14 Surefire Signs Your Guy Thinks You’re Smokin’ Hot

Wondering if a guy finds you sexy is normal even if you’re already dating, so here are 14 foolproof ways to find out if he thinks you’re irresistible.

signs your man thinks you're hot

There is no denying that being the apple of your partner’s eye is very important. Why else would you bother being with someone? But how are you supposed to know if he really thinks you look good and will not stray if he comes across someone whom you think lives up to society’s so-called accepted standards of the ideal woman? [Read: How to be the irresistible woman that guys will fall for]

The media has ingrained into all of us that size-zero-six-foot-tall-stick-figures are what constitutes the ideal woman. Stop worrying about what the media proclaims. What do they know about the real world anyway? It all comes down to each individual man.

14 signs your man thinks you’re hot and irresistible!

Not every man is a Leonardo DiCaprio wannabe who only dates models. There are men of substance out there in the world who will find you sexy and desirable no matter how deeply your curves and edges run.

You should trust your man when he tells you that you are beautiful. You should also remember that being hot and sexy is not just about beauty, but brains as well.

However if you are someone who needs some reassurance that your guy still finds you alluring, here are 15 surefire signs telling you that he really thinks you are hot and sexy.

#1 He tells you how he feels. One definitive way to know if your guy thinks you are hot and sexy is to pay attention to the times when he tells you just that.

There is no reason why you should not believe him when he says he finds you irresistible. You should know him well enough by now to be able to tell if he is serious or if he is just pulling your leg. If your man always tells you how he feels about you, then he most likely finds you sexy and smoking hot.

#2 He compliments you. Another way to know if he finds you sexy and hot is if he showers you with compliments. Your man should know by now that you probably love being told how wonderful you are.

Do not focus on just the compliments he gives you about your looks. Relish it when he tells you how funny and smart he thinks you are. These are genuine compliments and to many women, these are far more meaningful than getting positive feedback on what they look like on the outside. [Read: Are you awkward when it comes to taking compliments?]

#3 He’s proud of you. If your man shows you off, then he definitely thinks you are absolutely divine. Trying to one up his boys is an obvious way to tell you that he thinks you are all that.

There is no doubt that when he shows you off, he thinks you beat all the other women in the vicinity, even his mates’ girlfriends. When your man puts you on a pedestal, you know that he truly cares.

#4 He loves touching you. Body contact is a surefire way to tell you that your man finds you sexy. Whether it is resting his hand on the small of your back, slinging his arm over your shoulders in a possessive manner, holding your hand or nuzzling your neck with kisses, he certainly finds you attractive.

There is no way a man would not want to touch a woman he gets hot under the collar for. Men are quite simple in this regard. If they see something they like, they have to have it close to them and you are no exception. [Read: How to playfully touch your partner for a deeper connection]

#5 He dresses up for you. When a man makes an effort to look good for you, you know that he finds you hot and sexy. He knows that he has to be on par with the way you look, or at the very least try to measure up.

Shaving, trimming his bush, spritzing on cologne, combing his hair and putting on a clean shirt for date night are all signs that he cares about you and wants to please you.

#6 He initiates sex. Nothing proves his lust for you more than him wanting to do you over and over. If he initiates sex all the time, there is a good chance that he cannot get enough of your sexiness. Unless he is apathetic about sex, you have nothing to worry about.

#7 He is romantic. When a man proves his love to you by turning on the charm, there is a good chance he wants to keep you in his life. You can attribute it to him being comfortable with you, you can brush it off as him just being sweet, but we all know that the real reason behind it all is that he is afraid of losing his sexy partner.

Men will move mountains for the person they love so you should be glad that he makes the effort to be romantic. [Read: Need ideas to reciprocate the romance?]

#8 He surprises you. When a man makes an effort to please you with surprises, he definitely cares deeply about you. Whether it is showing up unannounced at your place to cook you a feast, or surprising you with a hot stone massage, there is no doubt that he wants to keep your hot and sexy ass around if he makes the effort to make you smile.

#9 He does you favors. Making a woman happy will certainly keep her around. Your man probably finds you irresistible if he cannot help but constantly do little things for you. He probably has an inner fear taunting and telling him he will lose you if he does not make you happy.

Nothing scares a man more than knowing that his sexy lady love is about to walk out because he is not doing enough to please her. Enjoy the favors but do not take advantage of it. [Read: 30 super sexy ways to keep a guy really interested in you all the time!]

#10 He appreciates you. Countless movies, television shows, books and stories from friends and family have all told us that when a man does not show his appreciation for his mate, he probably does not care very much. Hence, if your man puts in the time, money and effort to show how much he appreciates you, it is a good sign.

Whether it is showering you with gifts, flowers, a homemade playlist or a home cooked meal, he is showing you he appreciates the fact that you are the sexy star in his life.

#11 He can’t stay away. Wanting to spend every waking minute with you is a solid indication that he cannot get enough of you. When he starts disappearing for days on end, stops returning your calls, or asks for something as lame as an open relationship, he certainly does not view you the way he used to. Enjoy the fact that your man wants to spend time with you as he clearly finds you hot and sexy. [Read: 25 compliments for guys they’ll never ever forget!]

#12 He is affectionate. Most of the time, you have to drag the sweetness out of a man so if your partner unabashedly showers you with attention and affection, he certainly finds you hot and sexy.

Men love validating what you may already know, but he’ll do it anyway because he adores you. So if he is always affectionate and very obviously making an effort to please you, you will know that he thinks you are simply delectable.

#13 He buys you sexy clothes. You will know that your sweetheart appreciates your body when he buys you sexy lingerie. He will not want to see someone he does not find attractive strutting around in a crotchless thong, so be glad if he surprises you with something sexy to tempt him in. Play the part and enjoy the fact that he loves laying his eyes all over you.

#14 You catch him staring at you! There’s no way his eyes will wander whenever you’re in the same room as him. That’s one really obvious way of telling just how hot he thinks you are.

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At the end of the day, don’t worry too much if your man doesn’t show all the signs. Each man has his own way of letting you know that you’re sizzling hot in his eyes. So if you’re feeling the love, he knows he’s got a keeper! 

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