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How To Play a Player: 16 Sneaky Ways To Return The Favor Like a Boss

Players have one objective – to toy with people like a game. If you want to stop being taken advantage of, it’s time to learn how to play a player.

Guys Who Ghost and Come Back: How to Handle The Zombies of Dating

In the modern dating world, guys who ghost and come back are the absolute worst. After all, why would they come back when they already disappeared and left?

how to start a conversation with a guy

How to Start a Conversation with a Guy: 25 Subtle Moves That Work

Knowing how to start a conversation with a guy can be intimidating at first, but they’re only human. Read this to know how to talk to a guy confidently.

I Hate My Boyfriend

I Hate My Boyfriend: Why You Hate Him & 13 Ways to Get Him to End It

So, you say, “I hate my boyfriend, and he annoys the hell out of me”? How do you get him to dump you? Read up on these surefire tips to set yourself free.

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20 Subtle Signs He Wants to Marry You and Spend His Life With You

Do you think your man’s ready to settle down forever? Here are 20 signs he wants to marry you and commit to you for good.

how to make a man feel loved and desired

How to Make a Man Feel Loved: 23 Ways To Make Him Feel Desired

We’ve all watched The Notebook or Love Actually, and maybe that’s the problem. Knowing how to make a man feel loved doesn’t have to be so dramatic.

How to Turn On a Guy

How to Turn On a Guy: 25 Seductive Moves to Turn Him On Instantly

It’s easy enough to get a guy to make out with you, but how to turn on a guy even more while you’re making out is worth exploring. These tips will help.

my boyfriend cheated on me

“My Boyfriend Cheated on Me”: 20 Things You Need to Do ASAP

My boyfriend cheated on me… That sucks! I may not be able to take the pain away, but I can help you handle his infidelity like a pro.

how to please your man in bed

How to Please Your Man in Bed: 20 Sexy Ways to Arouse Him 24/7

Wondering how to please your man in bed? Use these sexy tips on teasing and pleasing and you’ll make him desire you and want you more than ever!

how to tell your parents you have a boyfriend

How to Tell Your Parents You Have a Boyfriend and Do it Right

Worried about how to tell your parents you have a boyfriend? Whether it’s your first relationship or a new one, telling your folks can be nerve-wracking!

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27 Super Sexy Ways to Be the Sexy Wife of Your Husband’s Dreams

Want to go from sexy girlfriend to sexy wife? Want to be your husband’s personal MILF? Here’s how to be a sexy wife and the woman of your man’s dreams!

How to Tease a Guy

How to Tease a Guy: 15 Ways to Make Him Realize He Likes You

Learning how to tease a guy is a great way to get him to try harder. Plus, it’s no secret that guys tend to like what they can’t have. So, tease away.