Turn Offs for Guys: 72 Physical, Dating & Sexual Put Offs All Men Notice & Dislike

Everyone has their personal preferences, but there are some common turn-offs for guys that seem to be universal. Do you know what they are?


First impressions play a big part when you’re trying to win a guy’s affection. Of course, if you know how to bat your eyelids or smile just the right way, you’d be able to get his attention in no time. But there is a myriad of turns-off for guys that could get in the way.

You could do everything right but you meet a guy who doesn’t like a certain thing. Then, he’ll overlook you because you pressed one of his buttons in the wrong way. Dating is a nightmare sometimes!

The good news is, by being aware of the standard turn-offs for guys, you’ll understand what to avoid, or simply understand when he pulls a face. [Read: Easy ways to get a guy to notice you and fall for you!]

What is a turn-off and why is it important to know about them?

A turn-off is something that makes a person feel differently about you. For instance, if you’re on a date with someone and they eat with their mouth open, that’s a turn-off and you might assume that they have zero manners because of it.

While some people can overlook these turn-offs, the major ones can be deal breakers. For that reason, it’s important to know about common turns-off for guys so you can avoid a good date turning bad for a small reason. [Read: 16 silly bad habits that can hurt your relationship]

Turn-offs are always subjective

Before we explore our list of turn-offs for guys, it’s important to remember that most turn-offs, whether physical, personality-based, or sexual, are subjective and every guy has his own preferences and dislikes.

For that reason, never try to change yourself to please someone. Everyone is different and that’s what makes life so interesting!

If you want to get a guy’s attention or impress him, stop worrying about the things you can’t change about yourself.

After all, there’s enough oomph and sexiness in the things you do that can make you really appealing and completely irresistible even if you have a few natural flaws. [Read: The secret art of attracting men in a way they can’t resist!]

The biggest dating turn-offs for men

If you’re on a date with a guy or having a conversation at a cafeteria with a crush of yours, just keep these dating turn-offs for guys in mind.

You may not realize it, but you may be indulging in these turn-offs without even realizing it yourself!

1. Narcissism

Being proud of who you are, your achievements, and your appearance is always a good thing. But there’s a thin line between a girl who knows how good she is and a vain peacock. [Read: 25 things guys find sexy and irresistible about a girl]

Do you unknowingly always talk only about yourself even if the guy tries to say something about his own life? Or do you constantly compare anything a guy brags about to something you’re experiencing yourself?

You may think you’re connecting better with him by appearing like a know-it-all, but your ability to turn anything a guy says into your personal story could come off as arrogance instead of a charming story of common ground!

2. Controlling or dominating personality

Do you try to control everything a guy does when he’s around you? If he’s holding his chopsticks in a way you don’t approve of, do you feel the impulsive need to correct him? If it’s an occasional thing you do, that’s completely acceptable.

But, if you find yourself constantly controlling or dominating a guy over everything he does or says when he’s with you, he’s going to feel deflated and angry very soon. [Read: 20 glaring signs you have a control freak in you!]

3. Yes or no answers

Are you the kind of shy girl who doesn’t converse and prefers to sit quietly during a date? A guy may be smitten enough by you to overlook this trait of yours initially. But if you just answer every question of his with monosyllables, or avoid asking him any questions back in return, it’s definitely a dating turn-off.

It’ll either annoy him or make him assume you’re not interested in getting to know him better. [Read: How to use your shy attitude to your advantage and get any guy]

4. Poor social etiquette

This is more than just a turn-off, poor social etiquette or bad manners can make a guy feel disappointed and upset by your behavior.

These may seem like little things that no one notices, but trust us, these little things are way more obvious and annoying than you think! [Read: Things girls should never say to guys ever!]

5. Unkind attitude

Let’s get this straight. Guys view kindness as one of the biggest attractive traits of a girl. If you’re kind and sweet to others, be it people you know or strangers on the street, it’ll make a guy’s heart melt just a little more.

On the other hand, if you’re rude or too aloof, or lift your nose up and behave like most people on the street are beneath you, he may endure the date… but he won’t call you back.

