30 Facts about Guys That Can Help You Read His Mind

30 Facts About Guys That Can Help You Read His Mind

Want to know what guys think when it comes to girls and relationships? Read these 30 facts about guys that’ll reveal everything you need to know. By Gerry Sanders

For girls, understanding a guy may need more than just experience.

You can date a few guys, but that still won’t help you understand them better.

To actually get to know a guy, you need to have fun, intellectual conversations with him and try to understand the way he thinks along the way.

[Read: 60 get to know you questions in a new romance]

But if you’re in a hurry to know everything there is about a guy and the way he thinks about you, love and his life, these facts about guys are all you need.

Understanding a guy’s mind better

When it comes to the opposite sex, guys and girls think along similar lines about many things. But there are several differences too.

For girls, a pleasant looking guy with a lot of charm and a great personality would impress any girl in the very first conversation.

But for a guy, it’s quite different.

At first, it’s the appearance, and then it’s a whole series of stages that makes a guy take his time before falling in love with a girl even if he likes her at first sight.

Read stages of love for guys and how they really fall in love to know more about that.

30 facts about guys to understand them better

Try to understand these 30 facts about guys and relate it with the guy in your life or the guy you like.

And as long as you look for ways to make yourself more likeable using these 30 facts and tips, you’ll definitely be able to impress the guy you like and make him want you more. [Read: 20 circumstances when a guy may never ever like you back]

#1 Your boyfriend will feel easily threatened when you flirt with another guy in front of him. But at the same time, your boyfriend will feel like he’s on top of the world if you cling on to him in front of other guys who are attracted to you.

Make him feel lucky to date you when there are so many other guys who like you and he’ll love you more.

#2 Guys are attracted only by the physical appearances of a girl at first sight. But it isn’t always about a perfect ten body. It could be a girl’s cute smile, the way she flicks her hair or even they way she stares at him from across the room that draws him to her. [Read: How to get a guy to notice you and fall for you wherever you are]

#3 Guys do want to talk about their feelings too. Just because they don’t initiate heart to heart conversations doesn’t mean they don’t like talking about it. Just don’t make him feel threatened by your questions and he’ll definitely open up to you.

#4 It’s every guy’s fantasy to be desired by many girls at once. Almost all guys have fantasized about being mobbed by several attractive girls *in tiny bikinis on a beach* at least once in their lives. [Read: Top 10 sexual fantasies all guys love]

#5 Every guy will definitely take a peek at a girl’s cleavage no matter what he’s doing, when the girl’s not looking!

#6 Guys are attracted to porn from a very young age. They’re curious to know everything about the female anatomy and they’ll always be curious, even if they’re in a long term relationship with a wonderful girl. So don’t hate him for it unless it turns into a helpless addiction.

#7 Guys love compliments. They don’t hear compliments too often from their friends, but when they hear it from a girl they fancy, they’ll never forget it! [Read: 25 compliments for guys they’ll never forget]

#8 Guys love girl on girl action. And most guys don’t think it’s cheating if they catch their girlfriend kissing another girl. On the contrary, they may actually be turned on by that!

#9 Guys love sex. But that doesn’t mean they’re always ready for it. Don’t push him against a wall and expect his package to get firm and ready in a second. Putting too much pressure on him may make him lose an erection. [Read: 20 ways to help keep a guy’s erection up for a long time]

#10 Guys hate asking for help, and will avoid taking any help until they feel they can’t do it by themselves.

#11 Guys feel powerful when they make a girl orgasm. The better you orgasm, the more he’ll feel proud of himself and appreciate you more.

#12 Guys love their girlfriends even if they don’t say it often. Guys aren’t always vocal about feelings. But your boyfriend may feel more comfortable letting you know he loves you through his actions than his words.

#13 Guys absolutely love a girl who seems cute and coy at first, but turns into a wildcat when she’s in bed. [Read: 25 ways to look cute and melt a guy’s heart]

#14 Guys are very competitive and suffer from performance anxiety every time they have to accept defeat, be it in sports or in bed.

#15 Guys take a commitment pretty seriously. What may seem like commitment phobia to you could just mean that the guy’s weighing his options very carefully before taking a plunge into a new relationship.

