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25 Best Relationship Topics to Talk About If You Want to Be Happy

Running out of things to talk about with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Here are 25 relationship topics to talk about to make you both feel closer than ever!

relationship topics things to talk about

Most couples don’t realize this. But the kind of relationship topics couples talk about, can define the direction of their future together. Some topics are frivolous and gossipy, but some topics to talk about with your boyfriend or girlfriend can help the two of you bond better, and learn about each other in ways a normal conversation can never do!

Honestly, the right kind of conversations are the difference between a happy relationship and a boring one. Have you ever felt like you’re running out of things to talk about, be it over the phone over a long call, or while you’re just spending an evening together?

It happens to the best of us. But almost always, this “running out” of topics to talk about with your girlfriend or boyfriend doesn’t happen because you don’t know what to say. It happens because you don’t know your partner well enough yet!

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Why do you need the right kind of topics to talk about in a relationship to keep love alive?

When you’re in a relationship, it’s easy for the right topics to talk about to slip right past your fingers. If you’re in a new relationship, both of you may have so many questions to ask each other. But the fear of sounding rude or getting too personal way too soon may leave a lot of empty space in a conversation. [Read: New relationship advice to have a perfect relationship]

And if you’re in a seasoned relationship, both of you may be so accustomed to each other that silence may seem perfectly normal. But every now and then, you do need to bring the excitement and spark back into a relationship by talking about the right things.

No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, it’s only communication that brings two lovers closer together, and leads to better understanding.

Are you looking for specific questions or a great list of topics?

Okay, we need to get this out of the way. Do you want a list of perfect topics to talk about with your partner? Or are you looking for a few, very interesting questions? If you’re interested in understanding the right kind of topics a healthy relationship needs, read on. But if it’s questions you want, we have loads of great lists for that too. Just use the links below for the perfect set of questions to ask each other.

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And if you’re looking for a curated list of relationship topics, well, read on below!

The 25 best relationship topics to talk about in a healthy and happy love life

Almost all of these conversation ideas can be repeated several times, in your together time. The best part about these relationship topics is that your partner will always have a new answer each time you ask most of these questions!

You can use these questions with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or use them even if you’re married.

Use these 25 relationship topics often. It’s the easiest way to grow together instead of growing apart as the months and years go by. Start with a few of these topics, and you’ll realize just how easily you can build the chemistry and love in your relationship, just by talking about the right things.

These relationship topics cover all aspects of the relationship right from the daily details, all the way to the deeper and intellectual ones you need to keep your relationship stimulated. Pick a few topics, just bring it up when there’s a moment of silence. And watch your relationship grow!

#1 Something to keep you excited. Talk about your weekend plans together even if it’s still Monday evening. It’s exciting and fun, and it’ll give both of you something to look forward to after a long week of work. What do you want to do over the coming weekend?

By having something to look forward to, it’ll even help both of you get through the week with enthusiasm because you know you have a good weekend coming up. Sometimes, making plans a few days ahead will also make sure both of you won’t get too lazy and back out in the last minute! [Read: The 50 best free date ideas when you want the best of romance on a budget]

#2 Gratitude and admiration. Ask your partner what they like or admire most about you. Talk about the things you like or admire about your partner. Let them know just how much you appreciate them, be it about their personality or about something they did the earlier week. [Read: 25 compliments for guys they’ll never forget]

#3 “So what’s been worrying you lately?” sounds so simple. But yet, this is one of those relationship topics that can make your partner feel grateful and cared for. Even if they have no worries, just knowing that you care and are concerned about their well-being would make them feel good about being in the relationship with you.

#4 The work hours, and there’s a reason why. There’s always something to talk about work, be it a new project or a bad boss. By talking about each other’s work life, it’ll help both of you understand each other’s professional sides and ethics better. Considering we spend a significant part of our day working, learning about each other’s daily work life can keep both of you connected.

If you avoid this relationship topic, don’t be surprised if your partner feels more comfortable talking about things with their work spouse or another friend instead of you! Everyone needs to vent about work, so if not you, your partner will inevitably find someone else. [Read: How to know if your partner’s work spouse is way too close to your partner]

#5 There’s a new secret everyday. Secrets are always fun to talk about. You can talk about secrets as a game where each of you have to take turns to reveal one new secret. It’ll be a lot of fun, and both of you can get to know each other more intimately.

#6 This week’s pick. There’s always something new and fun every week when it comes to movies and shows, or even what’s new on Netflix. Talk about each other’s favorite shows or the movies both of you are excited to watch together.

#7 What would you like to eat? Even if your lover isn’t passionate about cooking, they’d at least appreciate good food. Talk about new restaurants or places both of you should visit over the weekend or on a special day. It’ll give both of you a chance to explore cuisines together and also make dinner plans over the weeks to come.

