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How to Make Out with a Girl For the First Time & Make Her Love It

Are you looking for a foolproof guide on how to make out with a girl for the first time? Here’s the totally-safe tried and tested guide that just works!

How to Make Out with a Girl For the First Time

Making out with a girl is an art that has to be learnt with experience. You may have been lucky at times, but if you want a foolproof guide on how to make out with a girl for the first time without creeping her out, here’s a guide on how to do just that, and more!

So let’s get started here. You want to know how to make out with a girl for the first time and make her go weak in the knees while you’re at it? Making out can be so much fun, but when it comes to doing it for the first time, the guy can’t really understand how far he can push his luck or his hands.

Ever been there? You’re kissing a girl, and you place your hand on her boob. And all of a sudden, red lights are flashing in her eyes, and it’s shut down mode.

The girl pulls herself out sharply, tugs her clothes closer together, stares at you like you just violated her and tells you it’s time to go. And then, yeah, that deathly silence. Hmm… awkward AF!

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How to make out with a girl for the first time

You may not know this yet, but there’s a seriously powerful and easy way to make out with a girl, make her love it and make it so hard to resist, she’ll want you all over her in no time.

Look, this is no kids stuff, and I’m not here to teach little wankers the game of the pros. This is for grown men who want to learn the art of seduction. If you’re under 18, you’ve still got time to learn these moves, so go read something else.

Which stage are you at right now?

Now this is pretty important stuff. Are you guys dating? Have you guys made out already, and you want to get better? Is it your first date? Do you guys have enough chemistry already? Have both of you been flirting and sexting furiously, and sharing nudie pics like the world will end this week?

Now why do these questions matter? Because every stage has a unique way to approach the girl, and subtly but beautifully, seduce her. With her consent, of course, and with her making the move back on you too!

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First things first

I hope you know just what it takes to impress a girl on a date, and make her fall for you with your words and your behavior.

Let’s face it, the girl you like has got to like you back in the first place if you two plan on eating each other’s faces by the end of the night! So read this to charm her and woo her like a real gentleman – How to impress a girl on the first date and make her wish for a second one already!

Making out with a girl and making her love it

Now that we’ve brushed up on our basics and we’re pretty sure you’ve impressed your date, let’s get straight to the point.

You’ve been out on a date, and now, you’ve somehow strategically found yourself in some quiet corner, alone with your date. You may be in a car, your room, her living room or even in a park. And there you are, sweating and gulping air, wondering what to do next.

Now obviously, you can just reach out and try to kiss her if she seems interested. And she’ll make sure to drop a few hints too if she’s ready for that kiss. [Read: When to kiss a girl – 15 subtle signs that predict the magic moment]

But if you’re unable to read the signs, or she’s just not making it clear just yet, here’s what you need to do. Let’s talk about how to make out with a girl on a date in a way that won’t offend her, or creep her out.

Firstly, yeah, we’ve seen it in the movies, but don’t put your arms around her! That’s just lame, way too dominating *which can be offensive to most girls* and it literally cuts away all make-out movement for you. She has to be involved and feel in control too.

Now to really understand these steps, you need to slow down and visualize these steps, one at a time. Understand how it works, and you’ll be a super “make-outer” in no time!

Step #1 Arouse her with words

Now we’re not talking about getting dirty with words. It’s your first date, so play nice. Don’t make a move or lick your lips like you’re ready to eat her face. Talk about feelings *you know girls enjoy that, don’t you?*.

Talk about how nice the date was, how great a time you had, and more butterflies and pillow talk. Of course, now I’m hoping you do mean them too! [Read: 13 things every girl wishes for on a date]

Step #2 Breathe and relax

Let’s get creative. When you’re talking to her, face her and sit back in an overly comfortable posture, recline on the couch or car seat like you have no backbone. Feel really relaxed and soon, you’ll get over all your nervousness. And you know what they say, your vibes will soon rub off on her and she’ll be really relaxed too.

And bonus points here, she’ll assume you have no intentions of making a move to kiss her just yet because you’re so laid back. She’ll think one of three things – 1. He doesn’t seem to want to kiss me, should I make the move? Or 2. Ah, thank goodness, there’s no pressure of us having to kiss. And even better, 3. he’s such a good communicator!

Ding ding ding, all three work wonderfully in your favor! [Read: First date nerves and how to be yourself when your heart’s pounding]

Step #3 Tease her with your fingers

The first step is to get her to enjoy your company and make her comfortable, the second is to get yourself comfortable, and now we warm her up. And your fingers are a powerful tool here!

