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Self Loathing: What It Is, 25 Signs & How to Stop Hurting Yourself

Hating or loathing yourself robs you of your happiness. Learn to recognize the signs and how to stop self-loathing to look forward to a brighter future.

Is Drunk Sex Rape? How to Know If It Was Consensual or Not

We all know that consent is an important conversation to have. But, what if you’re wondering is drunk sex rape? What if you can’t remember saying ‘yes’?

feeling defeated

Feeling Defeated? 15 Ways To Overcome Feeling Stuck and Lost in Life

Feeling defeated and lost in life without knowing what to do and where to turn can make you feel stuck. Here are ways to overcome this tough feeling.

what is a social introvert

What Is a Social Introvert? 17 Personality Traits that Define Them

You might’ve heard of a social introvert – and yes, they exist! They’re not an extrovert, but they’re not the reserved introverts either. So who are they?

how to love yourself

How to Love Yourself: The 23 Best Ways to Find Self-Love & Happiness

Loving yourself is essential for everything we do in life. In fact, you’ll find that most problems can be solved if you only knew how to love yourself.

how to let go of the past

How to Let Go of the Past and Be Excited by the Future

Are you always looking over your shoulder, wishing the past could be different? Let it go and move on. Learn how to let go of the past right now.

how to stop selfish people from hurting you

Selfish People: 20 Ways To Spot and Stop Them From Emptying You

Selfish people are some of the worst people you can surround yourself with. All they do is think about themselves. So, how do you deal with them exactly?

characteristics of people who lack empathy

20 Signs of Lack of Empathy that Show They Don’t Care What You Think

Ever feel like the person you’re talking to is distant? It might not have anything to do with you. Rather, they might be showing signs of lack of empathy.

mantras to live by

Mantras to Live By: 21 Positive Mantras that Will Transform Your Life

If you’re feeling particularly under the weather lately, you might need a change of mindset and perspective. You need to add some mantras to live by.

Feeling Hopeless

Feeling Hopeless: How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed & See Hope Again

Feeling hopeless is the absolute worst feeling in the world. It encourages you to feel stuck in a dark place without any hope for whatever the future holds.

how to stop being shy

How to Stop Being Shy: 20 Ways to Kick Your Shyness to the Curb

It’s not the easiest thing to be shy as it can make you extremely awkward and reserved to be around. However, you can always learn how to stop being shy.

How to Get to Know Someone Over Text

How to Get to Know Someone Over Text and Build a Real Connection

When you learn how to get to know someone over text, you know exactly how to build a connection with them. Keep reading to know all the secrets in texting!