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How to Increase Your Sex Appeal Effortlessly!

increase your sex appeal

Sex appeal is an awesome asset to have. Some of us have it and some of us don’t. But every single person has the potential to exude sex appeal. Find out how to increase your sex appeal here.

Harnessing the power of sex appeal can do wonders for you and your life.

You feel better, you look better and everyone else either wants you or wants to be with you.

Knowing how to increase your sex appeal is easy, but following the tips to the tee is the difficult part.

By working on your sex appeal, you can get the attention of anyone you like with ease.

Life just becomes so much easier when you look and feel sexy.

What is sex appeal?

For the uninitiated, sex appeal is the involuntary ability to attract anyone of the opposite sex and make them like you almost instantly.

When we speak about sex appeal, it’s almost always the physical attributes that come to mind. But by using these steps mentioned below, you’d learn that there are many other subtle signs of sex appeal too that go beyond physical attributes.

If you’ve got a body that’s a perfect ten, well, life just got easier for you when it comes to working your sex appeal. But a great body is really never enough to exude sex appeal and draw everyone around you.

How to increase your sex appeal

You may not realize this, but every single person has the ability to increase their sex appeal tenfold and attract a lot of good lookers. All it takes is a bit of understanding about the different aspects that matter and using it to increase your sex appeal. [Read: How to dress for sex]

Find out how to increase your sex appeal in these ten steps. Use them religiously in your daily life, and you’ll be an attractive looker with tons of sex appeal sooner than you think.

#1 Learn to dress well

Sex appeal is all about your physical attributes, along with a pinch of subtle attributes. For starters, dress well and always look your best. If you don’t think your dressing style is something to brag about, use a few fashion magazines or even get the help of an image makeover consultant. Dressing well is one of the basic steps in knowing how to increase your sex appeal.

#2 Get a great body

If you don’t have washboard abs or sexy, toned legs, you’re not working out enough. It’s easy to sit back and whine about how fat you are or why no one ever gives you a second glance. Almost half the adults in the United States are fat. Get off your butt and do something about it.

Start working out and take an initiative to look good. You may have to run or do cardio for six months to lose weight, but just sitting around and having a burger and fries while bitching about your cruel world isn’t going to make you look any better. You want to look good? Get ready to work your butt. And hey, you know you’re always going to get second glances when you look fitter!

#3 Glow!

Learn to groom yourself. Bed heads and multicolor streaks look good on a fashion ramp, but they don’t particularly make the best impressions in your office or on your career. Eat healthy, sleep well and get that glowing skin. When you feel good about your daily lifestyle, your skin would start to glow, and you’d feel and look a lot better. And your sex appeal, well, it’ll start to grow too!

#4 Fragrances

Have your own collection of perfumes that smell great on you. When it comes to picking fragrances and perfumes, always remember that what smells great on someone else may not work for you. A lot of things like your body temperature and your body’s natural fragrance matters here. [Read: How to pick a perfect perfume]

Leave a waft of mild perfume in the air as you walk past someone of the opposite sex. It’s an instant turn on that will leave anyone wanting more. Perfumes, especially when they mix with your own body’s pheromones, can create a lasting positive effect on anyone you want to attract.

#5 Build your confidence

While physical aspects matter most in sex appeal, subtle factors like your confidence can play a big part too. If you want to know how to increase your sex appeal, learn to work on your confidence. Be positive and learn to look at the bright side of everything you do. Feeling unworthy or uncomfortable around people doesn’t help in growing your sex appeal. Work on your confidence and understand your true worth. Your upbeat attitude and your confidence will draw more people towards you than you can imagine.

#6 Intense eye contact

You may notice that most people you meet don’t have a strong eye contact. They may look into your eyes for a few seconds and look away because they can’t hold their gaze any longer.

Don’t be that person.

When you talk to someone of the opposite sex, especially someone you like, gaze deeply into their eyes as they talk to you. When you’re relaxed and confident, and stare into another person’s eyes when they’re talking, it may make the other person feel awkward. But it’ll also leave them feel weak in the knees.

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[Read: How to talk to a girl and impress her]

#7 Stay calm and composed

No one likes Nervous Nelly. Don’t be that person. When you’re jittery and cluttered in your head, it’s hard to make anyone around you feel comfortable. No matter what you’re doing, stay calm and composed. It’ll make the person around you feel at ease and will help them connect with you better.

The next time you’re on a date, don’t fidget around. Relax and sit back calmly. A happy, calm โ€˜you’ can create a happier atmosphere and make anyone love being with you.

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#8 Be graceful in whatever you do

You don’t have to be a ballerina or a flamenco artist, though it would help immensely if you do know how to dance, but you have to learn to be aware of your body. Most men and women look so clumsy when they can’t control their own body, it’s almost repulsive.

