60 Perfect Traits to Be a Good Boyfriend That’ll Make You Better Than the Best!

You want your girlfriend to be happy, right? Then you need to know the qualities of a good boyfriend. Here are all the qualities you need in the relationship to better yourself, from learning her love language to being willing to compromise.

how to be a good boyfriend and better than the best

There are a few qualities and traits guys need to understand when it comes to knowing how to be a good boyfriend.

While men and women don’t really think along the same lines in a committed relationship, it’s rather simple to understand what it takes to make your girlfriend feel like the luckiest girl alive.

In fact, the ideal traits and qualities of a great boyfriend are almost so easy to remember and follow that it’s almost surprising why so many guys fail miserably at something that should be seen as effortless when you love someone!

But if you want to make your relationship stronger, healthier, and, above all, happier, treating them right is essential. You can’t expect someone to stick around if you’re not willing to give them a reason. 

When it comes to relationships, most boyfriends aren’t as good as their counterparts. That’s just the harsh truth. 

Maybe it’s because girls are more attuned to a person’s feelings and find it easier to be sensitive, but either way, most boyfriends could use some improvement. [Read: Ways to make your girlfriend incredibly happy]

You may think you are in the clear now that you are official; you no longer have to worry about if you’re exclusive or who should call whom first. You made it through the dating phase and are now comfortable in a committed relationship.

But just because you can relax a bit doesn’t mean you can stop putting in the effort. 

If you’re serious about being a good boyfriend, you can’t just stop putting in the effort because you already have her heart. You need to keep loving her the best way you know how. [Read: How to make a relationship work: 34 ways to a stronger bond]

If she got used to you treating her like a queen, she will expect that, as she should. Otherwise, it will lead her to believe that you only put your best foot forward to have her heart – and that’s not a good look on a boyfriend.

But, really, it’s not difficult to treat someone in the right way.

Ways to be a better boyfriend every girl would dream of dating

Well, we’re not trying to build you up to be a pompous prick. But honestly, it’s the little details that make all the difference. [Read: Down-to-earth ways to express your love without words

Essentially, to be a good boyfriend, you need to try to understand where your girlfriend is coming from. Learn to see the world through the eyes of your girlfriend, and then you’ll be able to understand what she wants and needs from you.

Sure, for some, it’s not easy to put themselves in other people’s shoes and understand their perspective. But have hope; every guy has the potential to be a good boyfriend. All you have to do is choose to reflect within and see things through the eyes of your girlfriend. [Read: How to fix a relationship that’s falling apart and build it again]

So now that we’ve warmed up to the important things it takes for a successful long-term relationship, let’s figure out how to be a good boyfriend and how to go from just-meh to oh-so-a-meh-zing!

1. Share your thoughts

A good boyfriend is someone who loves talking to his girlfriend. He has interesting things to talk about, even when there’s nothing new. And most importantly, he wants to understand his girlfriend, and he wants her to understand him, warts and all.

2. Treat her like a lady

Boyfriends aren’t born great. They become good boyfriends by knowing how to behave with the woman they love. [Read: What is chivalry? The real knight’s code and modern-day codes]

Yes, this means opening the car door for her and carrying heaving boxes, but it also means tossing masculinity away. Prove to her that chivalry isn’t dead and you don’t care about your masculinity too much.

Take her cute Instagram photos, hold her purse, and be open to her suggestions. This doesn’t mean you go get a manicure with her, but when she suggests going to see the ballet, don’t shut her down because of your male pride. [Read: 41 rules to be a gentleman every girl would secretly dream of dating]

When you’re a gentleman to her, it’ll make her feel like the queen she deserves to be.

It’s easy to play nice until you get the girl and treat her like you don’t care once the chase is over. But guys who do that will never be able to hold on to a great girl. After all, no one wants a boyfriend who treats you like a child.

3. Be exciting and fun

Do you think you have an active life? Do you enjoy meeting and interacting with people? Or do you enjoy life best cooped up at home, sitting in front of a gaming console with no distractions *real work!* all day? [Read: How to be more fun and interesting and make everyone want to know you]

A great boyfriend is almost always a great guy too. He has an active social life and gets along with people. He’s likable and has a warm aura about him that makes those around him feel comfortable and at ease. 

