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Contempt in Relationships & How to Stop Subtly Disliking Each Other

If you feel contempt towards your partner, it means you resent them and you’re starting to really dislike them. Does contempt in relationships mean the end?

Karmic Connection: How to Recognize a Soul Agreement in Your Life

Have you ever experienced a karmic connection? Maybe you have but you couldn’t quite recognize the signs of this deep and often life-changing meeting.

What Makes a Good Friend

What Makes a Good Friend: 15 Traits We Desperately Seek in a Friend

What makes a good friend to you? Everyone’s idea is a little different but there are some standard traits that add up to top friendship status.

fun things to ask your boyfriend

20 Fun Things to Ask Your Boyfriend to Get to Know Him Inside & Out

If you want to get to know your boyfriend better, you need to have great conversations. These things to ask your boyfriend will help you get started.

signs of a narcissistic relationship

20 Signs of a Narcissistic Relationship That’ll Destroy You Slowly

Being in a narcissistic relationship is the worst. So it’s vital to your sanity and wellbeing to decipher signs of a narcissistic relationship early on.

Is Watching Porn Cheating

Is Watching Porn Cheating? NO But It Can Make or Break Your Sex Life

What do you think, is watching porn cheating? Or, is it simply a little harmless fun that helps you get in the mood? Let’s explore a little deeper.

sexless relationship

Sexless Relationship: Why Sex Matters & How to Spark Passion Again

Do you believe a sexless relationship is possible? We’re always told that sex is important, but is it as important as love and trust?

What is a True Friend

What is a True Friend? The 18 Key Characteristics of Real Friends

We all need friends, but sometimes it’s hard to know the good from the bad. So, what is a true friend and exactly what is a best friend too?

Omega Male

The Omega Male & 15 Traits that Make Him Better than the Alpha Male

Most of us have heard of an alpha male, but do you know what an omega male is? This type of guy doesn’t get much attention, but he’s awesome anyway.

red flags in a relationship

34 Big Relationship Red Flags Most People Completely Ignore Early On

When you just enter a new relationship, everything looks perfect. But that’s when you need to look out for the red flags in a relationship the most.

how to make someone happy

How to Make Someone Happy: 20 Ways to Help Them Sparkle

We all want to know how to make someone happy. Whether it is your partner, parent, or friend, cheering someone up is a special skill.

types of physical touch

Types of Touches: The 36 Physical Touches We Use & What They Mean

Body language can tell you a lot about a person’s intentions, but did you know that deciphering types of touched can tell you just as much?