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How to Make Out with a Guy like a Sex Goddess

how to make out with a guy

Knowing how to make out with a guy comes naturally. But there are a few sneaky ways to stop short of sex and yet, blow his mind and wet his pants! Learn how to make out on a date like a goddess, and make him desperately want more.

All women know how to make out with a guy. It’s instinctive and if you can remember your first time, you know how simple and natural it really is.

First times are nervous, of course, but it only takes a few minutes to realize that you’re a pro when it comes to kissing and taking clothes off.

This is ironic, but if you want to know how to make out with a guy for the first time, you may be a tad too young to be reading more than halfway through this feature.

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But we’ll give the first timers a few tips before heading into the guide of the sex goddesses.

Amateur tips: How to make out with a guy for the first time

So you’ve met a guy you like and both of you have been holding hands and exchanging giggles and sideward flirty glances with each other for a while. And tonight, both of you are heading out for a drive on a lonely road. Eventually, both of you will probably pull over in a lonely spot and watch the stars. And we know where this is going to go.

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There’s really no perfect way to make out with a guy for the first time, but it would be preferable to let the guy take the lead and initiate the kiss. You could initiate the kiss yourself, but after all the playing hard to get, it’s probably better to wait for him to kiss you, unless you can’t wait any longer. When you kiss each other for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed with a rush of emotions, but you don’t really need to stay guarded or focused on what to do next. Just take it slow, relax and go forward with the kiss.

You don’t need to tongue him immediately. Just a gentle peck on his lips for starters, and within a few seconds, your evolutionary instincts will kick in and you’ll realize that you were born a great kisser!

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How to make out with a guy like a sex goddess

Now let’s get straight to the point, beyond all the first date kisses and nervousness and understand how to make out with a guy, and what they really like when they’re getting it on with a girl.

Foreplay and role play are great when you want to arouse your guy and have sex with him, but when you want to stop short of sex and make him crave for you, use these five flirty, teasy ways to make a great impression that’ll make him beg you for more.

#1 Men love to be touched

If you know about the power of flirty touches, this is probably the best time to show off your skills. Just like women, men love to be touched too. Indulge in some casual petting, but be discreet until the first kiss. A few girls take the touching part too far and touch far too often, and this can come off as being too easy to get. Always remember to play hard to get until there’s a lot of intimacy in the relationship.

But once you’re past the kissing before making out, give your hands some action. Any guy would love it when a girl wraps her arm around his neck while kissing him. It reveals a wild side to the coy and demure girl that real men with testosterone prefer, and this confusing conflict of the shy side and wild side is what drives a man crazy. Slide your hand over his chest and his arms, and let him know you’re ready to take this further.

#2 Tease him and he’ll love you for it

Kiss him and pull away immediately now and then. Smile mischievously and tease him, back away when you’re almost on the verge of kissing him and nibble his ear or kiss his cheek or neck instead.

Men like foreplay, but they don’t really enjoy it as much as women. Restrict a man and it’ll frustrate him, and yet, drive him mad with passion. He would want to do so much more with you, but each time you stop him, his desires will grow because you’re so close and yet so far! Backing away while kissing him is a great way to stay in control and make him want you so much more. Tease him and tempt him and you’ll have him passionately teary eyed with horniness!

#3 Dominate him passionately

In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to sit back and let passion lead the way. You know you’re going to take it a lot further with him anyways, so why bother right? Wrong.

Letting a guy touch you all over or even have sex with you on a first date is passionate and grand, but it’s all too easy. Now we’re not saying you should abstain from sex on the first date even if you really feel like it, go right ahead. But remember to stay in control.

Letting him explore you while you sit back and close your eyes might feel amazing, but if it’s all too easy for him, he might take the whole thing too lightly. It’s an unfortunate mechanism with most men, they lose respect for anything they get too easily and men know this fact themselves. So try not to get too frisky on the very first date, unless you’re just looking for a fling, a rebound or a one night stand. By making a great guy wait for it, he’d lust for you and yet, understand that he can’t take you lightly. [Read: How to make him want you more]

#4 Flaunt it for him

This is something women can do, and do well. And men can’t do anything about it, but go weak in the knees. You want to tempt him, but you don’t really want to have sex in the backseat of a car. So what can you do to keep him on heat until the next time you make out in bed? Flaunt it!