You don’t need to be out and about every single day, but as long as you don’t want to isolate yourself and your girlfriend from the rest of the world, that’s a great start!

4. Be romantic

Romance isn’t about a handful of roses and a social media post bragging about it! [Read: How to know if you’re the selfish partner in the relationship]

Almost all guys woo a girl until she decides to date them. And then, many of these guys take it easy as soon as they “hook” the girl. 

Romantic gestures aren’t reserved for the dating stage. Don’t be the guy who takes a backseat and expects the girl to do all the work as soon as you’ve won her heart. If you can’t continue to be the great guy you were on the first date, that’s probably because you’re being too self-centered and selfish.

5. You see her – really

You can’t be a good boyfriend if you’re not someone who truly sees his girlfriend and knows her well. Do you notice your girlfriend’s new haircut or when she’s wearing a new dress? [Read: How to make your girlfriend happy & feel like the luckiest girl ever]

If a guy loves a girl and finds her fascinating, he’ll be observant and would easily recognize something new in the girl he dates. And if you don’t notice them, you can be sure that there are other men who would notice her and woo her instead. Make her forget all about these other men by really seeing her.

6. Be interested in her life

Do you ask your girlfriend about her life every day? A good boyfriend is always interested to hear about his girlfriend’s life and the things she does every day. 

If you actually care about someone, you’d want to hear about their day and every little thing that happened in it, wouldn’t you? Showing interest in the things that she does and knowing what she likes goes a long way, as that can make her feel like she always has the attention she deserves from you. Who likes to talk with someone who’s constantly on their phone, anyway? [Read: No broken hearts this time: signs your relationship will last]

7. Don’t force her

Do you ever pressurize her into doing something YOU want, even though you know your partner is not happy to do it?

Don’t manipulate your girl or gaslight her into doing things your way. It isn’t a sign of love but a sign of control, which is a big relationship issue. [Read: 15 subtle signs of a controlling boyfriend you should avoid]

8. Encourage her to be a better person

When two people love each other, they can’t help but try to bring out the best sides in each other. Do you motivate your girlfriend to achieve her full potential instead of telling her that she’s incompetent or can’t do something?

If you want to know how to be a good boyfriend, this is as good as it gets. You know your girlfriend better than anybody else, flaws and all. 

Most guys assume a great relationship is all about being happy and in love and having a great time in bed. But that’s not where love ends. [Read: How to change someone’s life and help them find true happiness]

Help your girlfriend become a better person by helping her overcome her flaws. When both of you try to make each other better individuals, you can achieve more happiness and satisfaction in life. 

Learn to positively criticize your girlfriend and help her with her flaws at the same time. By helping her become a better person, she’ll love you and respect you a lot more.

9. Make an effort with her friends and family

A good boyfriend would always try to impress his girlfriend’s group of friends and family, even if he can’t get along with a few of them. [Read: How to get along with your partner’s family – create a lifelong bond]

Do you make the effort to get along with them even if you don’t care for them? If want to be a better boyfriend, making a small effort to get along with your girlfriend’s loved ones is a small gesture she’ll truly appreciate.

10. Make time for her

If you want to be a great boyfriend, no matter how busy or occupied you are, make time for her now and then. If you truly love her, you could sacrifice a bit of sleep or stay up longer to talk to her, even if it’s for a few minutes or hours.

Do it, not because your girlfriend nags you to spend time with her, but because you care enough to want to be with her. [Read: How much time should couples spend together? The answers you need to know]

11. Respect her

You can’t expect your girlfriend to do everything you want or behave the way you expect her to just because she’s your girlfriend. 

Remember that she’s just your girlfriend; you don’t own her and shouldn’t expect her to behave like a trained monkey just because she likes you or you’re getting some action in bed with her.

