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15 Kissing Techniques for that Heartbeat-Skipping Kiss

kissing techniques

A first kiss can say an awful lot about you and the fate of your budding romance. Use these kissing techniques to make it a kiss they will never forget.

The one thing that can really make or break your chances with someone new is the first kiss. Even though it may seem really superficial, many people decide in that moment if they want to continue things with you or not.

Personally, I take the first kiss into a lot of consideration. If the first kiss is just off and doesn’t create some sort of spark, I might not want to continue things with that person. For me, that physical connection has to work in order to really draw me in.

However, even if you don’t want to have a relationship with the person you’re looking to kiss and just want to give them the best kiss of their life, these tips will definitely help you out.

The best kissing techniques to leave them weak in the knees

Many people look at those kisses in the movies and think, “Why can’t I be kissed like that?” However, those kisses are calculated, planned, and even choreographed to look amazing and desirable. Wouldn’t it feel great to give someone a kiss that will make even the best on-screen smooch seem lame?

I can remember some of the best kisses I have ever gotten from someone. They made my heart race, my knees weak, and definitely left me wanting a lot more. Those kisses all have these 15 things in common. Master these techniques and you’ll be dolling out heartbeat-skipping kisses in no time. [Read: 12 foolproof kissing tips for that picture perfect smooch]

#1 Make sure the kiss is wanted. Gauge the other person’s reaction to your proximity throughout the evening. If they shy away when you get closer, maybe you should reconsider going in for the kiss. If you’re finding that they’re moving closer and closer and even initiating some contact between the two of you, you’re probably safe.

#2 Pick the right time and place. Timing is almost as important as the kiss itself. If you mess up the timing, things can get awkward really quickly. The best time to lean in and smooch is when the two of you have naturally drawn closer together. This is usually toward the end of the date/night when you are both feeling comfortable around each other.

#3 Move slowly. Too drastic of a move makes it hard to gauge their reaction and makes it difficult for you to change something if it’s not appealing to them. When you move in for the kiss, do so at a slow *but not too slow* pace. Easing your way into it builds the anticipation, and that’s a huge factor when it comes to making it a heartbeat-skipping kiss. [Read: How to get a guy to kiss you when you want him to]

#4 Start softly. When your lips finally touch, don’t shove your face as hard as you can against theirs. Very gently and softly touch your lips to theirs. The softness will create a tenderness that will be unmatched. They will be asking *almost begging* for more.

#5 Work up to it. By this, I mean put the idea in their head early on and work up to the kiss. It’s kind of like foreshadowing, but for real life. Initiate physical contact *innocently* throughout the night. Get closer to them as the night goes on. Set yourself up to give them that amazing kiss.

#6 Hand placement is key. When you’re finally ready to move into the kiss, you’ll need somewhere to put your hands. It’s always awkward kissing someone without touching them in any other way. It reminds me of two little kids planting their first kiss on someone – sad and uncomfortable.

When you go in for the kiss, put one or both hands on the sides of their face. If you only use one hand to grab their face, use the other to grab them by the waist and pull them in gently so they’re that much closer to you. [Read: How to kiss a girl for the first time and not screw up]

#7 Be aware of body language. Pay attention to their body language. If they’re pulling away, crossing their arms, or seem like they’re keeping their distance, the kiss might have to wait. However, if they lean in and accept your kiss, gauge if they want more.

If they’re still lingering after you’ve given that first heartbeat-skipping kiss, lean in for another and carry it on so it’s a little bit longer of a kiss. Only this time, make it a little more urgent and needy. Body language can tell you a lot about whether or not you’re doing a great job. It will lead to that amazing, unforgettable kiss. [Read: 15 secrets to make your first kiss really memorable]

#8 Keep your eyes CLOSED. Just keep them closed. Don’t open your eyes unless your lips are not touching each other’s. It makes things awkward and uncomfortable if you catch them looking at you, too. It can kind of ruin the moment.

#9 Use a breath mint, please. Bad breath = horrible kiss. When all someone can pay attention to is how bad your breath is, it takes away from the rest of the amazing things you’re putting into your kiss to make it incredible. Just chew a mint or some gum shortly before the end of your date.

#10 Make your lips soft, but not slobbery. Nobody wants to kiss dry, cracked lips. They’re very noticeable and uncomfortable. Keep your lips plumped and soft with some chapstick throughout the night/day. Do NOT “moisturize” your lips by licking them. This just makes them wet and gives them a slobbery quality – not good.

#11 Keep your lips slightly parted. When you kiss someone, closed lips make it impossible to mold your lips with theirs. However, lips that are too open are just a gateway for slobber and too much tongue. Keep your lips slightly parted, just enough so you can mold your lips to theirs.

