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My Embarrassing First Kiss: My First Kiss Went a Little Like This!

My First Kiss Story

First kisses are remembered fondly, but they can also bring back embarrassing memories. Here’s my first kiss story and it’s as awkward as it gets!

Many people have different memories about their first kiss. And my first kiss story, ah, toe curling!

First kiss stories are almost always affectionate and my first kiss was no different… well, almost!

Some remember it fondly, while some try their best to forget all about it.

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My first kiss story

I had my first kiss years ago, when I was still in high school and got the permission to take out my dad’s classy sedan for the first time.

I had a date with my girlfriend, whom I hadn’t kissed yet.

Back in those days, first kisses were a big deal, and you couldn’t just kiss someone on the first date like it is these days.

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I never did get an opportunity to get my first kiss because all we did was sit in ice cream parlors or in coffee shops and part ways with a handshake that lingered just a bit longer, or a pat on the shoulder.

The week of my first kiss

It was a perfect Monday.

I asked my dad if I could use his car the next Saturday and told him that I wanted to take my friends out, and surprisingly, he agreed.

I excitedly called my girlfriend and told her that I’d like to see her on Saturday, and I’d love to drive her around town.

She was quite excited too. But when I told my friends, all they could talk about was the opportunity for me to have the first kiss of my life. Considering that I had the car for myself the whole day, I knew that I just might be able to pull off the stunt of kissing my girlfriend. [Read: When to kiss a girl – 15 subtle clues to pick the magic moment]

I was rather excited about getting my first kiss, and claiming my place in the pages of first kiss stories. Which guy wouldn’t?

Learning from other first kiss stories

It was still the start of the week, and only a day since my dad had given me the permission to take the car. But Tuesday was very close to D-day considering the dare-devil act that I wanted to pull on Saturday. I started watching movies and the on-screen kissing looked way too complicated, it was almost impossible. The way both the actors moved their lips was weird and yet, so perfect! [Read: The perfect first kiss – 22 tips to make it oh-so-amazing]

I wondered if my girlfriend wanted to kiss me. I mean, obviously I don’t want to shock her or frighten her with the idea that I’m trying to stop her from breathing. So I was hoping that she’d at least get an idea about it.

But when I told her the next day that Saturday could be exciting, she just shrugged and said, “Yeah, I guess”. She was a girl of few words, and maybe that’s what attracted her to me. I loved talking, and her quiet and calm personality had me head over heels over her. [Read: 30 super sexy traits of a girl that attract all guys]

The haunting of my first kiss

It was pretty certain that she had no idea I wanted to kiss her. Now that was just way too scary. I had heard that girls carry pepper spray. And I had heard that it stings the eyes real bad. And my friends told me that girls sprayed it on guys who tried kissing them. Wednesday ended with a lot of thoughts over kisses and pepper sprays.

Thursday arrived, after a freakishly scary dream of me being chased by pepper sprays. In two days, I would be kissing my girlfriend for the first time! It was painfully exciting and nervous at the same time. But something told me that I had to tell her I wanted to kiss her. The theory about girls using pepper spray on guys who kiss them unnerved me.

During lunch break, I called her aside and told her that I wanted Saturday to be a special day in our relationship, and asked her if I could kiss her on Saturday. She looked at me blankly and then after what felt like an eternity of tortured silence, she smiled and said “Sure”. Perfect Thursday.

Friday flew past in a weird way. There were instances when time stood still and others, when it seemed to blaze round the clock. I smiled a lot, and she smiled too. It was nice and warm, and I couldn’t help sneaking glances now and then at her lips. I couldn’t stop thinking that I was going to touch those lovely lips with mine. Friday ended with a lot of smiles and a very loud heart. [Read: 20 things that turn a guy on when he sees a girl]

Saturday – The crescendo of my first kiss story

I woke up early Saturday morning with a start, the alarm hadn’t rung, but I craned my neck out of the window, and I could tell this was going to be the best day that I had ever had. I had a good long bath and used a good dose of my dad’s eau-de-cologne around my lips. It made my face red but I wanted to smell good when I kissed her.

I met her at the nearby ice cream parlor, after having a few close shaves with the car. She looked cute. And her smile was nice! I took her to one of the movie theatres and we watched a mediocre movie, along with loads of popcorn and cola. It was still early, so she said she wanted to window shop for a while.

We drove down to a few streets that were excellent for shopping and bargains. As I looked overhead, the sun was on the west side of noon. I could literally see my own heart beating off my chest! Something happened to me and I felt really weak. I was having a great time, but then, suddenly, I wanted to throw up. I was hoping I could hold on. [Read: How to make out with someone for the first time and do it well]

She seemed to take the fact that we were going to kiss in less than a couple of hours pretty well. She didn’t break a sweat or behave in a manner that even showed a hint of nervousness.