If you want to know how to be a good boyfriend, learn to treat your girlfriend with respect and pay attention to her needs. [Read: 29 signs of lack of respect in a relationship you must never ignore]

Don’t take her words lightly or ignore her advice just because she’s a ‘girl.’ If you truly do love your girlfriend, you would respect her too.

And if you can’t respect her, it’s obvious it’s not love that’s holding the relationship together.

12. Have goals in life

A great boyfriend is one who has goals in life and works towards achieving them. [Read: How to be a man the way he really should be]

Do you bitch and moan to your girl about how unfair life is? Or do you grab life by the horns and try to make something great out of it?

A good boyfriend inspires his girlfriend to be better through his actions. And doesn’t rely on his girlfriend to mommy him and take care of him instead.

13. Don’t be stubborn

A guy may be stubborn when it comes to his ambition and his determination, but he should never be stubborn when it comes to making decisions or making life plans with his girlfriend.

Compromises and sacrifices are a part of making a relationship work in the long run. [Read: Compromise in a relationship – 17 ways to give and not feel like you lost]

14. Remember her special days

Do you ever forget your birthday? Of course, you don’t. You never forget your birthday because it’s a really special day that comes just once a year, right?

Don’t you think your anniversary is special too, or perhaps your girlfriend’s birthday? It’s really arrogant when a guy forgets an occasion that his girlfriend holds dear and then says it’s no big deal. 

If your own special day can be important, why can’t you understand that their special days matter to your partner too? [Read: Relationship dates men should never ever forget]

Try to make a conscious effort to understand your girlfriend and remember the special days if she is, indeed, important to you.

15. Compromise for her

A good boyfriend should be willing to compromise and indulge his girlfriend now and then, if only to make her happy. And this is especially valid if she wants to try something new, and you know that will make your girlfriend happy — be it new activities, new food, or a new place.

16. Value her independence

A good boyfriend may want to spend all his time with his girl. But at the same time, he’d still give his girl the space to pursue her own dreams. [Read: Dating an independent woman – 28 expectations and other must-knows]

As much as you love her and miss her when she isn’t around, the perfect boyfriend ensures his girl focuses on her own life and her aspirations. [Read: How to give space in a relationship without drifting apart]

17. Make her feel secure and loved

Do you make your girl feel secure in the relationship? Romantic gestures and words work wonders in helping her feel loved.

But do you also make her feel secure and respected when you’re spending time around other women? Or when an attractive woman walks down the street when your girlfriend is walking beside you? [Read: The sweetest romantic gestures for everyday life you can use]

18. Make the effort to look good around her

Your girlfriend may make the effort to look great in your arms. Do you do the same for her? You need to groom yourself and appear respectable when you meet her too. 

And do you work out and try to stay fit and healthy because you respect her and respect the effort she takes to appear presentable around you?

19. Don’t be a taker in the bedroom

Those that say sex isn’t important in a relationship are kidding themselves.

The truth is girls have a harder time fulfilling their needs in the bedroom, and a little more effort from you does great things for your relationship. [Read: How to make a woman orgasm: 15 secrets to master the art]

A perfect boyfriend initiates and maintains an active sex life. He’s innovative and tries to keep sex fun because he realizes that sex is just as important as love in a happy romance.

Aim to please her in the bedroom every time. [Read: 30 naughty sex questions for couples to keep the sexy spark alive]

20. Addictions

Some people let their lives spin out of control when their addictions take control of their life. If you’re addicted to anything at all, you’d know this very well.

No matter how hard your woman tries to communicate with you or get you to listen when you’re under the haze of a craving, nothing gets to you. 

Are you willing to let go of your addictions and make the relationship work? [Read: 15 things a guy shouldn’t do on Instagram when he has a girlfriend]

An addiction replaces everything that’s a priority in your life and pushes them to second place. And no matter how you see it, it will ruin everything else in your life, one day at a time, and give you nothing in return.

21. Hold on to your principles

A man of principles doesn’t backtrack on his words. He makes promises and keeps them. He’s in control of his life and has firm principles. 

If you want to know how to be a good boyfriend, start by learning to keep your word to her. Remember, a good man’s word is as strong as oak. [Read: 23 foolproof relationship tips to transform your love life]

22. Help her to trust you

Insecurities and doubts always have a way of cropping up in a relationship when there are secrets or lies. 

