20 Secrets to Kiss With Tongue & Make Them Crave for a Lot More of You

Knowing how to kiss with tongue is a necessary skill for the modern lover. Here’s how to give your lover the sensual experience they crave, every time.

how to kiss with tongue

When it comes to converting a sexual connection or romantic spark into an actual make-out session, there is more to think about than just when to make a move. You might have heard people make comments on previous lovers in criticism of their kissing technique. But whether you think you are a great kisser or not, these top tips will teach you how to kiss with tongue and make you a kissing expert.

Don’t be a boring kisser!

Nobody wants a boring kisser. A kiss sets the tone for every aspect of an intimate relationship left to come, from sex and any intimate activity all the way to a potential long-term connection.

If the kiss is boring, everything else will be too! [Read: 15 ways to tongue kiss and arouse your date in seconds]

How to kiss with tongue *without the mess*

As hot as an intense make out session can be, using too much tongue can make it gross and messy. No one wants to feel like they’re kissing a dog, so let’s avoid the slobber.

If you want to know how to kiss with tongue, learn how to avoid giving your lover a sloppy wet one by using our tips.

1. Don’t go straight in with tongue!

Never go straight in with the tongue! This is a massive turn-off, especially if you’re kissing the person for the first time or you’re in a new romantic entanglement.

Just because someone has indicated they want to kiss you doesn’t mean they want to swap saliva with you already. Don’t force it, it could backfire and turn them off completely. [Read: 19 types of kisses that will gross the other person out]

2. Get into a groove before trying out tongue

No matter what kind of kiss you’re having, it is important to get into a steady rhythm before trying anything new. Use this as a rule of thumb for any sexual or intimate encounter you have!

It’s also a great rule of thumb to use when kissing, because it will avoid confusion or your tongues getting mixed up and things getting awkward. Let your bodies naturally lean into the next step when you’re in a groove. [Read: 15 secrets to make your first kiss a really memorable one]

3. Assess the moment

Learning how to kiss with tongue is pointless if you don’t know when to use it. A kiss with tongue is romantic, sensual, and an overtly sexual and suggestive act.

Because of what a tongue kiss represents, you shouldn’t be going in with a lot of tongue at a family gathering or in a public place. Save your tongue skills for an intimate and private setting. [Read: 15 tips for a fun, satisfying make-out session]

4. Allow them to make the first move *tongue-wise, that is*

When using tongues, the best way to avoid an awkward pause or an unwanted move is to let your partner slip the first tongue in.

If you give this a go first and it doesn’t go to plan, it could end up with a break in the groove or an awkward *probably, last* kissing encounter which sets a bad tone for the whole relationship.

5. Graze their bottom lip with your tongue

If they’re not making any moves but you really want to try tongue kissing them, just slide your tongue along their bottom lip. It’s like you’re testing them to see if they want to go further. If they open their mouth, it’s very likely they want you to slip in a tongue!

If they keep their mouth closed, however, that’s a clear sign they just want to stick to non-tongue kisses for now. You can even nibble at their bottom lip after grazing it with your tongue to make it even sexier. [Read: 15 types of kisses and the truth behind their smooch]

6. Pull their body closer to you

Pulling someone in closer during a kiss is incredibly romantic, and will definitely intensify the moment of your kiss as a whole.

It can also distract them if you happen to lose rhythm in your kiss, or accidentally get a bit sloppy. Romance covers up a little kissing faux pas or two.

7. Don’t forget to breathe!

Taking breaks during kissing is almost as important as the actual kissing itself! A quick pause allows for you to reset the rhythm of your kiss, swallow any accumulated spit, or just clean up your kiss a little.

These breathing breaks will help you both catch your breath and savor the moment too. If you’re worried a break from kissing will end the sensual moment, just move your face a bit lower and kiss their neck for a few seconds so both of you have some time to breathe. [Read: 22 tips to make any kiss a really amazing one in a few seconds]

8. Take it slow

Whether kissing them with tongue or otherwise, slow kisses are a recipe for romance.

