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Instagram Boyfriend: Why Men Hate Him & What Makes Him Awesome

We’ve all heard the term “Instagram boyfriend,” but what does it really mean to be one? It’s not just about getting several photos of her like you think.

instagram boyfriend

So, what is an Instagram boyfriend? Well, he’s the guy behind his girlfriend’s Instagram photos or technically, behind the camera. An Instagram boyfriend doesn’t actually have to be a guy or a boyfriend. It’s the person taking photos regularly for someone to post on Instagram.

This person doesn’t just take a quick snap but gets the angle, the lighting, and even directs poses. It’s about getting the perfect photo of a girl to be posted on, you guessed it right, Instagram!

This is such a popular thing nowadays, and there is an Instagram page dedicated to posting Instagram boyfriends doing their “job” with hundreds of thousands of followers. But, other than being a good partner that has your partner’s back in front and behind the camera, being an Instagram boyfriend is even more.

It’s not just about being both a boyfriend and photographer!

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What is an Instagram boyfriend?

As we’ve said early on, the simplest definition of an Instagram boyfriend is a guy who takes photos of his girlfriend. But it’s not just any photos, they’re enviable, amazing, and fantastic photos that just blow everyone’s minds away!

Being an Instagram boyfriend is all about dedication. It isn’t just about pleasing the person in front of the camera, but understanding why it matters to them and how much what you’re doing means to them.

An Instagram boyfriend goes above and beyond taking flattering shots.

They get down low or up high to get the right angle. They consider the lighting and the background. Of course, it sounds like we’re talking about a free photographer, and that’s about it. However, it’s more than just that. An Instagram boyfriend gives his girlfriend the confidence and support no regular photographer ever can. He knows his girlfriend better than anyone else, so he’d be able to guide her poses, her expressions, and everything else to make the photo perfect in every way.

If she’s feeling low or less confident about posing on a particular day, he’ll give her the boost she needs to rock a perfect photoshoot!

An Instagram boyfriend doesn’t complain about why you care so much about getting the right photo at precisely the right angle and pose. He doesn’t complain or tell you that you’re being vain. Instead, he tries to find the perfect spot with just the right amount of lighting and aesthetic background to give you the perfect Instagram photo for your feed.

From candid shots at the perfect moment to choreographed photoshoots, an Instagram boyfriend is ever ready to click your pictures and make them look beautiful. [Read: The good, bad, and ugly of social media and relationships]

Why is being an Instagram boyfriend such a big deal?

You might not realize this right away, but it’s also a love language and a way of supporting your girl. As an Instagram boyfriend, you’re giving her the perfect photo for her feed. Not just this, but when she feels the support coming from you, it makes her feel loved. When she feels loved and reciprocates her love for you, well, the relationship thrives and flourishes.

Her being happy means that the relationship will also be happy. Also, when her photos look great and have character, she gains more followers. And with enough effort and planning from both of you, the two of you could turn a casual Instagram feed into a successful, multi-million dollar business too!

Also, again, being an Instagram boyfriend doesn’t just apply to a relationship, but you could make a whole sideline business out of your kickass Instagram photo-taking skills too! [Read: How to be a good boyfriend: 33 traits to make you the best ever!]

Why do so many guys hate taking photos of their girlfriends?

Before we decode the special breed of boyfriends we call the Instagram boyfriend, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Why do so many guys take such terrible photos of their girlfriends? Or worse, why do so many boyfriends hate clicking pictures of their girlfriends?

Yes, sometimes *very rarely*, a guy just isn’t gifted with the eye for detail, and he just doesn’t know how to take a good-looking photo no matter how hard he tries. He’s just not “talented” or skilled enough. BUT this is a small minority, and not the majority of men. So why do boyfriends take shitty photos of their girlfriends?

Honestly? It’s because they couldn’t care less. They intentionally don’t want to take beautiful photos of their girl, and worse, they don’t want to make the effort either. To a typical guy, he’s impressed his girlfriend enough by wooing her, he’s now won her over, and is dating her already. So why does he need to impress her anymore by clicking fabulous photos of her? And what if other guys start following her on Instagram, and soon she gets a big fan following? What then, if many other guys start DMing her, and she dumps him to date another guy?!

