38 Heartwarming Topics & Things to Talk About With Your Boyfriend to Feel Closer

There are many things to talk about with your boyfriend, but your mind might go blank! Remember these topics and your conversations will never run dry. 

topics and things to talk about with your boyfriend

Conversations can be a difficult task, at least in new relationships. You’re both excited to talk to each other, but you really don’t know what to talk about! You’re not alone here, and if you’re wondering what things to talk about with your boyfriend in person, over the phone, or via text, you don’t have to worry anymore!

If all you can think of is a blank after asking him, “so… how was your day?…”, we have every single thing you could talk about with your guy. No more awkward silences! [Read: 45 happy ways to keep a conversation going and be a lot of fun to talk to]

Texting your boyfriend vs talking to him

As much as both of these are still ways to communicate with each other, they’re not the same. Texting is a great way to stay in touch and keep each other updated about your day.

But talking, either in person or over the phone, is the best way to bond and learn about each other.

Of course, that doesn’t mean one form of communication is better than the other. After all, texting each other often and staying in touch all day will make both of you feel closer and more affectionate. And it’s also the best way to reach out, say hello, and share funny memes and quick updates throughout the day.

On the other hand, a longer phone conversation gives both of you enough time to speak in detail and elaborate your thoughts and share your affection in a way a text never can.

If you want to make sure you have a healthy relationship with your boyfriend, you need to make sure you keep a healthy balance between texting and having conversations over a call or FaceTime. Obviously while using these topics to talk about with your boyfriend! [Read: 40 secrets and cute lines to make your boyfriend really happy over text]

Remember—silence and awkwardness aren’t bad things

Firstly, here’s something you need to remember. Silence is not a bad thing. Don’t feel awkward or shuffle your toes when you aren’t talking.

Don’t panic if your texts start to get dry! Just take a few calm, deep breaths and relax. [Read: How to not be a boring texter and keep your crush interested]

At times, silence can be a perfect thing to help both of you fall more in love with each other. After all, silence in a conversation is the best sign to show that both of you feel really comfortable with each other and don’t need a constant barrage of words to feel at ease.

Initially, it may be hard to avoid feeling uncomfortable when there’s silence because of the constant eagerness to prove that you’re great company.

The awkwardness could also be accentuated because of the sexual tension. But over time, you’ll learn to feel relaxed around each other. [Read: 28 desirable ways to make your boyfriend want you and love you more]

The best topics to talk about with your boyfriend

Use these tips given below while spending time with your boyfriend, or while texting him. Once you start using these conversation topics with your guy, you can have better conversations, get along better, and make him realize how smart and interesting you are, all at once!

You can text him about these, or bring them up in a conversation when you’re speaking over the phone or in person. But just remember the key differences: keep things short and quick in texts, and go deeper when you talk to him.

Here are some great topics to talk about with your boyfriend:

1. Talk about what he’s doing at that moment

These are the perfect things to talk about to get the conversation going without any awkwardness. It’s basic etiquette, of course, but it also gives you a chance to avoid any awkwardness within the first couple of minutes of the conversation.

2. Talk about his day

This sounds like such a basic question, but it matters! Asking this question sounds simple, but it shows that you care and are interested in his life. Get to know his daily routine and the ups and downs that happened. [Read: 20 very good questions to ask a guy and find out who is really is]

3. Ask each other get-to-know-you questions

As corny as a list of questions may sound, they can be your perfect solution to a dry spell of conversations.

It’s the easiest way to get to know a whole lot about each other without having to wait for the perfect real-life opportunity to bring up that conversation. [Read: 60 deep, fun questions to get to know someone romantically as a match]

4. Current affairs and debates

Random bits of gossip and news are always great things to talk about. Have you been watching the news lately?

Or perhaps, some celebrity dirt that both of you are interested in? There’s always something interesting to talk about when it comes to things happening around the world.

Talking about current news that interests you can help both of you get to know each other’s likes and dislikes better. And at the same time, it can lead to intellectual debates or views that can make your boyfriend realize how smart you are. [Read: Should a girl ever dumb it down to impress a guy?]

5. Ask for advice

Guys just love giving advice to people. They always think they have the answers to everything. If you want to bond better with your boyfriend, ask him for some help, be it about your work life or an issue that’s more personal.

