Foreplay Ideas for Him: 29 Moves to Get a Guy Mad-Horny With Ease

Want to drive your guy crazy in bed? Learn some foreplay ideas for him and watch him go from serene to insane in a matter of minutes!

foreplay ideas for him men

It’s a common myth that men don’t need foreplay. For men, evolution has taught their shorts to go stiff as soon as they see an opportunity. But is it always true? Or, could knowing some foreplay ideas for him be all it takes to move things to another level?

At the beginning of the relationship, all a guy needs to see is a flash of his girlfriend’s skin to get ready for action.

But as time goes by, things can start to get rather repetitive and obvious. When there’s no novelty anymore, you definitely need to start focusing on his mind more than his little head to keep him excited in bed.

Give your man something extra special to think about by indulging in these foreplay moves for men that can get him to appreciate your body and exercise his sexual mind at the same time. [Read: 37 potent secrets to help a man get his erection up and keep it hard all night long]

Never side-step foreplay if you want to keep things hot

As much as men usually stray from foreplay, we don’t understand why they can’t see the importance of it. In all honesty, it’s probably more important than actual penetration.

Without foreplay, you would basically be a car without an engine—nothing to warm you up. That’s why foreplay ideas for him are so important.

Foreplay increases sexual tension, builds it up, and turns you on. It has less to do with sex and more to do with connection and intimacy. Penetration, at the end of the day, is really just a small fraction of the entire concept of sex.

So if you want to arouse your man and get him interested in foreplay, here are a few really good foreplay moves for men that work like a charm. Heck, he may not even realize it’s foreplay because he’ll be having so much fun! [Read: 19 wild and naughty foreplay games for couples to make both of you really horny in minutes]

Foreplay ideas for him to try tonight!

Learn to get him to appreciate your body, desire you, and feel lucky to have you with these foreplay moves for men.

Be sexily unpredictable, and he’ll awe you. Get his horny mind working and he’ll always get aroused by you and your dirty talk.

Use these foreplay ideas for him to do just that. [Read: Tips on turning a guy on]

1. Watch porn in bed

Watching porn can be a great way to help bring both of you closer. It’s exciting and stimulating as long as both of you are comfortable with appreciating other people’s bodies in front of each other.

The focus here isn’t on just watching, but on replicating the moves you see on the screen in your own bed.

A good half an hour of watching porn and having hands run all over each other can delay sex and excite both of you. [Confession: How erotica saved my marriage]

2. Dress up for him

Your man may be used to seeing you naked around the house. But that doesn’t mean he can’t get turned on by you when you wear your bare minimum. As foreplay, dress up for him and wear racy lingerie.

The sexier you look, the longer he’d want you to keep your lingerie on as he touches all over you. Sometimes, all you need is a new look to get the blood flowing to his loins. This is one of the best foreplay ideas for him to hit the spot! [Read: Sexy tips to dress for sex and arouse your man the second he looks at you]

3. Go clubbing and grind with him

Foreplay doesn’t always have to start in bed. At times, a club can be the perfect setting to tighten his pants for several hours at a go. When you’re at a club, the air is almost always filled with sex and lust.

And as boring as your sex life can seem, bringing your man to a crowded club with sexy people all around will always get his hormones raging. Once you start grinding him, there’s little he can do to avoid a raging erection. [Read: How to grind with a guy sexily and discreetly]

4. Massage him

A massage is a perfectly sensual way to give him a happy ending at the end of the day. Bring out your massage oils and scented candles, talk sexily as you stroke him and move your body against him, and all he’ll want to do is have sex with you.

5. Recreate sexual fantasies

When both of you slip into bed, talk naughty with your man. This is one of the foreplay ideas for him that doesn’t even involve touch.

Just sit close to him and whisper about the first time he touched you or played with your breasts. Or remind him about the way both of you felt when you first had sex together. [Read: How to talk dirty to a guy and arouse him with the sexiest words]

Dirty talk has a great impact on a man’s libido. It creates a sexy world of imagination with limitless possibilities that can lead to a sexy rush even before he gets inside you.

6. Have a bath together

If both of you are not particularly in the mood for a fancy night out in the town, slip into the bathtub and just relax in each other’s arms. You can bring out the candles and wear a sheer cotton shirt in the tub before revealing it all to him.

Don’t focus on sex right away. Instead, just play with each other’s bodies. It will be the perfect round of foreplay to invigorate him after a long day at work.

7. Public display of affection

After dinner or a few hours of clubbing, indulge in a bit of foreplay by making out in the car, either in the parking lot or on a lonely spot on the way home. Build up the sexual tension so he’ll want to get home and do something about that hard-on in his pants.

Public displays of affection are always a huge turn on for a guy. [Read: Road head confessions of a good girl]

8. Snap your memories

Cameras are meant for racy snaps. Take out your phone *or use a camera* and get racy with it. Sext him a naked photo of you when he’s on his way home. Or when both of you are in bed, hand him a camera and ask him to take a few pictures when you’re nude and doing something dirty to him.