6. Baby talking

Baby talking with a guy or coddling him may be acceptable if you’re already in a relationship with him. But if you’re on the first few dates, talking like an infant, well, it is definitely one of the fastest ways to turn a guy off.

A guy may think you’re being cute if you act girly and sweet, but mouthing words like a baby that’s still learning to talk will only make him cringe. [Read: 18 ways to be sweet and pretty on a date]

7. Always complaining

When you’re talking to a guy, avoid putting him down or complaining about the things he does. Guys hate girls who pretend they’re high maintenance, act aloof, and whine about everything the guy does just to appear like they’re high-class and sophisticated. [Read: 15 signs you have a high-maintenance woman in you!]

8. Self-criticism

Are you the kind of girl who constantly puts herself down, just so others can pull you up again? Do you spend an hour making sure you look perfect, and then criticize yourself in front of a guy by telling him that you think you look really ugly?

This is an attention seeker’s way of trying to get attention and flattery. Getting a guy to acknowledge just how awesome you are by tricking him or constantly criticizing yourself in the hope of getting pampered by him will just leave him annoyed. [Read: 16 attention-seeking signs to watch out for]

9. Spending more time on your phone than talking to him

A girl who’s distracted on a date is a big turn-off for any guy. If the guy takes the time to plan a date and looks forward to spending time with just you, show some respect by giving him your attention during the date. Don’t spend all your time on phone calls or lost in your own thoughts even when he’s talking.

10. Taking his chivalry for granted

If a guy behaves like a gentleman on a date and treats you respectfully by being chivalrous, don’t take it for granted. Don’t walk past a door he’s holding open for you like it was his duty to hold the door open.

If a guy displays his chivalrous side, acknowledge it with a smile or a “thank you.” Behaving like he’s your servant who’s only doing what he’s supposed to do won’t put you in his good books. [Read: Subtle first date mistakes many girls make unknowingly!]

11. Getting too serious, too soon

This is a big mistake many girls indulge in without realizing it at all. If you go on a first date, don’t behave like you’re in a relationship already just because you’re having a nice time. You’ll just end up scaring the guy away. [Read: Oh-so-awesome ways to impress any guy you want!]

12. Arranging your boobs

This is only okay if it’s an emergency. There will always be a bathroom within a 50-meter radius, or at least a dark, secluded corner where you can put your girls back in their place.

Arranging your boobs in public shows a lack of class and social etiquette. Not only that, but guys do not find that sexy at all.

13. Licking your lips suggestively

Licking your lips for aesthetic purposes is pleasing. Licking your lips as if your date is a huge bowl of ice cream is not.

Most of the time, that move scares guys into thinking you are going to mow them down and eat them alive once you’re alone together. It can be enticing sexually, but it is usually discomforting in a social setting. [Read: Biggest dating turn-offs for guys]

14. Asking for help when it’s not needed

The damsel-in-distress routine is pretty overrated these days. Guys want to help you when you really need them or if it feels like the right thing to do. Acting as if a simple problem is an emergency will turn them off at the thought of helping you. [Read: Bad social habits that make you undateable]

15. Incessant hair flipping

We’re talking about hair-flipping as a mannerism. It’s distracting, it looks pretentious, and it ruins the food on the table. So unless you’re in a shampoo commercial, try to hold back the hair-flipping unless absolutely necessary.

16. Playful pinching, punching, slapping, etc

Do you think it looks cute when you do that? Hell. No. Guys don’t say it out loud, but they absolutely hate it when girls physically hurt them in public or otherwise.

Pain is pain no matter who inflicts it. [Read: How to be a tease – really flirty moves to capture their attention]

17. Batting their eyelashes

It’s cute, in theory, but most guys are disconcerted with girls who bat their eyelashes constantly. It’s a one-time move, not a quirky attribute you can own up to.

It usually looks like you have something in your eye, and a guy can’t help but want to blow some air into it. Most of the time, this move can be distracting instead of enticing.

18. Following guys around

You’re not in second grade anymore. If you keep following a guy around, it will only annoy them. They will see right through your ploy and pity you for being so desperate and needy.

