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20 Loving & Romantic Touches in a Relationship to Make You Feel Closer

A romantic touch can convey much more than the words ‘I love you.’ Try these tips to feel more connected with your partner through loving touches.

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Physical intimacy, and overt loving and romantic touches are a big part of a relationship, especially new ones. That is why couples in their honeymoon stage often have a hard time keeping their hands off each other!

You can tell them apart from long-term couples by how they cuddle and cozy up in private, in public, and every other place in between.

But eventually, that dreamy infatuation stage of love will be diluted with a mature kind of love. And for many couples, they no longer share those air-tingling touches that lead to sex anymore.

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The importance of romantic and loving touches in love

Of course, it’s natural for all of us to hop, skip, and jump from one relationship stage to the next. What starts off as infatuation could eventually blossom into seasoned love, and everyone’s happy with that. But the transition from one stage in love to the next isn’t as simple as we may think.

Sometimes, love flickers, and at other times, it fades away into oblivion. And that’s all because we forget the simplest and easy things that matter in a successful relationship.

As a relationship progresses, it does need its share of sexual intimacy and sexual touches. But along with that, it also requires a healthy dose of *non-sexual* loving and romantic touches too. [Read: 25 easy rules for a successful and everlasting relationship]

The power of touches and the way you feel

When two people are in love, words no longer matter as much. They’ll start speaking in a new language that they invented subconsciously, one that only two of them can share and understand. Touching is how lovers communicate.

And truth be told, a touch by itself holds more power than any word of affection.

Do you ever feel like hugging your partner or just cuddling up with them for a few minutes for no reason at all? And when you’re feeling down and depressed, do you ever feel like dragging yourself to your lover and sinking your head into their chest? Do you always feel re-energized after doing so?

Sexual touches and physical intimacy keep a relationship exciting and fresh. But loving and romantic touches keep a relationship going by constantly satiating our need to feel loved and cared for. [Read: The secret behind the power of the flirting touch and ways to use it!]

The best ways to connect with your lover through romantic touches

Romantic touches in love are a sign of trust. They reduce anxiety, bring two lovers closer, and help them bond better. They even help you stay healthier and feel happier in your everyday life. And when you touch your lover, you’re creating a connection that makes them feel better and more loved, and in return, you’d feel better about yourself too!

Here are all the romantic touches that you can try with your own lover. Try these tips, and both of you will feel closer, bond better, and feel more connected in no time! [Read: 25 really romantic ideas to make your lover melt]

1. Handholding

You may think this is simple and obvious. Well, it may be, but many couples who have been together for a long time seem to forget that simple things also matter.

Why do some couples hold hands when they walk on the street, and some walk so far apart from each other like they’re platonic friends or strangers?

Holding hands is the easiest way to show affection. You can hold hands when you’re alone, walking in the park, watching a movie, or waiting for food at a restaurant. Don’t think holding hands is no longer necessary now that you’re no longer in that honeymoon stage. It’s time to turn this into a habit. [Read: 21 secrets to be a happy couple that’s truly in love and envied by all]

2. Forehead kisses

A kiss on the forehead is a perfectly romantic way to show your affection. Lean in and kiss your lover on their forehead when you’re sitting with them. Chances are, your partner will close their eyes and smile because they cannot help but feel good about what you did! [Read: Forehead kiss – What It means subconsciously & makes it so special?]

3. Hand kisses

Hand kisses are so underrated. It’s a classy romantic touch to show affection in public if you want to be subtle and cute at the same time. Also, when a woman receives kisses on her hand, she can’t help but feel like a princess or a queen. And that is exactly how you’d want your girl to feel in your relationship.

Guys like hand kisses, too. If you’re walking down the street holding hands with your boyfriend, lift his hand to your lips and give it a kiss. He’ll start blushing for sure!

4. Tickles

A tickle can be annoying at times, but it’s still a lot of fun. It’s a great excuse to touch each other in a romantic and loving way, and make each other laugh and feel good at the same time.

But if your partner is extremely ticklish and doesn’t enjoy being tickled, it’s best not to try it because the effect might not be what you expected.

5. Stroke their hair

Run your hands through your partner’s hair while cuddling. You’ll feel great and your partner will feel a lot more loved. Do this in public as well. It’s a cute and romantic gesture, and it’ll let everyone knows how much you two are obsessed with each other. [Read: 14 happy pillow talk conversations to feel drenched in love]

6. While walking past them

Give your lover a naughty pat on the butt while walking past them, or briefly interlace your fingers with theirs as you walk past each other. This romantic touch only takes a few seconds, but your partner will be happy for the rest of the day.