#12 Don’t use tongue. At least not at first. Tongue should be something that is initiated by the other person. Tongue comes after your initial kiss because it’s amazing. Throwing in some tongue too early can be awkward and uncomfortable for the other person. What if they don’t want your tongue in their mouth just yet? Skip the tongue if you want to give them a heartbeat-skipping kiss. [Read: 11 signs of a bad kisser and 15 foolproof remedies]

#13 Keep it brief. Don’t drag it out so long. A heartbeat-skipping kiss is one that is just brief enough for someone’s heart to actually skip a beat. It’s short, sweet, simple, and, if done correctly, will leave them coming back for more right away. Let them come back to you for more, but keep it short yourself.

#14 Don’t force it. If you’re finding that you’re struggling to make the kiss work and things aren’t coming together in the way you thought, then just leave it at that and don’t force the kiss. It will seem forced; and no great, knee-buckling kisses were ever made by force. [Read: How to kiss a guy for the first time and leave him feeling turned on]

#15 Relax and be natural. Take a deep breath. In order to give a truly amazing, toe-tingling kiss, you need to be relaxed. The whole process of kissing the person should be as natural and relaxed as possible. If you’re calm and things happen naturally, the person on the receiving end of your amazing kiss will feel at ease, allowing them to fully enjoy it.

[Read: 10 simple moves that will make every kiss of yours feel passionate and romantic]

Everybody wants to have that knee-weakening, heartbeat-skipping kiss. By following these 15 kissing techniques, you’ll be the one to give them a kiss they’ll never forget.

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4 thoughts on “15 Kissing Techniques for that Heartbeat-Skipping Kiss”

  1. Keira W. says:

    I’m a teenage girl who is terribly, out-of-the-skin scared from kissing a guy. I’ve seen all of my best friends kiss with their partners, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Actually, I haven’t attended any “spin the bottle” parties just because of that. But, you know, like I think that it’s my time to try and that I’ve had enough of being the third wheel. I met a guy the other day and he so looks like Zac Efron, or at least to me, and he’s been giving me side looks and he asked my best friend about me. So, I plan to just grab him and kiss him. Maybe we can start a relationship, but I just want him to be the first guy I ever kissed.

    P.S. I’ll definitely use 8 & 9.

  2. Thomas says:

    You’d be surprised how overlooking that first tip can set up for a disastrous night. When a kiss isn’t wanted at that particular point, then going for it is only going to send all the wrong messages that end up in massive rejection. Believe me, that’s the voice of experience talking lol. I used to be pretty quick on the draw in the club and would move in for that kiss without really knowing. Sure, it was the booze talking, but I soon found out where I really stood… drunkenly or not lol.

  3. Dim says:

    I do so love to french kiss!! In my soon to be former marriage, there were many things with which I was dissatisfied. The biggest , and most obvious one, was the total lack of intimacy and the very first sign that things weren’t what they should be, was the dearth of kissing. After about the first two years, we still kissed, sure but they were only pecks on the lips or cheeks. I sooooo missed the kissing. Now, I’m beginning a whole new relationship and lucky me, Tiger loves to kiss just like I do!! When he kisses me, he sends me to a totally different dimension!! He fills me with love and desire…he kisses me just the way I love!!

  4. Smoke says:

    My technique is to start small and work my way up. Start with closed lips, no tongue, kiss them lightly. Then as a moment or two passes, loosen up a little, put a hand on their hip, let them respond. Start to be a little more assertive with your with your lips, give them an opportunity to get inside your mouth a little. Add a little tongue, just a bit at first. Move closer, hold them a little more firmly. Eventually you are in the midst of a passionate, intimate kiss. The pace depends on you and your partner, your mood, how well you know each other, etc. If they respond quickly, you can move through it quickly and be frenching within seconds, if they respond slowly, take it slow. For me, personally, I like a controlled, aggressive kisser. I want to be put off balance, but I want to have you hold me, and be in control of your lips and tongue. If the girl is not a smoker then be certain your breathe is free of any hint of your smoking. This is my biggest turnoff. After pulling me in close by putting your hand behind my head, kiss me. You take control and decide how hard or soft and how long. Then, Put your hands on my waist then slowly run them up my sides. This is when I wonder if you are going to put your hands on my breasts. I sort of panic but at the same time get aroused. Unless you know me well and have gotten that far, don’t touch my breasts. But when you are controlling the kiss, I find having your hands pass close by to be a real turn on. Pull your body in tight to mine.

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