Stop following guys around, and just say what’s on your mind. Remember that there is a pretty thin line between being an admirer and a stalker. [Read: Things that will make him think you’re a creepy stalker]

19. Eating off a guy’s plate

Ladies, ask first or wait until a guy offers you their food. There is just something iffy about a person suddenly taking food off of your plate.

If you’ve been dating for a while, it’s usually okay. When you do this with someone you’re not intimate with, it could end pretty badly.

20. Trying to talk about a guy’s interests and failing

Most men think it’s cute when girls like the same things they do. But when a girl tries very hard to look like she likes the same stuff, it totally backfires.

Men want you to ask and learn about their interests. They don’t want you to dish out facts and statistics, without knowing what the hell you are talking about. [Read: How to be yourself – 26 steps to unfake your life and love being you]

21. Guilt tripping

Pouting and huffing may be cute to look at, but men look at it as a mentally taxing power play. Even if all you want is a little bit of attention, most guys resent the fact that you’re guilt-tripping them for it.

Your little tantrum just ends up ruining their night – and yours as well, if they don’t give in to you. [Read: 18 things you must avoid on your first date]

22. Too much makeup

A little makeup is absolutely fine. But don’t go overboard assuming you’ll impress the guy with the fancy artwork on your face. To most guys, too little makeup is always better than too much makeup.

A safe tip here, use makeup to enhance and accentuate your face, not cover it up to hide it.

23. Body odor

This isn’t something most of us think too much about because, let’s face it, we’re not smelly people. Most people aren’t.

But if you’re meeting a guy after work, you need to remember that he could still get a whiff of your body odor even if you don’t smell it, especially when he comes close to kiss you or neck you.

It may be trivial, but the second a guy thinks you’re smelly, he’d always think twice about trying to get into bed with you. [Read: Perfume tips – how to impress a guy in oh-so-awesome ways!]

24. Facial hair

This, of course, is a preference because there are men who don’t mind body hair. But for many, excessive facial hair is a turn-off. [Read: 15 biggest sexual turn-offs for guys in bed]

If you keep your entire body well-shaven, good for you! And if you don’t feel the need to shave, good for you as well. You don’t need to change yourself for a man, but it’s important to remember this is a turn-off for some guys. If he has a problem with your body that you’re not willing to compromise, then on to the next one!

25. Unkempt nails and hair

A guy may appear oblivious to the many things you do to make him notice you better, but when he clasps your fingers with his, one of the first things he’d notice are your nails *especially if they’re chipped or chewed.*

And bad, messy hair that’s matted or dirty and in need of a wash badly? Well, that’s another complete no-no and one of the turn-offs for guys.

26. Oral hygiene

There are so many things you can do right to impress a guy during that first conversation. But if you’ve got food stuck in your teeth, or if you have dirty teeth, a guy can’t help but feel awkward around you.

And if you’re suffering from bad breath, well, that’s one of the things that can really make a big difference to the way the date ends. If you think your throat is dry and your breath smells, pop in a mint or gum. [Read: 16 first date tips for girls to dazzle your date every single time!]

27. Bad attire

It’s one thing to dress fashionably, but it’s a completely different thing to dress in an outlandish manner. Most guys don’t feel comfortable on a date with a girl who wears ill-fitting clothes that are too loose or too tight.

Dress comfortably in a feminine manner, and you’d have a better chance of scoring points with him. After all, if a guy feels uncomfortable around you, he’s obviously going to have a bad time with you. [Read: What should a girl wear on a date to impress a guy?]

28. Unhealthy appearance

Glowing skin is not just a sign of good health and good nutrition, it’s also a huge attention grabber. If you’re overworking or stressed out all the time, its effects start showing on your face.

Evolution has programmed a man’s mind to fall for girls who look healthy, as opposed to someone who seems haggard.

Enjoy life, relax and banish stress from your life. You could even work out and let those endorphins work their magic on your appearance. [Read: Easy tips to glow and increase your physical attraction instantly]

29. Bad language

Guys find pushy girls who abuse and use bad language rather unattractive and unappealing. Swear at something if you must, but avoid starting or ending your sentences with cuss words.

