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25 Secrets to Seduce Before a Kiss & Turn a Guy On While Kissing Him

Making out is fun and can be really hot. So, you need to know how to turn a guy on while kissing him. Here is everything you need to know.

how to turn a guy on while kissing

Let’s be real, this is something we all wonder about when we meet someone new. We want to make out with them and figure out how to get him all riled up. The thing is, knowing how to turn a guy on while kissing isn’t as complex as it seems.

How to build chemistry before the kiss

If this is the first kiss with a guy, then you want to build the chemistry before it occurs. Maybe you’re not sure if he likes you yet, so you have to do some things to make him want to kiss you.

He might already, but these things will make him desperately want to plan a smooch on you. [Read: 33 really arousing ways to seduce a man who’s not yet yours and hook him hard]

1. Flirt with him

Flirting is so effective in creating sexual chemistry. When you’re sitting next to him, you can compliment him, tell him he smells good, feel his muscles, or anything else that will inflate his ego. 

He will probably get the hint when you are flirting that you want to kiss him. Watch his behavior to see if he flirts back or not. If he does, then he really wants to kiss you. [Read: How to flirt with a guy subtly without really flirting at all]

2. Eye contact

As the saying goes, “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” When you look someone in the eyes, it’s a very intimate thing. You are connecting to them on an emotional – or even soul – level. 

So, you want to have a lot of eye contact with him, but not so much that you seem creepy. You don’t want to stare, you just want to look deeply, and then occasionally look away too. [Read: 23 signs he wants to kiss you and how to predict the exact moment when he’ll try to kiss you]

3. Touch him

Just as with eye contact, touching is also important.

Both of them are forms of nonverbal communication, and they are very powerful ways to convey a message. You can touch his thigh, his hand, or his shoulders. 

You don’t have to leave your hands there, but you can just lightly brush his body parts to give him the hint that you want to kiss him. [Read: How to flirt by touch and use subtle body language to seduce anyone]

4. Move close to him

When you keep your distance between you and a guy, he will think you are doing that one purpose. That’s what someone does when they don’t like the other person. But when you do like them, you want to be as close as you can.

So, sit close to him on the couch, at the bar, or wherever you are. You don’t want to sit on his lap or anything *unless the situation is conducive to that*. But you do want to close the distance the best you can, so he can go in for the kiss. [Read: How to make a guy horny and rock hard just by casually sitting next to him]

5. Laugh and smile

No one wants to kiss someone who is too serious. So, don’t talk about things that are negative. Be funny, tell stories, and try to smile and laugh as much as you can.

When people smile and laugh, that is also a good flirting technique.

Laugh at his jokes, tell him how funny he is, and that you love being with him. Your positive energy will definitely make him want to move in closer to you so he can plant one on your lips. [Read: How to be sexually attractive – 40 ways to subtly seduce anyone]

Guys are already probably turned on if they’re kissing you

This is just the reality of it. Are you turned on while kissing him? You should be. And the same is for him. Kissing is a sexual act. Doing it with someone for the first time is even more arousing than you think.

Therefore, most guys – if they really like you – will already be turned on by just kissing you. That being said, there are ways to drive him even more nuts and make him continuously want to come back for more.

Because that’s your goal, right? You want him to not be able to get enough of you. The best way to do that is to turn him on so much while kissing that he can’t stop thinking about it while you’re apart. [Read: How to kiss a guy well – 21 secrets to arouse him with your first kiss]

How to turn a guy on while kissing with some naughty, sensual moves

Keep in mind that all guys are different. They like different things and that means you’ll have to experiment a little to figure out what your guy likes best.

But overall, guys tend to enjoy these moves while you’re making out.

1. Use a tiny bit of tongue

Don’t thrust your tongue in his mouth the second it touches his. That’s just a little too aggressive and not sexy because it can get messy. Instead, use a very small amount and do it tastefully.

Go slow while you’re kissing. Grab the sides of his face and give him a deep kiss with a tiny bit of tongue. Sometimes simple is best. [Read: How to kiss with tongue and avoid a sloppy mess]

2. Moan very softly

Never moan like the girls in porn. You don’t want to make him think you’re getting off by just kissing him.

That being said, you can let very small sounds of pleasure escape and still make him go nuts. It gives his ego a boost at the same time, which is even better.

3. Glide your hands down his chest and stomach

Using your hands while kissing a guy, in general, will definitely do more for you than just leaving them be. So take them from around his neck or the sides of his face and just trail them down.

Don’t go too low, but just low enough to make him WANT you to keep moving them down. This is a great way to turn him on and get him thinking about where else he’d like your hands to go.

4. Nibble on his bottom lip

You have to be careful not to bite down too hard here. Just barely graze the bottom of his lip with your teeth.

