Does He Like Me? – 18 Signs to Decode His Body Language

Does He Like Me? - 18 Signs To Decode His Body Language

If the intense suspense of the does-he-like-me question bothers you all the time, use these 18 body language signs to find out if he really likes you.

Almost always, it’s extremely easy to find out if a guy likes you.

If he’s a friend or someone you speak with, all you need to watch out for is the way he behaves around you.

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On the other hand, if you’re crushing on a shy guy and want to know if he’s interested in you, you just need to give him the right opportunities to express his mind.

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But what do you do when the guy involved is someone you don’t know yet?

What if you feel like a cute guy likes you, but yet, you aren’t too sure if he actually likes you?

Does he really like me?

Reading a guy’s mind is easy when he’s communicating with you.

But when he’s a shy guy or a guy you’ve not been introduced to yet, it gets trickier.

If a guy shows an interest in you but he’s not really your friend, you can only rely on your instincts to judge his intentions and find out if he truly likes you.

But if you learn to keep your eyes peeled when he’s around, all you need to do is watch his body language to find out if he’s got more than just friends on his mind.

Decoding a guy’s mind by watching his body language

Reading a guy’s body language can reveal whether he really likes you, or if he’s just bored and having a bit of fun to pass the time. [Read: 30 circumstances when a guy may never ever like you]

The next time you bump into him, sit near him or walk past him, pay close attention to his behavior. In all probability, you’ll have your answer in no time.

If the big does-he-like-me question rings in your mind all day and the suspense kills you just a little bit more each day, use these 18 body language signs to read his mind.

#1 He changes instantly. If a guy likes you or is interested in impressing you, his behavior will change almost instantly as soon as he sees that you’re around. If he’s laughing, he’ll suddenly sober down. Or if he’s sitting quietly, he may get loud or try to be the center of attention among his friends. [Read: 30 facts about guys that can help you read his mind]

#2 He feels what you feel. When a guy likes you, he’d always watch you from far away, especially when you’re with your own friends and oblivious to anyone else who’s around. If you’re laughing at a joke, turn around quickly and catch his eye immediately. You may just find him staring at you with a big smile plastered on his face because he’s probably laughing with you in his mind.

#3 The final eye contact. If you’re wondering if he likes you, watch out for this sign. Does he make eye contact with you just before he steps out of a room, no matter how occupied he is or who he’s with.

Big chances are, he wants to take one last look at you, and he’s secretly hoping you’re looking at him too so he can lock eyes with you, even if it’s just for one more second. [Read: 20 clear signs of attraction in a first conversation]

#4 He faces you. No matter where you sit down in an event or a gathering, you’d always find him positioning himself in a way that gives him a chance to stare at you directly without craning his neck. He may sit down facing you, or sit away from you at an angle, but no matter where he sits, you’ll see that he always has a clear view of you.

#5 He shows off a lot. He indulges in antics or does something funny when you’re around him. And he always looks at you first to see your reaction. It doesn’t matter if he’s playing a game, pulling a friend’s leg, or just hanging out in the cafeteria. If he does something eye catching, he’ll look for a sign to know that you noticed him in his moment of glory.

#6 He gets closer to you. When a guy likes you, he’d want to be in close proximity to you even if he doesn’t exchange a word with you. Does he stand next to you in an elevator? Does he walk closely past you even if there’s a lot of space around? He’s probably dying inside and hoping to hold you in his arms one day. [Read: 10 fun and sneaky ways to seduce a guy you don’t know]

#7 He stares a lot. Do you find this guy staring at you constantly? Or does he look away quickly as soon as you turn your head in his direction? These signs are big giveaways that show that a guy is interested in you.

#8 He gets annoyed. If you want to know if a guy likes you, try flirting with another guy when this guy is around. If he truly likes you, he may get annoyed watching you talking sweetly with another guy. And at times, he may even walk away.

#9 The contrasting gazes. Does this guy stare at you long and hard for a few seconds when he’s far away? On the other hand, does he get timid and completely avoid looking at you when he’s close by? He’s probably too shy to make a bold move, even though he likes you. [Read: 10 types of creepy guys you need to avoid talking to]

#10 He loves a surprise. Does the guy’s face light up with a happy grin as soon as he sees you out of the blue? If a guy likes you and suddenly sees you when he least expects to see you, he would involuntarily smile widely to himself. All you need to do is watch his expression to read the sign.

