Sensual Tease

Cuckquean Guide: Do You Like Watching Your Man with Someone Else?

Everyone talks about cuckqueans, but do you really know what it is? And if you do, do you know how to be a cuckquean? We’ve got the answers for you.

Geisha Balls: How to Use Them for More Pleasure & A Stronger Pussy

It’s an ancient art, but Geisha Balls were all the rage back then. Want to know what they were and how to use Giesha balls for powerful orgasms? Read this!

homemade sex toys for men

Homemade Sex Toys for Men: The Horny Guy’s Guide to Making One Now

With the steep prices and limited market, you’ll be pushed to take matters into your own hands and create some homemade sex toys for men.

how to have anal sex first time anal sex

First Time Anal Sex: The Curious Bum Lover’s Guide to Have Anal Sex

If you’re wondering how to have anal sex, but been too afraid to try it, here’s a full first time anal sex guide for all the curious bum admirers.

What is a MILF

What Is A MILF? The Surprising Truths & Thoughts Behind Its Meaning

‘MILF’ is code for Mother I’d Like To Fuck. But there’s really much, much more to it. Here’s a unique take on what is a MILF exactly.

Best Places to Have Sex

Best Places to Have Sex: 41 Wild and Naughty Ideas Beyond the Bed

Need new ideas to spice up your sex life? Well, sex isn’t just for the bedroom. Expand your boundaries—and fun! Here are the 41 best places to have sex.

Female-Friendly Porn Sites

The Best 15 Female-Friendly Porn Sites that are Tinglingly Perfect

They say, men are from Mars, women are from Venus. And they’re not wrong especially when it comes to porn. Check out these female-friendly porn sites.

how to find a unicorn

How to Find a Unicorn & Why Dating One is Harder Than You Think

Unicorns are mythical. I’ve never seen one, neither have you *probably*. In the dating world however, there are two types. So, how to find a unicorn?

dating a married couple

Dating a Married Couple: What You Need to Know BEFORE Dating Them

Three’s a crowd, but it doesn’t have to be if you know how to approach the relationship. Here’s what you need to know when dating a married couple.

daddy kink

Have a Daddy Kink? What You Need to Look For in a Daddy Dominant

You’re into age play and would love to have a fulfil your daddy kink. But how do you find the right daddy for you in the kink community?

Unicorn Hunting

Unicorn Hunting: How to Find the Mythical Third Partner in No Time

You and your partner want to find a third person for a fun night, but unicorn hunting does take some work if you want a night of real fun.

Tinder threesome

Tinder Threesome: A Couples Guide to Swiping Right to a Threesome

You and your partner want to spice up your relationship with a threesome. So, you downloaded Tinder. Here’s how to have a great Tinder threesome.