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How to Be Kind To Yourself & Others & Love Life Instead of Hating It

So, you learned about kindness as a toddler, but a refresh on how to be kind to yourself and how to be kind to others is a benefit for everyone.

33 Signs You Are Unattractive & All The Ugly Fixes to Get Hotter!

Would you call yourself ugly? Would you want to fix it? Here are the biggest signs you’re unattractive, and the fastest ways to go from meh to oh-so-hot!

Signs Your Friend Doesn't Respect You

24 Truthful Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Respect You Or Care Enough

Respect is key in friendships. So, what if you’re spotting the signs your friend doesn’t respect you? It’s time for an inter-friend-tion.

how to be mature

How to Be Mature: 25 Ways to Grow Up & Face Life Like an Adult

Learning how to be mature is a necessary fact of life. You don’t have to kiss goodbye to your carefree days, you simply need to implement a few life lessons.

how to forgive yourself

How to Forgive Yourself & Free Yourself of the Weight of Guilt

For some reason, learning how to forgive yourself is so much more difficult than forgiving others. If you can do it, it can change your life.

Signs of Anxiety

Signs of Anxiety: How to Read the Signs ASAP & Handle Them Better

The signs of anxiety can vary from person to person, but understanding what you’re dealing with can help you to manage the situation better.

Nice Things to Say to People

250+ Warm & Nice Things to Say to People & Make Them Really Happy

It costs nothing to say nice things to people and really make their day! Try these genuine compliments the next time you want to make someone smile!

How to Talk to People

How to Talk to People in a Charming Way No Matter Who They Are

Some people just have a natural way with words. They know how to talk to people no matter who they are. The good news? You can learn to do just that!

Signs you should stay away from someone

How to Stay Away From Someone & Know the Signs They’re Bad For You

Relationships are complicated and some people can be bad for you. But how to know the signs you should stay away from someone? And what should you do next?

feeling lost in life

Are You Feeling Lost in Life? Use These 6 Lessons to Find Your Way

Are you feeling lost in life? Do you feel broken down, and can’t help but feel completely lost with no way in sight? Here’s how you can find your way back.

I Don't Know What To Do With My Life

I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life: The Voice to Find Your Way

Are you frustrated or just don’t know what to do with your life? It can happen to all of us. Learn how to bounce back after you hit that low.

when someone ignores you

How to Respond like a Grown-Up When Someone Ignores You On Purpose

One minute they were fine, now it feels like they’re avoiding you. It’s frustrating when someone ignores you, but here’s how to handle it like a grownup.