He’ll appreciate you a lot more because it’ll make him feel more dependable. That makes it one of the best topics to talk about with your boyfriend.

6. His passion and hobbies

Does your boyfriend have any hobbies or passions that he likes to pursue when he’s got time to spare?

Find out about them and be genuinely interested in knowing more about them. When your boyfriend sees that you’re interested in his passions, he’ll be more excited to spend time with you and talk to you.

Maybe he loves playing basketball or building toy cars. Everyone has a passion they love doing in their spare time. If he doesn’t, you two can have a mutual hobby. It’s also important to know what your boyfriend likes and wants to do. [Read: 40 secrets on how to make your boyfriend happy and lucky to date you]

7. His ambitions and dreams

What are his dreams and what does he want to do in life? Guys love talking about their dreams. Ask him about his dreams, and share your suggestions and thoughts on how he can achieve them.

If you want a deeper and more connected relationship, you need to know what fuels him. Plus, it’s a great question to show him that you’re invested in him. [Read: Feisty girl – 35 personality traits that make her so scarily sexy!]

8. Feelings

Can you just constantly brush all your feelings under a carpet and expect everything to just be fine? No!

Two people can never, ever get close to each other unless they learn how to be vulnerable and talk about their innermost feelings.

Asking your boyfriend ‘how was your day?’ is great, but asking him how he felt about his day, and discussing his feelings? That takes your relationship to a whole new level! [Read: How to be vulnerable in a relationship, open up, and 28 secrets to grow closer]

9. Naughty things

This is something that all guys enjoy! You don’t need to get too racy and bold during your very first naughty conversation if you don’t want to.

But whenever you feel like the time is appropriate, ask him a few naughty questions about his fantasies or what he thinks of you sexually.

It’ll turn both of you on, even if you’re just texting each other and learning more about each other. [Read: The top 50 kinky sex ideas that are worth trying at least once!]

10. The random, weird thoughts that make you who you are

All of us have random thoughts, but each person’s random thoughts are as unique as they are. If you’re looking for things to talk about with your boyfriend, share your random thoughts with him.

What are the weird thoughts that pop up in your mind now and then? How does your brain function? And likewise, how does his mind work?

What are his random thoughts? Maybe you’re both just as wise, or whacky! [Read: Late-night thoughts – what it means, why they come, and how to push them away]

11. His friends and what they’re like

Guys almost always have a good bond with their friends. Ask him about his friends and find out more about them. He’ll enjoy sharing his funny stories with you and at the same time, you can get to know more about all his friends too.

And the next time you meet his friends, remember the stories and bring them up. His friends will enjoy your company, and your boyfriend will beam with pride for having caught such a fine catch as you. That makes this one of the best topics to talk about with your boyfriend. [Read: Win ’em over – how to get your boyfriend’s friends to like you]

12. Family

This is a great topic to talk about with your boyfriend because it gets him to open up to you. And at the same time, it gives you a lot of information about his family and what makes him, him.

People don’t usually talk about their family with anyone unless they consider them to be in their inner circle. So if he talks to you about them, you know he’s really interested in something serious with you.

13. Funny memes

Everyone loves memes. And this is especially appropriate if you’re wondering what to talk about with your boyfriend over text. If you’re looking to lighten the conversation, share memes!

You will bond while sending each other memes that make you laugh. Plus, you get to see if you share the same sense of humor. [Read: 30 flirty things to text a guy to get his attention and stay on his mind 24/7]

14. What is he like like during arguments?

You’ll find this one out on your own, but it’s interesting to see how he sees himself. What does he think he is like when he argues with someone? Is he aggressive? Does he listen to the other person? This question is important for your relationship with him.

You can’t get everything you want in life. But what’s important is how you react to rejection. Is your boyfriend someone who throws a fit or takes it calmly? Though the best way to find out is through experience, ask him and see how he sees himself.

15. Guilty pleasures

This can be funny or silly, but all of us have guilty pleasures we don’t talk about with everyone. What’s his guilty pleasure? Does he love binge-watching the same series over and over again?