#8 The things you think inside your head. Talk about your dreams with your partner. Tell them what you intend to do or what your visions and dreams are. This is one of those relationship topics that’ll make for great conversations, and help your partner get to know your personal side, your ambitions, and your life goals better. [Read: 20 ingenious ways to keep a relationship fun and exciting]

#9 Where would you like to go to next? Plan your vacations or weekend getaways weeks or even months earlier. Vacations are almost always the highlight of an entire calendar year, so even dreamily planning it ahead of time can get both of you excited.

#10 What’s your personal time like? What do you enjoy doing in your own private time? Share your thoughts with your lover. Chances are, your partner too may have a few hobbies that you like.

#11 The lives we lead away from each other. It’s always good to know more about each other’s friends. This relationship topic will help you take a step closer to learning more about your partner’s life and what they do, especially when you aren’t around. [Read: 13 signs your friends are ruining your perfect relationship]

#12 Proud moments. This is one of those relationship topics everyone would really enjoy talking about! Ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to tell you about the moments in life when they’ve felt really proud of their own achievements. Memorable moments and childhood memories always provide for hours of fun, hilarious conversations.

#13 How can I help you with something? Ask your partner if you could help them with something, even if it’s as silly as a chore. Working together on tasks always brings two people closer. And it’ll always make your partner feel grateful for having you around.

#14 Five year plans. If you’ve been dating for a while, talk about where you see yourself five years from now as a couple. Are there any goals both of you could work on, together? Having shared goals always makes the relationship stronger and gives both of you something to work towards.

#15 Self improvement. When you talk about your own flaws and where you’d like to improve, it helps your partner feel more relaxed and comfortable, and they’d break down their own high walls and talk about their vulnerabilities too. This relationship topic is very important, because it’s the only way both of you can bring down your walls and truly open up to each other. [Read: How to open up to someone you’re dating when you’re scared to be vulnerable]

#16 Families. Talking about each other’s families gives hours of interesting details and gossip. And it also helps make first introductions and spending time with family more fun.

#17 Self-improvements in bed. Let’s not call them problems. Call them self-improvements and relationship improvements if you must.

Never push problems in the bedroom under the carpet. At some point, they’ll always come back to haunt both of you. If you aren’t able to perform or don’t feel like having sex all of a sudden, talk about it so both of you can overcome any issues together.

#18 Sex talk. For a relationship to be successful, sexual intimacy is as important as romantic gestures. Talk about your sexually sensitive spots and erogenous zones, positions you like or want to try, your secret sexual fantasies and whatever it is that turns you on in bed. It’ll be exciting and revealing at the same time.

Do you feel like there are some areas you both could do things differently? Are there any new things you’d like to try in real life? Any secret fantasies, perhaps? This is one of those relationship topics that’ll not only get both of you to open up, but also go a long way in making your sex life better. [Read: How to spice up your sex life in 30 sexy ways]

#19 Wellbeing and wellness. While health issues may not be easy to talk about, it’s still a great way to get to know each other and enhance each other’s lives. Are there any ways you could improve your life and make it better? Is there something healthy the two of you could try incorporating into your lifestyle as a couple?

#20 Advice. Communication isn’t always about getting to know more about each other. Every now and then, offer advice and share your suggestions on what your lover could do to improve their life or their work.

#21 What’s your story? Relationship topics about the past are always exciting and fun to talk about. You don’t need to talk about past relationships or your sexual details if that makes you feel uncomfortable. Your partner would want to know about your past though, so if you’re okay with going into details, play it safe and talk about it. But either ways, talk about your childhood, your young dreams and all the little things that make you who you are. [Read: The right way to talk about your past relationships]

#22 The future. What do you want to do with your life? This topic can make for intellectual conversations that can help you get to know your partner’s view about life and the pursuits that matter to them.

#23 Preferences. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can give both of you hours of fun conversations. Talk about each other’s likes and dislikes. After all, preferences always change with time, and the more you know about your partner’s present preference, the better you’d know them.

#24 What can we do together? Plan shared goals together. It could be about painting a wall, running a marathon the next year or just about anything else. When you plan things or try something new together, it brings both of you closer. [Read: How to be the happy couple that’s envied by all other couples]

#25 Personal opinions. If you truly love each other, don’t hold your thoughts back if you want to share what’s on your mind with your lover. It doesn’t matter if it’s a suggestion or a warning, if you feel it, say it. Your partner will feel good to know that you’re always looking out for them no matter what. It always feels good, doesn’t it, when you know that you have a special someone who cares so much about you?

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Use these relationship topics to talk about in your relationship, and you’ll never run out of interesting conversations. And both of you will feel closer to each other with each passing day too.

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