Make sure the photos will always stay safe and away from prying eyes by deleting them after the fun and games. [Read: How to take good nudes – 36 tips for the sexiest naked selfies ever]

9. Role play with each other

Role play is the perfect idea of foreplay to keep your man in the mood, without focusing on sex. Dress up as his favorite fantasy character and tease him. You could even tie him up or just let him explore your body without undressing you.

Recreating his secret fantasies is one of the sexiest foreplay moves for men. [Read: The sexual roleplay guide for beginners]

10. Live webcam

In terms of foreplay ideas for him, this is risqué, but well, sexual highs do come with a pinch of salt at times. If both of you enjoy it, get in front of your webcam and log onto a few webcam chatting sites like Chatroulette or Omegle.

Play it safe by tilting your webcam low enough to avoid revealing your faces to other chatters.

Play with your man using your fingers and chances are, he’ll have a huge erection and a racing heart in no time.

11. Sexy secrets

Dress sexy when you go out, or even if you’re at home with a few friends. But don’t wear a bra. Do something outrageous, even if no one else can see it. [Read: 27 fun and naughty sex games to play with your man]

And out of the blue, move closer to him and whisper your little secret in his ear that you’re not wearing a bra/underwear under your skirt. It doesn’t matter if it’s not obvious to anyone else. What matters is that your man knows your sexy secret.

The chances are, he’ll be in foreplay mode almost as soon as he hears your secret. [Read: 87 dirty truth or dare questions to play with couples]

12. It’s all in his head

To turn a guy on, everything is in his head. While physical attraction may be important, it also takes a few mind games to seduce your man once you’ve been in a relationship for a while.

Make him feel like what you’re doing is sexy and he’ll always get aroused by you. And isn’t sexual arousal the first step in successful foreplay? [Read: How to make your man want you more than ever]

13. Start early

Here’s the thing, many women start foreplay when they get into the bedroom, but you don’t have to. In fact, build up the foreplay the moment you feel horny. If you’re at work and have a sudden sexual thought of him, send him a naughty text or photo.

Sure, you’ll see him later tonight, but the point is, he’s now warming up for it, just as you are. [Read: How to initiate sexting and make your partner want you]

14. Touch yourself in front of him

You’re a woman with sexual needs. Don’t be afraid to show him that you know how to please yourself. This isn’t the 1940s. In fact, men are highly visual and love watching their partner touch themselves in front of them.

You don’t have to be naked. You can even start rubbing yourself over your panties. Do what makes you feel comfortable and sexy and you’ll be performing one of the best foreplay ideas for him. [Read: How to turn a guy on without touching him]

15. Lick those lobes

The earlobes are full of sensitive nerve endings stimulated by gently nibbling, sucking, or licking. So, it’s best you take advantage of them. Start by kissing him, moving away from his lips to his cheeks, and slowly making your way up to his earlobes.

Now, don’t nibble or suck too hard. It’s supposed to stimulate his senses not make him feel he’s been through a wind tunnel. Take your time and be as gentle as you can.

16. Use your hands everywhere

Remember, our bodies are packed with sensitive areas stimulated by touch. These are typically our erogenous zones such as our necks, thighs, ears, breasts, etc. When learning the best foreplay moves for men, make use of these zones.

Don’t be shy, move your hands all over his body. Grab his arms or ass, run your nails through his hair or gently drag them down his back. [Read: The 8 secret zones to touch your guy]

17. Play around with your kissing technique

The reason why people don’t like foreplay is they become bored with just making out. But, it’s not boring. All you have to do is add a couple of tricks into your kissing routine, and you’re good to go. This is one of the foreplay ideas for him that seems really quite innocent but has a major impact.

Gently bite their lower lip, suck their tongue, kiss their neck and earlobe, and suck on your finger. Play around with it. [Read: 15 kissing techniques for a heartbeat skipping kiss]

18. Massage his scalp

Now, this shouldn’t turn into a one-hour massage—that’s not the point. But, this is a great move while you kiss or straddle and grind him. But don’t just scrape his head with your nails, that’s not a turn on.

Apply slight pressure onto his scalp and push your fingers through his hair either from the bottom up or vice versa. Then, at the end, use your nails to lightly scratch his head.

19. Keep your clothes on

Nothing drives a man wild like foreplay with clothes on. Yes, it’s kinda like going back to high school days, but it was fun, right? So, instead of immediately getting naked or down to your undies, keep your clothes on for a longer period of time.

Make him really work to take them off. It builds sexual tension. Sooner or later, he won’t be able to take it and that’s what the best foreplay ideas for him are meant to achieve. [Read: What men like in bed – 32 things they want and absolutely lust after]

20. Rub his thighs

The thighs are an area that doesn’t get a lot of attention but is highly arousing. His thighs are very close to his penis, so, rubbing them is a huge teaser. Rub them gently or firmly, getting all the way up and in, but, don’t touch his penis – yet.