You’ve kissed him, teased him and dominated him. Now it’s time to play a flashing game. If you’re wearing a low cut blouse or a dress, it’s obviously going to show a lot more skin in the heat of the moment. Instead of trying to cover your impressive cleavage or your never ending legs, let it show. If you’ve got something that you’re proud of, be it your cleavage or your lower back, make sure you give him an opportunity to see it and want to touch it. But don’t reveal it all, and make sure you hide the regions that really matter.

If you’re wearing a tee shirt or a shirt, unbutton the first few buttons or lift your tee shirt up till your bra. You really don’t need to be discreet at all, let him know you’re intentionally flaunting it. But each time he tries to move his hands over your revealed skin, stop him mischievously from going too far. Even if he begs for it, which he definitely will! [Read: 30 sexy tips to keep a guy interested]

#5 Wet him with your hands

Any normal guy with raging hormones would probably be ready to explode with all the tension, the flaunting and the restrictions that you’ve built up, but here’s the low blow that’s the icing on knowing how to make out with a guy like a sex goddess. You’ve run your hands over his neck and his chest while kissing him. But now it’s time to take it further.

Take his hands and run it along your body a few times. He’ll get the hint and continue doing that even when you stop guiding him. In the middle of all the heavy breathing, slide your hand over his thigh and go close to his package without really touching it. Do it casually without really paying any attention to it as you’re kissing him. Men go weak when a girl touches them, especially in a few strategic places. Now run your hands a few times and occasionally, don’t shy away from placing your hand right over his package for a fraction of a second. When you do that, it’s going to make the guy go giddy with excitement and he’ll want to place his hands over your breasts or slip his hands under your bra.

This time, allow him to touch your breasts but don’t let him linger for more than a second before you take his hand away. By doing this, you’ve given your date what he wanted, and yet, you’ve not given him more than a glimmer of the good things to come by sticking around and pursuing you! [Read: Tips on turning a guy on]

You’ve got to make him want you and want you bad, well, at least until you’re ready to give in to him and take the making out all the way to the bedroom.

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If you just follow these five tips on how to make out with a guy, you’ll be a mysterious and flirty sex goddess that no guy will ever be able to resist. Try it, you’ll know what we mean!

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20 thoughts on “How to Make Out with a Guy like a Sex Goddess”

  1. Maureen says:

    Va va voom! These tips are so hot. I’m a girl and I think I’d be seduced by another girl who tries these moves on me (not the kissing part though). I really like the flaunting thing and the part where you can touch the guy on his thigh casually. I’m so certain any guy would get an erection.

    But just wondering, is it alright to let a guy slip his hands into your shirt on a first date? I always thought that was too fast and easy.

  2. aREALman says:

    this is pathetic!! haha im a guy and really i cant believe girls believe this garbage. if your a girl actually looking for a one night stand, your a slut.for those of you who actually want a relationship, instead of focusing on these ameteur tips you should focus on have fun on your own terms, i.e. its FAR more fun to expirience on your own to see what gets him going, and talk to him and be yourself. i know i probably sound retarded but i frown upon mindless sex and one night stands its disgusting, theres no love and no passion just dirty horney careless apathy.

  3. Youngforever says:

    couldn’t agree more with aREALman’s comment. I think relationships are more important than the sex

  4. Kcabs says:

    I don’t think it should be followed to a T, but honestly I am a newly wed and these gave me a great idea to spice up our sex life. It’s never too much to pick up a few tips to bring back that first Kiss feeling. As far as first date material, my husband and I were having a concentual one night stand and we ended up married. I am just saying yes these are great tips but no guideline. Sex and love never comes in a pair unless you find the one. You can’t make a guy want you by tying a knot in your shirt but you sure can turn him on. So don’t be too surprised if he starts to lose interest after the first date by your aggressive guidelines.

  5. I'm Jasmine says:

    I love exploring and testing to see what my partner likes on my own, but I do appreciate tips. 🙂 I need to know how to satisfy my partner without the sex, I’m still a virgin and don’t plan on losing that to just anyone, so a little research on erogenous zones and how to really work a guy benefits me greatly. ^-^ No sluttiness here, I only want to keep my guy happy without losing my v-card.

  6. Brittany says:

    I have been seeing this amazing man for two months now and I think it is time to heat things up. I want him so incredibly bad. So, I may put these moves on him tonight. ;D Sure, a relationship isn’t about sex but it is a wonderful experience to share with your partner when it’s time!

