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relationship of convenience
Relationship of Convenience: What It Is & Why People Get Into One

Being in a loving relationship is a great feeling. How can you be sure that it’s real on both sides, and not just a relationship of convenience?

how to stop being taken for granted in a relationship
How to Stop Being Taken for Granted in a Relationship: 15 Strong Ways

Enough is enough you’re thinking but don’t know what to do. Here is how to stop being taken for granted in a relationship.

putting too much effort into a relationship

Putting Too Much Effort into a Relationship: Where to Draw the Line

You might think there is no such thing as putting too much effort into a relationship. But sometimes too much effort can be worse than a lack of effort.

relationship doubts

Relationship Doubts: How to Recognize Them & Make the Right Decision

Having relationship doubts is part of dating. It is human nature to second guess ourselves and our partners, but you can put those doubts to bed.

Committed Relationship Rules

15 Committed Relationship Rules to Make Your Romance Last a Lifetime

Falling in love is the easy part, staying in one is another story. You just need to know *and follow* these committed relationship rules.

new relationship boundaries

New Relationship Boundaries: 12 Lines All Couples Must Draw Early On

In a new relationship and feel all warm and fuzzy inside? New relationship feelings are great! But, don’t forget you need new relationship boundaries too.

Signs of a One-Sided Relationship

12 Hidden Signs of a One-Sided Relationship We All Choose to Ignore

When we’re in love, we want to do whatever we can to make our partner happy. But are you seeing the signs of a one-sided relationship?

how to deal with a long distance relationship

How to Deal with a Long Distance Relationship & Keep Your Sanity

Relationships are tough enough when you live nearby. Learning how to deal with a long distance relationship takes practice and patience, but it can be done.

non-negotiables in relationships

The 7 Non-Negotiables in Relationships You Shouldn’t Compromise On

Relationships have a lot to do with compromise, but it doesn’t mean you should compromise on everything. We all need non-negotiables in relationships.

needs in a relationship

The 10 Most Important Needs in a Relationship for It to Grow & Last

In many ways, a relationship is like a living being. There are certain needs in a relationship provided by two people in order for it to thrive and grow.

Communication Exercises for Couples

Communication Exercises for Couples: Easy Games to be a Better Lover

So many couples lack the basic skills for effective communication. But you can change that with these communication exercises for couples.

what does it mean to love someone

What Does It Mean to Love Someone? 21 Good & Bad Ways to Define Love

Being in love is broadly seen as this beautiful feeling that cannot be compared to anything else, but what does it mean to love someone?