An hour later, with a handful of shopping bags, we walked to the car. I opened her side of the door *chivalrous, I know!* and we sat in. She kept her shopping bags near her feet and looked at me. I looked back for a few seconds, and just didn’t know what to say to her. [Read: Perfect things to talk about with your date]

I felt hot and I couldn’t help but start the ignition and move ahead. Just then, I knew. She had looked at me with that strange look. She was waiting for me to kiss her!

Gosh, how on earth could it be so easy for her? I couldn’t understand it!

We were fifteen minutes from her place but somehow the drive felt like it was taking me hours. She was humming along to “Backstreet Boys” that was playing on the speakers. I couldn’t face her. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I was going to kiss her. I was pretty sure steam would erupt from my ears if I looked at her.

II furiously gripped the steering wheel, concentrated on the road for what felt like eternity to me, and finally I reached her place. I generally say goodbye to her a couple of houses before her own, because her parents weren’t too cool with her going out alone with a guy. [Read: 10 types of love you’ll experience in your lifetime]

And then there was my first kiss!!

I pulled over to the side and switched off the headlights. It was past six and the street was quite dark. I knew it was now or never. I had to kiss her. And she was waiting! Why couldn’t she make the first move, I thought to myself. She smiled at me and told me that she had a nice time. I just nodded, my throat was dry. She lifted her shopping bags and placed it on her lap. I said nothing. I was sweating profusely by now. The knot in my stomach was beginning to strangle my throat. She placed her hand on the door knob and was about to jerk it open. I blurted out…

“Can I kiss you?”

I felt so weak and scared after I said that. I thought I was going to faint. Visions of pepper spray kept coming back in my mind. But then, she just smiled and said “Sure”. She really was a girl of few words.

I knew what I had to do. I had watched movies that had kissing scenes in them to know how to do it. I turned towards her, and wrapped my right hand around her as best as I could, all the while trying desperately to get into a good position to kiss her. But her shopping bags kept getting in the way. [Read: How to initiate a first kiss that’ll make them remember you forever]

I regretted not watching enough movies where the kissing took place with shopping bags around. A few moments later, I panicked. I didn’t know what was going on, I just couldn’t find her lips in the middle of all those shopping bags. I tried again, no luck.

Somehow, with a bit of a tussle with her shopping bags and a lot of rustling and tearing of bags later, I found her lips at a distance and locked lips with her. I could barely move my lips, there was just too much distance between us. She sat back, and stared out of the window. She turned around to face me, and with a very unenthusiastic voice, she said, “Was that it?”

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That was our first kiss, our last kiss, and our last date. A week later, she dumped me. I don’t mind losing the girl, I got over it in a few days.

But somewhere on that very street, in a garbage can on the driver’s side of the road lies all the masculinity that I had acquired in my first 16 years of life. I’ve never been able to get it, but I’d still kind of like to get that back someday.

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The author would like to strongly voice to the readers that he’s a better kisser now and has been exceptionally successful with his other first kiss stories. Whatever you say, Anonymous Fella. But we do appreciate you sharing your delicate first kiss story nevertheless.

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Anonymous Fella
Anonymous Fella
An unnamed guy with a great story and an idea to share, the Anonymous Fella is the secret voice that wants to be heard, but prefers to be masked under anonymity...

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29 thoughts on “My Embarrassing First Kiss: My First Kiss Went a Little Like This!”

  1. Abbi Stangl says:

    I think that the girl was really stupid and mean. First of all, why couldn’t she just make the first move? i mean, why wud she just put a guy in so much trouble just to kiss her? And then she went and she dumped him? She is a user!!! GUYS ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!! NEVER DATE THAT GIRL!!!! EVER!!!!! IN YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!!!

  2. siMpLe Miss not so perfect says:

    i really like the story .

  3. siMpLe Miss not so perfect says:

    uHmmmmm i think the girl was kind of a perfectionist ! y did she dumped the boy? i think it was so romantic for me.

  4. Ron Davis says:

    LOL! LOL! LOL!

    Serves you right, Super Fella. You think you know everything about love, don’t you?

    HA HA HA!

    Guess even the guys who think they know it all have to experience a heartbreak now and then! But hey, great story though!

  5. Amber says:

    @Ron Davis: Although I 100% agree with you about the way men think they know it all but they don’t (trust me; I know that all too well 😀 ), it says that he was 16 at the time. Not many 16 years old or that great of kissers, at least not back then, anyway. (To quote him: “Back in those days, first kisses were a big deal, and you couldn

  6. lauryn says:

    ahah, reminds me of my first kiss with my boyfriend.. he knew I was a bit more experienced than him and he was extremely nervous about going for it.. so after weeks of waiting when he finally went in for the kiss I got a bit over-excited and tried to takeover and we ended up missing lips.
    Luckily we didn’t make a big deal about it and although it was a little embarrassing for the two of us we laughed over it straight away.