A great boyfriend doesn’t give his girlfriend an opportunity to doubt him. He communicates with her frankly and avoids lying or keeping secrets that may affect the relationship. Maintaining ntimacy and trust are equally important signs that you’re ready to be a better partner for your other half.

23. Are you a lonely guy?

A lonely guy may seem like an ideal boyfriend because you have so much time to spend with your girlfriend. [Read: How not to feel lonely – 30 ways to chase the lonely blues away]

But if you’re being avoided by the rest of the world, there’s probably a good reason why no one gets along with you. 

Are you antisocial? Or needy? Or are you manipulative or aggressive? 

If you’re lonely, and not by intention, work on building a good social network. It’ll help you realize where you’re going wrong around people. [Read: Why you’re feeling lonely in a relationship and what to do about it]

And spending too much time only with your girlfriend may make her feel like a caged bird in no time.

24. Listen to her

A good boyfriend doesn’t think he’s a know-it-all. He’s always willing to hear his girlfriend out and listen to her point of view completely before making a decision, especially if the decision involves both of you. Ask yourself if you’re really listening to your partner because if not, things may already be falling apart, and you’re still not aware of it.

25. Don’t try to control her

Have you ever tried to subtly control and manipulate your girlfriend unintentionally? Do you hate it when she spends time with friends? Do you get jealous when she achieves success? [Read: How to not be jealous and learn to grow instead]

You may envy your girlfriend or her lifestyle, but if you want to be a good boyfriend, instead of trying to pin down her wings, learn to fly with her instead. You can’t cage your girlfriend or try to manipulate her into becoming what you want her to be. [Read: The key differences between a protective boyfriend and a controlling one]

26. Stay in touch with her

A perfect boyfriend stays in touch all the time and keeps his girlfriend updated on his daily life. Don’t be secretive or avoid her calls when you’re out with friends. 

It doesn’t take much effort, or more than a minute, to update your girlfriend over a quick text, even when you’re busy. [Read: 20 reasons why a good morning text is so important to make someone’s day]

If you want to know how to be a good boyfriend and help your girlfriend feel secure, be an open book and don’t ignore her or shut her out of your life.

27. Be caring and affectionate

For men, what matters is physical intimacy and sex. For women, sex is equally important, but they do appreciate a lot of affection too. 

Just like sex matters to men, cuddles and affection matter just as much for women. Show your affection by spending time holding hands or sitting down wrapped in each other’s arms now and then while having a conversation with your partner. [Read: 16 non-sexual touches that’ll make your girlfriend feel loved and connected]

A warm hug and a few affectionate kisses mean more in love than wild sexual escapades. And it’ll help your relationship last longer too.

28. Don’t take your girlfriend for granted

One of the most important aspects of knowing how to be a good boyfriend is to avoid taking your girlfriend for granted. 

If she gives you a foot massage or cooks a delicious meal for you over the weekend, just don’t take her for granted and expect your partner to do the same every weekend. [Read: 15 signs of a taker in a relationship – Are you a taker or a giver?]

In a perfect relationship, both partners have to understand the efforts of their lover and realize that every simple gesture is a sign of how much you love each other, and that should never be taken for granted.

Never ever take your girlfriend or a special romantic gesture for granted. Instead, learn to always be thankful and appreciative of every single affectionate gesture.

29. Support your girlfriend when she’s in need

All of us need a helping hand when we’re going through a rough patch. You don’t need to be clingy and become her Man Friday who’s there to answer her every beck and call. [Read: 15 courteous ways to be a gentleman and keep your girlfriend happy]

But when your girlfriend genuinely asks you for advice or help, be there as her source of support.

Your weekend games or your male bonding time may be important to you, but on a rare occasion that your girlfriend asks you for some help, make sure you’re by her side. 

