

So you’ve met the man of your dreams and see him in your forever. If you’ve been asking yourself, should I marry him, here are some sure signs you should!

Feminine Traits

14 Strongest Feminine Traits & Where Women Fall in this Spectrum

Do you think you have the regular feminine traits? Or, do you think that you have your own special blend that makes you especially unique?

Insecure Women

Insecure Women: 15 Ways to Stop Damaging Yourself and Be Glorious

Believing in yourself isn’t easy if you’re one of the many insecure women in today’s society. However, it’s time to wake up and realize your wonder.

how to tell if a woman is attracted to another woman

How to Tell if a Woman Is Attracted to Another Woman & What It Means

Have you ever wondered what attracts a woman to another woman, or how to tell if a woman is attracted to another woman? It might explain a few things!

signs he will never marry you

21 Big Signs He Will Never Marry You & You’re Just His Maybe Girl

You’ve been in a relationship with him for years, yet marriage seems so out of reach. Keep reading if you want to know the signs he will never marry you.

My Boyfriend Likes Other Girls' Pictures on Instagram

My Boyfriend Likes Other Girls’ Pictures on Instagram: What Now?

Anyone with a boyfriend knows what it is like when their boyfriend likes other girls’ pictures on Instagram. But what do you do about it?

how to get a guy to notice you

How to Get a Guy to Notice You: 19 Magic Ways to Hook Him Instantly

If you have your eye on a cute guy and you’re keen to attract his attention, learn how to get a guy to notice you and try to bag that first date!

Greaser Girl

Greaser Girl: 16 Reasons Why Being Bad Can Feel So Darn Good

Is it more fun to be a greaser girl? Not caring what anyone thinks and flying by the seat of your pants? Sure as hell sounds like it!

why don't guys ask me out

Why Don’t Guys Ask Me Out? 18 True Reasons That May Hold the Answer

There are several possible reasons if you’re asking yourself, “why don’t guys ask me out?” Don’t worry – you’re not alone! Here are the biggest reasons why.

attention whore

Attention Whore: 16 Signs You’re an Insufferable Attention Seeker

Do you fear that you or someone else is being an attention whore? Keep reading to know what it means to be one and what the significant signs are.