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Public Display of Affection

public display of affection

We’ve all indulged in a bit of public display of affection at some point. But how much public affection is too much? And where does it cross the line? The Super Fella explores the word of public display of affection and his experiences with it.

Public display of affection is common, and even inevitable.

It is quite difficult for two frisky lovers to keep their hands off each other.

But what about the people around them?

Have you ever had an awesome or an annoying experience with public display of affection? I’ve had my share of PDA and I’ve seen a lot of public display too.

What is public display of affection?

Public display of affection or PDA as they are called, is the act of two people indulging in an intimate act in public.

It could be a couple kissing or two girls holding hands, pretty much anything that displays affection between two people.

But when one uses the term “public display of affection”, it’s usually considered to be an act that is rather physical in nature.

No one really knows what people thought of PDA in the old days. But today, public display of affection is something that most couples indulge in, at least in the beginning of their days of physical exploration and discovery.

Why do couples indulge in public display of affection?

Why do couples indulge in a bout of wild making out in front of others when they can find a room or a backseat in some isolated parking lot? Cheryl, 23, says “I love PDA. There’s something about them that makes me feel so good. I’m not trying to do that just to show off, but it’s exciting to make out in parties when there are others around.”

Each of them have their own reason to give their hands and tongues some exercise in public, but when we look through the most common reasons, you’ll find that most young lovers indulge in public display of affection because they find it exciting and it turns them on a lot more than the regular kiss in solitary confinement.

My public experience with public display of affection

We’ve all been there at least once in our lives, we wanted to watch this great movie that we’ve been waiting to watch for weeks, and we finally get the time and the ticket at the same time. Whoopee!

But then the inevitable happens. A cooing couple walk into the row ahead of you and sit down quietly. It’s all pretty and the couple look into each other’s eyes every now and then. The girl slowly places her head on his shoulders and he gently strokes her hair.

Awww… warm and sappy. They look so sweet.

He kisses her forehead and she gushes. She gives a peck on his cheek and he grins. Now you align your head strategically in between their two faces so you can watch the movie, but they seem to be moving constantly.

Half an hour passes, and then the intermission comes and goes. Beyond that point, all you can see is each of them coiling and uncoiling with affection every now and then, and you get to watch them exchanging coke, saliva, and any other bodily fluids that is comfortably permissible in the movie hall.

It’s pretty hard to figure what you want to watch, your long awaited chick flick or the live public display of affection romp in the front row. The last time I remember being in a situation like this, I chose the live public display. I could always watch the movie legally on DVD, but I can’t say the same about these horny amateurs, can I? [Read: Flashing in public for the shy]

People that hate public display of affection

Can anyone hate PDA? Yes! Of course, they can definitely hate it. A person who thinks public display of affection is sweet can also hate it, and hate it bad. You see, PDA is extremely subjective and relative. If you’re watching a movie, and a bit of love and action in the front row, only to find out that it’s your boyfriend with the girl you hate, you will definitely detest public display of affection.

If you’re taking a walk in the park and find your daughter kissing a guy in the romantic setting of the potted plants, you would definitely hate PDA.

Well, you’re probably going to kill the guy and go to jail too, which will make your spouse hate public display of affection. So you see, there can be several reasons to hate this show of love in public.

And it can also start a vicious chain of public display of affection haters, and they would only breed more haters, and then some more. You can picture this, right? Or just go watch “dawn of the dead” or “land of the dead”, or whatever shows you a horde of mindless zombies who attack the naked women and the dorky guy in their bedrooms! That will help you understand what I mean.

As much as we want people to accept that babies are not dropped by the swans at our doorsteps, moral brigades and snotty neighbors smirk or stare dirty when it comes to PDA. So why do you hate PDA? Wait, I know, you have an ugly partner!

All of  us know about making out, or want to know about making out. But yet we pretend like getting physical with someone is such a big deal.

If you stop the guy from kissing the girl in a movie theatre, they’ll stop watching movies and stay back at home so the guy can slip his hand under the girl’s shirt. So whose loss is that? You don’t get to see some action, and hell, they’re doing more naughty stuff in the room!

Now how much is really too much?

As much as I’m trying to say public display of affection is good, I’m pretty sure I would hate them at some point of my life. But then again, maybe not!

But in any case, there are a few things that should not be exceeded in PDA. This guide on public display of affection etiquette should help you understand more about it. No one wants to see any flashing of well concealed regions nor do we want to see anything gross.

If you really want to indulge in PDA, then make sure you don’t make anyone around you feel uncomfortable. Grinding and groping may be good in clubs, and kissing might be acceptable at airports and friends’ places. But in parks, I’d suggest holding hands and maybe a small kiss on the lips. Nothing more than that.

You don’t want some guy to hide in the bushes behind you and do some ‘funny’ things with himself while watching you, do you? [Read: Public flashing confessions]

If you want to indulge in something raunchier, and really want to show off, then I’d suggest you go over to a friend’s place and try your luck. Or you could even do it in your room. One last thing I want to remind you again about public display of affection is that it’s fine as long as the people around you are comfortable, or perhaps even happy. [Read: Rainbow party guide]

If not, then you’re doing the wrong thing at the wrong place. Just use your head and have fun with your public display of affection, but at no one else’s displeasure or cost.

There’s a lot more to public display of affection than just a couple making out for attention. We’re just warming up on the conversation. Click here to continue reading about couples kissing in public and why they really do it.

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17 thoughts on “Public Display of Affection”

  1. Gemma says:

    Lol, this is just hilarious! I don’t know if I should laugh or feel bad because you missed the movie. I guess you did experience a bad case of public display of affection, but perhaps, not all of them have to be this bad.

    There are some teenagers though, who give public display of affection a bad name, but I think PDA can be cute at time, especially when the lovers are still young in love. It’s funny to see how they can’t keep their hands off each other, but yet are too coy to actually grope each other in public!

  2. Patricia says:

    Kissing publicly without any consideration of the crowd is not acceptable for me. It is okay to be sweet and show intimacy but not to the extent that you two are almost making love.

  3. Tony says:

    People do not hate PDA because their own partner is ugly, people hate PDA because the ones committing it are ugly. Every time I see a gross couple making out, they are ugly, fat, gross, obnoxious, an ultimately, stupid…case in point, check out these two fat losers: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-_zDn_9cIAbQ/TvAE6anesPI/AAAAAAAAEIo/mMwuHxLVNRQ/s400/Picture+1.png

    In most cases, one of the parties is usually so ugly that he/she/it had to display to the world that, “yes, I was able to get somebody drunk enough/I paid a fortune for this.” I have never been turned on by PDA- always the opposite.

  4. D says:

    Tony – You are an insensitive douchebag. Where the hell deo you get off judging others. God I seriously dislike people like you who think they are better than others. Prick.

  5. Alyssa Decesare says:

    It makes me feel awkward when I see people around me making out and I don’t have anyone to make out with.

  6. casey says:

    hahaha PDA is OK but i think some teens experience it to early (doing it/ seeing it) some go to far for there age and i think young Love is OK to be see even old love but its more a sens of whens to much iv seen some 40year old couple cloths on but on top of each other going at a fall on make out sesh were kids are around i think they should have more restraint or awareness and young one as long as there not to young i think it cant be sweet and have a innocents to it like a this new type of innocents

  7. Victor says:

    Why are we saying teenagers are the only ones having PDA, I’m 45 years old and still love PDA. And at this point in my life I’m quite skilled at it and it’s not just kissing gong on.

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