#11 He tries to smooth talk you. The way he speaks with you is different from the way he speaks to others. When a guy likes you, he’d speak more boldly with you or seem more interested in what you have to say. He uses a deeper voice to show off his masculinity even if he’s only asking you to pass the ketchup. [Read: The right way to talk to a guy and make him like you]

#12 He’s a tease. This is a completely obvious giveaway and an obvious sign to find out if a guy is smitten by you already. When you walk into the same room where he’s hanging out with his friends, keep your eyes peeled and watch the behavior of his friends.

If his friends glance towards him, punch him in the arm or even smile at him, he’s probably getting teased by his friends because you’re around.

#13 He stands tall. When a guy likes a girl, he would want to show off his best side to the girl. Does the guy stand up straight or stiffen up when you walk past him? He’s probably instinctively trying to show off his best physical assets to you with the hope of impressing you.

#14 He copies your movements. If you’re sitting across a guy you like, you’d instinctively copy his behavior without even realizing it. If he sits back, you’d sit back. If he takes a sip of water, so will you. It’s the same way with guys too. When a guy likes you, he’d start to copy your behavior too, and he won’t even realize he’s doing it.

#15 The sexy grimace. When a guy stares at you and likes you, his intention isn’t just to get an eyeful of you. He also wants to impress you with his intense, sexual gaze. When the guy stares at you, take a quick glance at him to read his body language. If he rubs his chin or his face slowly, or if he clenches his jaws and stares at you with a macho expression, chances are, he’s trying to *look cool* for you! [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work]

#16 He likes it groomed. Does this guy look like he’s groomed himself just moments before you walk into the room? If a guy’s constantly worried about his appearance or tries to be on his best behavior each time you’re around, he’s definitely trying to make a good impression on you.

#17 He asks about you. When a guy likes a girl, he can’t help but try to find out more about the girl by asking around. Did any of your friends tell you that this guy was asking about you or trying to know more about you? You’ve hit the nail here. This guy is surely smitten by you, and wants to get to know you in a more-than-just-friends kind of way. [Read: 30 subtle, obvious and sexy flirting tips to make any guy like you]

#18 You bump into him often. Bumping into someone you know now and then could be a matter of sheer coincidence. But what would you feel if you keep bumping into the same guy in different places all the time? It could be fate arm twisting you into getting to know him. Or the timid guy is keeping an eye on you and waiting for the perfect opportunity to walk up to you and say hello.

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If you understand these 18 does-he-like-me signs, you don’t always need to wait for a guy to ask you out to know that he likes you. Sometimes, all you need to do is watch his body language and read the signs when he’s around you.

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36 thoughts on “Does He Like Me? – 18 Signs to Decode His Body Language”

  1. Alex says:

    This helps a lot! Thank you. πŸ™‚

  2. rimitie balgobin says:

    hi, I am a 32 year old female and my boy friend and i have been together for 10 years and we started going to his family events every 6 months or so and i noticed his younger brother whom is married and a pastor. I notice he gets shy when i am around, I don’t know if he is attracted to me but i sense it when i am around, and when i return home i can’t stop thinking about him.

  3. Rosalee says:

    Teehee this has made me soo happy.

  4. Abigial says:

    I think he likes me… Most of this is stuff he does, mostly the staring.

  5. Lily says:

    I’m one very happy bunny right now. πŸ˜€

  6. sam says:

    i couldn’t know if he loves me or not !! because he is actually my best friend sooo …..
    ++ i ve saw hem doing what it’s on the list but sometimes he never do them …

    please help me to know if anyone is hearing me ??

  7. Jasmine says:

    For us it a lot of eye contacts. I find myself always looking at him and trying to find out where he is. We don’t talk, but sometimes I feel, during the long eye-contacts, that we communicate with our eyes. We’re both seventeen, I know that this is just an infatuation – but it’s my first one and its really exciting – because I have had this secret crush on him since 15 and I can’t help feeling really happy that he has started liking me too!

  8. missinlove says: crush already did all of this.. do you guys think I have to make the first move??

  9. Flippin Pancakes says:

    I honestly still don’t know if he likes me or not. I mean, he does ALL these things, I’m just basicly sure that he’s just trying to annoy me or somethnig. Like I like him and all I’m just not sure if he means to do this or it’s just because me might like me or what. Because he does everything…..Though I guess if you’re trying to annoy someone these might work? Or maybe I’m just over thinking.

