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18 Qualities of a Good Man that Sets Him Apart From Lesser Men

What are the qualities of a good man? Is it about honesty and respect, or is it a huge variety of different elements that make up a whole? Let’s explore!

Qualities of a Good Man

What does it mean to be a good man? Is there a list of traits you must tick off to graduate and earn the title, or is it something a little more fluid? After all, nobody is perfect, right? There is no solid list covering the qualities of a good man because it varies from person to person, but there are a few staple points you need to have.

For instance, a good man is someone that cares about being a good man. So, you are already partly there by wanting to know what they are!

On top of that, a good man is someone that sees injustice and stands up. He is in tune with how others are feeling. He tries even though he may fail. A good man knows right from wrong. He is respectful. And he is humble. [Read: Do you understand and embody the 15 good qualities of a person?]

These are qualities of a good man, but they don’t need to be in you from birth. You don’t need to have these attributes naturally or without effort or being active in doing better.

One quality of a good man is always trying to be better. And just by looking for this article, we can tell that is what you’re doing. So, good for you. [Read: These are the traits that make men attractive to women]

Do you have the qualities of a good man?

Are you reading this to double-check that you have the qualities of a good man? Has someone told you that you aren’t good? Are you not sure what defines a good man? Well, as we said, the fact that you are concerned tells us you definitely have some qualities of a good man. But, there is always room for improvement.

One more thing to know about being a good man is that good men are not perfect. No one is perfect. A good man makes mistakes. A good man can make bad decisions. And a good man is still just a man doing his best.

So, as much as possible, try not to be too hard on yourself. We can all improve, but no one is perfect. What you need to do is be open to change. [Read: These are the signs of insecurity that insecure people can’t hide]

Ask yourself why you want to change and embody the qualities of a good man

This is an important thing to consider. Are you trying to change for yourself or for someone else? While it’s admirable that you want to be better for another person, you need to do it for yourself at the end of the day. If you don’t, you’re always going to end up slipping backward.

Vow to become a better man because you want to change for yourself and you want to benefit others by being that person. When you look at it that way, you really can’t lose. [Read: How to change your life – 12 easy steps for a dramatic life makeover]

The qualities of a good man

We are going to list a lot of qualities of a good man below. We don’t want you to get overwhelmed or think you need to be amazing at all of these things.

Each good man is unique. He has his own assets. He is good at perking up someone who’s down or caring for animals or listening. You don’t need to have all of these qualities of a good man or even most of them. You just have to always try your best and be willing to improve. [Read: 11 tips to fall in love with yourself and be a better you]

1. He cares about others

Obvious alert! We know, but it needs to be said. One of the main qualities of a good man is how he treats others. Anyone can say they care about others, but that shouldn’t just mean your family and friends. The world expands far beyond you.

A good man cares about all others. He doesn’t just feel for them and move on he makes his caring known through actions. Anything as small as donating to charities or paying for the coffee of the patron behind him. [Read: How to become a better person in a relationship & be happier too]

2. He isn’t vain

We can all be a little vain and there is nothing wrong with caring about how you look. But vanity isn’t just about appearances. A quality of a good man is a lack of self-importance. He is confident in who he is but doesn’t feel a need to show off.

He doesn’t think the world revolves around him and shows it. [Read: 15 things guys do that are big turn offs to girls]

3. He respects women

This is one you do have to have in order to be a good man or even a decent man. Sadly, it seems to be a quality of a good man that is lacking lately. Respecting women isn’t about saying you respect women. It isn’t about protecting women.

It is about seeing women as true equals and not caring if they remove their body hair. It is about feeling comfortable with your wife or girlfriend making more money than you. It is about letting her make her own decisions. [Read: How to respect women without patronizing them]

4. One of the big qualities of a good man is that he speaks up for what’s right

A good man is not someone who just wouldn’t do bad things but also someone who speaks up when others do bad things. For example, you may not harass women at work, but if you see a woman being harassed at work and don’t step in to stop it for any reason, that is not good.

And what’s worse is if she were to report it and you didn’t back her up. One of the main qualities of a good man is knowing the difference between right and wrong and standing up for it.

5. He steps back when necessary

Yes, a good man gets involved, but also knows when to back off. If you are having a conversation with women about periods, just listen. Sure, everyone has their opinions, but there is a time and a place to share them.

Even if your involvement has good intentions and righteousness, it is not always called for. [Read: Inspiring male feminist ideas from men around the world]

6. He is kind to his elders

The elderly are one of the most forgotten and mistreated groups in the world, yet without them, we wouldn’t have half the knowledge we do today. A quality of a good man is not just holding the door open for a struggling woman, but treating elders equally.

