25 Signs He Loves You Even If He Doesn’t Say It Out Loud

25 Signs He Loves You Even If He Doesn't Say It Out Loud

Are you wondering if he really loves you or whether it’s just a fling thing? Use these 25 signs he loves you to decode if love is really on his mind.

Dating a guy can be easy.

But reading his mind?

Well, that’s tricky business.

Several guys are quite comfortable with expressing their affections for the one they love.

But most guys have a hard time expressing their feelings the romantic way.

Your guy may say that he loves you, but he may not be the most proficient when it comes to expressing just how much you mean to him.

If you’re dating the guy already, read on.

But if you want to know if a guy you’re not dating just yet likes you, read these awesome signs in signs he’s in love with you already.

Signs he loves you a lot

You can try to prod romantic answers out of the man you love, but it’ll still leave you confused.

But there are ways to know just how much he loves you without forcing words out of his mouth.

All you need to do is read the signs.

[Read: 30 facts about guys that can help you read his mind]

For girls, saying “I love you” is the biggest sign of commitment in a relationship. And girls love feeling reassured every now and then.

But for guys, saying “I love you” the first few times is important. Beyond that, compatibility and understanding matters more than anything else. [Read: The different stages of love for guys]

If your boyfriend or husband doesn’t express his romantic side as often as you’d like him to, it doesn’t mean he’s getting bored of you. He may actually be indulging in many other ways to express his true love for you. But are you really noticing it?

25 unspoken signs and gestures that prove your guy loves you

If you really want to know just how much your man loves you, stop letting words play the important part. Instead, watch his behavior and use these 25 signs he loves you to read his mind.

It’ll help you understand your man better and even make you see just how much he really loves you!

So does your guy really love you, even if he doesn’t express his love through words? Find out here. [Read: 25 easy tips to make your boyfriend happy everyday]

#1 He remembers what you say. A guy who’s in love with a girl always listens to her and remembers what she says, even if it’s something trivial because he takes her seriously.

#2 He’s chivalrous and treats you like a lady. A guy is chivalrous to a girl when he cares about what she thinks of his behavior. If your guy doesn’t care about you, he wouldn’t care what you think of his behavior.

#3 He takes care of your needs. If your man truly loves you, he’d always look for little ways to make your life better, be it about covering you with a blanket when you’re cold, charging your cell phone even when you don’t ask him, or serving you the better piece of chicken when you’re not looking.

#4 You’re always a part of his big plan in life. He speaks about his life and his dreams with you, and you always have a prominent place in all his future plans.

#5 He holds your hand instinctively when you’re in a crowd, or places his hand on your back while crossing the street. This is a reflex action that neither of you may realize. If a guy loves you, he’d definitely want to protect you and reassure you.

#6 He values your opinions a lot and doesn’t take any important decisions about his own life without hearing your opinions and having a discussion with you.

#7 He wraps his hands around you or stands closer to you when you’re talking to some other guys and having a good laugh. It’s his way of letting the world know that you’re the one he loves and every other guy should back away. [Read: 15 subtle signs of a controlling boyfriend you wouldn’t normally notice]

#8 He uses the word “we” instead of saying “I” or “Me” while talking and doesn’t even realize it.

#9 He’s very protective of you. If you’re taking a trip by yourself or even if you’re just driving out with friends, does he like receiving your call after you get to your destination? If your man can relax only after knowing that you’re safe, no matter where you are, he definitely has a special spot for you in his heart.

#10 He’s very interested in your life. If your man loves you, he’d always be eager to know everything about your day, including the little details.

#11 The helping hand. He’s always ready to offer a helping hand every time you ask him *even if he’s busy and he does it while whining and grumbling at the same time*. [Read: 13 clingy girlfriend signs and how you can avoid it]

#12 After the fight. He makes up after a fight just as much as you make up with him. And at times, he even swallows his pride and apologizes first even if it’s not his fault in any manner.

#13 He keeps you updated. He keeps you informed about his life and what he’s up to even though he knows he has no obligation to do so.

#14 He respects you and treats you with a lot of respect. He doesn’t stare at other girls when you’re around, neither does he cut you in the middle of a conversation.

#15 You’re the last person he speaks to or texts at night. If he loves you, you’d be the first and last thing on his mind every time he wakes up or goes to sleep.

#16 He sacrifices his happiness to see you happy. It could be something as small as choosing a restaurant for dinner or giving you the fluffier pillow or something way bigger that can impact his life. [Read: 9 relationship stages that all couples go through]

#17 He makes a lot of effort to be liked by your friends and family. He cares about what your friends and family think of him and he also understands that their impression of him will affect your relationship with your friends and family.

