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small gestures girls always notice
15 Effortless Small Gestures Girls Always Notice and Appreciate

Men think women want them to make big gestures to prove their love. But it’s the small gestures girls always notice. So, put your wallet away.

cute texts to send your girlfriend
20 Sweetest Cute Texts to Send Your Girlfriend & Truly Make Her Day

Lacking in the texting creativity department? Well, we have you covered. Here are some cute texts to send your girlfriend and make her day.

things you shouldn't do on instagram when you have a girlfriend

15 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Instagram When You Have a Girlfriend

The rules change when you’re in a relationship including social media. Here are the 15 things you shouldn’t do on Instagram when you have a girlfriend.

dating a drama queen

Dating a Drama Queen: 12 Signs Her True Colors Are Coming Through

She may have been sweet in the beginning, but now, you’re feeling like your brain is going to explode. Are you dating a drama queen?

how to tell a girl you're not interested

How to Tell a Girl You’re Not Interested in Her like a Gentleman

Wondering how to tell a girl you’re not interested in her? You don’t have to ghost her or be a complete asshole, just use these suggestions instead.

deep questions to ask your girlfriend

13 Deep Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend & Make Her Feel Loved

Want to get to know your girlfriend better, you know, really get to know her? Well, you’ll need to remember these deep questions to ask your girlfriend.

signs of a bad girlfriend

20 Signs of a Bad Girlfriend and Easy Ways to Spot Them Instantly

Having a girlfriend can seem like the best thing ever. You may even overlook some red flags, but the signs of a bad girlfriend should not be ignored.

signs she is testing you

Signs She Is Testing You: 11 Biggest Tests A Girl Puts You Through

Just because you had a first date doesn’t mean you get another. If you don’t pick up on the signs she is testing you, the odds are you won’t see her again.

what to wear on a first date men

What to Wear on a First Date: The Men’s Must-Know Guide to Impress

You pay more attention to what women are wearing, but you’re forgetting they also check you out. So, here’s your guide for what to wear on a first date.

signs she's using you for attention

Is She an Attention Whore? 13 Signs She’s Using You for Attention

You’re head over heels, but something feels fishy. There are plenty of reasons why, but are they the signs she’s using you for attention?

sexy things to say to your girlfriend

45 Sexy Things to Say to Your Girlfriend to Make Her Feel Special

Want to make your girlfriend feel special? Tell her! Use these sexy things to say to your girlfriend, make her smile and fall more in love with you.

Controlling Women

Controlling Women: Can You Have a Happy Relationship with One?

When it comes to controlling women, some people say you can never really be happy with one. Here’s what to think about so you can choose for yourself.