To a typical guy, clicking sexy photos of his girlfriend just isn’t worth all the trouble it could bring. In his mind, she’s all his, and he’s not stupid enough to display his girlfriend and her sexy “wares” for the whole world to see! [Read: Selfish people – 20 ways to spot and stop them from hurting you]

Why do many guys hate Instagram boyfriend?

This is simple. Almost all guys hate Instagram boyfriends because they make the typical boyfriend look bad. If you’re an Instagram boyfriend and take amazing photos of your girlfriend, and she shares them regularly on her feed, it’s obvious all her girl friends would be envious of her amazing photos.

And when they find out that your girlfriend didn’t hire a professional photographer, but you *her amazing boyfriend* clicked her pictures, they’d be envious and jealous. And they’d nag their own boyfriends to be more like you and click better photos of them.

In an instant, you, the Instagram boyfriend, would now create a legion of unhappy girlfriends who are pissed off with their own boyfriends! So what do the lazy boyfriends do? They hate the Instagram boyfriend instead of dealing with their own insecurity! [Read: Are you dating a hot girlfriend? Here’s how to keep her happy and stay confident at the same time]

But wait, isn’t the Instagram boyfriend scared of losing his girl?

Fair question, right? An Instagram boyfriend is literally helping his girlfriend attract hundreds of thousands of guys who would try to hit on her and slide into her DMs. So, isn’t that asking for trouble?

No, not if you’re secure with your relationship. You see, it’s only the insecure men with fragile egos that try to “hide” their girlfriend from the world, or ask them to cover up, or use less makeup, because they’re constantly threatened their girlfriend would be stolen by another guy.

But when a guy is secure in the relationship, trusts his girlfriend, and realizes he’s worthy of dating her, he’d be happy to show her off or help her achieve success *even if she becomes more successful than him*, because he’s confident he’s the best man for his girlfriend. He’s not scared of losing her. He’s more focused on helping her.

An Instagram boyfriend isn’t threatened by his girlfriend, her confidence, or her beauty. In fact, he’s so secure that he motivates his girlfriend and helps her achieve her dreams instead.

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Why is being an Instagram boyfriend so awesome

So we now know that an Instagram boyfriend is really secure, and genuinely wants to support his girlfriend and help her achieve her dreams. But are there any more benefits to being one?

Of course, there are actually a lot of benefits to it. Being an Instagram boyfriend and acknowledging that you actually get a lot out of it, not only helps you enjoy it more but helps you and your partner too.

So, what are all these mysterious benefits of being an Instagram boyfriend?

1. You’re improving your photography skills

Yes, everyone considers themselves a photographer nowadays, but you are actually getting practice. And you aren’t just taking selfies or photos of sunsets and insects! You get real experience finding the right angles and lighting. You can even work with editing apps to adjust tones and colors.

Being an Instagram boyfriend can make you have a real passion for photography that you never even knew existed. So before you start looking down on those Instagram boyfriends you see, experience it for yourself first! [Read: The 10 signs your partner is supportive of your goals]

2. You have go-to gift ideas

Even though there are hundreds of photos of your partner on Instagram, printing out your favorite and framing it will always be a meaningful gift. It’s so underrated to give your girl a framed pic of the perfect Instagram photo where she looks absolutely stunning in all angles.

You can even sneak the ideal shot into a shoot without her knowing. Turn your Instagramming skills into actual art in your home. Your partner probably won’t even expect it.

Whatever your partner’s Instagram is dedicated to, you will learn all about it. Restaurants, fashion, skincare, or exercise equipment all have their own communities. By working with your partner, you’ll be first in line to experience all the latest in that industry.

This can benefit you in so many ways. You can take a client to the coolest restaurant, buy your mom the latest style for Mother’s Day, or even get your brother a deal on the healthier meal kit.

4. You get to be creative

Unless you already work in a creative space, the design and control area is something you can work on with your own eye. You take something that could be considered superficial or shallow and turn it into art. Photography is a great art, and you can work on your creative skills as an Instagram boyfriend.

You can even use this time as your creative outlet. Have a theme, create an idea, tell a story through the photos. If this becomes your real passion, that’s even more amazing!

People don’t realize this, but it really does take a lot of creativity and effort to be an Instagram boyfriend. [Read: How to show off your girlfriend on Instagram in a way she’ll love]

5. Your patience will improve

Photography, especially for Instagram, is not a one-and-done thing. You can’t just snap a couple of shots and expect to be done. Getting the right shot takes patience and effort. Every photographer knows this, and you will probably know this as an Instagram boyfriend.