Many people look down on the elderly and see them as useless to society or unable to contribute. A good man will appreciate all that the elderly have to offer the world and what they have already done.

7. He is open-minded

A good man can come from any background and have a number of opinions and stances, but what makes him a good man is his ability to keep an open mind. This does not mean you have to change your beliefs, but be willing to listen to others.

It is about accepting an opinion or belief other than your own without needing to fight or criticize. [Read: 20 intellectual conversation topics that ignite meaningful communication]

8. He appreciates all races, religions, sexualities, and cultures – one of the main qualities of a good man

Acceptance is a big part of being a good man, but it isn’t just about not being homophobic, racists, or sexist. A good man goes above the status quo and truly appreciates everyone for their differences and uniqueness.

He doesn’t just tolerate what he doesn’t know. He loves it, respects it, and sees it as a blessing.

9. He is patient

Sure he can beep his horn on the highway and curse out the guy that cut him off, but he is patient in other ways. One of the qualities of a good man is patience with others and himself. He gives himself time to make things happen.

He waits until others are ready. He doesn’t go overboard or push people. He doesn’t make others uncomfortable. And it isn’t just about waiting, but about understanding why you’re waiting and appreciation of the work it takes to get there. [Read: 15 things women look for in a man before falling for him]

10. He is generous

You do not have to hand out watches to everyone you know to be a good man. Being generous means being generous with your time and your kindness. Sure it can mean you donate to charity or give back, but it also means helping your neighbor bring in their groceries.

It means feeding your friend’s pet when they are out of town. It means taking time away from yourself and giving it to others.

11. He is aware

Many people think the best thing to do in the world is to turn the other cheek. That can be to the news, to wrongdoings, to mental illness, addiction, and more. We are not saying all good men are educated in every area of every topic. But, a good man makes it a priority to know what is going on around him.

He cares about what is happening with the people in his life and around the world and wants to stay informed. [Read: How to be a good citizen of the world while living at home]

12. He listens

Listening is what makes a good man a good man. We don’t mean how you listened in school, but interacting and really processing what you see and hear. You have a conversation with someone and absorb what they say and respond carefully.

You are a good listener if you are reading this and processing it and taking it all in, not just skimming and making mental checkmarks.

13. He communicates his feelings

A good man doesn’t bottle up his feelings. He isn’t afraid to show his softer side. But he is a good man because he shares his emotions and does so in order to better his relationships. [Read: 14 steps to better communication in a relationship]

14. One of the main qualities of a good man? He cares for animals and the environment

Again, we don’t mean he has to be vegan or live a zero waste lifestyle, but a man who takes time to recycle when he can, is a good man. A man who sees a stray cat or dog and calls the local animal charity rather than moving along is a good man.

15. He doesn’t mock others

We all make fun and tease. We all make jokes. But, the difference between a good man and a not-so-good man is that he won’t make jokes at the expense of others.

Sure he may joke about his buddy’s less than great basketball skills, but he won’t mock a woman for her size, his friend for crying, or a stranger for their fashion choices. [Read: How to be nice – 20 easy tips to make everyone love being around you]

16. He is humble

Confidence and humbleness live along a fine line. But a good man balances the two. He feels good about who he is and what he has but isn’t boastful. He loves his life and works hard, but doesn’t brag about it. And he has nice things or is surrounded by good people but doesn’t show off. [Read: The subtle differences between a confident and a cocky man]

17. He has humility

We all care what others think once in a while and that is totally fine and human. But, a good man knows when to laugh at himself. He knows when to take himself seriously and when to laugh until milk comes out of his nose.

He admits when he’s wrong without rigidness or hesitance. He knows when he makes mistakes and instead of hiding it, he comes cleans and does better next time. [Read: Do you meet the qualifications for being a self-righteous dick?]

18. He asks questions

Just as a good man listens, he asks questions. This is a part of caring. He genuinely wants to know how your grandma is and if you got that promotion.

He wants to learn more about you and the world. As we said, a good man is always trying to improve himself, not to prove a point, but just to be a better person. Knowledge is what gets him there. [Read: How to make someone happy – 20 ways to help them sparkle]

A journey of self-discovery starts now!

These are all qualities of a good man.

It’s very likely that you have a few of these qualities already. So, you’ve already made progress without doing anything! However, it’s equally as likely that you have some work to do too. No problem! Self-improvement is never time wasted and by working through the points slowly, you’ll improve your awareness and your personality over time.

That doesn’t mean you become a totally different person, it just means you become a better version of yourself.

[Read: The 20 qualities in a man that make him a really good man]

I can tell you right now, you have the qualities of a good man. Just believe in yourself and keep moving forward. You can do it!

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