30. Leaving nothing to the imagination

When you’re on a date with a guy, don’t let your enthusiasm to catch the guy’s eye take you overboard. Don’t wear something that leaves nothing to his imagination.

He’ll either think you’re too easy to get and will try to get you into bed on the very first date *and forget all about you the next morning, or he’ll feel really awkward in public and appear distracted throughout the date. [Read: 18 ways to look pretty and sweet and catch a guy’s eye]

31. Overly masculine

The biggest trait that attracts guys is a girl’s femininity and sensuality. The way you walk, the way you stare at him while doing that thing with your eyes, your sweet smile, and everything else that’s girly and feminine matters a lot to a guy.

Don’t behave like a man assuming a guy would feel more comfortable around a girl who can be just like “one of the guys.” [Read: 25 easy ways to look really cute and melt a guy’s heart]

32. Being unrefined and crude

When a guy sees a pretty girl, he just can’t imagine her doing anything silly because she seems so perfect. But if she does display her clumsy side occasionally, a guy would think she’s being cute.

On the other hand, if a girl behaves in a crude or unrefined manner all the time, it’s one of the big physical turn-offs for guys because they just can’t visualize a girl that way. He’ll feel more threatened and inhibited by you instead of feeling comfortable around you! [Read: Ways to appear more graceful and feminine in no time]

33. A lack of confidence

You have to love who you are and have a certain confidence in yourself if you want to enjoy dating. Otherwise, it’s going to be a nightmare for you. Zero confidence is not attractive to a guy and it’s going to make him feel like he’s treading on eggshells around you.

34. Wearing your pajamas all the time

Now, don’t get us wrong, we know that pajamas are comfortable, but there’s a time and a place. They’re not the sexiest of outfits, are they? If you wear your pajamas all the time, it might make him think you’re lazy and you’re not making an effort.

35. Eating with your mouth open

Nobody likes this, seriously. It’s rude, it’s lazy, and it shows zero manners. Just close your mouth when you’re eating! [Read: Proper social etiquette – rules that redefine modern manners]

36. Drinking excessively

If you enjoy a drink, it’s okay to have one or two. But don’t go overboard. Not only is it not healthy for you, but it doesn’t paint you in the best light either. It’s one of the biggest turn-offs for guys.

37. Talking too much

You need to pause for long enough to allow him to get a word in edgeways! If you talk too much, he’s not going to be able to share in the conversation and it makes you look like it’s all “me, me, me.”

One of the biggest turn-offs for guys is not being able to speak!

38. Taking about the future too soon

You’ve been on a couple of dates and you start talking about planning vacations and what to do together over the holidays. Don’t. It’s a huge turn-off for a guy and it makes him panic.

He’s going to think that you’re rushing everything and he might not even be sure what he wants anyway. Just go with the flow! [Read: Rushing into a relationship? Why you need to learn to slow down]

39. Trying to make him jealous

This is something many women are guilty of because they assume that it’s a good way to test his affection and get his attention.

The problem is, it’s one of the huge turn-offs for guys because it comes down to playing games. Nobody likes that.

40. Grilling him on the first date

Don’t make him feel like he’s at a job interview when you’re actually on a first date together. It might come down to nerves, but firing question after question at him is just going to make him even more nervous.

He won’t be able to relax and it’s not going to help him attach positive feelings to the date. [Read: 26 things to talk about on a first date to make them like you instantly]

41. Talking about men you’ve dated in the past

He doesn’t need to know. Do you really want to know all about the women he’s dated? Leave this type of conversation until a later time, if at all.

He doesn’t need to hear you talking about how great your ex was, or bad-mouthing them. It just makes him think you’re not over them. In that case, it’s in the category of turn-offs for guys.

42. Leaving things at his house before he’s ready

Don’t slowly start leaving things in his house and think he doesn’t notice – he does. A sweater here, a toothbrush there. It makes him think that you’re just moving far too fast and it’s one of the biggest turn-offs for guys. [Read: How fast is too fast in a relationship?]