It takes the perfect fraction of a second, time of the day, angle, and background to get the perfect shot. Be willing to move locations, wait for the right time of day for the perfect lighting, and maybe even wait in line at a popular photo location. It’s not about taking pictures but bringing those photos to life. That’s what is so remarkable about it.

6. Your partner will appreciate you even more

Going out of your way to help and support your partner will win you major points with them. By putting in this effort, your partner will see how dedicated you are to them. Your girl will see how supportive you are, even with aspects like her Instagram feed.

So when she sees how hard you’re trying to make her happy, she’ll also try to return the favor for you. When you go out of your way to do things for each other, it shows how you want to make each other happy. [Read: Are you a giver or a taker? 15 signs to recognize takers in a relationship]

7. You get photo credit

Whether you are working on your own Instagram page or not, you’ll get photo credit when your partner posts that photo you spent an hour working on. Whether taking pictures is just a hobby or sideline business of yours, it can still boost followers to your page.

This could be the start of your side hustle, gradually increasing engagement and success! Not to mention, your confidence and self-esteem regarding your abilities grow as well. [Read: The things you shouldn’t do on Instagram if you have a girlfriend]

8. You know you’re being a solid and supportive partner

This is cheesy, but there is nothing like knowing that you are doing the best in your relationship. Supporting your partner in something that matters to them is so important. It doesn’t just make your partner happy but also makes you feel proud and impressed.

When you’re supportive of their wants and needs, the relationship naturally becomes balanced and happy. She’ll feel like she’s the luckiest girl in the world to land such a supportive boyfriend, and that would mean everything to her. [Read: How to make your girlfriend happy and feel like the luckiest girl ever]

9. You get to spend time with your girl

Do you know one of the best things about being an Instagram boyfriend? You also get to spend time with her while taking pictures. Quality time is so important in a relationship so when you’re always taking the perfect photos for her, she also feels like she’s spending quality with you!

Not to mention, when it gets tiring for you to keep taking shots of her, you can also make a day out of it and grab coffee or maybe dinner in-between.

10. You get to explore different places

Women often have annoyed their boyfriends to explore and go places just to get that perfect shot of them. As an Instagram boyfriend, you can expect you won’t just be taking shots of her in one place. Not only is the same background boring, but her followers will see through that she only goes to this one place.

So of course, she’d want to go to different places and try new things, and she’ll ask you if you can come along with her. Now, this can be exhausting, but there’s a silver lining! You get to experience new places and you could even take a few shots of the area and practice your photography skills! [Read: 8 tips to have a great time when you travel as a couple]

11. You’re no longer an amateur at photography

Since you constantly take amazing shots of your girl and know how to get it right, photography is no longer alien to you. In fact, you can even put up a portfolio of your own or write it on your resume because of how good you’ve gotten with it.

Being an Instagram boyfriend allows you to build on your photography skills over time without realizing you’re already on the verge of perfecting it. You’re basically a remarkable photographer because of your girlfriend!

12. You bring life to each photo

A good Instagram boyfriend doesn’t just take multiple photos of their girl, but they bring those photos to life. This is what differentiates someone with average photography skills and someone who really has the creativity and dedication for it.

You can’t just be okay with taking her photo with whatever angle and lighting, but each aspect has to be perfect. it’s because of this that when someone looks at your shots, they see it as art and not just a simple image of your girl. It’s basically a masterpiece in the eyes of the beholder.

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So, what is being an Instagram boyfriend about?

It’s not just about taking pictures of her, but it’s more about doing it perfectly and accurately. So aspects like angle, lighting, and time of day significantly impact a guy’s role as an Instagram boyfriend.

It is about being confident enough in your own skin to stand in a public place and take photos of your girlfriend without caring what anyone thinks. Better yet, being an Instagram boyfriend reminds you that you’re not ashamed to go above and beyond for the person you love.

And if both of you achieve success in the process of making each other happy, well, that’s just the kind of cherry on top that makes it all worth it, don’t you think?!

Being an Instagram boyfriend is more than just taking beautiful photos of your girlfriend, it’s about caring for your partner. It’s going above and beyond to deliver the perfect Instagram photo they want from you!

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