My Life

How to Get Your Life Together: 30 Ways to Live Your Best Life

Not feeling like you have your life together? You’re not the only one. Life can be hard, but there are some tools for how to get your life together.

Emotional Masochist: 24 Signs You’re Addicted to Pain and Drama

Being an emotional masochist doesn’t mean you necessarily want to be unhappy, but that part of you feeds off feelings like fear and pain.

how to stop being toxic

How to Stop Being Toxic: 19 Steps to Not Be Bitter Or Blame Others

Realizing that you’re the toxic one can be a shock. Once you admit it, learn how to stop being toxic, take accountability, and move into a healthier life.

signs of a fake friend

25 Mean Signs of a Fake Friend Who Doesn’t Care About You At All

Fake friends are the worst. They pretend to be real but it’s all lies. Spot the signs of a fake friend to side-step the drama and hurt.


How to Stop Caring: 20 Steps on How to Not Care & Put Yourself First

Learning how to stop caring is not as simple as you might think. It is human nature, but training yourself on how to not care may be exactly what you need.

how to cheer someone up

How to Cheer Someone Up: 36 Ways to Help Them Feel Awesome Again

Everyone is different, but there are some common ways when it comes to putting a smile on someone’s face. Learn how to cheer someone up today.

how to be perfect

How to be Perfect in Everything You Do & Lead a Fulfilling Life

Everyone wants to be perfect, but is it even possible? What is perfection anyway? These few steps will help you get as close as possible.

Narcissistic Traits

20 Biggest Narcissistic Traits to Recognize the Narc in Your Life

Narcissists are extremely manipulative and clever. Understanding the key narcissistic traits will help you to identify a narcissist in your life.

guilt complex

Guilt Complex: What to Understand About This Powerful Emotion

What exactly is a guilt complex? Is it just feeling guilty over one thing, or is it something a little deeper? Power to change is in knowledge.

how to be kind to yourself and others

How to Be Kind To Yourself & Others & Love Life Instead of Hating It

So, you learned about kindness as a toddler, but a refresh on how to be kind to yourself and how to be kind to others is a benefit for everyone.

signs you are unattractive

33 Signs You Are Unattractive & All The Ugly Fixes to Get Hotter!

Would you call yourself ugly? Would you want to fix it? Here are the biggest signs you’re unattractive, and the fastest ways to go from meh to oh-so-hot!

Signs Your Friend Doesn't Respect You

24 Truthful Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Respect You Or Care Enough

Respect is key in friendships. So, what if you’re spotting the signs your friend doesn’t respect you? It’s time for an inter-friend-tion.