It’s always reassuring for a girl to know that she can depend on her man when she’s feeling helpless and under stress. [Read: 17 signs of a supportive partner who encourages you and your goals]

30. Learn to apologize

Now, this isn’t just isolated to boyfriends, but since we’re going over how to be a good boyfriend, we’ll stick to the man’s side of things. 

It may be egoistically painful to apologize, but sometimes, it’s a generous and yet humble move when a man can apologize to his girlfriend even if he believes he’s not in the wrong.

In the heat of an argument, it’s easy to have tempers flying on a high, but always remember that a simple apology can end the fight and help both of you communicate better. [Read: How to fight fair in a relationship and grow closer]

At times, apologize to your girlfriend, even if you don’t believe it’s your fault, for the sake of the relationship.

P.S. You can always hint to your girlfriend that you’re still right when both of you are having a laugh after a few hours. It’ll help both of you sort out your differences without getting blinded by anger or ego.

31. Listen to her needs

Communicate and understand your partner’s wants and needs. Try to understand your girlfriend’s feelings, and even if she ever does sulk or behave grumpily, try to understand what’s going on in her mind instead of retaliating back with anger. [Read: 19 ways to be a better listener in a relationship]

Sometimes, women may find it easier to sit by themselves or throw an angry fit instead of getting straight to the point. It’s one of the differences in the way masculine and feminine energies react to pain or anger.

Instead of getting angry over her behavior, realize that men and women are different in such moments and try to understand her mind without losing your cool. It’ll make her feel better and you a lot more understanding over time.

32. Let her know she’s important to you

If you do really love her and see a future with her as an equal partner, are you making the effort to let her know that she’s important by the way you behave around her? 

Do you respect her ideas and thoughts? Do you listen to her? Can she truly understand by your behavior that she is an important person in your life? You have to make sure your partner knows that her thoughts and feelings all matter to you. [Read: 20 questions to ask her to show your sensitive side]

33. Show your appreciation

This plays off our previous point about not taking her for granted. For some reason, guys just don’t show when they appreciate something unless it’s something super-profound.

Of course, you appreciate it when your girl makes dinner, cleans your place, and buys tickets to your favorite concert. All you have to do is show her that you appreciate it. [Read: The best ways to show your appreciation for someone you love]

Something as simple as giving her a passionate kiss followed by, “Thank you. I really appreciate this,” is all it takes.

34. Take charge and surprise her occasionally 

A little spontaneity is fun, especially when one partner usually takes charge of things. Pick her up and make her get in the car without telling her where you’re going. Bring her flowers for no reason at all. It might seem like a small gesture for you, but it speaks volumes about your love for her. Actions speak louder than words, remember? [Read: How to make your girl fall more in love with you]

Little surprises like this make the butterflies in her stomach dance for joy, and this is perhaps the best advice that you can get if you want to be the one that makes her feel this way. [Read: 24 flirty and romantic things you should do for your girl]

35. Do things that only she wants to do

Relationships require sacrifice sometimes. You both may not always want to do the same things. However, if she can sit through a couple of hours of you yelling at the TV during a sports game, you can spend an hour watching The Bachelor with her and some other things that bother you a bit.

36. Let her have girl time

This means two things. First, let her have time to do her hair, put a face mask on, and do her nails without you bothering her. She needs this.

Secondly, make sure to give her time to go out with her girlfriends. If you get mad every time she goes out with her friends, she’s going to be unhappy and resent you for it. 

She needs girl time just like you need guy time. [Read: Things you shouldn’t do when you have a girlfriend]

37. Don’t get jealous

Don’t show her that you’re jealous. Everyone gets jealous at times, but if you are getting overly jealous, she’s going to be unhappy and think you don’t trust her. Keep it on the down-low. [Read: 10 great qualities in a guy that girls find attractive]

38. Make her dinner every once in a while

Even if the only thing you can make is mac ‘n cheese, do it. Putting in some effort to try and make her happy with a home-cooked meal is the quickest way to make a girl happy. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

39. Do her chores when she’s had a rough day

If she’s texting you all day complaining about her grueling boss and tough day at work or that something has been bothering her all day, go pick up the slack and do some of her chores before she gets home. You have no idea how meaningful this is to the ladies. [Read: 15 traits that’ll make your perfect boyfriend material]

40. Clean up the bathroom every once in a while

Guys tend to be messier in the bathroom than girls, mostly because of their facial hair. The trimmings all over the sink are ANNOYING.

