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Do Women Like Anal Sex? Mostly No, Sometimes Yes & What to Know

There is one question most men want to know – do women like anal sex? The answer? It depends on the woman. For the most part, men are more enthusiastic!

How to Have Sex In a Car: A Steamy Guide on What to Do & Not to Do

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Dating Kinky Girls: 19 Tips to Go From Vanilla to Spice with Her

Kinky girls love to experiment with new things. They’re keen to push their boundaries. If you’re new to kink, it could be a new adventure for you!

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Role Playing Ideas for Couples: 16 Naughty Ideas to Dress for Sex

Role playing can be a great way to spice up a lacking sex life. But, it takes confidence. Start off slowly with these great role playing ideas for couples.

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How to Pleasure Yourself & Guide Your Fingers to a Powerful Orgasm

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How to Have Rough Sex & 15 Dirty Moves to Have the Sexiest Time Ever

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Daddy Kink: What It Is, How It Works & What You Need in a Daddy Dom

We all have different fantasies. If you’re into daddy kink, how do you get started? And, how do you find the right daddy to fulfill your needs?

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How to Make Yourself Squirt & Experience Your First Squirting Orgasm

Want to learn how to make yourself squirt and experience your first squirting orgasm? You may have tried it before, or not, but here’s what you need to do.

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The Cuckold Fantasy: The Fetish & What You Need to Know to Try It

Picture your partner having sex with someone else. How do you feel? Excited? Upset? If it’s the former, you might be interested in the cuckold world.

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How to Eat Ass: The Rimming Checklist to Eating Booty Like a Boss

Eating booty, for real? Well, you don’t know what pleasure is until you know how to eat ass, and the secrets of real rimming. Here’s exactly what you need.

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First Time Lesbian Experience: How to Try It Minus the Awkwardness

A first time lesbian experience can either be the one of the best or the most meh moments. Here’s every single thing you need to know to try it right!


Cuckquean Guide: Do You Like Watching Your Man with Someone Else?

Everyone talks about cuckqueans, but do you really know what it is? And if you do, do you know how to be a cuckquean? We’ve got the answers for you.