7. Wandering hands

Let your hands wander over your lover’s body when both of you are watching a show on the telly.

Run your hands against their palms or over their arms, or just about anywhere else. This loving touch doesn’t have to be sexual at all, and it’ll still make both of you feel more intimate and romantic. [Read: The many different ways to say ‘I love you’ without saying a word]

8. Dance together

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to dance. When your favorite tune’s playing in the background, hold each other’s hands and dance along. When you’re cooking together in the kitchen, you can dance around the room together. If you don’t have music, you can just sing!

Your boyfriend or girlfriend may laugh about it, but they’ll be so happy to dance with you.

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9. Playful wrestling

Do you ever fight each other in jest with pillows or with your hands while playing on the bed? This may seem immature, but it’s a great way to feel closer and relieve stress at the same time.

10. Sit on their lap

Sitting on a lover’s lap or resting your head on their lap will make your partner want to cuddle you back instantly. This romantic touch also shows how comfortable you two are with each other, and many people will be jealous of how happy you are when you do that in public.

11. Hugging

Never underestimate simple things. A hug might not seem like much, but it always leaves you feeling better afterward. Hugging each other for about half a minute can release feel-good chemicals in your body that’ll make both of you feel loved and connected, and it’ll also have an uplifting effect on your mood.

When your partner comes home after a long day at work, give them the tightest and longest hug and tell them how proud you are of them. [Read: The 7 types of romantic hugs that’ll bring you closer to each other]

12. Driving

As the Queen of love songs, Taylor Swift, once wrote, “Lyrical smile, indigo eyes, hand on my thigh. We can follow the sparks, I’ll drive.” Place your hand on your lover’s thigh is a lovely way to show affection.

If you don’t want to make your romantic gesture obvious and feel awkward about it, place your hand on your partner’s thigh while saying something to them or while emphasizing something. This romantic touch will feel natural, yet it’ll make your partner feel happy and more in love with you.

13. On public transport

When you’re using public transport, you can still be affectionate. You can hold hands or rest your head on each other’s shoulders.

If you have to stand, put your arms around each other *which also helps prevent falling over when the bus takes a sharp turn*. You can also hold each other dearly while waiting at the station. [Read: All the ways public display of affection can save your relationship]

14. The hand on cheek

You usually see this romantic touch in a mushy movie or book scene where two characters confess their love to each other.

Turn it into reality. Hold your lover’s face with your two hands, or place your palm on their cheek while saying something. It’s an endearing and loving gesture that’ll always make your partner feel good.

15. Massages

A massage always feels good. Give your partner a shoulder or back rub at the end of the day now and then, when you feel like it. They’ll feel relaxed and grateful at the same time.

If you don’t know how, you can always learn. It doesn’t have to be on the same level as what you’d get at a professional spa. It’s all about how much you care, so effort always count the most. [Read: How to give a sensual massage and work your magic!]

16. Playing with the hand

A lot can be communicated through your fingertips. While holding your partner’s hand, you can gently trace their fingers, their knuckles, or their veins. That’ll definitely grab their attention, and they won’t be able to stop grinning.

17. Playing with the feet

Don’t start giggling just yet. This isn’t about getting wild and naughty! We’re still talking about loving and romantic touches here.

If you’re lazing on the couch with your partner, place their feet on your lap and run your fingers around their toes. You could tickle it or massage it, and it’ll still feel just as playful and nice.

18. The kiss

A kiss is a powerful connection. Just how often do you kiss your lover? Has the kiss just turned into a move you do during foreplay?

Kiss your lover often, even if it’s just a casual peck on the lips. Your relationship will grow stronger, and both of you will feel more loved too. [Read: 35 bad kiss signs & secrets to turn into an irresistibly great kisser]

19. Respect individual sensitivities

Everyone responds differently to a touch be it romantic, loving or just friendly, and everyone has different boundaries.

For example, tickling may be fun and cute to one person, but to another, it may be torture. Another example is that some people don’t enjoy being hugged tightly because they always feel smothered. People who have experienced domestic violence would appreciate it if you let them know before touching them, even if it’s just holding their hand.

It’s important to know your partner well to acknowledge these, and not just apply all of these rules to them even when they’re not comfortable.

20. Respect cultural differences

Not all of these romantic touches can be applied to every situation and culture because these touches have different meanings in different cultures.

You should be careful and learn the rules so you won’t offend your partner. This shows attention and respect and that you are willing to accept and love your partner for who they are.

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Touching is the most basic yet most effective way to show love. Remember that loving and romantic touches are just as important as sexual touches in a relationship. Indulge in them often, and both of you will feel more connected and happier every single day!

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