If you show her you care about her comfort by keeping it tidy, she’ll notice and be grateful. [Read: Lazy boyfriend – 20 signs, why guys get lazy in love, and how to help him change]

41. Express your feelings to her

Yeah, yeah. This one is going to be a little harder, but it’s actually a huge way for you to learn how to be a better man. Girls are great at communicating with emotions, and guys, well, not so much.

Try to tell her how you feel about things, so she gets to know you better, and she’ll feel extra special that you opened up to her.

If this is something you struggle with, just start by explaining your feelings for her. It’ll get easier with time. [Read: Why does my girlfriend hate me? Questions to find out]

42. Work on being a better person all around

If you really want to be a better boyfriend, then work on being a better person first. If you’re working to better your life and better yourself, you’ll find being a good boyfriend comes naturally, along with the other positives in your life.

43. If you say you’re going to do something, do it

One of the most annoying traits a man often exhibits in a relationship is saying something and then not doing it.

If you’re not going to do it, don’t say it! If you want to learn how to be a better boyfriend, take responsibility for doing every single thing you say you’re going to do, and she’ll adore you for it. [Read: 21 things you do that make your girl adore you more]

44. Don’t keep her guessing

Most girls are wondering where the relationship is going. Nobody is so secure that they don’t think about it. Take the doubts away from her mind and talk about them. [Read: How to show commitment in a relationship & make them feel secure

We mentioned opening up and talking about your emotions earlier, but you also need to be open about where you see things going. 

45. Be present when you’re together

When you’re spending time together, put the phone down and be present in the moment. There is nothing worse than feeling like your guy doesn’t really want to be there because he’s always on his phone, smiling at something his friend said. 

If you want to learn how to be a better partner, give your partner your undivided attention when you’re with her. [Read: Phubbing – what it is, 18 reasons why we phub, and ways to stop it ASAP]

46. Show empathy and put yourself in her place

Guys and girls are different, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try and understand her when she’s going through a hard time. 

Put yourself in her place and imagine how you would feel. It might not be exactly the same, but it shows that you’re trying. After all, making the effort is attractive. [Read: Reasons why empathy is important in a relationship]

47. Be her number-one cheerleader

Whenever she needs encouragement, be the one to push her forwards. If she achieves something, shower her with love and compliments. 

Even in the times when she fails, encourage her and pick her back up again. You have to be her number-one cheerleader. [Read: The best ways to cheer your girl up when she’s down]

48. Never let anyone badmouth her

To her face or behind her back, never allow anyone to speak badly of your girlfriend. This means picking up on sarcastic remarks and understanding what they mean – you have to be her protector and always have her back.

49. Tell her she’s beautiful when she least expects it

When a girl is all dressed up and ready to go out, it’s easy to tell her she’s beautiful. But it means more when she’s in her sweats and not wearing any makeup! 

Compliments such as these mean more when you least expect them, and doing this will make her feel appreciated. [Read: How to tell a girl she’s beautiful without sounding cheesy or fake]

50. Remember that you’re a team

Don’t try and struggle through life on your own. Always remember that you’re a team. She wants to help you when you’re having a hard time, just like you want to help her. 

The key to learning how to be a better boyfriend is also letting your partner in and allowing her to be a part of your life – when it’s good and bad. 

51. Take the time to learn her love language

Love language is different for everyone. This is the way in which we give and receive love. It might be acts of service, words of affirmation, gifts, physical touch, or quality time. [Read: 27 ways to impress your girlfriend and make her fall more in love with you]

By taking the time to understand what hers is, you can make sure she feels as loved as possible.

52. When you’re upset, don’t just shut down

A common trait of many boyfriends is to shut down whenever they’re upset or angry about something. Talk about it! 