#18 He can’t stay mad at you for any reason for more than a couple of hours. People in love can’t stay mad at each other for long, it hurts both lovers too much. So if he takes the effort to apologize or accept your apology, he really does care about you and your feelings.

#19 He talks a lot. If a guy loves you, you’d find that he opens up really easily to you and talks a lot about everything, be it his life, his plans, his work or even about how annoying his friends really are. [Read: 10 things girls should never say to guys ever!]

#20 He loves spending time with you. He goes out of his way to be with you. And if he has to cancel a date for any genuine reason, he’d do everything it takes to make it up to you on the next date.

#21 He stands up for you, no matter what you’ve done and no matter where he is. A man who truly loves his woman will stand by her side even if she’s on the wrong. He may criticize you in private, but never ever in public. [Read: 7 secret signs of a relationship that’s going bad]

#22 Making a choice. If he has to choose between you and anything else in the world, he’d choose you in a flash without even thinking, because he doesn’t need to weigh any options there.

#23 He never forgets your special days, be it your birthday or anniversaries or a big day at work. And he goes out of his way to help you prepare for any big days or events in your life.

#24 He doesn’t get annoyed with you even if he’s busy and you tease him or fool around with him. [Read: 10 fun sex games to play with your boyfriend]

#25 At a social gathering, he never gives any girl more attention than he gives you, even if he meets a celebrity.

Don’t jump to conclusions about your man’s love for you. After all, most men aren’t the biggest romantics. But they do have really big hearts that’s full of love for you and you alone.

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So does your man indulge in all these non-verbal gestures? Use these 25 signs he loves you to truly understand just how much you mean to your man and just how much he loves you!

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40 thoughts on “25 Signs He Loves You Even If He Doesn’t Say It Out Loud”

  1. Sweet says:

    I never believed him when he said “I love you”. But these signs show that he was really into me, because he fulfilled all of them, now I regret ending our relationship!

  2. Chloe says:

    Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 1 year and 2 1/2 months and are still going strong!:) He’s not the type for physical contact just yet (which I’m perfectly comfortable with because I’ve never kissed or held a guys hand before) but he was willing to take the extra step and try to ease into the kissing and holding hand stages of our relationship. Everything on this list describes him perfectly!

    Thank you!

  3. Zoe says:

    Does he still like/love me even when he doesn’t show all 25 of them, but more like 12/25?

  4. KG says:

    ^^ lol at Zoe!

    Mine’s more like 20/25 haha

  5. Tonia says:

    Wow, we only been dating for a few weeks and he does most of them all ready. I know I’m falling for this guy he’s amazing and I think he just may be the one. According to this he may very well be thinking the same thing. I excited and happy every time were together.

  6. J says:

    I’d say most guys are actually the true romantics. When you don’t need love you tend to appreciate it more when it’s there. Since most women need love like they need oxygen it’s taken for granted. Women can appreciate romantic gestures, but they sure can’t come up with them. Hell, often women will say “he did what? That’s so sweet! But if she were the one he did it for she’d be creeped and banging her guy friend in the bathroom immediately after a tepid thank you hug to her boyfriend just to sever the emotional connection as quickly as possible.

  7. Ilona says:

    i like this guy and he calls me his baby…..but he doesn’t do all of those things :(..more like 10/25)…. but well we haven’t seen each other in rl life yet….. i think he’s super sweet and lovely….but it’s always him that suddenly has to go to sleep cause he got work the other day….or he needs to help his parents with something…..and he said to me: i secretly miss you or i secretly think about you every day…but why use secretly all the time? :S don’t get it! help me!

  8. erin says:

    what if he does most of those, but has just admitted recently that he doesn’t think about me everyday…is this strange or normal for a guy?

  9. tim says:

    although this article is a man/woman I’ve applied it to my gay relationship… last evening i broke up with him , he would not express himself ! i read this article only to discover that I truly love him / which i already knew — everything on this list applies to my behavior towards him NONE of it applies to his behavior for me ……. I tried …….

  10. Joann says:

    24/25 not bad for being together for 9 years!!

