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how to be affectionate
How to Be Affectionate: 15 Gestures that Reveal Your Feelings Best

You love your partner, but when it comes to affection, it’s not your forte. But there are simple things you can learn on how to be affectionate.

how to show affection
How to Show Affection in a Relationship if It Doesn’t Come Naturally

No matter how much we care for someone, intimacy does not always come naturally. It can take a lot to know how to show affection.

romantic things to do as a couple

15 Fun & Romantic Things to Do as a Couple that are Budget-Friendly

Does a date with your partner mean watching Netflix on the couch while eating popcorn? There are better things to do as a couple that will build romance.

cupcake phase

Cupcake Phase: 16 Things You Must Do to Stay in this Sweet Phase

Your relationship is so cute that even you want to puke. Don’t want to give it up? Well, this is what you must do to stay in the cupcake phase.

signs of a good relationship

Signs of a Good Relationship: The Lucky 13 that Define a Happy One

Sometimes, we question ourselves, wondering if it’s actually healthy or not. Well, these are the signs of a good relationship.

what does true love feel like

What Does True Love Feel Like? 20 Feelings that Best Describe Love

It is the starring role in movies and the main character in books, but what does true love feel like in real life?

fun things for couples to do

20 Fun Things for Couples to Do: Get Out of the Relationship Routine

Is your relationship in a rut? Do you fight about what to watch on Netflix each night? Instead, try these fun things for couples to do and create a bond.

signs your relationship will last

No Broken Hearts This Time: 13 Signs Your Relationship Will Last

Scared of a broken heart or worried you’ll end up wasting your time with someone? You need to understand these signs your relationship will last.

how to get someone to fall in love with you

How to Get Someone to Fall in Love with You: The Scientific Secrets

There’s always that one person you just can’t seem to get. But now, there are scientific ways to know how to get someone to fall in love with you.

how to be more affectionate in a relationship

How to Be More Affectionate in a Relationship & Show Them You Care

If you are struggling with understanding how to be more affectionate in a relationship, it is not as hard as you might think. So, let’s learn to open up!

adorably awkward moments in a new relationship

The 20 Cutest, Most Adorably Awkward Moments In A New Relationship

New relationships have a lot of firsts and a lot of awkward ones at that. These are the most adorably awkward moments in a new relationship.

how to express love

How to Express Love: 12 Ways to Share Love without Using Words

Most of us are taught to say “I love you” when we want to know how to express love to someone. But there are ways without words that show you care.