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30 Must-Knows to Friendzone a Girl Like a Gentleman & Not Break Her Heart

The friend zone sucks, we all know that. But if your friend’s feelings are more than platonic, here’s how to friendzone a girl without making it too hard.

32 Signs of a Good Father & Traits that Tell If a Man Will Be an Amazing Dad!

Being a dad is great, but it’s not always easy. Being a parent takes practice! Here are some signs of a good dad, so you can be at your best for your kids.

how to make your girlfriend feel special

23 Sweet, Love-Filled Gestures to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special & Loved

Being a great boyfriend means finding ways to make your girlfriend feel special. If you want to take your relationship to the next level, follow our advice.

Make Your Wife Feel Special Loved and Appreciated

40 Proven Acts of Love to Make Your Wife Feel Special, Loved & Appreciated

You know what they say: happy wife, happy life. So, if you’re looking for how to make your wife feel special, you’ve come to the right place!

how to be a sophisticated man

3 BIG Traits of a Sophisticated Man and 30 Secrets to Be Charming & Classy

Do you think you’re a sophisticated man? You might doubt that you can become one, but becoming a true gentleman is actually easier than you might think!

G-Spot Orgasm - What It Is and how to Find the G-Spot

G-Spot Orgasm: What It Is, 26 Secrets to Find the G-Spot & Make a Girl Squirm

If you want to make your partner crazy with lust, there’s one thing you need to know—what is a g-spot? Learn the magic and she’ll thank you forever!

how to make her miss you

27 Psychological Secrets to Make a Girl Miss You, Desire You & Think of You 24/7

Learning how to make a girl miss you and desire you is easy, if you know the psychological steps that make you desirable and attractive in her eyes!

emotionally unavailable woman not ready for relationship signs

46 Signs She’s Emotionally Unavailable & Not Ready for a Relationship With You

An emotionally unavailable woman is a tricky lady to deal with. Maybe she’s not ready for a relationship, or maybe there’s something deeper.

decline being the best man

The Must-Know Steps to Politely Decline Being the Best Man at a Wedding

Is there ever a good time to say “no” to being somebody’s best man? Absolutely, and we’ve got you covered with a list of perfectly acceptable excuses.

trophy husband

Trophy Husband: What It Means & 17 Signs and Ways to Be a Rich Girl’s Beau

Some guys want to rule the roost, but others prefer to have a wealthy wife look after them. If you want to be a trophy husband, read on!

how to be a ladies man

20 Skills & Secrets to Be a Ladies Man and Charm Any Woman You Talk To

Do you want to become the ultimate ladies man that every girl loves? Here are the most important things that movies don’t teach you. 

how to be more masculine

29 Secrets to Be Way More Masculine & Manly Without Being an A-Hole to Others

Learning how to be more masculine doesn’t have to mean becoming an alpha male. It can simply be changing a few traits within yourself.



56 Secrets to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back & Win Back Her Love All Over Again

You miss your ex and can’t stop thinking about her. So, you want to know how to get your ex-girlfriend back. Here are some strategies to use.


62 Smooth Sexy Pick Up Lines, Tips to Use Them & Get Super Lucky with Girls

Smooth pick up lines are the key to bagging a date. Learn how to use pick up lines in the right way and your efforts will be successful!


Tinder Hookup: 24 Rules & Photo Secrets to Get Lucky & Laid on Tinder

The times when you got to meet someone at a bar and go home with them are over. Now, it’s all about how to get laid on Tinder and dating apps.


Pop the Cherry: What It Means & 18 Tips to Deflower a Girl & Not Hurt Her

Popping the cherry – what does it even mean? And if this is the first time she’s having sex, here’s your MUST-know about taking her virginity!