Does He or Doesn’t He? 30 Guaranteed Signs He Likes You

You probably think guys are confusing. However, you can easily figure out his feelings for you. All you have to do is look for the signs he likes you.

signs he likes you

You’re probably thinking how complicated men are, but they’re really not. In fact, they’re pretty bad at hiding their feelings for girls. So, you just have to play detective and try to scope out the signs he likes you.

Does he like you?

While you’re reading these signs, see if any of them match the behavior of the guy you like. Let’s not waste any more time, here are the 30 signs that he’s into you.

#1 He says it. This is the easiest way to find out how he feels. He’ll just tell you. If you’re blessed with this, well, then the rest is easy from there. Of course, many guys are scared of rejection, so you’ll probably need to continue reading. I mean, you’re probably reading this because he hasn’t told you how he feels. [Read: How to tell if a guy is into you: 22 hints he just can’t hide]

#2 The eyes say it all. There’s the look that actual male friends gives you and then there’s the look you get from a guy that’s into you. If you can’t tell the difference, which you will with time, then look at the frequency of him looking at you. Noticing that he can’t take his eyes off of you? Yeah, it’s because he’s into you.

#3 Staring at your mouth. There’s something called the ‘flirting triangle.’ No, it’s not where ships disappear but rather where the guy looks at you. If you notice his eyes staring at your eyes, and then your mouth, and repeats the cycle, well, the flirting triangle, he’s interested in more than what you’re blabbing about. He wants to kiss you.

#4 Gives a full-body scan. Usually, one of the clearest signs he likes you is when he scans you from the bottom up. Men are very visual and by scanning you, they’re checking you out. If they continue to scan you, they can’t get enough of your body.

#5 Clowns around. He wants to make you laugh, so he’ll be trying to pull out his best jokes in front of you. The best moment for him is when you’re laughing because of him. It’s a pride thing. He’s always trying to get you to laugh because he wants you to be happy around him. [Read: Read his mind: 30 definite signs a guy is totally into you]

#6 Likes to be close. If the room is empty but he chooses to sit pressed up against you, well, come on girl, he’s into you. Men like their own space, however, if they like you, they’ll sit right up next to you.

#7 He peacocks. When they’re interested in a woman, men always try to act like the alpha male. I like to call it peacocking. They have to show you that they’re the better option than the rest of the guys out there. So, if he’s trying to show you that he’s a “man” then he’s into you.

#8 He’s paying extra attention to his appearance. Want more signs he likes you? Take a look at his clothes. Perhaps he’s always wearing baggy jeans and a baseball cap, but now, he’s cleaned up his look and is paying more attention to fashion. That didn’t happen because he all of a sudden became inspired by Coco Chanel. He’s trying to look good for you.

#9 He listens. There are guys that will just say, “yes” to everything you say, but if he remembers small details of stories you’ve told, he’s been listening. And what does that mean, ladies? He likes you. Men don’t like to waste their time listening to people they’re not interested in.

#10 Asks you questions. He wants to know everything about you. Where you went to school, how many siblings you have, and he’s not asking you these questions because he has to. He’s asking you because he wants to know more about you. If he’s taking the time to get to know you on a personal level, he likes you. [Read: 60 get to know you questions for a new romance]

#11 He’s different around you. If he’s completely different around you and his friends, he may like you. He could be more talkative or quiet around you, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that he’s not acting 100% natural around you because he’s trying to impress you.

#12 He leans in. Maybe your story is really interesting. It probably isn’t, but never mind, the guy is leaning into you like you’re J.K Rowling. If he’s leaning in, he’s trying to show you he’s attentive and interested. If he’s leaning back, it doesn’t mean he dislikes you, maybe you ate garlic.

#13 He pays. Friends don’t pay for friends. But, if a guy likes you, he’ll pay for your drink or dinner. It’s more of a pride thing, he wants to show you that he can take care of you. So, if the guy pays–he likes you. [Read: 25 surefire signs a guy really likes you]

#14 Smiles all the time. Is he always smiling around you? Even when you’re not talking? The guy is literally glowing from the inside out. Maybe it’s the shot of vodka you two just had, but I bet it’s because you’re beside him.