Whatever it is, guilty pleasures change all the time, so it’s a great way to get to know each other! [Read: 40 guilty pleasures all of us have but keep it a secret from everyone else!]

16. His past

Everyone has a past, whether it’s positive or not. And when you’re intimate with someone, you have to know at least a bit of their past. What has he done in his past life, what was his childhood like, and do you have similar upbringings?

However, if he seems awkward talking about his past, don’t push him. Maybe there’s something traumatic he’s not ready to share yet.

17. His future

You don’t need to ask him about marriage, but if you want to know what to talk about with your boyfriend, you should ask him what he’s planning to do in the future.

Does he want to pursue further education? Move to a different city or country? Where does he want his life to go? Who knows if this relationship will last, and if it does, are you cool with his future plans?

[Read: Does he or doesn’t he see a future with you?]

18. His exes

No one likes to talk about their exes, so tread carefully with this one. But if he’s willing to talk about his, there’s actually a lot that you can learn by talking about his dating past.

How did his past relationships end? When did they? Is he in touch with any of his exes? Has he ever gotten back with any of his exes for a fling?

If you don’t know these answers, you can’t gauge what he’s like in a relationship. The last thing you want is to be a rebound. For that reason, this is one of the best topics to talk about with your boyfriend. [Read: Why you should talk about your exes early on instead of hiding them]

19. Any bad habits

Is he a smoker? Recreational drug user? It may sound silly to ask him these questions, but these are habits you need to be aware of. Sometimes, the most casual of questions can bring up the biggest of dealbreakers!

If you hate smoking, but he smokes a pack a day, that’s going to be a problem that will interfere with your relationship.

20. Bucket lists

Everyone has a bucket list, and everyone loves talking about them with someone intimate! You probably have things you’d like to do before you kick the bucket someday.

So, what’s his story? What are the things he values, and what is on his bucket list? Do you both share any ideas? That would be awesome! [Read: Couples bucket list – 32 must-do things to create experiences together]

21. His work habits

Is he the kind of guy who is obsessed with work and driven to achieve something? Is he laid back and relaxed, and lives life by the moment? You want to have time to see your boyfriend, and if the relationship progresses, you need to see how you fit into it.

How does he value his personal time versus work time? If he’s a workaholic, is that something you can handle? [Read: Why you should run if you see these early warning red flags in a relationship]

22. What are his political and religious views?

This is a tough question, but it’ll open up huge topics that many people try to avoid. When you’re dating someone, you can’t avoid this because it’ll pop up in a conversation. It’s only a matter of time.

So, get this out of the way and see where he stands on politics and religion. But remember, you might have to agree to disagree!

23. What your dream vacation home looks like

Let’s hope that at some point in the future, you might both have your own vacation home. So, what does it look like? How does he see it, and what features are important to him?

It might seem like a ‘pie in the sky’ type of conversation, but not all chats have to be serious! [Read: 15 reasons why you should travel at least once a year]

24. What makes you both feel confident

Part of the job description is to make your boyfriend feel great, just as he should do the same for you. To do that, you need to know what makes him feel confident, and vice versa.

This is one of the topics to talk about with your boyfriend that will seriously enhance your relationship.

25. Influential people in your life

Who influenced your boyfriend and who does he look up to? It might be a fictional character he’s read about, a person from history, or someone in his life right now.

Understanding who influences your boyfriend will help you learn what makes him tick. [Read: The most famous couples in history and how they changed the world]

26. Embarrassing stories

Come on, life can’t be serious all the time! Sometimes we embarrass ourselves, and while we might not laugh about it at the time, we do after a while. Ask your boyfriend what his most embarrassing moment one, but be ready to share your own too!

Funny stories are the best topics to talk about with your boyfriend!

27. What you would do if you knew you couldn’t fail

Most of the time, a fear of failure is what stops us from doing things in life. So, if failure wasn’t an option, what would you both do? Would you start a business? Travel the world?

These types of topics to talk about with your boyfriend help you get a glimpse into what he sees as important in life and shows you whether or not you’re compatible. [Read: Fear of failure and why you shouldn’t be afraid to fail]

28. Your love languages

It’s very important to understand each other’s love language/s. I will help you give your partner what they need to feel loved and cherished, and it will greatly enhance your relationship. But first, you need to know what they are!