43. Texting him constantly

Let the guy breathe!

44. Acting like his mom

Telling him what to do and what not to do isn’t a turn-on for any guy. If you act like his mom, he’s not going to find it at all attractive and he’s going to become tired of being bossed around.

45. Extreme political or societal beliefs

Of course you can have your opinions, but don’t push them on him, especially if they’re very strong and perhaps on the extreme side. He wants to have fun with you, he doesn’t want a deep political conversation. [Read: 20 non-negotiable in relationships you shouldn’t ever compromise on]

46. A lack of independence

There’s nothing attractive about not owning your independence. Show him that you’re a woman with your own mind and your own hopes and dreams.

If you simply follow him around like a love-sick puppy, it’s not going to make him want you and you’ll be falling foul of one of the turn-offs for guys.

47. Acting like you know it all

You really don’t, so don’t pretend that you do. [Read: How to express your opinions without seeming cocky]

Sex and its importance in a man’s mind

A man’s sexual prowess is intertwined with his masculinity. The better he thinks he is at having sex, the manlier he feels.

But what happens if he has sex with a girl, and instead of feeling better about himself, he feels worse?

Well, that’s when he’d either start avoiding sex with that woman.

There are many things that are sexual turn-offs for guys. Now, this doesn’t mean you should do anything you don’t want to do or change yourself to please him. But it’s important to be aware of these things if you want to have a healthy and enjoyable sex life with your new guy. [Read: Sexy ways to please your man in bed and every other place!]

1. Excessive foreplay expectations

Demanding too much foreplay is one of the biggest sexual turn-offs for guys. Naturally, a girl expects foreplay in bed. It’s even acceptable if you expect him to indulge in foreplay before he gets on top of you.

But are you the kind of girl who expects him to go down on you each time for a good half an hour and still spend a while teasing you and running his hands all over you?

Nagging your partner constantly to indulge in excessive foreplay could scare him, or make him think twice before he even tries to sneak in a quickie with you ever again.

2. Dirty interrogations

Do you dirty talk with your partner in bed? Does he talk about his dark fantasies while having sex with you? You need to remember that dirty talking is just that, and not something you need to take seriously or feel threatened by. [Read: How to fantasize about someone else in bed]

Dirty talking is wild imagination and not necessarily something that’s true. If you constantly ask your partner to explain himself, during or after sex, he’ll just end up clamming up each time both of you have sex. [Read: 23 sexy tips to dirty talk and say the sexiest things!]

3. Acting like a wannabe pornstar

Guys hate girls who try too hard in bed or try to display a fake sense of confidence when they’re clearly clumsy and inexperienced. Do you try to deepthroat a guy only to gag over him? Or, do you grab him by his hair and place his head on your breasts even when he’s not in the mood because that’s what they do in the movies?

Trying to dominate a guy in bed or take control is good, but don’t overdo the porn star act all the time, or you’ll kill the mood.

4. Making a big deal out of a loss of erection

When your guy loses his erection for whatever reason, do you immediately start blaming yourself? Do you sit back and say things like “I get it… I’m ugly!” or “You’re not interested in having sex with me anymore, are you?”

If a guy loses an erection in the middle of sex, believe us, he’s extremely annoyed with himself already. Don’t make it ten times worse for him by getting irritated, or by making this about you! [Read: 20 unique ways to keep an erection up for longer]

5. Bored sex

This is one of the big turn-offs for guys. If you’re not in the mood, just say it! Don’t pretend like things are dandy, get into bed and have sex with your guy, and then appear bored and dispassionate like you’re getting nothing out of it. [Read: Fun sex games to play with your boyfriend in bed to keep things exciting]

6. Orgasm faces

Guys love an orgasm face. But are you a big fan of making eccentric orgasm expressions in bed, like rolling your eyes up until the white of your eye is the only thing he can see, or shaking violently?

Your guy may not say it to your face, but his erection will shrink significantly as soon as he sees your cum face.

