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How to Respond like a Grown-Up When Someone Ignores You On Purpose

One minute they were fine, now it feels like they’re avoiding you. It’s frustrating when someone ignores you, but here’s how to handle it like a grownup.

How to Deal With Guilt & Drop the Baggage Weighing You Down

Facing things you’ve done is never easy, but learning how to deal with guilt and stop it from weighing you down is necessary in order to move forward.

how to distance yourself from a friend

How to Distance Yourself From a Friend Without a Lot of Drama

Friend breakups can be a lot messier and even more painful than romantic ones, but learning how to distance yourself from a friend can help.

signs of social anxiety

14 Signs of Social Anxiety that Hold You Back & How to Overcome It

Dealing with situations you’re uncomfortable with is no picnic. Identify the signs of social anxiety and learn how to overcome it so you can start to relax.

am I emotionally unavailable

Am I Emotionally Unavailable? 17 Signs You Are & How to Fix It ASAP

Are you having trouble with your relationships? If the answer is yes, it could be time to ask yourself, am I emotionally unavailable?

how to stop overthinking

How to Stop Overthinking: Secrets to Go From Overthinker to Relaxer

Learning how to stop overthinking is hard. But once you learn a few steps, you can go from an overthinker to someone who relaxes their mind in no time.

How To Think Positive

How to Think Positive and Reprogram Your Mind to Stay Positive

When the world is going haywire, it’s easy to have negative thoughts, but learning how to think positive in those situations can change your life.

How to Overcome Codependency

How to Overcome Codependency & Thrive on Your Own Two Feet

Being reliant on a partner for your happiness is unhealthy. Luckily, with hard work, you can learn how to overcome codependency and thrive on your own.

Dependent Personality Disorder DPD

Dependent Personality Disorder: What It Is & How to Read the Signs

Do you just hate being alone and by yourself? Dependent personality disorder is far more common that you think. Use these symptoms & signs to recognize it.

What is FOMO

What is FOMO? How to Read the Signs & Overcome the Stress It Causes

What is FOMO? The fear of missing out can leave you anxious, sad and mostly, left out. Here’s how to recognize the signs and stoop it from hurting you.

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30 Things For Couples to Do at Home With Zero Boredom Involved!

Pandemic life is causing us to spend more time at home. Kick boredom out of the equation with these ideas of fun things for couples to do at home.

signs of attention seeking behavior

14 Signs of Attention-Seeking Behavior that Masks their Insecurity

We all have moments where we seek attention, but is there one person who always must be in the spotlight and shows signs of attention-seeking behavior?