This is one of the best foreplay moves for men that will drive him crazy! [Read: 13 sensual massage techniques that’ll leave anyone wanting more]

21. Eye contact works wonders

Many people feel intimidated by eye contact because it is so intimate. However, eye contact is highly arousing, especially when both of you are completely in the moment and into each other. Look at him while you talk dirty to him or when touching yourself.

The point is, keep your eyes on him while arousing him. It only makes him more aroused. [Read: 15 moves to turn a guy on and seriously arouse him while making out]

22. Really get into it

One way to give your man the hottest sex ever is to get into it! Show him you’re all about his pleasure by being vocal, maintaining eye-contact, and letting him see that you’re having a good time. Use flirtatious glances and let him know his penis rocks your world, that every touch is sensational, and just how badly you want to make him cum hard.

We certainly wouldn’t recommend faking it for the sake of your man, but when you’re giving him the hottest sex ever it isn’t going to hurt your pride to put on a very sexy show just for him. [Read: 20 hot sex ideas to blow your lover’s mind in bed!]

23. Tainted love

This is one of the foreplay moves for men that is a little taboo for some. The taint refers to the perineum, the space between your bum and your genitals. This area can be highly stimulating for men. Not all girls are going to be into this one, but it’s definitely something to try if you’re really looking to spice things up.

Simply drop some lube on your fingertips and gently circle them around the area behind his balls and above his bum.

If you’re not keen to get your finger down there, you can always use a light vibrator on the area while you stimulate his penis by other means. He’ll love the dual pleasure happening down south. [Read: Drive him wild – How to find and stimulate the male g-spot]

24. The betting game

Do you play Call of Duty *insert some other multiplayer fighting game* with your guy? Make it a night worth betting on by playing the strip version of his favorite game. Whoever wins a round gets to choose the article of clothing their lover takes off.

Or take it up a notch by changing the rules: whoever wins this round must use their hand on the other/tell a dirty story/reveal a crazy fantasy. [Read: 27 naughty, sexy, and fun games to play with your boyfriend in bed and out]

25. Do it unexpectedly

If you’ve been having sex with the same person for a long time it starts to feel routine. Albeit mind-blowing guaranteed orgasms, but still a little routine for the two of you. So instead of hopping into the same pattern, try spicing it up.

Take a shower and go into his office in a slutty little outfit. Surprise him by wearing a dress without panties on while you’re out in public and have him discreetly feel how wet you are. Give him a sexy surprise while he’s driving, have morning sex, have shower sex, have sex anywhere but in your bed.

Spontaneity is extremely arousing. [Read: 18 naughty ways to find time for sex in a busy schedule]

26. Texting foreplay

If he’s getting the hottest sex ever when he gets home, why not let him know? Sexting doesn’t have to end with a topless photo of you floating around cyberspace for all eternity. Sometimes simplicity is best.

Start by saying something like “You and I are going to have a little fun later” and finish off with a picture of your sexiest panties laid out on his pillowcase, a sultry piece of lingerie hanging on the doorknob, or get down to business by texting him a photo of a bottle of lube.

Whatever your method, he’s going to love the message. [Read: Sexting ideas – 14 sexy tips to effortless sext like a real pro]

27. Strut and strip

Men love a show, so why not put on your favorite strip-worthy tune and give him something to think about later? Tell him he can look, but he can’t touch as you slowly disrobe and do a tempting dance for your man.

28. Breasts in the face, nipples in the mouth

Guys love boobs. This is a simple fact of life. So why not embrace it in your hottest ever foreplay routine? Sit on him like you’re going to mount him and rock your hips against his penis while you tantalize him with your breasts.

Move your boobs across his face, back and forth, and let him try to get his tongue to catch your nipples. He’ll be in titty-heaven with these foreplay moves for men! [Read: Why men love boobs so much and what about it drives them crazy?]

29. Sex toys for men

Sex toys don’t always have to equal vibrators for her. Why not try using a sex toy on your man to really give him the hottest foreplay ever?

Some naughty male sex toys include a vibrator slid along his penis or under his balls, prostate massagers, cock rings, or naughty penis massagers. [Read: 10 male masturbation toys that are so much better than the hand]

Forget foreplay moves for men, forget amazing sex!

The bottom line is that if you skip the good stuff and go straight to the main act, you’re passing over the chance of mind-blowing, amazing sex.

For sure, it may still be good, but when you rev up his engine with some seriously impressive foreplay ideas for him, he’s going to go from 0 to 100 in no time at all.

[Read: What turns guys on? 34 sexual turn ons that arouse men in seconds]

Foreplay for men can be a pleasurable and sexy experience for both of you, just as long as you remember to focus on his mind and get him to focus on your body. Just use these foreplay tips for men and you’ll be able to do all that and more.

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