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instagram boyfriend
Why Being an Instagram Boyfriend Makes You Awesome and Not Whipped

The term Instagram Boyfriend gets a bad rap and is actually quite an honorary role. An Instagram boyfriend isn’t about losing all self-respect or willpower.

in love with a married woman
In Love with a Married Woman? How to Know if It’s Time to End It

So, you’re in love with a married woman. Well, it’s tough, but if things aren’t going anywhere, it’s time to end the relationship and move on.

Qualities of a Good Man

18 Qualities of a Good Man that Sets Him Apart From Lesser Men

If you are wondering if you have the qualities of a good man, you already have one because you care. But, what are the other qualities that make a good man?

Signs of a Cheating Wife

16 Sneaky Signs of a Cheating Wife that Reveal the Truth in No Time

When it comes to cheating, men carry most of the accusations. But, in reality, women also cheat on their spouses. Here are the signs of a cheating wife.

signs you're in love with her

12 Very Real Signs You’re in Love with Her And Don’t Realize It

By knowing these 12 signs you’re in love with her you can be sure of how you feel. Then, it’s time to do something about it.

signs of midlife crisis for a man

8 Biggest Signs of Midlife Crisis for a Man and What Causes Them

The signs of midlife crisis for a man can sometimes catch him by surprise when he thinks he should be happiest. Here are the reasons for it.

how to tell if a woman is checking you out

How to Tell if a Woman Is Checking You Out: 9 Signs You Can’t Miss

Don’t kid yourself, women do it too. The key is learning how to tell if a woman is checking you out so you’re ready to take the next step.

why do men get random boners

Why Do Men Get Random Boners? The Science Behind the Untimely Bulge

Getting a boner is an experience all men relate to but sometimes can be puzzling and inconvenient, leaving you wondering, why do men get random boners?

signs she's using you emotionally

11 Signs She’s Using You Emotionally & Just Playing with Your Heart

You may be seriously head over heels for her, but she’s not fully committing to you. What are the signs she’s using you emotionally?

girl best friend

The Girl Best Friend: 18 Drama-Free Facts that Make Her a Real Gem

A girl best friend is often the best of both worlds. But don’t be deceived, while it has many benefits, there are a few drawbacks too!

can't get hard

Can’t Get Hard? 10 Reasons Why Your Penis is Being a Total Dick

Nothing’s more embarrassing than when you’re in the harbor but can’t get the sails up. Here are 10 reasons why you can’t get hard.

Manly Drinks

12 Essential Manly Drinks and the Types of Men That Drink Them

There are some things that no card-carrying man should order from the bartender. Real men order the manly drinks in the secret menu.