Although fast and uncontrollable passion is great, taking it slow will make them think you mean every kiss you give them. It will romance the moment and increase the likelihood of another make out session!

9. Get a read on your partner

Don’t let yourself get so caught up in the moment that you forget about the person you’re kissing. If they want the kiss to end, they will start closing their mouth and kiss you less.

So, pay attention to their body language and their mouth. Otherwise, your kiss could get really awkward. [Read: 12 foolproof kissing tips for a perfect smooch]

10. Watch your tongue!

Although tongue kissing is sexy, there is more to kissing than just swapping saliva.

You don’t want to be so tongue-heavy that your kiss gets unenjoyable or messy. So take time doing other things and switch up the tongue-kiss for something different every now and then. [Read: What you MUST know while making out – The subtle moves that’ll make you oh-so-good!]

11. Don’t rush the process!

It is important to remember that kissing is most of all, romantic! Take your time as you lean into the kiss and take your time during. Don’t rush a good thing, enjoy every aspect of the lead up, and the kiss itself.

12. Always begin with the tip of your tongue

No one wants a whole tongue to be wedged into the back of their throat straight away, so it’s important to start simply with a little flick of your tongue or just a tip touching their lip.

It’s unlikely that someone wants to feel like they are kissing their dog, with slobber all over them. Just try the tip, and then go further if it feels right. [Read: 26 signs of a bad kisser and the best remedies you need]

13. Enhance the moment by adding eye contact

Everything is improved with eye contact. The eyes are the windows to the soul, after all. Lock eyes with your paramour and watch their soul light up with excitement.

Your eyes should entice them in again, inviting them to dive further into your romance with another kiss.

14. Grab the back of their head *or find something to hold onto and steady yourself*

A steady kiss is a good kiss. You don’t want to be falling off the couch or fumbling around to try and steady yourself, as this WILL ruin the moment!

A tried and true trick is to run your hands through their hair and grab onto the back of their head. This is a sexy move that will turn them on while also practically steadying your kiss.

15. Be relaxed

Don’t be too tense! Even if you don’t know what to do, pretend that you do. Fake it till you make it. Relax into the kiss and let it just happen naturally.

Don’t be uptight, no one likes an uptight kisser. Learning how to kiss with tongue is pointless if you can’t relax into it. [Read: The 15 types of kisses and how to decipher what they feel towards you]

16. Pull away to leave them wanting more

Don’t give your other half everything you’ve got in your locker the first time around. It is so important to leave them wanting more and wondering what the next kiss is going to be like.

Don’t let them tire of your kiss, so let it naturally end when it feels right.

17. Play with their tongue as you get more comfortable

Tongue kissing is a practiced habit, and as you get more confident with your knowledge on how to kiss with tongue, you can up the ante.

As you get more comfortable with your other half, you can play with their tongue and lick the inside of their lips to sensualize the moment. [Read: 12 very sensual tricks to turn anyone on and make them horny when you kiss them]

18. Try a little lip biting action

Tongue kissing is nothing without the things that work around it. A little nibble on the lip and a kiss on the side of the mouth will enhance your kissing technique.

It will also make you look like a kissing maestro.

19. Kiss on other areas around the mouth to increase seduction

Don’t just focus on the mouth! Kissing is about seduction and arousal; as well as the sexual build-up to an intimate encounter.

Kiss sensual areas like the nape of the neck, give them a nibble on their ear. All of these actions contribute to a fantastic kissing session. [Read: How to tell if a guy likes kissing you and is turned on while kissing]

20. Stay active during the kiss

Never let yourself go into autopilot mode when you’re kissing, especially when there are tongues involved! No one wants to kiss a robot, so change up your kissing and stay active during the kiss.

It’s the little surprises you throw into a kiss that keep that spark alive!

[Read: The hardcore dos and don’ts of French kissing you can’t mess up]

Learning how to kiss with tongue is about knowing moderation. It is about comfort and confidence, but also letting your other half lead. You’ll only get more comfortable kissing with tongue if you try it! So get kissing…

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