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First Year of Marriage: The Surprising Truths No One Talks About

It’s true that marriage is no picnic, but when approached correctly, it is a wonderful experience. So, what can you expect in your first year of marriage?

Dating Age Rule: What’s an Acceptable Age Gap for a Couple?

Do you think a dating age rule should exist? Or do you believe age doesn’t matter? In in the end, surely love should be the only thing on anyone’s mind.

What Does Love Feel Like

What Does Love Feel Like? 33 Signs You’ll Feel When You’re In Love

For many it’s a mystery, but what does love feel like? Is it different for everyone or a standard experience? What does being in love feel like to you?

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11 Most Famous Couples in History & How They Changed the World

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60 Most Romantic Movies in the World That Are a Must-Watch in 2022

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Should You Say

New Love: Should You Say “I Love You” First or Wait to Hear It?

A new romance is always exciting and fun. But when should you say I love you first? After all, timing is everything, or you could sabotage what you have.

how to rekindle a marriage

How to Rekindle A Marriage: 19 Secrets To Make Love Exciting Again

Marriages lose their spark occasionally. It’s only dangerous if you avoid taking action. Learn how to rekindle a marriage and see the spark again.

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How To Reconnect with Your Spouse & Reignite a Flickering Romance

If your marriage has become stale, learning how to reconnect with your spouse could be the difference between a happy union and one heading to disaster.

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Why Do We Fall in Love? 15 Reasons, Some Fate & a Mix of Science

Why do we fall in love really? Have you ever wondered what makes us desire someone, romantically and sexually, and what keeps it alive? Find out here.

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Are you In Love? The Clear Signs You’re Past Lust & Really In Love

When you meet someone and feelings start to develop, it can be confusing. Are you in love or infatuated? Let’s understand what it is you’re really feeling.

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What are Twin Souls? 20 Signs to Know if You’ve Found Yours

Everyone knows what the concept of soulmates is, but have you heard of twin souls? Unlike a soulmate, you can only have one twin soul in your life.

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56 Romantic Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend & Feel Instantly Closer

Do you want to bring some romance into your relationship? The best way to start is by talking. Here are the best romantic questions to ask your boyfriend.