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White Knight Syndrome: 15 Signs & Reasons Why Men Want to Be One

With any typical fairytale, it’s always the white knight that saves the girl, and they live happily ever after. But what if he just has the white knight syndrome all along?

Horny Girlfriend: 15 Signs She’s Aroused & in the Mood for More

Sometimes it’s not easy to read your partner. You might think they’re feeling one way, but it’s another. Learn the signs you have a horny girlfriend!

Signs of a Needy Girlfriend

21 Signs of a Needy Girlfriend & the Best Ways to Love Her Better

Having a needy girlfriend can feel suffocating. After all, there’s a difference between being sweet and needy. But how do you deal with someone needy?

can't stop thinking about her

What to Do When She’s Taken & You Can’t Stop Thinking About Her

You meet a girl, find she’s amazing, but there’s a catch – she’s taken. If you can’t stop thinking about her, here are ways that can help your situation.

signs she is falling in love with you

20 Signs She Is Falling in Love with You & Wants Something Serious

You’re into her. And you want to tell her you’re falling for her, but you want to know the signs she is falling in love with you first.

how to make a girl want you sexually

How to Make a Girl Want You, Desire You and Think Of You Sexually

Attraction is a complicated thing and it’s not always mutual. If you want to learn how to make a girl want you, just follow these easy steps.


How to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl & Make Her Brighten Up

A stilted conversation isn’t fun or sexy. Learn how to keep a conversation going with a girl and look forward to more conversations and dates to come!

how to start a text conversation with a girl

How to Start a Text Conversation With a Girl: 20 Rules to Impress Her

It’s nerve wracking to text a girl, especially one you like. If you’re wondering how to start a text conversation with a girl, here’s what you should know.

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35 Sweet & Cute Texts To Send Your Girlfriend to Make Her Go Aww

Looking for cute texts to send your girlfriend? Lacking in the texting creativity department? Worry not. Here are the sweetest things to say.

how to keep a girl interested

How to Keep a Girl Interested: 22 Ways to Make Her Want More of You

Wondering how to keep a girl interested? Good. Caring is one of those ways, so you’re on the right track. Keep reading for more insight.

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Sexy Cuddling: How to Cuddle with a Girl So it Leads to Sex

Girls like cuddling. And guys like sexy cuddling! Want to know how to cuddle with a girl and make her feel loved, while you get naughty? Use this guide.

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Questions to Ask a Girl to Get to Know Her Better: 35 Ways to Her Heart

There are lots of questions to ask a girl to get to know her better. So, ask them and find out if you actually like her or if it’s just a crush.