So, do you love words of affirmation and your boyfriend is about quality time? Does one of you like to receive gifts while the other is into acts of service? [Read: 48 heartfelt ways to prove you love someone and show them you really care]

29. About their ideal career

If training, money, and anything else that might stop them weren’t an issue, what would your boyfriend do as a career? Perhaps he already has his dream career, and in that case, pat him on the back! But if not, what can he do to try and move closer to it?

30. Play a thought-provoking game

Learning some interesting topics to talk about with your boyfriend isn’t all about full-blown conversations, it can just be about games that make you think about what’s important in life.

So, how about ‘Truth or Dare’ or ‘Would You Rather’? These might not seem thought-provoking at first glance, but if you choose the right questions, it will get you both thinking! [Read: 134 smart and very funny would you rather questions to leave you ROFL]

31. About books and movies

You probably covered this briefly during your first few dates, but delve a little further and ask your boyfriend what the best book he’s ever read is. If he can’t think of one, why not suggest some books you think he would like? The same goes for movies.

Swapping recommendations help you get to know each other better, making these the best topics to talk about with your boyfriend.

32. Get real about money

If you’ve been together a while, it’s important to have this awkward conversation! Nobody likes talking about money, but you need to be sure that you’re on the same page about this important topic.

If he’s up to his ears in debt, how are you going to deal with it? Are you going to have your own separate accounts, or are you going to join forces? And what are your money goals for the future? [Read: How to talk about money with your partner without fighting about it]

33. Talk about the type of parents you want to be

Again, this is one of those topics to talk about with your boyfriend that should be left until you’ve been together for a while. But if you have, pondering the type of parents you’re going to be is a good thing.

You might have slightly different parenting styles, but you’ll need to be in agreement on the most important things.

34. Discuss what you’re grateful for as a couple

It’s time to big each other up! What are you grateful for in your relationship? Don’t be afraid to get a little sappy if you need to!

Maybe you’re grateful for how supportive your boyfriend is; maybe they’re grateful for how understanding you are. Share some details and it’ll make you both smile. [Read: How to be grateful – 20 authentic ways to show gratitude and express it well]

35. What you’d do if you won the lottery

Maybe you will, maybe you won’t, but it’s nice to dream, right? So, what would you both do if you hit the jackpot? Would you go traveling? Would you donate to charity?

Coming up with topics to talk about with your boyfriend doesn’t always have to be about reality. Sometimes, it’s nice to daydream.

36. What you’ll be doing when you’re 60

Yes, it seems like a long way off, but it’s good to think ahead! You might need a crystal ball for this one, but what do you envisage yourselves doing when you’re 60 years old?

This might also give you an insight into what your boyfriend sees when he pictures the future. Will you be in the same place, or will you have moved to another country? [Read: Follow your dreams – All the amazing reasons why it’s worth it]

37. Discuss your views on trust

What do you consider cheating and what does he? Also, what do you expect in a relationship in terms of trust and what are his views?

This is a serious conversation and it’s one that will make sure that you’re both on the same page when it comes to trusting one another.

38. Talk about your boundaries

Everyone should set boundaries in personal relationships, especially when it comes to love. When you discuss your boundaries, you both know what is okay for you and what isn’t.

This helps to avoid misunderstandings and either of you feeling like you’re being taken for granted. [Read: Boundaries in a relationship – 43 healthy dating rules you must set early on]

Remember to add your perspective

Use these same questions and add your own perspectives to them. While you’re asking your boyfriend more questions about him, tell him more about yourself too. In a new relationship, it’s very important for both partners to test their compatibilities as early as possible.

By adding your thoughts and views to the questions you ask, it’ll give you a lot more to talk about and help him get to know you and your intellectual capabilities better too.

After all, great looks may snag you a man. But you do need more than just looks to make a man fall madly in love with you.

Discussing your answers to these questions is a great way for him to understand your mind, and fall in love with the strong woman that you are!

[Read: How men fall in love and the various stages they go through before they love you]

There are many things to talk about with your boyfriend either in person or over text, but these conversation tips will help you make an irresistible impression on him. He’ll love talking to you every moment he can spare!

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