7. No touching

Every guy loves a girl who is confident in bed. And you need to remember that confidence in bed doesn’t always depend on how good you look naked. If your boyfriend moves his hand on a particular part of your body, do you stop his hands and push it away often?

You may think it’s no big deal, but each time you do that, your boyfriend will feel just a little more turned off by your behavior.

Remember, your guy loves you for who you are. But each time you bring your insecurities into bed, you’re killing the pleasure passionate sex can give you. [Read: 15 biggest sexual turn-offs for guys in bed!]

8. Weird behavior

Do you feel teary-eyed after you have sex? Do you love cuddling up with a guy even if it’s a one-night stand? Or, do you expect the guy to pillow talk with you for hours even if he’s feeling sleepy?

This is something that’s to each her own, but if your guy says something you do in bed is weird, take the hint! It’s definitely one of the major turn-offs for guys.

9. Giving a list of instructions

Do you come to bed with a list of instructions? Faster! Slower! Not there yet! Why aren’t your hands on my boobs?! Do you constantly yell at your boyfriend to go deeper even when he’s jammed his pelvis into your crotch?

A guy may be grateful to you if you playfully tease or guide his hands to all the right places. But if you’re a control freak who wants everything done her way all the time, he’ll definitely get pissed off with you. [Read: Sexy things you can wear to bed and arouse your guy instantly]

10. Too much teasing

Do you tease your guy or laugh at him when he accidentally ejaculates too soon? Or do you baby-talk to him or ask him if he’s suffering from a problem while he’s still cleaning himself up? Sexually teasing a guy is good, but teasing a guy for his capabilities is just so wrong! [Read: 20 ways to prevent premature ejaculation and last longer in bed]

11. Making sex feel like a chore

“I’m ovulating today, let’s have sex!” Sex should never feel like a chore. The very day sex starts to feel like a chore is when the sexual side of the relationship starts to go downhill.

No guy likes being forced into having sex because guys usually choke under pressure. And the whole experience just makes him feel used! [Read: Ways to please a man in bed and everywhere else]

12. “Are you done yet?”

This is a sentence every guy dreads. It’s a low blow on so many levels because it makes a guy realize the girl is not having any fun and is probably not interested. At the same time, it also means the girl just wants him out ASAP!

Every time you say this line, he’s just going to hate having sex with you, just a little bit more!

13. Obviously faked orgasms

So you’ve faked an orgasm. And chances are, your guy’s realized it too. Your guy may feel the blow, but he’ll tell himself that he’ll be better the next time. Just leave it at that.

Guys hate it when a girl fakes an obvious orgasm and then goes on to repeatedly tell the guy just how awesome the sex was. It makes a guy feel stupid and it’s not going to leave him happy. [Read: The beginner’s guide to tantric sex and several explosive orgasms!]

14. You’re unhygienic

A guy may not say this to your face because he wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings. But if he’s not going down on you often, it’s probably because it is unmanageable or unhygienic in your panties.

Guys do want to go down on a girl *unless you’re nagging him to do it all the time!* But if you haven’t really been too hygienic lately, he may choose to wrap the blanket tighter around his neck to avoid getting turned off by the things going on down there! [Read: How to make a guy go down on you without a push]

15. You’re a prude

If you aren’t experienced in bed, your guy may be thrilled by the fact that he’s the first one teaching you the tricks of the trade. But if you’re a prudish girl who’s easily offended by anything sexual, or if you push him away each time he wants to try something in bed, it’ll obviously turn him off.

And it gets worse if you never initiate sex and always want to play the part of the prude who just doesn’t like sex at all! [Read: Prude and proud of it – 20 signs you’re prudish and awkward about sex]

16. The starfish

A starfish is a girl who just lies down in bed and expects the guy to do everything. She assumes penetration defines sex and doesn’t do anything beyond parting her legs for him.

Sometimes, she may even close her eyes or look away while he’s grunting on top of her.