  7. RP says:

    I am 41 and have yet to have my first kiss. It’s hopeless. 🙁

  8. Lau95 says:

    great story !!

  9. maddyzangel says:

    ahhh…. My first kiss was at the age of 21. My boyfriend gave lots of lessons how to kiss and then we had our first kiss at college very early when none other had reached college yet but only we and the watchman… Lol… That was sweet and stunning

  10. Samantha says:

    My first kiss story was NOT romantic at all we were in probably 1st grade. There was this really cute boy named Eric. I liked him a lot and he liked me too. We always played footsie with eachother haha. Well anyway we would line up to go back to our classroom after lunch. One day Eric told me that he had a crush on me and he told his friends he wanted to kiss me. So of course you know 1st graders like to chant well the stood around us saying kiss kiss kiss. And so he went on in for it. Since I was only in first grade I ran away and he chased after me caught up to me waited for his friends and the kissed me. Then he moved away or something but they still had an apartment by a park. And a few years later I went to the park and someone yelled out the window and said he still loves you. I was at a loss for words until I realized I should ask who so I called out who does? Then a girls face apeared (I realized it was his sister) and then she said Eric. And I haven’t heard from him since. Lol I wonder if he still remembers me. Lol

  11. john says:

    my first kiss was when I was 12 years old with my sister she was 11 and we watched a movie mom and dad was not at home after the movie we set beside each other we didnot know whats happen we ware kissing

  12. Riley says:

    My first kiss was at my aunt and uncles house. We went to their house for a superbowl and they had some friends over. I couod tell he wanted to kiss me by the way he acted around me but I didn’t want to believe it cause I thought it was gross. But we played spin the bottle and he dared me to kiss him so…I did. My heart almost beat out of my chest, but we did it and I liked it. I was 10 at the time so kissing wasn’t a big deal. Now all I think about is him and how I haven’t seen him since then.

  13. RN says:

    It is obvious that the girl has kissed before and that he was not her first boyfriend. Also I wonder who pay for all the shopping? he or her…

  14. Anonymous(; says:

    Lol I had my first kiss at ten years old xD i.m just sitting here laughing that is so cute

  15. Anonymous says:

    My first kiss was a little less than romantic. I mean, it wasn’t awful but it could have been sweeter. Anyway, so I went to the semi-formal at school with a senior who had asked me out(I was a freshman at the time). We danced, held hands and acted like typical teenagers. Well, my friends leaned in to me and told me I should kiss him. But I was ridiculously nervous so I said no. We were sitting outside waiting for our rides(his car was broken at the time) and it was pretty cold out so naturally we cuddled together. His showed up first, so we both looked at each other, smiled and he kissed me! It wasn’t really awkward or fancy. Just a simple kiss that completely made my night!

  16. someone says:

    My first kiss was only a few weeeks ago. I was panning to meet uo with him but I totally forgot. Anyway I was upset cos I fell out with a friend. He saw me and sat next to me. I explained what happened and he said he has something that’ll cheer me up. He said stand up. So I did. He gently pushed me against the tree and we had the most passionate kiss ever!

  17. Paige W. says:

    my first kiss was at a public Fresh and Easy in high school, to this boy who I thought liked me. In the end he kindaaaa used me for sex, but I used him too. He’s still my friend lol kinda

  18. Adekay says:

    Dat was very stupid of d girl 4 dumping d Guy…Lol…As 4 Me though…I’m yet 2 av my first kiss eva…LOL

  19. Kim says:

    Awe! What a jerk…the girl I mean! She just wanted to go shopping. 🙁 So sorry that happened. I remember my first kiss and it was nowhere as nice leading up to it as you described yours. Ended with his tongue shoved so far down my throat that I nearly choked! LOL

    I hope you recovered and was able to have that perfect 2nd kiss….

  20. CuriousGirl says:

    I’m still waiting to have my first kiss. I actually got a boyfriend New Years Eve and I’ve already hugged him and held his hand. I’ve already read stories and tutorials on how to kiss a guy but, being in middle school, they are irrelevant to me. I know, I’m only in middle school and shouldn’t worry about my first kiss buy I really like him and could use some advice!

  21. eva19997 says:

    there’s this guy i met when i was eight though we dont talk at all he stares at me and when i look at him he tyrns away.Some times when he and his friends are chattinghe usually smiles or showoff.When he is with a girl and he see’s me he changes his mood.Am fifteen now and he still looks at me in that way my friend thinks he has a crush on me watdo you think guys

  22. Antoinette Reyes says:

    My first kiss was beautiful and very romantic. He was 2 years older than me so literally gave me pointers I guess I was pretty bad lol. It was so romantic under the stars. I won’t ever forget it.

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