Learn to be graceful in your movements and your postures, be it a wave to say hello or a handshake or a hug to say goodbye. When you’re familiar with controlled movements like dancing, it makes you look sexy and appealing, no matter what you do. So if you’ve got the time for it, join a few salsa classes or pick a dance-at-home dvd.

#9 Speak in a lower voice

Work your sexy voice into a conversation the next time you’re on a date. While women may love the deep testosterone laden voice of a man, men don’t always want a woman to bellow in a deep voice.

Men have always found female voices to be attractive, especially when it’s not too shrill or high pitched. A woman who speaks in a soft voice and adds a perfect giggle now and then, almost instantly makes any guy she’s conversing with like her. If that isn’t sex appeal, what is?! [Read: How to sound sexy in bed]

#10 Know that you look sexy!

If you want to know how to increase your sex appeal, you could use all these tips here and become a new and improved hottie overnight. But unless you truly believe you’re hot stuff, you can’t really become hot stuff.

Once you use all these tips, you really need to believe in yourself and realize that you’ve become a better person who gets a lot more attention than ever before. When you feel sexy, it shows. And it definitely attracts all the right attention!

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Change your life with these ten steps on how to increase your sex appeal. It may seem like a lot of changes, but once you get all the attention, you’d realize that it was all worth the effort!

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13 thoughts on “How to Increase Your Sex Appeal Effortlessly!”

  1. FeelinSexiAt46 says:

    If you got sex appeal you got it. I have it, yet dont brag or tell anyone this. It comes naturally for me. I think it would be a difficult thing for someone to achieve it. If you want it, I’m sorry to say this. But, you can’t achieve it by, buying clothes, changing your attitude, putting perfume on and or making eye contact with others when spoken to or speaking with someone. If you do achieve this, you are probably in the low 1%of people. I’ve found that f I think about it, then my sex appeal goes down. So I just don’t think about it. There’s draw backs also with having sex appeal. Mine is with the opposite sex. I have a lot of women that don’t like me, because I’m strong, have a good attitude towards everyone, I speak my mind, and I’m very out going. They feel threatened by me. This is the one area I dislike about having sex appeal.. I get men especially confused as to why they like me. They say things like. I’m not sure what it is about you but there’s something about you, or something about her. I just kind of find it amusing because, sometimes I cant figure it out myself.

  2. Ryan says:

    FeelinSexiAt46, I disagree.

    If you change these things (eg. buying clothes, changing your attitude, putting perfume on and or making eye contact with others when spoken to or speaking with someone.), you will improve sex appeal no doubt, but you have to “own it”. By “own it” I mean with everything you’ve changed on the outside you must change your attitude and self-confidence inside. To do this you must view yourself in a different light, you have to believe in yourself and know your that special, important person. A guy most women would be lucky to even talk to let alone go out on a date with. Problem with most men is that they don’t believe there special or good enough to approach gorgeous women. Look at it this way, whats the harm in talking to her for a minute or two? What have you got to loose? Don’t be a wuss, just make eye contact, smile and wait for her to reciprocate. Then walk right up and start talking to her, its a very simple process. You must do this naturally though, you can’t be nervous otherwise it will make her uncomfortable and when that happens the deals off. You will ruin your first impression and it will be hard to change that even once you get to know her unless you can do something over-the-top to make her forget.

    I have done this and it has drastically changed the way women look and talk with me in conversations. Instead of maybe 1 or 2 women checking me out throughout the day I have found that over at least a dozen attractive women stare at me, no joke. Dressing well changes your appearance and makes you look more sophisticated. Ask yourself, would you rather date a woman that always wears sweat-pants and baggy clothes or one that wears tight fashionable clothes and keeps her hair looking amazing?

  3. Zenya says:

    I like number 2. I personally find anyone who is over weight unattractive. It’s nice to see a magazine not trying to cater to these people’s emotions. You want to be sexy? Loose the love handles. Simple as that

  4. Mariah says:

    Number 2 “If you don

  5. Felicia says:

    I do not have washboard abs, but I portray sex appeal honey! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s all about being confident and comfortable with yourself.

  6. AnnaDancer says:

    Personally, I am naturally slim, but I eat healthy and dance 4 times a week. There is no way I will every have “washboard” abs. I’ve got a small line down the center of my waist. Not every girl need or wants to look like a bodybuilder. As long as you eat healthy, have a BMI in the healthy range and exercise regularly, you’re fine. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” applies to this.

  7. Caroline says:

    Regarding part 2…are you insane? Talk about entitlement! Not everybody is even geared towards ‘washboard abs’ and ‘sexy toned legs’ and not everybody’s genetic makeup can fit that ridiculous criteria. Just because you don’t have abs does not mean that you are over weight and don’t work out, just because you don’t have minuscule toned legs does not mean that you are obese.

  8. jessica says:

    Great tips but there was no need to be so rude. We first need to accept our selfs before we change.

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