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Starting a New Relationship? Your Checklist to A Happy Romance

You’re finally starting a new relationship, but what does that actually mean? Well, it’s a lot more work than you think it is, but completely worth it.

How to Deal with Saying “I Love You” and Not Hearing It Back

Saying “I love you” and not hearing it back can seriously deter someone from saying “I love you” ever again. But don’t fret, I’ve got you.

how to reconnect with your spouse

How To Reconnect with Your Spouse & Reignite a Flickering Romance

After a few years of comfort and routine the spark in your marriage can get lost along the way. Here is how to reconnect with your spouse.

how to tell someone you love them

How to Tell Someone You Love Them and Mean It The Right Way

“I love you.” Sharing those three little words is a major part of any relationship. So to help you out, this is how to tell someone you love them.

how to know you're in love

How to Know You’re in Love: 13 Science Backed Ways to Know for Sure

Wondering how to know you’re in love, eh? You’re feeling the butterflies in your stomach. But is that love? Well, science says yes.

how to tell if you love someone

How to Tell If You Love Someone: Will You Actually Just Know?

Knowing how to tell if you love someone can be daunting. Some say when you know you know, but is that true? These signs will help you know.

twin flame signs

Twin Flame or Soul Mate: 17 Twin Flame Signs to Spot the Difference

Twin flames are the mirror image of us. Often mistaken for our soul mate, here are 17 twin flame signs so you can recognize them.

being an empath in a relationship

Why Being an Empath in a Relationship is a Blessing and a Curse

If you’re an empath, you understand the struggle. Being an empath in a relationship can be amazing… but it can also be really hard. Here’s why.

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It’s Valentine’s Day, My Dear Valentine!

Ever wondered why we spend Valentine’s Day the way we do? Find out about the history of Valentine’s Day and everything about this day right here.

Triad Relationship

Triad Relationship: Benefits & Complications of a Three Way Love

What exactly is a triad relationship? Can they work or is it simply a ton of work with little reward? These 12 truths help you know if it’s right for you.

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How to Rekindle Love: 25 Ways to Spark Romance & Fall in Love Again

We want to stay in love forever, but few pay attention to the little things that matter most. Here’s how to rekindle love easily, and fall in love again.

Romantic Honeymoon Ideas

12 Unique & Romantic Honeymoon Ideas You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

If you want to start your marriage off right, you’ll want more than your average honeymoon ideas. We have the fun, unique twists you need.