Don’t be that girl. As attractive and sexy as you may be, a guy still wants to feel like he’s making love to you, and not taking advantage of a girl who’s bored or lifeless. [Read: Top sexual fantasies that men love in bed]

17. She thinks it’s a plastic toy

A few girls just don’t know how to handle a guy’s member. And guys hate that. Don’t treat a man’s little guy like it’s a toy or yank it like it’s on anesthesia just because it’s swollen up.

A man’s balls and stick are very sensitive, and hurting it will hurt his ego too. Be gentle, and ask him if he likes what you’re doing if you’re confused at any point. [Read: Blue ball facts every girl’s got to know!]

18. Dicks are gross

Are you the girl who doesn’t like the appearance of the male sexual organ? If you’re a girl who thinks a guy’s member is gross, or if you don’t like touching it beyond guiding it into penetration, that’s a big sexual turn-off for any guy.

Learn to appreciate the little guy, he can make you very happy if you give him a chance. And if you can’t find it in your heart to appreciate dicks, you should reconsider why you are in bed with one in the first place.

19. Assuming it’s the guy’s job to give the girl pleasure

Do you shift all responsibility to the guy while having sex with him? Do you just lie back and expect your guy to guide you or tell you what to do? And if you don’t enjoy sex or can’t orgasm, do you blame your man for not being good enough or talented enough?

Oh, he’s going to hate you for that! [Read: How to talk dirty to a guy and arouse him like crazy!]

20. Pets barging into the room

Make sure your cat or dog is locked away when you’re having sex with a guy. A girl’s pets have a strange habit of becoming overly inquisitive when she has sex with a guy in front of them.

They jump into bed or start licking the guy. Or worse, they just sit back and stare at the guy like they’re judging him!

21. Dirty blowjob

If you feel like giving head to a guy, try to enjoy it. If you don’t think you’ll enjoy it, stay away from it. Don’t be the girl who brings a towel to bed and constantly spits something out while giving head.

It’s incredibly putting off and really annoying too. [Read: Sexy road head confessions of a good girl]

22. Always turning off the lights

Turning off the lights isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes, the darkness can accentuate the other senses and make sex feel even better! But, do you freak out each time he turns the lights on and tell him to turn the lights off because you look ugly or fat? [Read: 15 easy real-life tips to look a lot sexier naked!]

Do you wear clothes to bed? Or, do you stop his hands from wandering over some part of your body because you’re insecure about your body?

As much as your guy may understand your feelings, he’d still be turned off by all the restrictions and darkness. [Read: Tips to feel a lot sexier and desirable in no time]

23. Everything her way

Some girls just want to have sex their own way. They want to be on top all the time, or they just like lying down and want the guy to do everything. And if a guy wants to try something new, they’re put off by the idea.

Dominating a partner now and then can be good, but just don’t try to control everything while having sex or you’ll end up turning your guy off or making him feel like a robot with no feelings. [Read: The right way to ride a man and feel more confident and sexy while doing it!]

24. Thinking he’s psychic

All women are different, especially when it comes to what they need to reach orgasm. Even if a guy is an experienced lover, he won’t automatically know what you need to get off. That is unless you tell him.

It’s essential to communicate in the bedroom, and when it comes to your own pleasure, it’s doubly important. If you don’t tell him, don’t blame him if he doesn’t do what you enjoy. [Read: 20 sex problems that you can easily avoid]

25. Silent treatment

Different women have different volume settings in bed. Some are loud, others quiet. What you should not be is mute. Men need to hear at least some moaning to know that they’re pleasing a woman.

That doesn’t mean you should scream, but let him know you’re enjoying it! [Read: How to turn your guy on with your words]

Don’t change yourself, but avoid these turn-offs

You might be confused about whether or not you should change yourself to avoid these turn-offs for guys. That’s not the point.

We’re not suggesting you change who you are and what you do, but there are some things you could avoid because they’re not particularly becoming anyway. For instance, spending time on your phone when you should be spending time with him. Or, eating with your mouth wide open.

Just tweak your bad habits and life will be better all around, while also avoiding turn-offs for guys you like!

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Steer clear of these biggest turn-offs for guys, and avoid crossing the thin line separating crazy and cute. Do that, and you’d be well on your way to making a great impression on him.

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