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why don't guys ask me out
Why Don’t Guys Ask Me Out? 12 True Reasons That May Hold the Answer

You’re putting yourself out there to meet a guy who may end up becoming your boyfriend. But you’re wondering, why don’t guys ask me out! What’s going on?

why do I crave male attention
Why Do I Crave Male Attention? The Need to Be Desired & Your Mind

Do you often wonder, why do I crave male attention? Wanting to feel good and attractive is one thing, but needing that attention is quite another.

What to Do If Your Boyfriend Is Active on Tinder

What to Do If Your Boyfriend Is Active on Tinder and Swiping Right

You’re in a committed relationship, but you have a feeling he’s swiping through Tinder. How do you find out if your boyfriend is active on Tinder?

boundaries your boyfriend's female friend should follow

The 9 Vital Boundaries Your Boyfriend’s Female Friend Should Follow

Does your boyfriend have a close female friend? To ease the waters, there are boundaries your boyfriend’s female friend should follow for peace.

Signs a Married Man Is In Love with You

13 Signs a Married Man Is In Love with You & Wants Something More

He flirts but is married? Wondering if the innocent flirting is turning into something more? Look for these signs a married man is in love with you.

Texting Behavior of Guys

How to Decode the Texting Behavior of Guys When They’re Into You

The texting behavior of guys and how they text can reveal a lot about their feelings. You’re reading his messages, but you need to look at the right things.

When You're Not as Experienced as Him

When You’re Not as Experienced as Him: What You Need to Do & Know

When you’re not as experienced as him it can feel like you need to catch up or move faster than you normally would, but you don’t.

Women Who Love Sex

Why Do We STILL Silently and Unfairly Judge Women Who Love Sex?

There are women who love sex, women who don’t mind it and those who aren’t big fans. You know what? They’re all totally normal and don’t have to be judged.

signs your boyfriend's friends don't like you

How to Read the Signs Your Boyfriend’s Friends Don’t Like You Much

Everyone wants to be liked. But if you’re noticing signs your boyfriend’s friends don’t like you, there could be trouble ahead. Can you change the tide?

how to feel more confident in your body

How to Feel More Confident in Your Body & Fall in Love With YOU

Learn how to feel more confident in your body today. It’s time to take the power back over what your mind tells you to think about your body.

How to Tell If a Lesbian is Attracted To You

How to Tell If a Lesbian is Attracted To You & How to Respond to Her

Generally, lesbians are subtler than men. Want to avoid embarrassing misunderstandings? Learn how to tell if a lesbian is attracted to you.

How to Start Sexting a Guy

How to Start Sexting a Guy: A Girl’s Guide to Get the Basics Right

Unless you are super-confident, the first time you try sexting, you’ll probably feel embarrassed. Never fear, let’s talk about how to start sexting a guy!