  7. ash says:

    This post is mainly about sex. If you are reading this post, you’re probably just looking for sexual tips. This strictly for kissing tips. Rather it be for a husband, long time boyfriend, or the guy you are going to meet at the bar tomorrow night. RELAX everyone, take your tips and forget about any shallowness this post might contain.

  8. jose says:

    I’m a man and I approve this message.

  9. Nami says:

    I’ve seen a lot of angry comments here about how sex doesn’t equal a good relationship and so on, maybe it’s just me but I think you missed the point. This article is about making out and teasing the man. It says too in the article that you shouldn’t have sex on the first date. It’s just a way of making him want you without actually having actual sex with him.

  10. whocares says:

    Everyone just calm down
    Tek ur effin tips and just get off
    It was stated clearly in the title of this article stop short of sex
    So if u want to go ahead and hate on this article based on perceived reason or just because you are having a very ugly sex life, then you are more than not welcomed
    Real man or wateva u call itself and the rite others

  11. Drew says:

    Yea, get over yourselves. Why even click on tips “make out” if you’re gonna be prudish about it? Great tips. While it doesn’t seem so bad, when a women throws herself at me, it’s not a fraction as sexy.

  12. shivani says:

    could you please tell me about how to make out with your clothes one. me and my boyfriend have made out quite a few times but we do the same thing again and again. it’s boring! please help!

  13. Michelle says:

    I appreciate the tips and obviously I was looking for them or I wouldn’t be here. If y’all are gona have the negative comments, then maybe you shouldn’t read this stuff. I’ve been with my guy for 7 yrs and spice is nice 🙂 so I would say stop ruining it for everyone else.

  14. Booboo says:

    Why read the article if you’re just gonna rag on it? No life? I think not.

  15. Melyboo says:

    Yeah I don’t want to lose my virginity quite yet but I still would like to turn my boyfriend on and sometimes I tease him and he likes it. Thanks for more ways to do that I’m sure we’ll both appreciate it 😉

  16. listen=silent. #ShtTheFckup&LearnS/t says:

    These tips are super sexy if exercised correctly; with lots of feeling and class. To thos pessimistic dudes at the top; you dont know what the hell you are talking about. The first chic put it so well. “im a girl and I would be seduced by another girl who tried this on me”. Any girl whom youd be with whom you began with feelings for(regardless how mild) and she put these moves on you, would overtake your male mind with passion like you have never ever experienced.
    To all them hottt young and young-at-heart ladies out there, listen to this advice and youll have his mind overflowing with lust and desire for U.

  17. Shy Kat says:

    Alright most of these comments r about the haters acknowledgong them just gives them the attention they want so please don’t and btw I’m a girl that wants to spise it up but still stay appropriate as in cloths stay on no sex bc I’m a teen and these were great tips ecpesially for geeky shy girls like me so thanks guys for letting me know it would work for teasing a guy while making out I might use these tips someday and for all the hates stop please petty arguments and/or comments arnt necessary. Lack of greed and arguments and love will let the world know peace peace guys. Be lovers not fighters tech my generation love not violence! Thanks

  18. Nik says:

    How to Make Out With A Guy Like a Sex Goddess…why don’t I just throw myself at him?
    How strategic and robotic…might as well be a sex doll for the guy – he’ll feel good what about the girl? She’s too busy trying to remember these tricks and they are tricks if the girl isn’t doing it of her own free will and desire

  19. ... says:

    I am so fucking sick of other guys slut-shaming girls. I mean seriously, what the fuck is wrong with y’all? Even some slutty guys have a nasty habit of slut-shaming girls. Why do you not like slutty girls? Slutty girls are fun, interesting, and great in bed. Not to mention, your wishes are a paradox, you can’t have a girl who’s great in bed unless she has slept around and gotten some experience, not to mention they have to love sex, and the girls who love sex are not going to wait for you to come and sweep them off their feet. The only girls willing to wait for you are the ones who aren’t really that passionate about sex to begin with and that won’t change because of you.

    You need to wake up and learn to love slutty girls for who they are. Maybe if you can get past your prudish intolerance you will actually be able to enjoy yourself more.

  20. Metale Blog says:

    Zycie nie jest sprawiedliwe i byc moze to dobra wiadomosc dla wiekszosci z nas. – Oscar Wilde

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