  11. Vicky says:

    23/25. Not bad, not bad… It’s an A-. xD

    He tends to forget a lot of things, but to his credit, he has poor memory for trivial details to begin with and the last time I ran a complete “How Much Do You Know about Me” quiz on him and he got nervous when placed on the spot. But, also to his credit, he remembers a lot about me that I didn’t expect him to remember and never told him. He’ll choose to spend time with his family over me (except on certain holidays) but I understand that since I do the same thing anyway. ^^’ Family is important after all. We did have a problem where I thought he was spending more time with his friends than he was with me, but when I looked back and really thought about it, he was actually giving up a lot of time that he’d normally spend with them to spend with me and I was being selfish (hence our temporary break-up ._.). It just wasn’t fair that I could spend as much time as I wanted with my family and friends and then him but I was demanding all of his time. Well, you live and you learn. All is definitely well now, and we’re together again and stronger for the experience. =D

    This is a good list and it really covers a lot of things that guys will do to express love, I think. At least genuine love. Not the kind that’s mass marketed to hormonally-crazed teenagers and preteens who think they’re teenagers. lol It’s not a shallow list, saying things like “He’ll buy you etc.” If your guy doesn’t show all of the traits listed, it’s not that bad. You should probably just be cautious, is all. Anything less than a 15/25 is an F!

  12. lexi says:

    All the things that you said had happened to me , and after that still hard to be believed he loves me. I’m glad he didn’t taked serious about that breaking up a few days ago..

  13. Anna says:

    Well I’m applying this to my lesbian relationship, and we’re something like maybe 18/25. But every relationship is different, so people shouldn’t take this so seriously. Like, we don’t show affection around other people, and she sometimes gets annoyed with me, but we definitely still love each other.

  14. Bee says:

    24/25. My boyfriend’s never had to stand up for me before, but I know he would if the situation arose!
    I really am lucky. My boyfriend is a princely type. 🙂

  15. Sarah says:

    There’s this guy in my school that I really like. He’s actually my first bf and my ex(currently my ex) its all really awkward because we don’t talk anymore, actually it all stopped very suddenly. I’m confused if he likes me or not because he’s always looking at me in class and it seems like he does that whenever he gets the chance. It may be coincidental but I don’t think so. Everytime I saw him after school(but still in school) at the weight room, I’d be grabbing water and there he would be, standing right behind me, waiting for water. If I was standing near a piece of equipment he’d come over and start using it. If I would start to work out he’d walk by me constantly. I also am confused because some random guy starts texting my friend, talking about me and saying I had pretty eyes and such. I don’t know if it’s him but he still hasn’t revealed himself. I suppose thats irrelevant. But does it seem like he likes me? I just don’t know…

  16. Snoopy says:

    You know what the important thing is in this list? The depth of his efforts. If the guy makes your heart melt with his genuine efforts and emotions, that is love. Merely covering all these points is very easy for a person who just wants to quickly get into your good books and gain power/control over you, the worst form of casanova and he is so skilled he can do it with any girl. So, there is a difference in the level how man offers help and also in how he just devotes his entire attention to you along with care. If somehow you don’t believe your partner who fulfills everything in the list, you might not be wrong. Think of every picture especially the last point, if he has roving eyes in the beginning of a relationship itself and if he has a lot of female friends with whom has had flirtatious relationship, think very carefully about that man. On the other hand, if there is a genuine regular guy, who falls head over heels in love with you and there is actually you and only you on his mind, you’ll see, there isn’t enough time for you or him to think about anyone else. The level to which a man cares about you and includes you in his life is very important than just superficially covering all list-points.

  17. Tia says:

    sometimes in relationships things aren’t always gonna be 25/25! I really don’t think that all realationships are gonna be like that. You are gonna have bumps in the relationships but that is what makes us human!!!

  18. Fred Sanford says:

    Men don’t love ANY of you. YOU are ALL delusional.

  19. Ayda says:

    I really liked this article cause honestly, I thought that because he stopped saying that he loves me a lot, it meant that he was losing his feelings for me but he does all the things above so I feel much much better now 🙂
    Thanks again!

  20. No Name says:

    Decided to read this, out of curiosity, because i ead the are you in love article. Tirns out, Im in love! And he potentially loves me too.
    Only one problem, I have my friend to blame for that. Earlier this year he asked her out, she said no. She confessed to me like 5 minutes after it happened, but he was really embarrassed.
    eventually became good enough friends that he also confessed! He said that he thought he could trust me because I was such great friend, that would be non-judgmental. On the outside I smiled and said that that was good to hear, but inside I was like: ‘Hooray Friendzoned again!’
    So this is my sad tale of which has no end because he keeps on doing things that make me think: ‘Oh maybe he might ask today?’ Like walking me down to the waiting area, and then talking to me right until he can see his bus coming up the hill, then he sprints to the bus. We always seem to have fun in each others company. We’ve never actually hugged, but I take it as a good sign because he always hugs every other girl so I must been special to him or something. Anyway, would love all your opinions.

