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Platonic Friendship: How to be Platonic Friends without Sexual Drama

Platonic friendship gets a bad rap for a lot of reasons. Here’s what you must know about platonic friends, what people think, and the rules to follow.

Codependent Friendship: The Bad Signs & Why It’s Unhealthy for You

A friendship should be a two-way deal. If all you ever do is put them before yourself, you’re in a codependent friendship. It’s time to change – now.

narcissistic behavior

Narcissistic Behavior: 27 Signs to Identify Them When You See One

Want to be able to recognize narcissistic behavior as soon as you come across a person? Here are the warning traits of a narcissist to keep an eye on.

how to help someone with anxiety

How to Help Someone With Anxiety & Not Say or Do the Wrong Things

Anxiety is a real condition that causes extreme anguish. It’s important to know how to help someone with anxiety and not to say the wrong thing.

Deep Questions to Ask Your Best Friend

30 Deep Questions to Ask Your Best Friend & Strengthen Your Bond

Need deep questions to ask your best friend? Good. There is always more to learn whether you are new pals or already lifelong BFFs.

how to stop being boring and annoying

How to Not Be Annoying And Be Everyone’s Best Friend

You might think that you’re the life and soul of the party, but how can you be sure? Learn how to not be annoying and become a social whizz!

sex is overrated

Sex Is Overrated: Why Some Love Sex & Some Couldn’t Care Less

If you listen to what society tells us, sex is the be all and end all. But, do you think that sex is overrated? Or, do you love every second?

Asocial vs. Antisocial

Asocial vs. Antisocial: The Similarities End With The Name

We all interact in different ways. This depends on personality and the situation. Let’s pit asocial vs antisocial against each other to learn more.

how to hold a conversation

How to Hold a Conversation & Make People Love Talking to You

Do people enjoy talking to you? Or do you leave them bored? Use these 22 tips on how to hold a conversation and be the star attraction wherever you are.

what is queerplatonic relationship signs

Queerplatonic Relationship: What It Is & 25 Signs You’re In One

You’re not attracted to a friend but you’re totally in love with them. Ever been there? Here’s what is a queerplatonic relationship & the signs to see it!

fun questions to ask a new friend

Questions to Ask a New Friend: 85 Ways to Feel like BFFs in No Time

Looking for questions to ask a new friend? You’re in luck. Here are some fun and exciting ways to truly get to know someone and form that special bond.

malignant narcissist

Malignant Narcissist: 24 Scary Traits & What Makes Them the Worst

If you come across a malignant narcissist – run, don’t look back! They’re dangerous, but these signs and traits can help you recognize and deal with them.