Flirting Flings

How to Not Be a Boring, Dry Texter & Keep Your Crush Interested

Want to be a better texter? If you want to keep your crush interested, you need to learn how to not be dry and boring in your texts. Find the secrets here!

Sudden Repulsion Syndrome: What It Is & Why the Sudden Repulsion?

Ever been smitten, only to find yourself repulsed by them a week later? You’re not going insane, you’re just suffering from Sudden Repulsion Syndrome.

talking vs dating

Talking vs Dating: How to Tell Them Apart & Know Your Exact Status

How do you know when you’re just talking and when you’ve moved to the dating stage? Let’s pit talking vs dating against each other and find out!

What Makes Someone a Player

What Makes Someone a Player? The 15 Sly Signs of a Player’s Mind

If you’ve been ‘played by a player’ you’ll know how upsetting and annoying it can be. But, what makes someone a player? And do we misuse the term?

the Talking Stage

The Talking Stage: What Is It & How to Progress to the Next One

You’re not dating, you’re talking. What does that even mean? How do you navigate that part of dating and get past the talking stage?

free date ideas

The 50 Best Free Date Ideas When You Want Romance On A Budget

Dating can be great, but when you’re struggling to pay your bills it can be stressful, here are the best free date ideas to make dating amazingly fun.

Psychological Facts About Relationships

The Psychological Facts About Relationships Everyone Should Know

These psychological facts about relationships might shock you, but they certainly explain a lot about how you feel when you fall in love.

Best Dating Apps for a Relationship

Best Dating Apps for a Relationship: 4 Hottest Apps to Try in 2021

With online dating becoming the norm, how do you know the best dating apps for a relationship? We have the four you should consider downloading today.

Breakup Advice

Breakup Advice: The Best Advice You Need & the Ones that Harm You

In need of breakup advice? You’ve come to the right place for both the best breakup advice to heal you and the ones you must ignore for your own sanity!

what is dating

What Is Dating? The Full Modern Day Culture Guide to Dating

What does the word ‘dating’ make you feel? Stressed? Confused? Excited? The waters are muddy where this word is concerned, so what is dating exactly?

dating during covid

Dating During COVID: How to Have Fun & Feel Safe at the Same Time

Dating during COVID is not normal to say the least! Here are some tips to still have fun but feel safe during the pandemic.

Being in a Relationship

Being in a Relationship: How to Prepare for It After Being Single

You finally found someone you can see a future with but are now struggling with how to get used to being in a relationship. Here’s what you need to know.