As you’re talking to her, try touching her. You could hold her pinky or slowly run your fingers along her fingers, or you could use your index finger and run it along her arm or over her jeans casually while making some statement.

Examples that work? “I had a really nice time with you during our date…” *run your finger against her arm*

“I just have to say this, you look beautiful…” *run your finger against her fingers*

You get the idea, right? Don’t linger and don’t make it seem like a big move towards making out with her. And while you’re doing this, don’t stop talking. You don’t want all the focus on the touching. You have to make her feel comfortable to your touch. [Read: How to flirt by touch without making it obvious at all]

A flirty touch is a powerful tool when it comes to knowing how to make out with a girl, but don’t overuse it or you’ll just make her freeze. She has to enjoy your touch, and even more, crave for more of it!

Step #4 Read the signs

Always remember this, watch out for how she reacts. If she feels threatened at any time, if her tone changes, or if she leans away, she’s probably feeling uncomfortable. You’ve got to back away for a while and try your luck again later. [Read: How to get a girl to kiss you by arousing her]

If she’s feeling all comfortable with your touch, she’ll probably start speaking more softly and avoid a high pitch, smile more often, and she may even touch you or stroke your fingers in return. Get the flirty touches right and she’ll be purring inside like a cute kitty that’s just got horny. [Read: How to get a girl horny and wet just by sitting next to her]

Step #5 Warming up for the kiss

Slide in a bit closer to her. Don’t do it discreetly. Girls are ridiculously good at reading these subtle signs. By moving closer discreetly, it can appear a bit slimy or even too desperate. Make it obvious. Slide up closer or shift your butt until you’re only a few inches away from her. Don’t stop your talking or listening, and don’t stop the occasional touching.

Once you’re convinced she’s really into you, by the way she’s behaving towards you *she runs her fingers against you, moves in closer, or something more obvious*, you can try this.

Wait for a couple of minutes, and without any hesitation at all, look into her eyes, slowly go close to her and kiss her cheek softly. Linger for a second during the kiss and sit back with a smile. [Read: My embarrassing first kiss story and how a first kiss can go horribly wrong!]

If things have been going well so far, she’s probably going to break into a big grin. And if it hasn’t gone too well, and she seems a bit taken aback, apologize and say something like “I’m really sorry, I just couldn’t help myself…”

You kissed her cheek, and not her lips, so even if she’s not really into taking things further, the odds of her being hurt by your gesture are slim. But if you’ve got the earlier moves right, trust me, she’d love that soft kiss on the cheek. And she’d want more!

If you want to know how to make out with a girl and get lucky, you need to play it safe and not take too many chances unless she gives you her consent, either through words or her gestures. And it’s much better taking things slow, isn’t it? You give her the lead, and make a few small moves to know how she feels about it.

Step #6 Moving in really close

Now that you’ve kissed her cheek and she’s feeling all warm and fuzzy, you’ve got to take that next big step. Place your palm near her ear and gently run your fingers from her ear towards her chin. Be very delicate, slow and calm. You can even stroke a strand of hair away from her face. But try to keep the focus on her face here. And then, stare into her eyes and stop talking.

Now we build up the tension. Look, you can always just kiss her by this point. BUT seduction isn’t about getting straight to the end goal, it’s about enjoying every moment and building up the passion along the way. [Read: How to seduce a guy and make her want to get into bed with you]

So if you want to take it slow, and stir her loins with desire, all the attention should now be focused on your fingers. As you caress her face, move in closer slowly and kiss her cheek again.

But this time, kiss her very close to her lips. A few seconds later, kiss the other cheek, very nearly missing her lips or even grazing her lips. Linger for a few more seconds with every kiss, and then come really close to her lips and let both your noses touch on the sides.

Step #7 It’s kissing time!

If you’ve played by these moves to make out with a girl so far, both of you will probably be breathing heavily and almost panting in excitement.

Go closer and graze her lips with yours a few times, but don’t kiss her. Come as close as you can without touching her lips and stay there for a second. That’s enough time for anyone to back away if they want to. But obviously, she’s not going to want to back away! Not after how well you’ve warmed her up, you player! [Read: How to kiss a girl for the first time and not screw up!]

And then, move in for the kiss. Be gentle and soft, and don’t get pushy even if you’re excited and can’t hold back. You want to master how to make out with a girl, not how to kiss a girl and chew her face off!

You’re less than half way in this guide on how to make out with a girl and you can’t let aggression get in the way of passion.

Get this first step right, and you would have warmed up for a lot of good things to come. To know more about how to make out with a girl for the first time and get your hands under her shirt while you’re at it, click her to continue reading about how to touch a woman’s breasts while making out.

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