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Best Friend Bucket List: 20 Exciting Adventures for You and Your BFF

Best friends make life so much better. Looking for new memories to make? Make sure you add these amazing adventures to your best friend bucket list.

Your best friend isn’t just someone who listens to all your crazy dramas, but they’re like family. So just what can you do to show your best friend how much you care? Write a best friend bucket list, of course!

Best friend relationships are one of the relationships that define ‘ride or die.’ No matter what circumstance life puts you in, your friendship will stand the test of time.

When push comes to shove, they’re always by your side on your darkest days. They smile and celebrate with you when you achieve something to be proud of. After all, they are your best friend!

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Why should you have a best friend bucket list?

A best friend bucket list is more than just creating things to do with them throughout your life. It’s about creating unreplaceable memories and experiences with the person who knows you far better than you know yourself.

Your best friend has always been there through every stage in your life so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t experience your first adventures together. Maybe it’s as simple as taking a beach trip or maybe something as intense as skydiving off a plane.

Whatever it is, a best friend bucket list gives you experiences you’ll be fond of for a lifetime. When and if you settle down with your respective soulmates and have a family, your bucket list serves as a memory you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

If you don’t have a best friend bucket list yet, you’re definitely missing out on so much!

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20 must-do things to put on your friendship bucket list

A best friend bucket list can be anything you want it to be. Whether it’s serious plans or silly things you want to do tomorrow. In this feature, we’ll be listing down 20 amazing ideas you can add to your best friend bucket list.

1. Go on a road trip, just the two of you

Planning an adventure somewhere you’ve never been before is a perfect way to get started on your best friend bucket list. If you’ve never been on a road trip with your bestie, what are you waiting for?

You can be spontaneous about it or you can plan it ahead, whichever way is fine *but you gotta admit, spontaneous road trips are the bomb!*. A road trip is a perfect way to spend quality time together. You might even make some new great friends along the way! [Read: 7 life lessons you will learn on an awesome road trip]

2. Have a chilled-out holiday

As well as an adventurous road trip, there is nothing like booking a lazy week in the sunshine somewhere. Imagine chillaxing under the sun with your BFF, enjoying the simplicity of life.

It doesn’t get better than that, does it? The beauty of a best friend is you don’t need to always be on the go to have a great time together.

3. Hang out with their parents

Okay, if you’re best friends, then chances are, you have met their parents already. There’s no better feeling than when they practically adopt you into their family as if you belong and vice versa.

What better thing to add to your best friend bucket list than taking a day to hang out with their parents, right? It’s also a chance for you to get to know their parents better.

4. Throw them a party

Nothing says “you’re brilliant!” than throwing someone a surprise party. It’s a great way of telling your best friend how much you appreciate your friendship together.

It doesn’t have to be anything luxurious, but make sure it really does catch your best friend off guard. Make it a party that she’ll remember for a lifetime! [Read: How to throw a perfect surprise party for a friend]

5. Take up a hobby together

If you’re best friends, you probably have lots in common. But why not try something new together and see if this takes your friendship even further? Maybe it’s taking a painting class or learning to play the piano.

Taking up a hobby together is a great thing to add to your best friend bucket list! This way, you egg each other on and help each other improve too.

6. Make up a secret language

This may seem a little juvenile, but there is nothing more fun than being able to communicate with one another in a way that no one else knows.

Think of it this way – you’ll be able to communicate about a secret with everyone around, without anyone else knowing what you two are talking about! This is definitely something you should add to your best friend bucket list.

7. Tell them your secrets and keep theirs

Best friends are there so you have a person you share everything with. Someone who knows you inside out. Sharing and keeping secrets is such an underrated thing, but very important in a friendship.

In fact, we’d go as far as to say it can even be the foundation of a friendship. Sharing valuable and sensitive information shows you trust them, and trust in a friendship is so important. [Read: The 8 kinds of friends everyone needs in their life]

8. Have girly nights

No matter what’s going on in your lives, it’s important to have time for each other. Even if you’re preoccupied with careers or boyfriends, always have a girly night.

This could just be settling down to watch reruns of your favorite sitcom, or having a big night out on the town—it’s up to you! You could even bring a bottle of wine to share, and it’d be the perfect girls’ night!