#16 Guys almost always end up straying into another girl’s arms when their psychological and emotional needs aren’t met by their girlfriend over a long period of time.

#17 Guys only pretend like they can’t hear you when they seem busy working or playing. It’s their way of getting out of chores or difficult conversations.

#18 Guys don’t like to be told that they’re not good at something, especially if it’s a guy thing. [Read: Ten things girls should never say to guys]

#19 Almost all guys think they’re really strong and powerful. They hate going to the doctor, and at times, a visit to the doc even makes them feel emasculated.

#20 Guys don’t get it when a girl says something but means something else. If you want your guy to understand what you say, say it straight.

#21 Of all the things men want in a relationship with a girl, respect is the biggest craving of all. Give a guy respect, and he’ll love you more. Take control of the relationship instead and he’ll shrivel into a shell.

#22 Men are easy to manipulate, but all guys hate being manipulated into doing something.

#23 For a guy, his father is his first role model and his behavior is almost always similar to his dad’s, unless he had a bad relationship with his father.

#24 Guys are more emotionally vulnerable, and heartbreaks affect guys a lot more than it affects girls!

#25 The adage is true. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Learn to cook well, and he’ll be smitten by you before the end of the meal.

#26 Guys don’t have a problem if their girl watches porn. In fact, it may even turn your boyfriend on if he catches you watching porn when he walks into the room. [Read: Why do men really watch porn?]

#27 If you confront your boyfriend’s friend and ask him if your boyfriend’s cheating on you, he will lie for his friend’s sake and cover up for him. Well, unless he cares about you a lot or has fallen for you. [Read: What should a guy do when he likes a friend’s girlfriend?]

#28 Guys love helping pretty girls who need help. It makes their day. After all, gentlemen love damsels in distress, don’t they? [Read: Why guys love girls who ask for help]

#29 A guy will definitely get turned on and stiff in his pants if an attractive girl brushes herself against him “accidentally.” [Read: 10 sneaky ways to seduce a guy who isn’t yours]

#30 Guys can be true romantics if the girl they like plays hard to get the right way.  [Read: The perfect way to play hard to get with a guy]

And now that you know these 30 facts about guys, use these tips in your own relationships with the guys around you, and they’ll definitely like you more and even fall for you!

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Gerry Sanders
Gerry Sanders
Gerry Sanders is a writer, and a self-proclaimed ladies man, who spends most of his time trying to learn everything about everything....
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22 thoughts on “30 Facts about Guys That Can Help You Read His Mind”

  1. Sixstring says:

    “#17 Guys only pretend like they can

  2. Temperance says:

    You should mention that guys aren’t robots off an assemble line. They don’t all think exactly the same way. You pretty much describe them to be sex-obsessed morons! If all of that is true, I’m switching sides. I wouldn’t want to date anyone who thinks like that.

    You also imply that girls should be sneaky and play games. What ever happened to communication?

  3. Sid says:

    For tip #8 , I honestly like girl on girl sex in porn, but, i would never fall truly in love with a bisexual or a lesbian, it’s a turn on for the penis but a turn off for the heart.

  4. temitope says:

    respect……….respect…….respect………….that is the only path to the inner sanctum of a mans heart

  5. Ally C says:

    I think this is a horrid representation of a man. Yeah, some of them are true, but I know for a fact there are some up there that are just myths.

  6. Mariko says:

    I have a problem with #11, he’ll appreciate me more if he makes me orgasm?? I should appreciate HIM more if he does that not the other way around, now it just seems like: if you don’t orgasm, it’s probably your fault.

  7. Haven Palmer says:

    You know, this doesn’t affect all guys but most guys. I mean, I am a guy but just because I am a guy that doesn’t mean I have a name tag saying “Horndog” …

  8. dennis says:

    Strange how the majority of the things mentioned indicate female superiority, kinda a sexist list. It sounds like women are with men because men beg for their love, this list seems like women can choose men but men are lucky if they can get just one chick. With a list like this you just probably destroyed what would have been a great relationship. Have you also wondered why men have better friendships than women do? Manipulation and control, is this what you are trying to tell us about relationships?

