How to Read the Subtle Signs a Guy is Turned On While Kissing You

Signs a Guy is Turned On While Kissing You

You’ve been kissing for a while; is he enjoying it or just doing it to pass the time? Use these signs a guy is turned on while kissing to find the truth.

This is a common question that goes through many of our minds when we’re making out with the guy we like: what are the signs a guy is turned on while kissing you? So is he actually turned on while kissing him? Or, is this just whatever for him?

It’s a good question.

Of course, you want him to feel the same as you feel, and you want him to be turned on by everything you do with him. The good thing is when it comes to men; it’s not too hard to see whether they’re turned on or not. Sometimes, it’s as easy as looking down at their pants. *no, I’m not joking!*

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If you’re unsure whether a guy is turned on while you two are kissing, you need to look at the signs. Of course, not all men are the same, and some may be more shy or nervous when kissing a girl, so these signs won’t show up right away. And that still doesn’t mean he’s not turned on by you.

The 11 most obvious yet subtle signs a guy is turned on while kissing you

It can be nerve-wracking to kiss a girl he really likes, and even if turned on, it can affect his ability to get turned on. These things can take some time. But, for the most part, these are the most common signs men will show when they’re turned on while kissing.

Is he enjoying it as much as you are?

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#1 You feel it. You’re human; he’s human. You can feel the energy, just like he can. If you’re kissing him and there’s this surge of sexual energy and excitement, most likely, he’s feeling the same way. If you two are kissing and you’re more turned on by what’s happening on the television screen, then there’s a problem. Listen to what your body is telling you.

#2 He keeps kissing you. If someone isn’t liking what they’re doing, they’ll try their hardest to stop continuing. If he isn’t into kissing you, he probably won’t keep kissing you. Well, at least I hope he’ll stop. Not trying to offend you, but having him keep kissing you is only making things more complicated.

#3 He tells you he’s into it. If he pulls away for a moment and says, “ wow, you’re an amazing kisser,” or “you have unbelievable lips,” that’s one of the pretty good signs a guy is turned on while kissing you! No one is going to tell you that they enjoy your lips unless they’re actually into kissing you. If he tells you he enjoys kissing you; then it’s clear where he stands. [Read: How to know if a kiss meant something real and isn’t just a fling thing]

#4 Things become more intense. You two started out with innocent kisses, but now things are becoming more intense. It’s turned into french kissing, the breathing has gone heavier, and the energy between you two is more passionate than before. It’s clear that whatever you’re doing is hitting the spot for him.

#5 There’s some hand action. You two aren’t just kissing; there’s much more going on. His hands aren’t by his side like a robot. He’s holding your face, rubbing your cheeks, holding your waist. His lips aren’t the only part of his body that’s working. He’s fully engaged, and that’s a sign that he’s turned on. [Read: 16 clues to recognize a guy who’s insanely aroused]

#6 He’s making noises. I know that sounds weird, but I’m not saying that he should be screaming with delight. If anything, that’s a little excessive. But, when a guy is turned on, he’ll be making moaning or grunting *not extreme* noises, because, well, he’s getting into whatever you’re doing to him. The man is getting turned on!

#7 He may cover his crotch. Not every guy is comfortable with showing they have a boner. If this is the first kiss, he may not want to show off his sexual feelings for you. Every guy is different. If you notice he’s covering his crotch or adjusting himself, he’s trying to keep things under control. [Read: How to give a guy a boner – 20 moves for instant erections]

#8 He gives you the look. It’s hard to describe what I mean when I say the look. But when you see the look, you’ll know exactly what I mean. He may pull back for a moment and stare at you, giving you this look that says, “I want to eat you up right now.” And if that’s what you see in his eyes, that’s what he’s feeling inside.

#9 He’s into foreplay. You two have been making out for a while, and he’s not interested in stopping things. He’s not rushing to jump to the next thing; instead, he’s slowing things down and enjoying this part of foreplay with you. Just because he’s not jumping to the next step, doesn’t mean he isn’t turned on. If anything, it can mean the opposite.

#10 He has a boner. If, at some point in the make-out session, you feel or see he has a boner, it’s quite clear what’s going on. The guy is physically turned on by you. If he wasn’t into kissing you, he wouldn’t continue kissing you, and he definitely wouldn’t have a boner. In other words, boner = a turned on man. [Read: 12 sensual movies to turn a guy on while kissing him]

#11 He wants to do more than a kiss. He may try to move past the make-out session, and take things a step further. You, of course, need to decide if that’s something you’re ready for or not. If things are becoming more intense, he takes off his/your shirt, for example, or takes off his pants; he’s clearly turned on and is looking to take things further.

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In most cases, you’ll notice many of these signs a guy is turned on while kissing you when you’re both locked in a steamy embrace. But there may be the chance where he’s not. Don’t let that be a reflection of you. Not everyone is meant to be a match.

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