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How to Be More Attractive: 31 Ways to Play Up Your Best Features

Is anyone ever satisfied with how they look? Everyone wants to learn how to be more attractive. These 31 ways show you how to play up your best features!

how to be more attractive

You might think you are stuck with the looks you are born with, and in a way that’s true. However, it’s important to work with what you’ve got, know your best features, and understand that being attractive isn’t just about the prettiest face or best body in the room. Learning how to be more attractive doesn’t always mean adjusting your physical appearance in any way!

How to be more attractive: 31 tips to be the best you

Whether it’s because you just want a confidence boost, or you try to catch the eye of a certain someone, being more attractive brings lots of benefits. It helps you not only find a partner, but also feel happier with who you are. This makes you feel more positive, energetic, and believe in yourself—and who wouldn’t want that? [Read: The 14 secrets to self-worth and self-belief]

So, what are the ways that you become more attractive? Here are 31 top tips to learn how to become more attractive. Some are quick fixes, and some more long-term goals, but if you work through them, you are sure to feel super attractive, confident, and happy by the end!

#1 Smile. Smiling makes you appear open, friendly, and warm. People’s faces light up when they smile. So, don’t think looking sullen and sultry gets you anywhere. Bare your pearly whites instead. If you don’t like your smile, there are many options for treatment to straighten and whiten them which could really boost your self-confidence. [Read: 6 baby steps to smile more and change your life for the good]

#2 Be interesting. Attractiveness takes many forms. One being a person with lots going on. If you have lots to say, understand what’s going on in the world, and have many passions, hobbies, and interests, you are far more intriguing and attractive than someone who doesn’t really do anything. [Read: 43 cues to spark smart talk with anyone]

#3 Be interested. Asking lots of questions and showing that you want to get to know the other person, making them feel listened to and interesting is also a good way to appear more attractive to the person you have a conversation with.

#4 Laugh lots. If you look like you are always having a great time and being the life and soul of the party, other people will naturally be drawn to you. This is one of the easiest ways when it comes to understanding how to be more attractive.

#5 Make others laugh. If you bring a smile to other people’s faces and make them laugh, they want to spend more time with you. Because you make them enjoy themselves more. It’s as simple as that! [Read: How to draw someone to you and make them like you]

#6 Have a big group of friends. Having a large group of friends makes you appear super popular; therefore, more attractive to the opposite sex. Research shows that the ‘cheerleader effect’ works for both guys and girls. That is if you are in a big pack of people of the same sex you tend to all appear more attractive than if there was just one or two of you.

#7 Be confident. Confidence, of course, plays a huge part in determining whether we find someone attractive or not. Being confident and comfortable with who you are is undeniably attractive.

#8 Walk tall. Use your body language to display confidence. You’ll seem more attractive as soon as you step into a room. [Read: How to gain confidence and turn your life around]

#9 Be open. Being open and honest is another attractive quality. By being friendly and sharing your feelings and stories with others, they feel as though you confide in them which naturally brings the pair of you closer together.

#10 Dress well. Having good dress sense also makes all the difference when it comes to finding someone attractive or not. You don’t have to look like you walked straight off the catwalk but learning what looks good on you, what flatters your shape, and having your own unique sense of style really makes a difference. [Read: The hotness decoder – How to know if someone finds you attractive]

#11 Wear red. If you want to know how to be more attractive, remember that red has been shown to be a color that stands out and gets you noticed and also makes you appear more attractive. This is especially true when ladies wear red lipstick.

#12 Wear glasses. Cute glasses have shown to be a sign of intelligence and also gives you that geeky, yet sexy look which so many people find attractive. Why not give them a try?

#13 Grow a beard. One for just the gentlemen obviously! Growing stubble or a beard boosts your attractiveness. Making you appear more rugged and manly. [Read: 12 reasons why guys with beards make the best boyfriends]

#14 Make others feel great. If you compliment others, support them, and make them feel good about themselves, they naturally feel good about you too.

#15 Be generous. Generosity is another attractive quality often overlooked.

#16 Be kind. Kindness costs nothing. A person obviously kind and gentle of nature is far more attractive compared to someone mean or sullen.

#17 Relax. People who don’t get stressed out and tend to live in the moment are also deemed more attractive than those who fret and constantly worry about something. [Read: 14 easy mantras that will change your life]

#18 Don’t cry. Crying too much, whether a guy or a girl, can actually be quite off-putting. Obviously, if it’s appropriate to cry it’s fine, but don’t go overboard. Otherwise, you quickly turn the other person off.

#19 Be adventurous. Having an adventurous spirit, being brave and daring, and up for new experiences is a seriously attractive quality in anyone.

#20 Intelligence. If you want to know how to be more attractive, make sure you are informed, well-read, and opinionated. These qualities are much more attractive than someone who knows nothing about the world.

#21 Have your life together. People tend to find those more ‘sorted’ in life more attractive. If you have a good career, a nice house, and generally seem like you’ve got your act together this is a massive plus in the attractiveness column! [Read: How to get your life together and regain control]

#22 Be honest and respectful. Cheesy chat up lines and treating others disrespectfully make the most physically attractive person seem ugly. So, make sure you aren’t one of them!

#23 Be genuine. No one likes someone fake. Be sure you are genuine which makes you naturally appear more attractive.

#24 Work with what you’ve got. Everyone has features they don’t like and others they do. Play to your strengths and accentuate those pretty eyes, cracking pout, those slender legs—work with what you’ve got. You’ll instantly look and feel more attractive.

#25 Eat healthy. Healthy people tend to be considered more attractive. So, pay attention to your diet and make sure you eat the right foods. [Read: A lover’s must know guide to eating well]

#26 Pay attention to your skin and hair. Smooth skin and shiny hair are super attractive so make sure you give you skin and hair a boost whenever you can.

#27 Work out. Exercising regularly not only makes you feel good but also tones up your body and gives you more energy. Having a healthy, toned body is extremely attractive too.

#28 Use makeup. While piling on layer after layer of makeup is not a good look for anyone, using makeup to highlight your features makes you seem more attractive.

#29 Drink lots of water. Drinking lots of water will keep you hydrated with plump, smooth skin and bright eyes.

#30 Make eye contact. Remember to look people in the eye when you talk to them. This gives off an air of confidence and attractiveness. [Read: 10 fun and flirty ways to make eye contact with someone]

# 31 Get a dog. If in doubt, get a cute pet! While getting a dog is a serious commitment, research shows an adorable four-legged friend helps you appear more adorable yourself!

[Read: The 15 pathways to discovering self-love and happiness]

These 31 tips are all useful, easy, and practical ways to know how to become more attractive as well as help you feel healthy, believe in yourself, and generally feel great. What’s not to love about that?!

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