If he does seem super into this, then you can bite a little harder and even give a small tug. It’s super sexy and will drive him nuts! [Read: The scientific explanation of why lip biting is so damn sexy]

5. Make a move to kiss his neck

You don’t just have to kiss his mouth and turn him on. Take your attention down to his neck and kiss there. It’s a really sensitive erogenous zone for them that too many girls forget about.

Just like you enjoy your neck kissed, so does he. Although, some guys may not get much from this. You really have to pay attention to how he’s reacting and adjust your actions from there. Just avoid giving him a hickey since guys tend not to like them.

6. Kiss just below his ear

And make sure some of your breath goes into his ear. Another amazing erogenous zone for men is the earlobe. Getting close and even nibbling on his earlobe might make him go nuts. You’ll just have to try and see how he likes it. [Read: The erogenous zones for males and the exact locations to touch a guy]

7. Gauge his interest in these moves

While you’re doing all of this and kissing a guy, see how he’s reacting. Is his breathing getting heavier? Is he trying to deepen the kiss? He could even be grabbing you and pulling you into him.

All these are signs he definitely likes what you’re doing. If he’s shying away from you and not really doing those things, he might not be into a certain thing. Keep trying and you’ll find that sweet spot.

8. Think about what you’d like

Truth be told, guys and girls aren’t all that different when it comes to what turns us on while kissing. So think about what would turn you on. Is it neck kisses? Is it hands grabbing at you?

Try some of what you’d like on him and see how he likes it. Chances are, you’ll turn him on a lot, and then you’ll also be able to tell how compatible you’d be in the bedroom.

9. Be a little aggressive

You don’t have to play really nice here. You can grab him and push him against the wall if you want. Try to be a little forward and aggressive with him.

Some guys really love a girl in charge. See if your guy is that type. [Read: How to attract a man in a way they can’t resist]

10. Break apart and smile at him

This is just a cute and very sexy thing to do. You can pull apart just enough to let him see your smile before diving right back in for more.

Not only does this show him that you’re having a good time, but it gives him a little confidence boost. And when guys are feeling good, they can end up feeling REALLY good somewhere else.

11. Take his hands and put them somewhere on you

This is super direct. So only do it if you’re comfortable with doing it. We’re not saying you should put his hands on your boobs if you’re not okay with that.

We’re talking about putting them on your waist or around your face or really anywhere you want him to touch you. This shows him your own desire and the fact that you want him will make him a lot hornier. [Read: 22 ways to turn someone on while talking to them and make sparks fly]

12. Lean your body into his

It’s really all about showing him you want him just as much as he probably wants you. So, lean into him. Let your body rest against his so he can feel every part of you.

This is super powerful because it makes him think about what that would feel like without clothes on. And that thought alone will turn him on more than you know.

What NOT to do when you are trying to turn a guy on while kissing him

Now that you know what you should do to turn a guy on while kissing him, you also need to know what not to do. [Read: How to get a guy to kiss you when you want to -the secret moves]

1. Laugh or giggle

Even if you are a happy person, try to refrain from laughing or giggling when you are kissing him.

When you do that, he might think you aren’t taking it seriously. He wants you to be turned on with passion, not act like you are at a comedy club.

2. Too much tongue

No one likes too much tongue. It’s sloppy and it turns a lot of people off. So, don’t just stick it in his mouth and leave it there.

You want to follow his lead, but try to just use part of your tongue. You don’t want him to gag!

3. Be too stiff

You want your body to move naturally. So, don’t hold your neck or your hands or arms too stiffly. You want to be able to move your body around and act like you are relaxed.

4. Drool

Sometimes, there is too much saliva in a kiss. You will have to keep that under control because you don’t want to be a “sloppy wet kisser.” [Read: How to French kiss – 18 secrets to melt anyone with your deep kiss]

5. Bite

Some people might find it playful to bite their partner’s lips when they are kissing them. But some people don’t like it.

It can be painful for them even if you don’t intend it that way. Plus, you might accidentally bite too hard and draw blood. That’s not sexy.

6. Stick to only the lips

You don’t have to only kiss his lips if you want to know how to turn a guy on while kissing him. Mix it up a little and kiss him other places, especially if you are home and laying down. Try kissing his neck or his ears. That can be a major turn-on for guys.

7. Talk

You probably love talking to him, but when you are kissing is not the time for a conversation.

Even if something comes into your mind that you think is really important, hold back with the words. Save them for when your make-out session is over.

8. Eat onions or garlic before

Onions and garlic can be very yummy in food, but it’s not too great for someone you’re kissing. The odor lingers and can really turn people off.

So, if you love those two foods, then just reserve them for when you are alone so you don’t turn the guy off.

[Read: How to know if his kiss meant something real and he’s actually falling for you]

Learning how to turn a guy on while kissing is all about making him think about getting naked with you. That means a lot of hands and a little moaning. Give him just a sneak preview of the naughty you and he’ll want more.

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