How to Tell if He Loves You: 15 Actions that Reveal His Feelings

You won’t always be able to know how to tell if he loves you. Sure, he can say it, but does that make it true? Actions speak louder than words.

how to tell if he loves you

It’s not always enough to hear a person tell you they love you. They’re just words. Anyone can say them, really. What you really need to know is how to tell if he loves you through his actions. Does he do things that support his words?

And what if he hasn’t said them yet? You still want to know how he feels about you even though the words haven’t come out of his mouth. There are a lot of ways to know whether or not a guy loves you just by what he does when he’s around you.

Don’t always trust the things people say

There are far too many people out there who can use words to get what they want. They’ll manipulate you just by the things they say and this can harm you down the road. It’s great if a guy confesses his love to you but never let that mean anything to you unless his actions back up those words.

Otherwise, you might end up doing something you might regret just because you think someone really loves you when they don’t. So just be careful with what you trust. Make sure someone’s actions always match their words before trusting them. [Read: Be careful who you trust and beware of backstabbers]

How to tell if he loves you through the things he does daily

If you really want to be able to tell if a guy loves you, you’ll need to pay attention to the little things. Here’s how to tell if he loves you through only his actions. Watch closely and his true feelings will always come out.

#1 He supports you. This is probably the biggest thing to look out for. Does he support your dreams? If he’s not right on the sidelines cheering on your success and encouraging you when you feel down, then he doesn’t truly love you. Those actions are easily one of the main things someone who loves you will do. [Read: 10 signs your partner is truly supportive of your goals]

#2 He listens to you. And I mean he really listens to you. He doesn’t just nod his head when you talk. He actually hears what you say and does something about it. It’s really easy to tell when a guy is just listening to you talk without actually absorbing anything. Make sure he remembers the things you say and that’ll show that he truly loves you.

#3 He shows you affection. This is just an obvious one. Someone who really loves you will show you affection from time to time. He’ll sneak you kisses or even just put his arm around you when you’re snuggled up on the couch. This affection, along with other signs on this list, shows he really loves you. [Read: Affection is the magic spark in long-term relationships]

#4 He does the little things. These little things can vary from person to person. Ultimately, if he is kind and sweet and does small things every day to show how much he cares, then he really does care.

These can be little things like doing your dishes, taking the trash out so you don’t have to, or even filling your car up with gas, seemingly small things that make your life a little bit brighter. Those are the things that show his love for you.

#5 He laughs at all your jokes. This is something you’ll notice when anyone likes you in general. However, in order to know how to tell if he loves you, just pay attention when you make jokes. Even the worst of jokes will get a laugh from him if he truly loves you. [Read: How to be funny and make people love your company]

#6 He smiles after kissing you. Not only is this really cute, but it also shows how happy you make him. And when you make him really happy, he’s bound to love you. If you notice this along with other signs that he loves you, you can believe it’s true.

#7 He brings you around his friends often. A guy who doesn’t want a future with you isn’t going to bring you around his friends all the time. If your man does and also actively works toward building a relationship with your friends, he definitely is in love with you.

Also, watch how he acts when he’s around you while his friends are there. Does he act the same and even affectionate toward you? If so, then he’s absolutely in love with you.

#8 He engages in PDA with you. A guy who loves you will want to show the world. He’ll engage in PDA with you and not care who sees him. A kiss and hug and even hand-holding or ass slapping are sure signs he’s in love with you. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t go around doing that to you in public because he wouldn’t necessarily want people to see. [Read: 15 ways public displays of affection can save your relationship]

#9 He calls and texts to tell you exciting news. When something great happens in his life, you’ll be the first he wants to tell. That is, if he truly loves you. Does he call you up to tell you little exciting things that have happened throughout the day? If so, then he definitely loves you and wants to share his life with you.

#10 He calls and texts for no reason. On the flip side, he might also call and text for no reason at all. This is proof he’s in love with you because he just wants to be able to talk to you through the day. He just wants to keep in touch. There’s no reason for him wanting to be able to talk with you other than he just loves you. [Read: 30 signs he totally loves you]

#11 His gifts are meaningful. When he gives you gifts, they’re not pointless. They have a deeper meaning to them. Those gifts show how much he cares about you and how much he’s been paying attention.

#12 He gives you soft, sweet touches. These are very meaningful forms of affection. He’ll kiss your forehead or place a hand on your thigh as you’re sitting down together. They’re not erotic or meant to get you in the mood. They’re for the simple purpose of being in physical contact with you because it makes him feel good.

#13 He tries really hard to brighten your day. In order to learn how to tell if he loves you, you’ll have to learn how to tell when he’s trying to cheer you up. He’ll be the first person there to try and lift your spirits on a bad day. [Read: 11 simple ways to make each day more meaningful]

#14 He helps out when you’re stressed. This is different than trying to make you feel better because he’s actively trying to do things that’ll lessen your stress. Maybe he’ll clean your place up for you or do the chores you’re stressed about doing. When he lightens your load so you can relax, he loves you.

#15 He asks for your advice. This is a very subtle sign that he’s in love with you but it means a great deal. When he asks for your advice, he’s showing you how much he truly values your opinion. He wants you to know that he cares about what you think and that’s because he loves you.

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Knowing how to tell if he loves you will save you some heartache down the road if he only says it, but doesn’t mean it. Now you’ll be able to tell just how he feels.

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