  9. Katelyn says:

    You know, this is really sex obsessed. The boyfriend that I have, is nothing like this. He actually finds it cheating if I’m with a girl in bed and he’s watching. Not all men are like^that. Some of them are actually sweethearts.

  10. Stacey says:

    I still struggle to not be the only person my guy looks at, I always think, if I put everything into my guy and only look at him why is he not doing the same.. this article just makes me feel like I should be on my own, some of those things really grate on me!

  11. Trevin Miller says:

    im a guy and those dont desribe me at all. most people think that those are facts about guys and that its exactly what guys do and think but its all bs. some guys think like that but not all. its like saying all girls think of sex but its not true.

  12. Martin says:

    “Learn to cook well,[…]” is just plain sexist and material from the 50s. There are men that can cook too and they will love to show that to girl.
    #27 applies to girls too.
    #11 is a very dangerous statement. If you fake it, he will think what he did is a good way and will do it again. It’s like giving a dog treats when he did something bad.
    #20 Is true all the way, and the best tip ever. TALK TO HIM! Say what you want, say what you expect. Let him talk. All in a non-aggressive way taking the four-sides model into account.

    A Guy in His 30s

  13. The truth says:

    #13 , #17, #26 , #29 , #30 are false

  14. Krystal says:

    #30 is a confirmable truth. Ignore him (do your own thing), don’t initiate or show interest in sex, be less open and talkative, don’t do ANYTHING for him, and be distant. The results? It flips him into chase mode, where in his bags of tricks is romance.

    Men like to chase and hunt and resort to romance to smoothe things over and get you back. Telling him, per #20, you want him to be more romantic doesn’t work. Asking him specifically to do something romantic (like take you to dinner) may work one time, but if he’s anything like mine he’ll say something to get out of it (“You know I’m not the romantic type.” – when he was VERY romantic when courting me) or try to bargain with you (“I’ll take you to dinner if you give me head on the way there.”), so he will feel he’s actually getting his way, profit more than you (imbalance is the problem here in the first place, jerk), or you will say no and he will get out of taking you out. But ignore him for awhile and he suddenly tries to woo you again.

    This is why b**** are darling at getting devoted partners, by the way. If romance, or anything really, is important you now AND later, you have to demand it, express your disappointment of him until he makes it right when he fails you, and move on when he isn’t interested in trying any more. Do not suffer in silence. Men, by default, love being in a comfortable relationship where they don’t have to do anything. But they also like to chase – when they feel there’s a prize.

    If you want to be a doormat and optional, be there for him constantly, respond to his texts quickly, when he wants to do stuff be on board every time, expect less, applaud his minimal efforts. Basically, be the best, most understanding, accepting, girlfriend or wife EVER and you will create a monster. And before anyone cries foul, the same goes for women in that department.

  15. Liuuuu says:

    I don’t agree in this. I mean, it’s true that some or most of the men in this world like to be threatened like this, but do women agree that these patterns should work like that?

    I find it a bit sexist that this article tries to excuse all men for watching porn (in order to get hard, not to learn. There’s a difference between both objectives) while they have a GF already, making his day by looking and having a conversartion with a hot and pretty girl, eating good food that his GF has cooked for him (he could cook it, right? No need for a girl to do it) and hunging a pretty lady because his GF doesn’t hug him.

    Come on, if women do all these things, how would men feel? Bad, I know it. So I think that even though this is true, do you think you should follow this patterns? I don’t this so. Let’s change all these things and make decent women and men.

    P.S: I’m not attacking men, I’m defending women and trying to convince them that they have to do whatever they feel, not whatever their men want from them.

  16. Marie says:

    ” #20 – Guys don

  17. portikolo says:

    i am agree with you. Because some men like these, doesn’t mean that women like a servant must give service to them. besides the experience has shown that women who do all these, usually end up heart broken because men attracyed to women who do not threat them as they like. (that is a true story guys.)

  18. lorenzo says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the author has written his OWN interests and not MENS interests? I also think he has written his expectations from his mom not his girl. looooool.

  19. Metatron says:

    Found a girl that can’t cook!
    You’re not fooling anyone, “Martin”.

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