Sensual Tease

signs he wants to make love to you
How to Read the Signs He Wants to Make Love to You and Not Use You

It’s easy to accuse all men of wanting meaningless sex. But many men want meaningful intimacy. These are the signs he wants to make love to you.

why men watch porn
Ever Wondered Why Men Watch Porn? Prepare to Be Enlightened!

It’s easy to think that all men are obsessed with porn, but it’s actually not the case. If you’ve ever wondered why men watch porn, read on.

platonic sex

Platonic Sex: Does Having Sex with a Friend Ruin the Friendship?

Many people think it’s possible to have sex with a friend without consequences, but is that true? Can you have platonic sex with your friend?

Beta Cuck

The Beta Cuck: The Real Meaning & What It Means to Be a Sexual Cuck

Maybe someone’s called you a beta cuck, and you’re not sure what it means. Or you know what it means, but you’re wondering if it’s normal. Let’s find out.

signs you're a lesbian

12 Subtle Signs You’re a Lesbian or Leaning Towards the Same Sex

You’ve locked eyes with a couple of women, but you’re not sure how you feel. Lesbian? Bisexual? Well, it’s time to look at the signs you’re a lesbian.

my hot sexy accidental threesome

First Time Threesome: My Sexy Accidental Threesome While On Holiday

Would you ever have a threesome? This real life confession about a sexy accidental threesome story on a vacation could help you be a better judge.

meaning of safe words

Meaning of Safe Words & How to Use Them When You’re Playing Rough

You know people use safe words but haven’t tried it yourself. Why do you even need a safe word? We’re going to share the meaning of safe words.

Cuckold Humiliation

Ultimate How-to Guide for Cuckold Humiliation: Is It Your Game?

Now cheating on your partner is bad. What if your partner was aroused by it and said it was okay for you to do it? Your partner wants cuckold humiliation.

how to dominate a woman in bed

How to Dominate a Woman in Bed and Bring Out the Animal in You

At the end of the day, many women look for a man who knows what to do in bed. You are him, so you need to get a handle on how to dominate a woman in bed.

Oedipus Complex attracted to mother

Oedipus Complex: Have You Been Sexually Attracted to Your Mother?

There may have been moments where you saw your mother in a different light, maybe with a hint of sexual desire. Well, Freud labeled it the Oedipus Complex.

Meaningless Sex

Should You Have Meaningless Sex? 12 Signs to Know if It’s for You

As much as meaningless sex seems appealing at times, it can often be the last thing you need. Here’s how to know if you should slow it down.

too much sex

Too Much Sex? 15 Signs to Know if Your Sex Life is Well Balanced

Some couples have sex a few times a week, others multiple times a day. Would that be considered too much sex? Here’s the answer to that question.