Explain what’s wrong. She’s bound to be going over and over in her mind and wondering whether she’s done something to cause it. Put her out of her misery and talk to her. [Read: How to show affection in a relationship if it doesn’t come naturally]

53. Be honest

This is pretty obvious, but it needs to be said: honesty is very crucial in being a good boyfriend. We all tell a white lie every now and then, but be honest when it comes to important details and make sure they know about it.

You know what they say – it’s better to hurt her with the truth than comfort her with a lie.

That doesn’t mean you should tell her that her new haircut isn’t the most flattering, but it does mean you should tell her if you ran into your ex, got hit on by a girl at work, or something along those lines. 

She is your partner, and honesty is crucial in any partnership. [Read: Being vulnerable in a relationship will make you feel closer]

54. Check in

As much as women can take care of themselves, they like to know that you worry. That means you care. 

So, when your girlfriend leaves, tell her to let you know when she is home safe, and if she doesn’t, call her. If you want to be the best boyfriend, it couldn’t hurt to check in with her every now and then. [Read: Sweet and intimate ways to show how much you care]

55. Be playful

No one likes someone that takes everything too seriously. We all have bad days, but knowing you can laugh and be a kid again is something we all need. Having the ability to let loose, act goofy, and fool around is vital in today’s world.

If you want to know how to be the best boyfriend, be her best friend. Make her laugh and be playful with her! After all, life’s too short to be so serious all the time, right? [Read: How to be more playful and flirty & open up when you meet someone]

56. Let her know she is on your mind

When you’re in a relationship, things can come up. Work, family, traffic, bills, etc., are all part of life. But among all that, taking time to make sure your girlfriend knows you are thinking about her during your time apart is all she needs.

Regardless of how busy life gets, don’t fail to let her know you’re on her mind.

If you have the time, you can also show that she’s in your thoughts! Whether a quick phone call to say “I love you” or a text that says “can’t wait to see you tonight,” these are gestures that mean a lot more than you may realize. [Read: What to text your girlfriend when you miss her]

57. Be yourself

All of these tips are great to ensure you are being the best boyfriend for her. But above all else, you want to make sure you are always being yourself.

You don’t have to change who you are just to please her or be the best boyfriend.

You can still give her everything she needs by being yourself. [Read: The things women actually want in a man]

58. Be decisive

If you want to know how to be the best boyfriend, you need to be capable of making decisions. Don’t just decide one thing and then change your mind the next.

This goes even for minor things like where your date is going to be. Yes, spontaneity is attractive in a guy, but your partner can’t rely on you if you’re not decisive. [Read: 15 firm ways to deal with an indecisive partner]

59. You’re there when she needs you

This is another important one you shouldn’t disregard. She’ll remember the moments you’re not there when she needs you, so you have to be there for her. Even if you can’t always be there for her physically, at least be there for her emotionally.

Text her, call her, and do whatever you can to be present in that moment. Remember that love isn’t just about the good moments but also the bad. When she’s not feeling her best, you need to support her. [Read: How to show your appreciation to someone and express your gratitude]

60. Make her feel safe

A relationship is about finding someone who makes you feel safe when you’re with them. So when she’s with you, don’t make her regret trusting and opening up to you.

Make her feel like her secrets are safe with you, and part of it is respecting their boundaries, too. Most importantly, make her feel safe enough to be herself, flaws and all.

Final thoughts

Remember, these qualities aren’t herculean, nor are these expectations for a perfect boyfriend too ambitious. 

If you actually are a decent guy within your heart to begin with, then these traits *and empathy and communication* would be deep-rooted within your mind anyways, even if you’re too lazy to follow through now and then. [Read: Toxic masculinity: 20 “toxic” traits that are actually healthy]

If you can see several of these traits in your behavior already, that’s great; good for you! But if you’re missing several qualities pointed out here, your girlfriend’s probably not as happy as she could be. And chances are, she’s not very happy in the relationship either!

So, if you want to know how to be a good boyfriend, always make sure you remember these qualities and live by them.

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Now that you know how to be a good boyfriend, how many of these signs and qualities do you see in yourself? And if don’t see enough, maybe it’s time you change for the sake of your relationship!

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