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how to be grateful
How to be Grateful: 15 Authentic Ways to Appreciate and Express It

Someone helps you. You say thanks. Is that how to be grateful? To show your appreciation for support and friendship, there is a bit more involved.

blunt person
Blunt Person Bestie: Why Blunt Friends Are a Big Boon in Disguise

Blunt people tend to get a bad reputation for being too harsh. But, as a blunt person myself, these are the reasons why you should appreciate them.

how to be more likeable

How to Be More Likable: 15 Unfake Ways to Be Adored for Who You Are

We all want to be liked by our friends and colleagues, but you don’t want to come off as fake. This is how to be more likable and still be you.

Low Self-Esteem Day

20 Ways to Handle a Low Self-Esteem Day when Nothing Goes Your Way

We all have low self-esteem days here and there. But, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to deal with a low self-esteem day.

how to be true to yourself

How to Be True to Yourself and Start Living Your Life on Your Terms

It’s easy to allow people to tell us who we should be. What’s the point of pretending to be someone you’re not? Instead, learn how to be true to yourself.

how to show your appreciation to someone

How to Show Your Appreciation to Someone and Express Your Gratitude

We tend to think the only way to know how to show your appreciation is dishing out hundreds of dollars. It’s far more than just money.

how to take care of yourself emotionally

How to Take Care of Yourself Emotionally and Avoid Falling Apart

When we’re feeling overwhelmed, people tell us to take care of ourselves. But what does this even mean? How do you take care of yourself emotionally?

how to glow up

How to Glow Up: 20 Ways to Glo Up & Instantly Transform Inside & Out

Glow ups are not just a trend, but a movement. Take it from someone who had an eight-year-long awkward stage, knowing how to glow up really helps.

how to open up

How to Open Up to People: Learn to be Vulnerable and Welcome Life

Learning how to open up to people helps you establish a connection, deepen relationships, and also serve as an outlet for people to express their emotions.

traits of toxic people

13 Traits of Toxic People that Can Hurt and Emotionally Damage You

If you want peace of mind, start by getting rid of the toxic people in your life. But how do you know the traits of toxic people around you?

how to respond to a rejection

How to Respond to a Rejection & Do the Right Thing Even If It Hurts

When you put yourself out there and get shut down you may be sad, angry, or worse. But knowing how to respond to a rejection is a part of life.

how to stop being selfish

How to Stop Being Selfish: 20 Ways to Stop Hurting and Using Others

You may not realize you’re being selfish until someone points it out. Then what? You learn how to stop being selfish and start being selfless.