#15 He completely ignores you. Okay, this one is annoying, but sometimes, guys think it’s a good idea to ignore the girl so that she comes to him instead. He could also be ignoring you because he doesn’t actually like you, but if there are other signs with this one, then probably not. But seriously, if he’s doing this because he likes you, he’s immature. [Read: How guys flirt: 15 subtle things guys do to impress a girl]

#16 He’s protective of you. He walks you to your front door or asks you to text him that you’re safe. He could just be a gentleman, however, usually friends wouldn’t take it to that level. If he’s protective over you, it’s because he cares about you.

#17 Jealousy. Other guys are checking you out, and you see him beaming with jealousy. If he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t care if a guy was hitting on you or asking you out for dinner. Why be jealous? He would be happy. So, if he’s jealous, he has feelings for you.

#18 Tries to impress you. He wants to show you his new car, take you to his favorite restaurant, tell you that he met Leonardo Dicaprio at a pool party once. Now, this could be two things: that he’s full of himself or that he’s trying to impress you. You just need to figure out which one it is.

#19 Teases you. You know the old saying, if a boy teases you, he likes you. Well, it’s kinda true. If a boy teases you, it’s most likely that he’s trying to cover his feelings for you. Try to turn this teasing into flirting if you want to move things forward.

#20 He starts the conversation. He has no problem coming up to you to talk or sending you a good morning text. By him taking initiative, he’s showing that he’s interested in you. If you’re the one starting every conversation, it’s probably a one-sided relationship. [Read: Dumb things we do in the name of that four letter word: LOVE]

#21 Compliments you. It’s normal if men compliment women. However, he’ll be noticing the small changes you made. Maybe you colored your hair a shade darker, if he likes you, he noticed.

#22 Doesn’t look at his phone. You may be wondering if he even has any friends. He does and his phone probably has a list of missed calls and texts. But it doesn’t matter, those things can wait, he’s with you. If he’s not pulling his phone out every five minutes, well, he’s interested in spending time with you.

#23 Is planning ahead. “Oh, we have to go there” or “ Let’s try this out sometime,” yeah, he’s not saying those things to lead you on. He’s using these lines because he’s planning ahead of time. He sees you in his future. [Read: Is he attracted to you? 16 giveaways to watch out for]

#24 You’re number one. He should be studying for an exam, but instead, he’s out for coffee with you. He could have gone to the bar with his friends but wanted to watch a movie with you instead. He’s making you a priority. He has other things to do, believe me, but you’re more important.

#25 Touches you. Unless you’re really good friends, men don’t usually go out of their way to touch a woman, especially if they don’t like her. So, if he’s into you, he may hug you frequently or put his arm around you casually. But, don’t take that so lightly, he wouldn’t lay a hand on you unless he liked you. [Read: Not child’s play! 20 love riddles and the complexity of love]

#26 Does what you like. If he found out you’re into jazz or you like watching figure skating, he may suggest that he keeps you company. He may hate jazz, but if you’re going he’ll sit through whatever he has to, just as long as you’re there.

#27 Texts you when he’s not around. If you just hung out with him and he’s texting you right after you left, he’s into you. Though you may have gone home, he’s not done having a good time with you. If you’re staying up till 3am texting, he’s into you.

#28 He doesn’t mention other women. If he wanted you to get the hint that he doesn’t like you, he would talk about other women. However, if he never mentions another girl, that’s because he doesn’t want you to think there’s anyone else.

#29 He suggests one-on-one. If he only wants to hang out with you in a group, he’s avoiding one-on-one contact which is not a good sign. But, if he’s asking to hang out with only you, well, this is a no-brainer. No guy would spend one-on-one time with a girl they’re not interested in. [Read: Does my guy friend like me? 15 signs he’s crushing on you]

#30 Rule of four. Okay, so you’re probably wondering do all of these signs mean he likes you? No. You’re going to need more evidence. So, go with the rule of four. You need four of these signs to confirm that he’s into you. Anything less is too much of a risk. So, four or more, and you’re gold.

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Now that you know about these 30 signs he likes you, next time you see him, try to see if his behavior matches any of these. Follow the rule of four!

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