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17 Qualities of a Good Husband & Why these Traits In a Man Stand Out

If you’re on the hunt for the ideal guy to spend the rest of your days with, what are the qualities of a good husband? These traits top the list!

Girl Crush: What It Means to Have One & The Deeper Meaning It Hides

We’ve all heard the term girl crush, but what is it exactly? And, if you have feelings for another female, does that mean you might be gay? Not always.

Feminine Traits

Feminine Traits: Where Do You Fall in the Spectrum of Femininity?

As a woman, do you consider yourself to have the common feminine traits we all hear so much about, or are you dancing to the beat of your own drum?

Foster Girlfriend

Foster Girlfriend: Do You Always Seem to Be Stuck in the Role?

A foster girlfriend teaches someone to be a good partner, before they set themselves free and become the right one for someone else.

Qualities of a Good Wife

What Make Up the Qualities of a Good Wife Beyond the Traditions?

Marriages are not just about one person, but you can do your part by knowing what makes the qualities of a good wife in the present age vs. 1950s!

signs a man loves you

Love Is in the Air: The 14 Clearest Signs a Man Loves You a Lot!

When a man is in love, it’s normally pretty easy to tell. If you’re not sure, here are the signs a man loves you without a doubt!

How to Know if He's Lying to You

How to Know if He’s Lying to You Without Asking or Confronting Him

Intuition may have something to do with it, but if you’re wondering how to know if he’s lying to you, here are some tips.

when should you have sex

When Should You Have Sex? The Essential Questions to Ask Yourself

Is moving physically too fast bad? What about moving too slow? When should you have sex? These 8 questions will help you know what’s right for you.

why don't guys ask me out

Why Don’t Guys Ask Me Out? 12 True Reasons That May Hold the Answer

You’re putting yourself out there to meet a guy who may end up becoming your boyfriend. But you’re wondering, why don’t guys ask me out! What’s going on?

why do I crave male attention

Why Do I Crave Male Attention? The Need to Be Desired & Your Mind

Do you often wonder, why do I crave male attention? Wanting to feel good and attractive is one thing, but needing that attention is quite another.

What to Do If Your Boyfriend Is Active on Tinder

What to Do If Your Boyfriend Is Active on Tinder and Swiping Right

You’re in a committed relationship, but you have a feeling he’s swiping through Tinder. How do you find out if your boyfriend is active on Tinder?

boundaries your boyfriend's female friend should follow

The 9 Vital Boundaries Your Boyfriend’s Female Friend Should Follow

Does your boyfriend have a close female friend? To ease the waters, there are boundaries your boyfriend’s female friend should follow for peace.