  10. Sandycheeks says:

    He does ALL of these things but he has a girlfriend! I don’t know what to do I like him so much and I am so upset that even though I think he likes me I still don’t have a chance with him. What should I do? I have never liked a guy like this… FML

  11. Melissa says:

    I don’t know what to do .he did all..but i’m too shy to even say hi to him ….the other day he looked at me and smiled….he even stood so close to me and his shoulder brushed mine…

  12. Hi, i have two guys doing the same, one is Haymant so so cute and marvelous and other is Haymant friend Alex he’s cute too and has the same quality as Haymant but Haymant and i like each other but some how my best friend got to like him and it was her friend crush so i give him up but he still likes me and doesn’t like him and Alex i promise my friends i wouldn’t fall for him but somehow i did and can’t stop thinking about him and always bump into him some way or another and if i go any way that he is going i see him there and Haymant too, this afternoon i said who ever i see frist Hayamant or Alex thats the one but see the both at the time… So confused but i will listen to my heart but don’t want to hurt anyone especially Haymant, Alex and my best friend. Someone help me, confused!!!

  13. Claudia Perez says:

    This is really helpful, I am still confused if he likes me though. I checked a bunch of “does he like me” lists but I think I was over-interpreting things and was still confused. I thought maybe one of those computerized quizzes would provide a judgement-free answer but then I think I started over-interpreting the questions! So…I am pretty sure he likes me but not quite sure enough that I want to risk flirting with him! The quest continues…

  14. puffy eyes says:

    the worst thing is that i notice all these signs but when we get to talk to each other we argue alot expecially when theirs people around. sometimes where theirs a gathering or something we would pretend as if we dont see each other or we ddnt see each other.but when im ineed of something i know il definely get it from Him and He never dissapoints me…and when we together all he we always have great times and he always telling me about His family

  15. Mareta says:

    m/ I knew it!
    Makes me

  16. Jing Yuan says:

    Some of the facts here are right but if all those were true on one guy,its just too obvious and he wont want that unless he wants to let evryone know he likes u.

  17. Kayla says:

    I was crushing so hard on a guy, so, to get his attention,????I waited till I was really desperate, kneeled down near his shoe, pulled down my skirt, and I peed all over his shoe. He loved it so much, he asked me out the moment I got up. We’ve been dating for 2 months now????! Hope this helped!

  18. trish says:

    I work with this man. Not in the same department he works in another area. There are days that I go to the floors and that is when I run into him a lot . If I see him in the elevator he seems shy. He only says hi if we are alone. But if we are not he don’t even say a word. Sometimes I pass by the hall and I turn around and I can catch he looking at me. Sometimes he seems that he is mad. I try to be nice to him and say good morning most times he looks down. I don’t know what to think. This has been going on for about four years.

  19. Lauren says:

    I have a crush on a shy guy from my mothers workplace. He’s a primary school teacher and He’s a few years older than me (I’m in my early 20’s) and from some of the points up above and from what I’ve noticed when I’m around he seems to like me too. I have noticed several things he does and starting to do over the past few months.

    1. In early January after the school holidays, I collected my brother from school. I was waiting on him and (shy guy) was standing looking a bit out of sorts. So naturally I asked how Christmas and New Years was and he found it hard to hold eye contact and even with his body facing me he stammers a little when he was talking to me.

    2. When I pop into work either with my mother or when she’s sick he barely says hello if there is a group of people, he blushes furiously around his co workers (when I speak to him) and is really quiet but when I leave the room he is openly talking and in his comfort zone.

    3. I noticed when I help my mother out at work when there is staff meetings on (this is a new thing shy guy has been doing) he has been taking the long route to get back so he can pass me but he barely says two words to me.

    4. (Another new thing) Sometimes he leaves with co workers at the end of the day but comes back to the workplace because he has”forgotten” something. Just today I was a stand in for my mother, everyone else was gone home except the cleaners. He came in through the main door and mumbled something and shuffled around a bit before coming to see me and struck up a little conversation asking how my brother was doing because he’s sick.

    Now 1. His class in on the 1st floor and
    2. He could of asked me that before he left the first time.

    I think it’s cute how shy he is but also confusing and annoying because of the mixed signals. I wish he would just ask me out already, he’s driving me nuts.

  20. Lauren says:

    I forgot to add.

    I also mentioned how his class are always disrespecting him to a co worker and I said “It’s horrible what the class are doing to him and I feel sorry for him for the way he’s treated. The poor guy doesn’t get a minute if he even checks them because the parents verbally attack him too”

    Believe me when I say this. TEACHERS TALK AMONG THEMSELVES. I heard it got back and now he’s trying to make an effort to bump into me or just pass me without a word.