9. Buy them an impromptu gift

You know each other so well that when their birthday comes around you’ve already got them the perfect gift and card. The best gifts are often those that come from the heart. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be their birthday for you to surprise them with a gift.

Buying them something that reminds you of them and randomly surprising them tells them just how much you appreciate everything they do. [Read: 25 inspiring quotes to share with your best friend]

10. Write them a letter

Even if you think it sounds corny, it is so lovely to hear all the wonderful things your best friend thinks about you. Surprising them with a letter would never go out of style.

Not only is it heartfelt, but it’s something they’ll never see coming. They’ll be touched to know how much effort and thought was put into it. [Read: How to write a heartfelt letter like a true romantic]

11. Share clothes

What are best friends for if not for raiding their closets? Always be willing to share clothes with your bestie and make sure they do the same.

While you’re at it, you can make a fashion show out of it and take a lot of pictures! This will be such a fun memory once you look back on your best friend bucket list and see all these photos.

12. Take lots of pictures

With every memory you share together, always take pictures. It helps you keep that memory alive even as time goes by. Even if it’s just a mundane memory, you’ll still be glad you took a lot of pictures! Make an amazing photo album of the adventures and memories you share.

Write little captions underneath so you don’t forget why that picture of an old man’s sock on the street was so hilarious at the time! [Read: Sabotaging your happiness: 12 ways you can ruin your life]

13. Make them a bridesmaid

*or your maid of honor!* This might be way in the future, or maybe not?! If you’re getting married, the first person on your mind should be your best friend – nobody else!

They’ve had your back throughout everything, don’t you think they deserve to be one of your bridesmaids? Plus, they’ll throw you an amazing bachelorette party!

14. Set each other up on blind dates

If you know the perfect guy at your office – you know, the one who’d get on like a house on fire with your friend – make sure you introduce them!

You never know, this could work out for them and this could be the start of something amazing. All because you set up a blind date! You should definitely put this on your best friend bucket list. [Read: 13 blind dating tips for a happy blind date]

15. Get to the point where your kids become friends

If you seriously don’t have this goal with your best friend, then your friendship is weird. If you get to the point where your kids become friends, then congratulations, you definitely made it.

You’ll be BFFs until you are old and grey! This is literally the dream for most best friends out there! [Read: Do you think alike? 20 questions to ask your best friend]

16. Go on a plane ride together

There’s no better experience than getting out of the country with your best friend. If anything, this is one thing on your best friend bucket list you shouldn’t forget!

Just think about this – plane rides, sunset views on the plane, and lots and lots of photos on that trip! Wherever you go, it’s guaranteed to be spectacular!

17. Get a tattoo together

While not everyone might want a tattoo, it’s still something you should consider to mark your friendship if it’s survived the many years so far! It doesn’t even have to be a permanent one, you can get a temporary tattoo together. It’s a fun activity and you can show it off to all your other friends.

18. Do work projects together

If you’re both already working, it’s such an underrated friendship goal to work individually on your own projects while still being together.

Maybe you can plan a sleepover and do your work tasks together! It’s not exactly the ideal quality time, but it’s still fun. *and very adulting!*

19. Give each other a makeover

There’s something so satisfying about doing a makeover for your best friend. Don’t be afraid to get creative with each other. *they won’t love you less if they don’t like their new look!*

Explore different looks on each other and most importantly, have fun while you’re at it. Makeovers are always such memorable moments when you look back.

20. Binge watch a TV show together

Maybe you’re both fond of FRIENDS or Grey’s Anatomy. Whatever it is, be sure to grab that bucket of popcorn and drinks before going on a binge marathon with your bestie! If this isn’t on your best friend bucket list, you’re missing out on a lot!

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So, what do you put on your best friend bucket list?

It really doesn’t matter what you put on your checklist as long as they’re fun enjoyable moments with your best friend.

There’s nothing better than sharing a memorable experience with your BFF, which is exactly why you should create a bucket list ASAP!

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It’s important to always show your best friend how much they mean to you, no matter what. With the things mentioned above, create your own memorable activities to put on your best friend bucket list.

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