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15 Types of Kisses: Deciphering the Truth Behind Their Smooch

A kiss can be as unique as the person you’re kissing. Each kiss can mean something different too. Learn how to understand the different types of kisses. 

Types of Kisses

We’ve received all types of kisses in our lifetimes. You know exactly what we’re talking about. Everything from a peck on the cheek from our grandma to the tongue-heavy make out session with our significant others. But did you know all of these smooches have their own specific meanings?

Some people may not even realize that they kiss a certain way in order to convey how they’re feeling. They just kiss you that way because they want to. However, they’re really exposing a certain emotion and if you learn how to distinguish between the different types of kisses, you can learn how they really feel about you. [Read: 15 Kissing techniques for that heart-skipping kiss]

Kissing changes from culture to culture

There really isn’t a “right” way to kiss someone. In fact, the different types of kisses can even change depending on your culture. A kiss that means something in a certain area of the world could have a completely different meaning elsewhere.

Take kissing someone on both cheeks, for example. In America, that can be seen as invasive and far too personal. In other parts of the world, however, it’s a simple greeting and it’s considered rude when you don’t reciprocate. [Read: 12 foolproof kissing tips for a sexy smooch]

Nobody expects you to understand every single type of kiss out there, but it never hurts to do some research!

What different types of kisses really mean

Yes, each kiss can mean something completely different. While all kisses show some form of affection, that affection can vary. If you want to know what someone means by the way they kiss you, here’s how you can tell.

1. Forehead kiss

We all know just how great it is to get forehead kisses. They’re our favorite. Out of all the types of kisses out there, this one has the best reputation. It’s a very sweet and caring kiss. When someone kisses you in this way, it’s also showing that they’re emotionally attached to you. [Read: How to show love with 15 sweet gestures]

2. Kiss on the cheek

If you get a kiss like this, it means you’re very friendly with the other person. Either that, or you’re relatives. When this kiss comes from someone you care for romantically, it’s just a simple, “I’m thinking of you,” kiss.

3. Kiss on the nose

Getting a kiss on the nose like this is beyond adorable. The thing about getting one of these types of kisses is that it’s not something they can do easily like a forehead kiss. They need to be very close to you in an intimate setting.

Not only that, but it also tells you how cute they think you are. Getting a kiss on the nose is like getting a compliment along the lines of, “you are the cutest thing alive.” [Read: How to be a good kisser even if you’re a newbie & don’t kiss much]

4. Kiss on the hand

Back in the day, getting a kiss on the hand as a lady was something men did as a courtesy. In many places of the world, that’s still true. It’s polite and respectful. In other places, it can be seen as little creepy if you’re not familiar with that person. Getting a kiss like this from your significant other, however, is very romantic.

5. Shoulder kiss

If you want sweet, romantic, and sexy all in one, it’s this kiss. Of all the types of kisses, this one can have the biggest impact on a person. Picture this, you’re in a tank top washing dishes or cooking supper and your lover walks up behind you and plants a soft kiss on your shoulder. You feel loved, cared for, and turned on all at once. [Read: How to kiss someone for the first time and turn them on]

6. Eskimo kiss

If you’ve never heard of this kiss, you’re not alone. Many people don’t know about this kiss. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s when you and someone you’re close with rub noses together. Basically, there’s no “actual” kiss. But the sensation is meant to show your warm affection for them in a romantic OR familial way.

7. Peck on the lips

If you’re in a hurry and kissing your significant other goodbye, you might give them one of these. It’s a quick way to show them that you’re thinking of them and care for them in a way that’s very simple. [Read: 15 Secrets to make your first kiss more memorable]

8. Face grabbing, passionate kiss

One of the best types of kisses to get from your significant other is when they grab your face and give you a deep, passionate kiss.

When you get this type of kiss, it’s all about them making sure you know how much they want you and how much they like you. By grabbing your face, they’re ensuring they have your full attention for the big moment. [Read: How to kiss passionately and romantically]

9. Kiss on the neck/earlobe

If someone does this to you, they’re definitely looking to get frisky. A kiss in these locations is NOT innocent. In fact, it’s rather naughty. Since these are erogenous zones for the large majority of people, your partner is definitely trying to turn you on.

10. French kiss

Not only is this passionate and sexy, it’s also very, very intimate. You don’t go around sticking your tongue in everyone’s mouth. This type of kiss is reserved for those who are close both intimately and emotionally. Getting a kiss like this may also lead to some fun in the bedroom if it’s carried out for an extended amount of time. [Read: How to tongue kiss and arouse anyone in seconds]

11. Long, slow kiss

This can be with tongue or without it. Anytime someone gives you a long, slow kiss, it means they’re thinking deeply about how much they like you. They’re trying to show you physically how you make them feel. [Read: 15 secrets to make your first kiss more memorable by slowing down]

12. Hickey

This isn’t so much of a kiss as it is a mark. Most people who give you hickeys are very passionate people. Either that or they’re just trying to mark you as “theirs.” This type of mark from someone – if done accidentally – can show you just how much they get lost in the moment when they’re intimate with you.

13. Air kisses

This is the type of kissing where each of you touches each other’s cheek and smooches the air next to it. Although this is a little odd in some parts of the world, in other parts it’s a type of greeting. They do this in order to confirm that they’re glad to have made your acquaintance. [Read: 20 Signs of attraction in the first conversation]

14. Lip biting kiss

If you really want to show someone your feisty side, you’ll give them this kiss. There are a lot of types of kisses that can show your frisky side, but this has got to be the best. It’s naughty, playful, sexy, and will get your partner thinking about all the things they’ll want to do in bed with you later. [Read: 12 subtle moves of a really good kisser]

15. Eyelid kiss

If someone gently kisses you on your eyelid, it’s meant as a very sweet gesture. It’s showing how much they care for you in a non-sexual way. Someone kissing you in this way wants you to know just how precious you are to them.

Decipher how someone feels about you from these types of kisses

Now you know the different types of kisses, you can work out how someone feels about you based on the kiss they give you. If they kiss you on the forehead and they’re a family member, it’s a genuine sign of familial love and affection. However, if it’s your significant other kissing you on the forehead, it shows that they adore you and love you for who you are. [Read: How to tell how your partner feels and learn to read their mind]

It’s not just the actual kiss you need to know about, it’s deciphering what it means when a specific person is giving it to you. when you can piece it all together, you’ll be able to work out exactly what’s going on in that person’s mind. That’s very handy when it’s someone you’re still trying to get to know in that are ‘are we/aren’t we’ phase!

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Knowing just what someone means when they kiss you a certain way can be helpful for a ton of reasons. If you can decipher what the types of kisses mean, you’ll know just how someone feels.

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