  21. Bella says:

    oh my gosh, so happy after reading this!!! I’m one excited person now πŸ™‚

  22. T. says:

    Well… I really think he does like me, he does most of these stuff anyway except the talking part- he literally never talks to me. He just passes by whenever I see him and well, I also don’t say a thing to him…????. He always is around where I am at, he moves from where he sits with his friends to come near where I am and strikes up random conversations with random guys and he is very loud he’d be so nice and loud looking my way occasionally. He sits and stands where he has a clear view of me…and the antics he gets up to? Wish!! He becomes very loud and makes jokes when I am around even if when he was just quite quiet when I walked in. The last eye contact, grooming,standing tall.. I’ve seen all that. But he is of a different religion, and I just doubt we could ever be. I just wish I could tell him how much I have fallen though. ????

  23. Deborah says:

    I was in my yard watering,he rode by u turned parked and introduced himself. Ask me to visit his place of business, next 18 months later he suddenly appears at my bus stop. Another invitation 10 days later I visit he is arosed and a perfect gentlemen,he visits my home aroused and a perfect gentlemen. No pressure for sex, well what do you think? Now he isn’t calling , I’m confused.

  24. Jessica says:

    OMG. I’m so excited that he likes me. πŸ˜€

  25. Tori says:

    Thank you so much……. this ‘guy’ is my x and he still does a lot of this stuff!!!!!

  26. Trish says:

    One thing that I want to say is that while all these things are helpful, you CAN really know if a guy likes you. You can just sort of tell.

  27. Nim smith says:

    I find if a boy likes you they will try to puff them selves up and eye contact is a big one. If a boy makes looks at you and then you see him and then he turns quickly away that is another sign as well. But just be patient with love he will come sooner or later πŸ™‚

  28. Danbie says:

    So he does atleast 15 of the 18 point s above.
    What do i do? Everyone says i should let a guy come to me, i shouldnt as him out. I smile back when we make eye contact, i walk past him a lot and i try to catch his attention.

  29. Amanda says:

    Well I just moved closer to my sister so I have tooken up with a new dentist. Today I had two wisdom teeth pulled and in the middle of the procedure I started feeling sick and had to take a break. At one point while I was taking the break he had put his hand on my shoulder and asked how I was feeling. Then close to 9pm he called me and left a voicemail saying that he was just calling to check on me and to see how I was doing. But he wasn’t calling from his office. Also during the procedure he told me that he noticed that the initials to my name spelt Ana (he pronounced it as Anna). He was very sweet, caring and funny. This is the first time I have had a dentist to call me to check on me like that. We are both close to the same age, a few years difference. Do you think this could mean anything?

  30. Mary says:

    I having a hard time decoding this one man. I can’t tell if he’s shy, just nice or what. He does some of those things. Like he will hang around after events for a long time and stand/talk in my area. He will walk in front of me during lectures for no reason. I am always initiating the convos though… And one time he hung around and didn’t acknowledge me at all other than some crazy behavior and being near me. Also, I accidentally deleted him on fb and he rejected my request to be friends again and then I saw him and he smiled at me and did the normal stuff and even managed to be walking out beside me so I spoke and he was nice and rambled what should have been a short answer and made it take a long time and my friend said he wad standing close to me and he smiled and all the whole time but again later like the next week he rejected my fb request and it all has me stumped. Should I bring it up? Any thoughts on his behavior??? IDEAS? SUGGESTIONS?

  31. Skyler says:

    I need help with this guy. He’s the class clown and teases a lot, and I only have one class with him. But one time i was leaving the class and he just put his hands over my eyes. I mean, who does that? we aren’t even close friends! He seems to do those types of things, in words too. I will be on the watch out and i WILL find out if he likes me. This is really useful too, so thanks!

  32. Hayley Spearing says:

    I fancy a man for five years now I cant stop thinking about him he looks at me and smiles he Is so quiet around me hes the loveliest man I can ever meet im besotted I want him to like me too so much he touches my hand

  33. Sandra says:

    I’m very happy right now knowing that he likes me, though we’ve never exchange words before. πŸ™‚

  34. Phobiejanetinoy says:

    I dont know if he likes me πŸ™ but it helps alot the 18 bodylanguage πŸ™‚

  35. Erika says:

    Hi um theres this boy he has all the signs of liking me but he doesnt want to admit it i dont know what to do??????????

  36. cbd amazon says:

    I love my my cbd capsules!

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