  21. My dear gays says:

    To all the gays and lesbians chiming in “okay so I have applied these to my gay or lesbian relationship etc” … you can’t! Lol these are heterosexual signs of heterosexual courtship! No offense, but doesn’t Queerty have these kinds of articles? Leave at least A FEW crumbs for us straights, please? COME ON, IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU

  22. Hayblue says:

    Can anyone tell me my bf never says he loves me but he said I like you a lot and want to see me and I told him you don’t love me so we are not bf/gf we are just friend with benefit and he doesn’t like it he told me I have to wait how can I wait? we are relationship but never talk about love sometime it hurts but I never tell him but I like him cause he takes me out everything is up to me and when I said something he just smile.. I am trying not in love with him also and then he said I am so mean to him actually I just don’t want to see him cause if I see him more I will like him more and more and he doesn’t text with any girls also and he was angry me sometime when I talked about other guys cause I told him u r not my bf u r my fuck buddy and he said if I am your fuck buddy can I fuck the other girls I said no if u duck other girls don’t never talk to me again I hate also cause I don’t have any guy and he doesn’t massage often just only sometime when we go out or go to dinner.. What should I do??

  23. john martinez says:

    me and my wife have been together 22 year’s married 10 year’s, till this day i tell her that I love her and she doesn’t say it back to me anymore. she has cheated on me before. WHAT SHOULD I DO if she cold shoulders me most of the time.

  24. Hawailla salifu says:

    i love dis guy very much but he dont realise it at all what should i do help me out please

  25. Brandy says:

    Been together 6 years and he doesn’t do any of these and I have to force I love you out of him!! And we have 2 kids. He’s nicer to his friends! And good to our kids! When I try to talk he says I’m needy!! 🙁

  26. Amy says:

    Actually after reading this article I’ve known my bf does really love and in love with me. He almost completely reaches 25 signs. We’ve been together for 3 years and expect a happy life together very soon in the future. I’m so proud of him. I count about him usually does when he’s around me are 24 signs. He always makes me feel like the happiest and luckiest girl in the world that would make some girls stare at us when we’re out together. But I really don’t care. He makes my world goes crazy and just wanna be with him forever ever. Love to be loved by him.

  27. Graze says:

    We will be 4 years in April! He never cheated me! And he don’t care to have phone..We are living together already but those signs written above most of the answer is No..and only SOMETIMES YES..
    Is he truly love me or what?
    Does he really care my feelings?
    I won’t deny the fact that I am inlove with him, we are engaged but I need to understand his true feelings before it will happen..
    Can I have the serious advice?
    Please respect my comment. .

  28. Annie says:

    I guess I am with the wrong person since a long time 🙁 🙁 :'(
    But i do love him a lot n dun wanna let him go :'( :'(

  29. Eylem says:

    We have been dating for 8 months and from the first day till now i am in love with him. He never said he loves me. He said he likes me but he cant say he loves me yet..
    As reading the 25 points i can see is mine is 5/25.. we are about to break up and i really dont want to. But i also need to let him go. I cant force him. I am just so confused..

  30. e says:

    So…..my husband says “love you” as opposed to “I love you.” Are they one and the same? Or is he not owning it?

  31. dude says:

    This is a a girls version of a perfect man no man does all of these things lol

  32. kitty says:

    Yup..my bf hv ol 25 qualities..he loves me alot..

  33. wow! says:

    I think every girl on here complaining about whether a guy loves them or not is ridiculous. If you’re questioning his love for you then this checklist won’t help. Communication is key in a relationship, obviously if you can’t communicate enough to know if he loves you, he doesn’t. Move on!! You all need psychiatric help.

  34. Elena says:

    Me and my Boyfriend are like 20/25 xD
    Not bad ^^

  35. sharon says:

    i am from a very serious break up in which my guy went back to his ex what do i get to do now

  36. lari says:

    24/25… but he is my friend, does he love me?

  37. Zara ahmad says:

    Plz tell me how you know that ur bf love u..

  38. Wife says:

    How about 1 out of 25? He only remembers about my birthday and it’s probably only because fb sends him a reminder.

  39. Emma Y. says:

    My boyfriend doesn’t do any of this! He does the complete opposite of these things and never let me see his family and friends.

  40. child escorts says:

    see child porn in google in my websites

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